Becoming Dr. Grey–Part IV–Chapters 61-80


Chapter 61-80 of Becoming Dr. Grey can be found here…

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Chapter 61—How To Handle Frustration

Chapter 62—Reality Check

Chapter 63—Reinforcing the Family Dynamic

Chapter 64—Take Deep Breaths…

Chapter 65—Letting Off Some Steam

Chapter 66—Still Releasing Steam

Chapter 67—Steamy as HELL!

Chapter 68—More and More

Chapter 69—The Hard Answers

Chapter 70—She-Thing Speaks

Chapter 71—The Gatekeeper

Chapter 72—Family Affairs

Chapter 73—At Long Last, Bad News…

Chapter 74—Opening Up

Chapter 75—Emotional Rollercoasters

Chapter 76—Happy Endings… er, Beginnings

Chapter 77—Home Is Where The Heart Is

Chapter 78—Conversions

Chapter 79—Grey House of Renewal

Chapter 80—Grey House of Healing