BG’s World

insp731Just random things going on in the world of a Goddess…

The Butterfly*

Shout-Out from Carrie-J

Oh… My… God… this…DAY! (Goddess Rant!)

Working On The Edits

Hey, BG, how’s it going?

An Ode For Miles

Oopsie–Gotta clear some things up…

Some Thangs Is About Ta Change….

My Big Mistake

BG Is Working On Something and I Need Your Help


Hey! Did You Forget About Me???

Mending Dr. Steele–My Departure From Fanfiction


Disagree but don’t attack…

Thank you…

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

My Second (?) Deleted Comment/Review

And so you’ve published a book…. Now what?

The Usual Suspects

Updates From BG…

I Have To Admit… They’re Winning.

Happy New Year!

Didn’t She Say She Was Going To Publish?

My Response to Becoming Dr. Grey—Chapter 30

Upcoming Events In The Life of The Goddess

Oh My God, I Had To Share!!!!

The Email That Became A Post

Goddess Day!


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  1. […] page; I have a Tumblr page; I have a Google+ page; I email; I do author’s notes; I do additional updating posts; I’m even still on Fanfiction even though I don’t post on […]

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