Season Five—Grey Continued

Our couple has long since discovered that the world doesn’t necessarily revolve around them, but that it can dump a whole lot of shit in their laps nonetheless. Christian and Ana attempt to assist their family and friends with more than one transition throughout the course of this next season while navigating some pretty choppy waters of their own and exploring new facets of and strengthening their growing relationship. Get ready to continue to roller coaster ride that is “Misadventures” in the next installment of The Butterfly Saga.

This is Season Five—sequel to:
Book I—Paging Dr. Steele
Book II—Mending Dr. Steele
Book III—Becoming Dr. Grey and
Season IV—Raising Grey
(AU and a bit OOC)

Season Five–Grey Continued–Part I–Episodes 1-20

Season Five–Grey Continued–Part II–Episodes 21-40