Updates From BG…

So… really big pieces of news for me. First, my Fanfiction award!

All Time Favorite Fifty Shades Of Grey Fanfic 3rd Place

How cool is this???? Third place All-Time Favorite Fifty Shades of Grey Fanfic! I’m telling you, I’ve really read some fantastic stories on Fanfiction and I got third place! I can’t even begin to say how honored I am to have won–to have placed at all! I really felt great being nominated because it meant that a lot of people were reading my story and liking it, but to win an award that’s kind of like “People’s Choice…” I say that because the people actually choose this–the readers! Not admin or a group of folks who do some little vote. The actual readers choose this (They like me! They really like me!). All I can say is thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to any one who voted for me, enjoyed my stories, told your friends to read, encouraged me, followed me, joined my mailing list… thank you. You don’t know what it means to me.

Next, publishing…

Miles Ian Everhart

Volume I, Book I is becoming one hell of a monster. After editing, and more editing, and walking away, and more editing, I realized that it’s actually “Fifty-One Shades of Grey.” Yeah… no. So my baby is going through quite the overhaul. It’s forcing me to show my writing chops a bit, to take the story completely away from Fifty Shades and end up with an original work. I have to say that I’m proud of the direction, but that means that my baby still needs more surgery before it’s ready for the shelves.

However… Devin

BG is still hungry for the shelves, so she has another project in the hopper that basically wrote itself. It’s actually almost finished (the Devin/Jordan story) and I’m very excited about where that one is going. Drama, angst, different from my “Miles” tale, but still lots of hot sex, passion, and romance (hey, you know me). So please, stick around because I have SO many stories in me that I don’t think they’ll be complete until I’m dead.

Now on to the question everyone has been asking… “When are Ana and Christian coming back?” To that end, I have begun serious shaping of Book III to keep my Muse from jumping ship on me. She reminded me that CG and Ana were the reasons that I started sharing my writing with the world in the first place and that I had better not let them fade into oblivion–not to mention that Ana has been impatiently sitting in the corner, rubbing her baby bump going “What the fuck, Dude?” She’s already not happy with some of my plans for her, so she’s very much like “let’s fucking get the fuck on with it please!” So, yeah, I figure I better pull out the proverbial pen and paper before they all just say, “fuck you, we hate you, goodbye.” So… with the hope that I will have the first five chapters prewritten and the story well on its way, the TENTATIVE begin date for Book III will be (drum roll please!)… July 24.

That’s what’s going on in the world of BG. Love you all lots and lots and hopefully, I’ll see you in a few weeks. Those of you on my Facebook page, I’ll see you sooner. 😉

Love and Handcuffs!
Lynn XX
(aka BG Holmes aka Bronze Goddess)

23 thoughts on “Updates From BG…

  1. mkloesel5 says:

    Congratulations on your win. I’m so excited can’t for the next chapter.

  2. Jackie says:

    Great to hear from you. Congrats on the award.

  3. Kathy owen says:

    Welol deserved win! Congrats.

  4. jjgray61 says:

    Can’t wait ….yayyyy

  5. Kim says:

    How funny. I’m can actually imagine your Anna saying that. I can’t wait for it all.

  6. Mere says:

    Thank god! I have missed your writing.

  7. asunder73 says:

    Had to go to the site and see who got 1st & 2nd… because your fic is pretty darn epic. http://fanaticfanficsawards.blogspot.com/p/2015-winners.html

  8. vic says:

    Congrats on the award, you deserve it!!

  9. cabtaken says:

    Congrats!! I saw another one of my writers talked about being nominated for one of her stories. While her stories are fun to read, I have to say nothing compares to yours!! The writing is absolutely amazing and most deserving of an award. I am now curious of number 1&2. : )
    I looking forward to book III!

  10. Beachycolor says:

    Congrats! Well deserved. Looking forward to book Three.

  11. Me says:

    Congratulations, Lynn! Well deserved. I love your Dr. Steele series and so look forward to book III. I’m sure I will enjoy your new work as well. Thanks for all of your work!

  12. Monica Joseph says:

    Hey Lynn!

  13. Jess says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m reading everything again to get ready for book III, can’t wait! =)

  14. Alicha Brown says:

    Soooooooo happy for you!
    It should have been first place😡

  15. yogamom says:

    Yes, congrats are in order. Your fans are anxiously awaiting the return of your version of Christian and Annas’ love store. Glad to have a time frame, I can start my count down. Thanks for the update.

  16. jayymarie93 says:

    OMG I can’t wait…Since gay marriage was just legalized in the US, will you incorporate it in the story for Allen & James?? I swear that was the first thought that came to my mind when I heard the news! Ahh can’t wait for Book 3!!!

    • I may have to rewrite Allen and James’ story. At one point in the story, I said that it wasn’t legal in Washington only to find out that it had been legal since 2012. So I’ll have to see what I’m going to do with it. They love each other so much that it’s going to have to happen sooner or later.

  17. ICE77 says:

    Oh good Heavens! This waiting is killing 🙂
    I hope you “pulled out the proverbial pen and paper” because waiting for book 3 is TORTURE. Please believe me !. 🙂
    So “tentative begin date” (July 24) or not, we who are living in Europe have 1 day still to wait and then….. yummy.

  18. Michel2e says:

    #Addicted 😉

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