Raising Grey–Part III–Chapters 41-60


Chapters 41 – 60 of Raising Grey Can be found here.

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Chapter 41—Comfort is an Illusion

Chapter 42—Unbreak My Heart

Chapter 43—Falling Out of Eden

Chapter 44—How Do We…?

Chapter 45—Doing What Must Be Done

Chapter 46—Roots

Chapter 47—Getting to the Bottom of Things

Chapter 48—’Round and ‘Round… and ‘Round

Chapter 49—Finding Anastasia

Chapter 50—Unexpected Guests


Chapter 51—When Sly Calls

Chapter 52—Just In Case…

Chapter 53—Big Brother

Chapter 54—Digging Out The Leeches

Chapter 55—Untitled

Chapter 56—Back In The Saddle

Chapter 57—A Whole Lotta Doors Openin’

Chapter 57B—Christian and Ana’s Interview

Chapter 58—Nobody Messes With the Greys

Chapter 59—Issues

Chapter 60—Warfare