Becoming Dr. Grey–Part II–Chapters 21-40

Becoming Dr Grey 2

Chapter 21-40 of Becoming Dr. Grey can be found here…

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Chapter 21—Thanksgiving Eve

Chapter 22—Thankful Again

Chapter 23—More Reasons to Be Thankful

Chapter 24—Black Friday

Chapter 25—Boundaries

Chapter 26—Cleaning Up Old Dirt

Chapter 27—Handle with Care

Chapter 28—Difference of Opinion

Chapter 29—Breaking Through

Chapter 30—Consequences, Schmonsequences… ?

Chapter 31—Head to Head

Chapter 32—Holy Cow, Batman…

Chapter 33—Family is Everything

Chapter 34—What Was That You Said About Family?

Chapter 35—Broken Fences, Faces, and People

Chapter 36—Business as Usual?

Chapter 37—Bad Boys

Chapter 38—Yes, Mistress

Chapter 39—Sweet Mistress…

Chapter 40—The Day After… Again