Mending Dr. Steele–Part IV–Chapters 61 – 80

Chapters 61 – 80 of Mending Dr. Steele can be found here.

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Chapter 61—Getting Ready For An Adventure

Chapter 62—Stags and Hens

Chapter 63—Do You? I Do. Do You? I Do, Too. We Do! Let’s Go!

Chapter 64—We Still Do!

Chapter 65—Yep, Still Doing…

Chapter 66—The Day After

Chapter 67—Opa!

Chapter 68—It’s All Greek To Me

Chapter 69—Soul Mates?

Chapter 70–Mingling With the Gods

Chapter 71—I’ll Be Watching You

Chapter 72—Think Before You Act

Chapter 73—Jason’s Clearing His Throat

Chapter 74—Seattle-Bound

Chapter 75—And Here It Is…

Chapter 76—Why So Serious?

Chapter 77—This and That

Chapter 78—Mixed Signals

Chapter 79—This Is Your Life

Chapter 80—Answers…?

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