Italian Villa Time!!!

I have a poll happening on my Facebook page. For those of you who have a Facebook ID, please visit the poll at this link. It’ll tally up the votes for me. If you don’t have a Facebook ID, let me know in the comments how you think Ana should decorate her push gift–the Italian villa–and I’ll try to keep up with the votes…

I await your comments!

Italian Old World CharmItalian Old World Charm

Classic Rustic TuscanClassic Rustic Tuscan

Expensive Roman EleganceContemporary Roman Luxury


Which do you like?

~~love and handcuffs

26 thoughts on “Italian Villa Time!!!

  1. yogamom1318 says:

    Italian Old World Charm

  2. falalalynx says:

    Italian Old World Charm definitely! Oh this is fun.

  3. delightful679 says:

    I think it would be the Italian Old World Charm… they say Ana to me.

  4. Valarie Mathis says:

    The Classic Rustic Charm. More family-friendly especially for the Twins.

  5. Debbie says:

    Old world charm, please.
    I hope everyone has a happy, peaceful and healthy holiday.

  6. Dee says:

    Can we vote twice? 😂 On Facebook I voted for Classic Rustic Charm now I have changed my mind, I think. No I’ll stick with it. It screams relaxation! You’re right, Falala this is fun!

  7. Elma says:

    I like to be Italian old

  8. magy says:

    Encanto Italiano del viejo👍

  9. Danae says:

    Classic rustic Tuscan

  10. lynne cummings says:

    classic tuscan please.

  11. Les Knox says:

    Italian old world charm x

  12. Donna says:

    Classic Rustic Tuscan

  13. Jennifer Elsner says:

    Italian Old World Charm

  14. Harley Unhinged says:

    Omg i want

  15. Sara Bowen says:

    Classic rustic Tuscan. It appears more homey and relaxing. I would hate to accidentally break something in the other two choices. Walking babies need less glamour and more softness to fall into.

  16. Darcy says:

    OMG the Contemporary Roman Luxury is just to die for, I’m all in!! 💕

  17. Hannah says:

    I think the Contemporary Roman Luxury is more their style, homey and still glamorous (they are young parents and fashionistas) and this style is d*mn expensive (Euro’s) !! It’s also easy to make this style luxurious AND child friendly.

  18. Junebride says:

    I like all of them… lol… Something tells me the Italian Old World is a little stuffy for them. The Rustic Tuscan a bit simplistic. So, I’ll go with the more elegant and classy Contemporary Roman Luxury–think it fits them best.

  19. sillie j says:

    A hard choice, I see why you are asking us. Whatever you decide will surely be right. Anyway: I like the 2 first ones, but Contemporary Roman Luxury (in that picture) just feels a bit clinical. A bit like pre-Ana Escala. Christian surely would’ve gone for that if Ana hadn’t been around. Also the longer I look at the Rustic Tuscan the cheaper it looks. Probably just the picture, the whole might be charming as anything. So maybe they would go for Old World Charm. Or maybe they wouldn’t. Just wanted to share thoughts rather than a vote as I really can’t say what they would choose.

  20. Wally Cruz says:

    The perfect choice for they with the babies could be the second, the classic tuscany, more elegant but soft and peaceful. The first one, really makes me thinking in Ana’s style, she likes the good things but prefer the comfort and the practical spaces, The two first options have all the best for both, but the first one has the better options.
    The last one is too much pre Ana in the Escala, to luxury like is CG, a billionaire and his preferences. ; )

  21. Camille Henley says:

    Love The Italian Old World Charm! loved the looks and besides it all ME. I had to go back and re-read. A push gift for Ana. My choice would be the same.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday. Much Prosperity for the New Year.

  22. Diane Jones-Roseman says:

    Contemporary Roman Luxury ! With American sass & flair! Yeah, it’s Italy but it’s still a young American family instilling their savvy lifestyles.

  23. Loveme says:

    Italian Old World Charm is what I think Ana would love but I feel like she’d do at least 1 or 2 rooms in Contemporary Roman Luxury bc that has Christian written all over it.

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