Becoming Dr. Grey–Part III–Chapters 41-60


Chapter 41-60 of Becoming Dr. Grey can be found here…

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Chapter 41—Friends, Family, and Foes

Chapter 42—The Ties That (Should) Bind

Chapter 43—Eye to Eye

Chapter 44—Holiday Surprises

Chapter 45—More Holiday

Chapter 46—Blood Is A Big Expense

Chapter 47—All That Glitters…

Chapter 48—Some New Slates… Not All Clean

Chapter 49—Year Of The Greys

Chapter 50—On With the Newness

Chapter 51—Decompress

Chapter 52—Discoveries!

Chapter 53—So Much For Decompressing…

Chapter 54—Poking an Angry Bear

Chapter 55—Resolution

Chapter 56—Surprises Abound

Chapter 57—The Family Grey

Chapter 58—A Whole New World

Chapter 59—It Is What It Is

Chapter 60—Back to Shore