Mending Dr. Steele–Part II–Chapters 41 – 60

Chapters 41 – 60 of Mending Dr. Steele can be found here…

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Chapter 41—Ghost of Christmas Past

Chapter 42—Opening Up

Chapter 43—Back Down Memory Lane

Chapter 44—Painful Truths

Chapter 45—Baby Blues

Chapter 46—All About Us

Chapter 47—More About Us…

Chapter 48—Back to the Grind

Chapter 49—And In This Corner

Chapter 50—Pathways and Discoveries

Chapter 51—You Want A What???

Chapter 52–Blood and Water

Chapter 53—You’re A Good Man

Chapter 54—A Change for the Better

Chapter 55—Mommy Not So Dearest

Chapter 56—Fresh New Beginnings

Chapter 57—I’m A Little Teapot…

Chapter 58–Legacy

Chapter 59–Control

Chapter 60—Daddy’s Girl

One thought on “Mending Dr. Steele–Part II–Chapters 41 – 60

  1. Michelle says:

    For Chapter 42 (won’t let me post): Congrats on the promo! It’s really good to see Christian making his own friends outside his relationship to Ana. I think James is the best person for that, since he’s on the outside too. I’m sure I probably said that before, but I have a real shitty short-term memory. I will say this, something does need to be done to fix the relationship between Elliot and Christian. Why Christian couldn’t just sit down with Elliot and get all this out in the open, I probably won’t figure out. But it is good that Christian is worried about hurting Elliot, and doesn’t want to talk to him unless he can be positive he won’t fly off the handle.

    I just love this story, but I swear there is more drama in this than a Lifetime movie! I know you want to make your readers feel everything the characters do, and you accomplished that. There’s been quite a few times where I just want to slam my head into the desk. Each chapter always leaves me with the same question: What now? LOVE IT!

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