Mending Dr. Steele

Her hand to mineAfter the Edward David situation, Ana struggles to find peace, happiness, and closure in her life. Will the love of her friends, family, and a good man be enough to conquer to old demons that have resurfaced and the new demons that haunt her? This is Book II—sequel to Paging Dr. Steele. AU and (so I’ve been told) a little OOC as well.

Mending Dr. Steele–Part I–Chapters 1-20

Mending Dr. Steele–Part II–Chapters 21-40

Mending Dr. Steele–Part III–Chapters 41-60

Mending Dr. Steele–Part IV–Chapters 61–80

39 thoughts on “Mending Dr. Steele

  1. I love Paging Dr. Steele as well as this one Mending Dr. Steele. I just love your style of writing. I am so hooked I can’t wait for more and the book.

  2. jane sahlin says:

    The best fanfiction I have read,yet.

  3. asurnois says:

    Hey BG, how are you babe!! I am about to start on this (better late than ever) but a quick question (sorry if you have answered it already). Is your story going to be only on blog here or also on FF? Just trying to find out where I should read/comment. THANK YOU!! I’m so glad your readers followed you! You deserve it.

  4. Chahal says:

    Love your writing

  5. leoedi0306 says:

    Can’t pull up any story – what’s going on.?

  6. Janice says:

    I just read chapter 20 of mending Dr Steele, but I can’t seem to find the rest of the chapters.

  7. kristy says:

    i love that story i just wish that it was on fanfiction too i hope that you will come back to fanfiction soon

  8. brenda says:

    sorry just want to say i am sorry i thought last week i was going gaga gaga i didnt know you where getting ready to pull the other story off fanfiction so that was why all the other chapters from the other book appear just me going cazy cazy these days and thanks


  9. Christian618 says:

    Hi Bronze Goddess I was wondering if all is well with mom or family. Is the reason for the missed update this weekend or maybe OY are bombarded with work. Do you know when will the next update be?

  10. Christian618 says:

    Hey BG have you seen the story called fifty shades alike on fanfiction. It’s like reading paging dr steele all over again! I thought u would want to know.

  11. Christian618 says:

    I hope everything is well with you bronze goddess and hope to see ur new chapter up soon.

  12. Eva says:

    Please tell me hoe to get on your mailing list waiting for the other chapters😭😭😭😭😭

    • If you haven’t done so already, My Darling (I abbout four days late in answering this) you can click the “Contact Me” link on the menu on the left hand side of the screen and ther is a little link there to get on my mailing list. 🙂

  13. Rachel says:

    HOLY UPDATES!! OH LYNN YOU ROCK!! LOVED LOVED LOVED ALL 3 Chapters. I am going back to read them all over again! So glad I can get this site at work 😉 now I can readdd so much and get paid. ahahha

  14. nacybadvamp says:

    Hi, I love your story. I even have your site on speed dial on browser. Anyway, I noticed, in story and on your pinterest paige that Christian loves to give Ana gifts with butterfly, and I was looking shoes online and I came across this shoes so I thought about this story and I wanted to send this to you.

  15. Sash-sha says:

    Is it too late to get onto your mailing list for this story?!

  16. Jolieee says:

    Hey! When are you going to start on book III? Can’t wait what is going to happen next!!! Awesome story!!!

  17. […] Source: Mending Dr. Steele […]

  18. Hello Miss Bronze Goddess,
    i have just recently found your work in fanfiction and im one of your silent readers there. Im a fan of it! Im really glad that you continued Mending Dr. Steele. So here i am in your blog to continue reading your works.I love how Ana’s a much stronger person here and a dreamier version of christian too. Thank you for them really 🙂

  19. Rito says:

    So please tell me u r writing another story….
    I am not finding any…..
    And it was a fantastic story….. Please write soon….

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