Becoming Dr. Grey

Becoming Dr Grey 4Now that Ana and Christian have become man and wife, a new threat is on the horizon. Someone has surfaced with the hopes of destroying all that is near and dear to Christian, and this could include Anastasia, his children, his family, and his business. With the threat still unknown, will Christian and Ana’s relationship be able to survive, or will it crumble under the stress of what the real world holds on the outside of their love bubble? This is Book III–sequel to Book I-Paging Dr. Steele, and Book II-Mending Dr. Steele; AU and a bit OOC.

Becoming Dr. Grey–Part I–Chapters 1-20

Becoming Dr. Grey–Part II–Chapters 21-40

Becoming Dr. Grey–Part III–Chapters 41-60

Becoming Dr. Grey–Part IV–Chapters 61-80

Becoming Dr. Grey–Part IV–Chapters 81-83

9 thoughts on “Becoming Dr. Grey

  1. Christian618 says:

    Hi Bronze Goddess have you put up chapter nine yet!

  2. Christian618 says:

    Ok I just thought I did not receive my email alert for today😄

  3. Christian618 says:

    Hi bronze goddess can you send me the link to chapter ten again. I lost all my info from my email acct and lost the link to today’s chapter. Thanks for being so patient!

  4. Sridevi says:

    Eagerly waiting for next chapter

  5. Sharrier says:

    About to start reading Becoming Dr Grey, I can’t wait . suspense is killing me. Herere goes…. Love you BG

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