Mending Dr. Steele–Part II–Chapters 21- 40

Chapter 21 – 40 of Mending Dr Steele can be found here. 

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Chapter 21—Feeling Froggy

Chapter 22—From One Extreme To The Other

Chapter 23—Wedding Shenanigans

Chapter 24—The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Chapter 25—Hopin’ and Wishin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’

Chapter 26—Rocky Waters

Chapter 27—Bad News

Chapter 28—Reckoning

Chapter 29—And The Winner Is…

Chapter 30—99 Problems…

Chapter 31—What A Difference A Day Makes

Chapter 32—21,120 minutes

Chapter 33—Putting It All Back Together… Or Trying To, Anyway

Chapter 34—Come To Jesus

Chapter 35—Hold or Fold

Chapter 36—There’s That Damn Piper Again

Chapter 37—Why Fight Or Flight?

Chapter 38—Moving On…

Chapter 39—Showdowns

Chapter 40—Getting Back On Track

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