More Work From The Goddess


Hello my people!

All is still well in Bronze Goddessville. Sometimes it’s hard being a Goddess, but I’m hanging in there. A few little family issues and people mad because I’m happy, but I’m still here. I have created this little menu for work that I will be adding that is extra. For example, I have a one-shot on Fanfiction about Elena’s demise that will be here. There are various one shots from the story that I would like to do. I will probably add them here as well. I may move some of my short stories over here… I’m not sure yet. But check this page from time to time. There may be something interesting here.

Love and handcuffs!

Lynn x aka BG Holmes aka Bronze Goddess

One thought on “More Work From The Goddess

  1. Karen Kuliszewski says:

    That would be fantastic!!

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