Season Four—Raising Grey

SeedQuoteIn Book IV of the Butterfly Saga/Dr. Steele tetralogy (or quadrilogy or quartet, take your pick), Christian and Ana deal with the struggles of family life on every level—immediate and extended. Christian adjusts to being the family man, husband and father while Ana adjusts to being more in the public eye. The family dynamic affects them in ways they never imagined and as they learn that family definitely extends farther than blood, they also learn that you don’t actually have to “do” something to someone to piss them off. They will yet take on villains, old and new, foreign and domestic (so to speak), as well as make a few more mistakes, big and small, but they will continue to learn and to love as they deal with growth and loss. So, don’t be surprised if as you read the following chapters, you often ask yourself… “Exactly which Grey is being ‘raised?’” This is Book IV–sequel to Book I—Paging Dr. Steele, Book II—Mending Dr. Steele, and Book III—Becoming Dr. Grey; AU and a bit OOC.

Raising Grey–Part I–Chapters 1-20

Raising Grey–Part II–Chapters 21-40

Raising Grey–Part II–Chapters 41-60

Raising Grey–Part II–Chapters 61-80

Raising Grey–Part V–Chapters 81-XX