Raising Grey–Part IV–Chapters 61-80

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Chapter 61—Memories

Chapter 62—Rewriting History

Chapter 63—Out of Alignment

Chapter 64—For Everything, There is A Season

Chapter 65—The Glue That Holds Family Together

Chapter 66—More Family Ties

Chapter 67—Saying Goodbye To Yesterday

Chapter 68—Try Jesus… Not Me!

Chapter 69—Big, Huge “Guess What Happened’s”

Chapter 70—The Women

Chapter 71—Chain Reactions

Chapter 72—Searching for Blue Skies

Chapter 73—Heading Down Undah

Chapter 74—Sydney Sidewinding

Chapter 75—Ship Shenanigans

Chapter 76—Still Ship Shenanigans

“All Aussies Don’t Talk Like That…”

Chapter 77—Something He Can Feel

Chapter 78—Traipsing to Tasmania

Chapter 79—Tassie Trauma

Chapter 80—Melbourne Mischief