Paging Dr. Steele–Part IV–Chapters 61-70


Chapter 61 – 70 of Paging Dr. Steele can be found here.

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Chapter 61—The Butterfly Effect

Chapter 62—Homeward Bound

Chapter 63—Getting Back To Normal…Well, Almost

Chapter 64—The Best Laid Plans

Chapter 65—Coming Home to Roost

Chapter 66—You’ve Made Your Bed…

Chapter 67—At The End Of Her Rope

Chapter 68—Before the Swan Song

Chapter 69—How Appropriate

Chapter 70—Epilogue

Not Really A Chapter

6 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Steele–Part IV–Chapters 61-70

  1. katcol20 says:

    Where is chapters 61-70?

  2. Brenda Williams says:

    Hey just wanted know isn’t this weeks story a repeat I mean chapter 63 and now paging ms Steele?? Isn’t you on chapter 36? Thanks

    • I have two stories–one is Paging Dr Steele which was written last year and I am moving it over to this site and one is Mending Dr. Steele which is the one that I’m writing now. This one that you have commented on is Paging Dr. Steele–this is the first story. I still have six more chapters to move.

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