Paging Dr. Steele—Part II—Chapters 21-40

9eec97eefab7bed902383763f1bdbf49Chapters 21-40 of Paging Dr. Steele…

Chapter 21—More Confrontations

Chapter 22—Wonder Woman

Chapter 23—With You, I’m Born Again

Chapter 24—Digging Dirt and Cleaning House

Chapter 25—What You Want

Chapter 26—What You Need

Chapter 27—Tiger Lioness Leopard Cougar

Chapter 28—Family Ties

Chapter 29—Full Disclosure

Chapter 30—It’s A Wrap

Chapter 31—Mistunderstanding

Chapter 32—Oops

Chapter 33—Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Chapter 34—Mending Fences

Chapter 35—Put Through The Paces

Chapter 36—More Reckoning

Chapter 37—Are You Game?

Chapter 38—A Tangled Web

Chapter 39—Good News/Bad News

Chapter 40—Drawing to a Close

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