What’s In A Name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” or as bitter.

So, I thought I would give you guys a chance to contribute to the story a bit. People are constantly telling me that they are going back and reading the story from the beginning. If that’s true, then you’ve noticed that I’ve been making little changes and tweaks to “Paging Dr. Steele” for quite some time now–editing out as many grammatical errors as I can find and doing things to make the entire series more cohesive.

(This is what I do in my spare time when my Muse doesn’t want to cooperate.)

So, as you all know, in book four, I’ve decided to make Ana a psychiatrist for all those nitpickers who couldn’t get the message that “Ph.D” makes you a “DOCTOR” even if you don’t have your “M.D.” That would be why the degree is called a “doctorate…” but I digress. As a result, once I have edited all of PDS, I’ll be going back through to change every instance of “Psychologist” to Psychiatrist” and “Psy.D” to “M.D.” So, now for the nitpickers who want to say, “How could she become a doctor so young?” You figure it out.

And I digress again.

Here’s where I need your help. I had to agree with the vocal people who voiced opinions about Ana’s father and little brother’s name being so close to the name of her nemesis who kidnapped and brutalized her. So, I’m having a “NAME HARRIS” contest. From now until I have completed the edits for PDS (which won’t be long), I’ll be taking suggestions for what Harris’ new name will be. Once I have finished the edits, I’ll be going back through to change his name. A few things to remember.

  1. I’ll only be changing his last name. His first name will still be Robert.
  2. The BEST place to submit your suggestions would be in the comments on this blog, or on my Facebook author’s page in the thread that has this link. Submissions to my email, to Twitter, or to any instant messenger or PM may very well get lost in the shuffle.
  3. It can’t be any of the last names that I’ve already used for another character.
  4. I’m going to pick the three submissions that I like the best and have you guys vote on the choices, and that’s how we’ll rename Harris. By getting you guys involved, I figure when you see the name change, there will be less “WTF’s.”

So, what’s in a name? You tell me…

~~love and handcuffs

70 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Sanjana Sandeep says:

    Collins? Farrell? Only because I hate Colin Farrell lol

  2. Darcy says:

    I think it would be easiest to keep it similar; Robert Perris. No fuss no muss. LOL 😎. I do however reserve the right to change my mind at any time! 💃

  3. Connie gould says:

    How about Robert Tillman

  4. Junebride says:

    Robert Whitman?

  5. darla says:

    Robert Morris
    Robert Frost
    Robert Lee
    Robert Wayne

  6. seralynsmom says:

    Robert Fuckface has a nice ring to it. Just sayin’. 😂😂

    He always struck me as someone who needed one of those really pretentious last names since he thought his shit didn’t stink. So why not Hilton? Or Webster? (No offense to anyone else with those last names here)

  7. Esther Williams says:

    How about Robert Ratcliff

  8. Rachel Anderson says:

    Robert Henderson or Robert Abdul Masseh Matti from my ex husbands middle and last name. Make him Iraqi like my ex! Lol 😂
    Or something funny idk What tho other than corney stuff

  9. mothergolf@earthlink.net says:

    so for the doctor doubters, my husband was a doctor at age 23, photographic memory, skipped grades in grammar and high school, and I’m sure there are many others out there as young, or younger, as for Robert, how about Robert Kisster?

    • One of my sons graduated high school extremely early as well, so while I know that there are people who can and have graduated early and gotten their certifications and degrees early, apparently there are those who seem to thing that this is an impossible task and gave me to backlash about it — long ass detailed backlash, in some cases — when I first made the announcement at the beginning of Raising Grey.

  10. Dee says:

    My vote is Robert Morris as someone mentioned above… less letters to change.

  11. Loveme says:

    I wanted to submit Fitzpatrick in honor of the resource/security officer at my daughter’s school, she speaks so highly of him that its clear their security officier takes a vested interest on the students.

    BUT given this guy is a villain, I decided that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

    Robert Arnold – in tribute to Benedict Arnold, traitor in Revolutionary War😝

  12. Barbara says:

    How about Robert (Dick) Head?
    Robert (Dick) Cockburn?
    Robert Weiner?
    Robert Beaver?
    Robert Cummings?
    Robert Hooker?

    I never associated anything bad with Harris & baby Harry, but I could see how it might upset some.

    As for Ana being such a young MD, it does happen. I have a friend who graduated high school at 17 with 28 college credits. Super smart. He didn’t have photographic memory but exceptional auditory memory. I think it’s called Eidetic Memory. He could recall EVERYTHING he heard in a lecture. He hated to read so he learned with audiobooks. He had his MD by 23.

  13. How about Harrison? That way old readers can refer to him as “Harris” for short and new readers won’t know the difference 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. falalalynx says:


  15. asunder73 says:

    Buxton… because it seems blustery… he acted as if the world owed him a living…

  16. Carol Forbes says:

    Can you change it to Forbes please 😉😉💟💖💖💖 thank you Lynn luv ya xx

    • falalalynx says:

      But Carol why would you want the bad guy named after you? grin
      Peace, Falala

      • Carol Forbes says:

        I think it’s fitting for him and I would like to get my name in somewhere, I don’t like him I despise him for what he did to Ana and Christian.

        I’ve never had any part of my name in a book.

        Love u Bronze Goddess
        Keep up the good work xx

      • falalalynx says:

        Ahh I see now. grin Wouldn’t it be thrilling to be written into the Goddess’s story somewhere? lol I can see it now a bunch of us loonies let loose in Goddessland. lol The place would never be the same. grin Peace, Falala

      • Carol Forbes says:

        Hey falala
        I like you, yeah maybe do a chapter with all of us in meeting them all at Mercer Island just like Bronze Goddess did when she went to see Christians massive wait for it………….. The Slayer lol xx

      • falalalynx says:

        Good morning Carol,
        Oh oh oh I know. lol We loonies are all out on a party boat and we just happen to have engine trouble, uh-huh Falala I told you not to mess with those switches, grin right off of there pier and Goddess’s puppy Meeko decides to jump off the boat and swims over to there beach. giggle And who should come to our rescue? lol Christian which draws Jason and Chuck and Ana. And then Sophie finds Meeko and tada the rest is history. Ana happily host a Food and libation for us while the mechanics from the boat rental company work on the boat. Eventually Christian decides to give us all a lift back on the Slayer. lmao This is all your fault. lol You got me started. Good morning.
        Peace, Falala

      • Carol Forbes says:

        Hey Falala
        That was so cool, I really want to be with Sawyer, he sounds so lush and phew hot,hot,hot.
        Keep it up girl as it puts a smile on my face.
        Love Carol xx

      • falalalynx says:

        Carol uh there is no Sawyer in this story. lol Are you speaking of Sawyer in the films? Oh yeah he was all kinds of yummy. He said more with a side eye look then many other performers. I’ll ‘take’ that Sawyer. yep yep. lol Oh I know. Sawyer can be the ‘captain’ of our party boat. giggle Oh my I like this idea. Peace, Falala

      • Carol Forbes says:

        Hey Falala
        Yeah he is so scrumptious, I hope that bronze goddess does a chapter with all of us in it, how cool would that be.
        Have a cool 😎 day everyone and love u all XX

        Love Caz xx

    • He’s a villain… you’re sure you want that name to be in consideration? I’ll put it in the database if you do. 😉

  17. sharrier says:

    Lyle sounds good for him

  18. Carol Forbes says:

    It sounds good Robert Forbes and I know he’s a villain and what he did to ana was unforgivable but he’s dead so does it matter really?? Just sating peeps xx

  19. Carol Forbes says:

    It sounds good Robert Forbes and I know he’s a villain and what he did to ana was unforgivable but he’s dead so does it matter really?? Just saying peeps xx

  20. Me says:

    Ferris or Faris for Harris.

  21. falalalynx says:

    I found it! Robert John Richards = B J Dick. lmao

    • Falala, do you just sit around thinking of ways to make me laugh? That’s fucking brilliant!

      • falalalynx says:

        Thank you thank you. grin It’s just the way my twisted mind works. I just thought, think evil think awful think gross. He was MIA because he was getting a bj soooo and tada this was the results. Anything to make my Goddess laugh. xoxoxo

  22. Junebride says:

    Is it closed yet? If not, how about (sorry if they have already been mentioned):
    Let us know what you decided on.

  23. Stephanie Flurry says:

    I need to go back and re-read. I don’t even remember Ana’s brother or father. Lol

    I LOVE this story.

    • In my story, Ray and Ana’s bio-dad were best friends. Bio-dad, Harold Lambert, died in a military training accident and told Ray to take care of his family.

      Ray got married to Mandy and had a son. He named his son after his prior best friend, Harold (Little Harry).

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