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6 thoughts on “Contact me…

  1. Fabi says:

    Excellent chapter! I love it when Christian kicks ass. Thank you for finally including some french 😉 wasn’t enough lol, need some more!
    Just a quick little correction for you, “tu” is not appropriate in this sentence, “Tu… tu, s’il te plaît…” she beseeches me again.
    In this case, the appropriate pronoun is “Toi” (for example toi et moi = you and me) so the proper way would be : “Toi… toi, s’il te plait…”

  2. Karyna Melissa Acuña Jamza says:


  3. brenda says:

    i want to thank you because you write so elegant and when you write you put your all into that is why i enjoy reading this series girl your energy is great and with that you need to pay attention to your health i just love you if you need to rest and i mean rest please do it i just love you and i had to check the other day its going on 3 years and just take care and let the hater hate and with that be good to your self love ya brenda california

  4. […] You can click the “Contact me” link on the WordPress page and send a direct email to me with links, pictures, or […]

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