Do You Need To Talk?

Hello BronzeGoddessvillers,

It used to be BronzeGoddessvillians, but that sounded like you were all my minions for evildoing, so I changed it (there’s that squirrel again… I digress).

My story deals a lot with mental issues, anxiety, depression, even suicide (Edward David, although he just did it because he was a coward), postpartum issues, menopause, etc. I’m very happy to see that people connect with one another on these issues, but I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t realize it was so rampant. I, too, have felt like I was in this little bubble and I just had to deal with it.

Seeing all of the posts from the last chapter, I felt like I had to do something about it. I couldn’t just ignore the fact that there were so many of my readers having the same problems that I was. My first impulse was to create some kind of support group. The only problem was that support groups need some kind of platform—like Facebook—and not everybody is on Facebook, not to mention that there is absoposilutelytively NO TIME in my schedule to monitor a group or expand social media to that effect.

But I still couldn’t ignore the issue.

A lot of people comment on my story and not everyone is dealing with mental illness or some kind of issue like that, so unfortunately, not everyone wants to read those comments. However, I know first hand that people need to have someplace where they can talk about this, and you guys seem to feel comfortable talking over here… AND APPARENTLY THERE’S A LOT OF US… SERIOUSLY! 

So, this is our thread.

This thread is specifically for those of us who wish to discuss those issues we are going through and those who are sympathetic to our plight. This way, if someone sees a comment, issue, or question in this thread or along these lines that they don’t want to get involved in, they don’t have to, but those who want to partake in this mini-support-thread can please feel free to do so.


NUMBER ONE: This is not just about mental illness. I’ve discovered that my readers have been dealing with chemotherapy, dialysis, horrible divorce, my husband died, my family’s nuts, I want to come out of the closet, fill in the blank. You got something on your chest, let’s talk.

NUMBER TWO: This is not just for women. I know that I have some male readers even though they may not be that verbal all the time. Come on over, kick of your shoes, pull up a seat, and let it go.

NUMBER THREE: This is the most important one…

THIS IS A JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE! If I see anyone saying anything cruel, mean, judgemental, or disparaging to anyone or about any plight in this thread or using this thread to take any kind of cheap shots, I will give you “das boot” faster than you can finish typing your comment. 

Let’s see if we can use this thread to uplift one another, and those who don’t wish to take part, it’s okay. I totally understand. If you felt before like you didn’t have a voice, we want to hear your voice here.

Welcome to the Band-Aid Thread.

~~love and handcuffs



69 thoughts on “Do You Need To Talk?

  1. Sherree says:

    How very thoughtful of you! This is so cool to know that there are other people who truly care about the troubled among us.
    Bless you.

  2. seralynsmom says:

    Love this. It’s nice to have places to go to talk out stuff sometimes. I have friends, my husband, but I’m sure I burn them out occasionally. It’s that time of the year again, when the blues hit and everything seems to take a nose dive and I want to do nothing and it takes me going “listen here you, you will get up and do things that need to be done because they need to be done!!” I believe they call it the winter woes? I know there’s other names for it. Seasonal depression is one too. Add this on top of my anxiety and EVERYTHING that can go wrong going wrong and it makes for an Ashley that just wants to cover my head, bury myself in time bed, and not get out until spring. Can’t do that though. So venting.

    Like, the fact that my husband works for a company that treats him like shit and he’s ready to quit but has no fallback in order to be able to and his stress is adding to my stress and I feel guilty all the time because I can’t do anything to help lift the burden. *whispers* and the one thing I could do, I don’t want to. That’s get another job. I mean, right now it’s not logistically possible anyway, but if it were I still wouldn’t want to because I enjoy being able to stay home and not have my kid in aftercare T school all the time, or in a daycare. As much as she drives me bonkers sometimes, I still love spending time with her. So what can I really do except try to be supportive but it’s like nothing helps. He just works for a shitty shitty place with no end in sight right now.

    So there’s my woes. I figured maybe if I shared someone else might be so inclined as well and could see what a relief it is to vent sometimes. 🙂

    • Sherree says:

      Staying home with your child is a sacrifice everyone will appreciate. Not to mention the most difficult job in the world!
      I hope relief comes your way soon but don’t forget that child is what’s important.

      • seralynsmom says:

        She’s always first and foremost for both me and my husband, it’s just been a lot to hit us all at once these last few months so it’s hard not to get anxious.

    • Honestly, most people who have some form of mental illness are also seasonal depressants. It totally has to do with the shorter days and lack of sunlight. I’m a basket case after “fall back” until “spring forward,” you know what I mean?

      • seralynsmom says:

        Yeah. It takes a lot for me just to want to get up in the mornings during these months.

      • MichelleCheri’ says:

        Totally hitting me as we move from fall to winter and the time change. I am always feeling it take an extreme amount of energy to do anything these days and I LOVE the Christmas season so much.

      • Yes! Same here. I used to dread Christmas because of the snow, and then I moved somewhere where it doesn’t snow anymore. But then the days are still shorter. So, I tolerate this season by decorating for the whole season. I decorate Christmas at Christmas, when New Year’s comes, decorate for New Years. When Valentine’s Day comes, I’ll decorate for Valentines Day. And when Valentine’s Day is over, I decorate with flowers and things to welcome spring. So that by the time spring time gets here I’ve done everything I can to combat seasonal depression.

    • sharong1969 says:

      Sometimes just getting it out makes a lot of difference. Staying at home to raise your child instead of letting strangers raise your child is very admirable.

  3. Ginger says:

    Sending everyone positive thoughts and prayers!
    I’m desperately searching for the encyclopedia of how to live with your Senior Parent. What was supposed to be a temporary thing became permanent. I find myself as my mother’s mother in a roll reversal where I often find myself quoting her words of wisdom from the last 40 years back to her.
    Her health has gone from bad to worst. I’m exhausted. I don’t have a life. I get 3 weeks of vacation a year. I’ve exhausted all of it on her this year. Between surgery and doctors appointments. I am beyond grateful that I still have a job.
    When is it my turn to live?

    • Lovesfiftyshades says:

      Ginger, When I read that BG was doing this my first thought was I probably would not have anything to contribute. Then I read your story. I’m sad to say, you are facing a common problem these days. Our parents are living longer and often are not able to care for themselves independently. I see it as a nurse and I’ve lived it with friends and most importantly, I’ve walked the road myself with my and my husband’s parents. I honestly believe it is the most difficult thing adults face. It is so hard to turn the tables and “parent your parent”. All our parents have passed away now and sometimes, I’m ashamed to say, when I hear my friends struggling with their own parent, a small voice in the back of my mind says, thank you Lord I am over that and they are all with you now. All that to say, I don’t believe any parent would want their adult child to sacrifice their own lives to take care of the parent. If you have the means and physical, emotional and mental stamina to do it; go for it. BUT IF YOU DON’T, it’s okay to ask for help. Your close friends, your church family, other relatives and hired assistance are some ways to go. If it is a situation where your mom is too much for you to care for at home, there is no shame in seeking assisted living and/or a skilled nursing facility. My dad actually thrived in a skilled nursing facility when my mom was no longer able to care for him after he had a debilitating stroke. It sounds like you have to work, as did I and it sounds as if you are alone as you walk this road. I hope and pray you have support from family and/or friends. No one has yet written the encyclopedia but there are tons of books out there that discuss the role reversal and caring for/living with senior parents. Sometimes just talking to someone else who is in your same shoes helps. My thoughts are with you as you navigate this winding road. Remember to take care of yourself. Prayers for your journey. ❤

    • Esther Williams says:

      Ginger I use to work in an assisted living community and I also help my husband with his father when he was diagnosed with stage two dementia. He lived with us for a while it was hard with two boys and we both work so I understand your pain. But what I can tell you is ask around your community to see if she might qualify for home health assistance. But I do know that God will not put no more on you then what you can bear. I will keep you in my prayers.

      • Ginger says:

        Amen! So true. That and our recent move is what is giving me strength! We are changing insurance and looking into that as well. She will be 79 and can’t see why her body won’t function for her like it did 20 years ago.

    • Sherree says:

      Ginger, My thoughts and prayers are with you too. May God bless you.

    • I’m not taking care of an elderly parent, but I know of many who are. You are somehow going to have to find some time for yourself or you are going to burn ALL THE WAY OUT. Do you have any kind of support system that can come over and give you a break for a day? I know it sounds impossible, but it is SO necessary.

      • Ginger says:

        Lynn I can’t thank you enough for this thread. In my mind, I was the only one with this problem and no one could relate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this forum!

      • You’re so welcome, my dear. I’m so, so happy that people are using it to voice concerns and get support. I was concerned that no one would want to participate. It really does my heart a lot of good. ❤

    • Dee says:

      Ginger, check with a local home health agency to see if your parent qualifies for services, if so, then the primary care doctor can order it and get in touch with a home health agency that you approve. Also if your parent is on Medicaid check with the social security office to see if they have a waiver program. This is a service that sends aid to help with daily living skills such as giving baths etc. They even do respite to give you some relief and time to yourself. Social services at any hospital will be able to give you a list of resources. God Bless

  4. Debbie says:

    Thank you Lynn. This is a wonderful.
    Sometimes we get so caught up in our own minds, that we can’t figure out how to deal with an issue plaguing us. This gives a platform in a place we are already comfortable in. Something said here may help someone having a hard time. It also helps let us know we are not alone.
    You have created another good thing.
    Bless you, Lynne

  5. KJ says:

    As a mental health nurse it is so good to see this. The biggest hurdle for most is to acknowledge there is an issue in the first place, and second, willingly talk about the issue. So to find a platform where people are willing to share is great.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    This is amazing 💗 you are amazing 💜

  7. Esther Williams says:

    Thank you Goddess for caring enough to help us to up lift each in our time of need. You Goddess are a gift from God.

  8. Camille Henley says:

    Thank again Goddess! You have given us an outlet to just talk about “ME” and what I’m facing everyday. An outlet to see others who’re going through the same . In additional to receiving such wonderful supporting words almost just wants to make you cry.. One of the reader reminded me that “God never put more on us than we can bear” sometimes we just needs to be reminded. These past two years has been extremely difficult for myself and family…. I will share that my Faith has kept me from going crazy. My hope has given me the outlet to focus on today and not tomorrow…

    Everyday I tell myself that the storm will past and the light will show up. Perhaps next time I can give more details, but right now I just need to cry because crying for some strange reason release so much pain and sometime bitterness. I will never allow the devil to steal my sanity and makes or force me to be an evil bitter woman. I just can’t and I won’t. I know that I’m all over the place. Life just feels like a roller coaster. My prayers are with every ones that’s going through their struggle. Please know the storm will be past… We just have to be patient and obedience .
    Love You All. Lets just keeping praying for everyone.

    Goddess You’re our Angel- Please know that we love you and are so grateful that your family allows you to give us so much of yourself…

  9. Just another reason to respect and appreciate the Goddess….Always giving us a voice. Thank you

  10. sharong1969 says:

    I love that you are so invested in your followers. I appreciate you caring. I think this is a great idea. We all need somewhere we can connect, inquire about our issues/problems, reach out or just vent maybe. So many times we feel we are alone on an island with our issue and how nice this will be to maybe find that one person going through something very similar and this place will give us that opportunity for a connection and help. So thank you. You truly are THE BRONZE GODDESS!! And let’s be honest here… we really are your loyal minions 😜🤪

  11. Sherree Watkins says:

    This is totally anonymous right? My family won’t see what i post?

    Sent from my iPad

  12. bichonmomma says:

    Lovely gesture for your fans. We have all heard that we don’t understand till we walk a mile in someone else shoes. How very true. Depression, dissertion, divorce, medical issues, death and a multitude of things could happen to us and it is often hard to keep your head up when it occurs. I am glad that your fans feel comfortable to express themselves. If this group can help a single person then it is so worth it. Hopefully it will offer the support and kindness so many people need.

  13. Tina says:

    I cannot understand why some people need to be so nasty and judgemental about people who have mental issues. We all have problems some time or other. Before my husband passed away he changed. When I first met him I wouldn’t have put him down to be an abuser he was always loving kind and a gentleman. As years went by he started to become controling not letting me see my family or friends and it got worse as the years went on. I think you write what is going on every day to mostly every body and I enjoyed reading your stories. When is the next chapter up pretty Pleeeeeeeezeeeee!

  14. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

  15. Sweetie Pie (henceforth - Stuart :) says:

    I’ve finally chosen my pseudonym – Stuart!

    I’ve written, deleted and rewritten my message here numerous times in the past few days. Unfortunately, I find that I’m still not ready to talk about it.

    So I thought i’ll only drop in to say hi and that you are wonderful BG and that someday, I hope I will find the strength to talk about it without letting it tear me apart.

    Here’s to that hope and lots of hugs to all you guys! xoxo

  16. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

  17. Norma says:

    Just finished reading the latest chapter. It brought back a memory of when my father passed. The funeral home did a horrible job with his hair and somehow gave him a smirk. We couldn’t fix his mouth and it took some doing to take his hair. I feel Harmony’s pain.

    • Someone once told me they had to do their mother’s hair, nails, and makeup and I thought it was a one-off. Then my other mother in Detroit passed away in July and when I went back to the funeral, one of my sisters–the hairdresser–told me that she did her hair, and she did a fantastic job! So, I learned that it really happens first hand. 😥

  18. Gemini says:

    I wrote a very LOOONNNNGGG post, on this thread, when you posted Chapter 64. I have no clue why it didn’t go through. I guess I’ll try to post it again, later 😦

    • I check “junk” and “deleted” and see if it got misrouted…

      • Gemini says:

        I just retyped it. Hopefully it goes through this time. If not, here it is:

        I am in an internal debate on what to do about my husband/marriage. We’ve been married for 18 years. I was 19, he was 22 when we met. We have two children (ages 12 & 14). He has an older daughter who is 26. He’s NEVER paid child support. He grew up in a single parent home. His mother was too busy whoring herself instead of being a mom. I grew up with both of my parents. My granny warned me about him while we were dating. She said he was jealous of me and possessive. His own mother even warned me about him. She told me he was verbally and mentally/emotionally abusive…..and he is. To date, I’ve dished out $12K on his child support issues (a child who is not mine, but I’ve been in her life since she was 2). He feels this is what I should have done. We were separated for 4 years because he had to move back to Michigan and serve house arrest. I dumbly let him come back because I didn’t want my children to be a statistic (broken black family). I worked 2 jobs the entire time he was gone, lost our house to foreclosure (cause I paid his legal fees), had both of our cars repossessed (his car was in my name because i had the better credit). He moved back in 2013 and it’s still no better. It’s WORSE. He quit his job (April 2019 will be 2 years he’s been out of work) saying he wanted to start his own business, but it’s really cause he was tired of the child support coming out of his paychecks. I. AM. TIRED. He’s a pot head. He used to hack into my computer to check my emails, etc…I started logging out of everything. He feels entitled and I’ve enabled him all these years. My health has declined dealing with his issues. He has a terrible temper and I’d have to call the cops on him to get him to leave (I have several friends from high school who are cops). He hates living where we live and constantly complains. I take care of my 88 y/o grandmother so leaving the state is NOT an option, yet. He complains about everything. Even our children are sick of him. My children, especially my son are in turmoil cause they are tired of him, yet they want him to do right. I would need him out of the state. I’ve thought about contacting MI again, to come get him. He goes to FB and complains about me whenever he’s pissed. He’s very juvenile. He did not support me when I was in Grad school (I graduated in 2011). He just barely graduated from high school and feels the need to constantly talk down about my education (the white man makes the black woman feel she does not need a man when he makes her salary higher than the black mans, blah, blah). I’m beyond tired, but I’m afraid. I need him out of the state, otherwise he’d harass me (come by the house, my job, etc.). He would not care about a restraining order. He has nowhere to go. His own mom does not want him back at her house. He’s burned the bridge between he and his dad a looooonnnng time ago. His dad is another topic. His dad is my minister. I went to him, for help, when my house was in foreclosure in 2011 and he did nothing (that’s another post). He’s said horrible things to me. He once told me if I left him he hopes my new man gives me aids and I die. I have emails/texts where he says crazy stuff. He’s a manipulator and he brags about being one. He’s your typical asshole. Sorry this was so long. I am in the process of cleaning up my credit to get another house. The foreclosure is no longer on my credit report. I want him gone before I find another house. I feel bad for him, but he’s also a grown man. I’ve enabled him long enough. He’s not a good role model for our son or daughter. Again, I’m sorry this was so long.

      • Lorraine says:

        Never apologise for saying how you feel, you sound like a very strong woman and a good mum, you’ve tried to make things work with this man and have put up with a lot, he clearly doesn’t deserve you, it sounds as if enough is enough, a restraining order might not mean much to him but if he breaks it the law will step in and do something, you shouldn’t have to move to get away from him, maybe ask your friends if they know of any free services that could help you, even maybe just someone you could talk to. You and your family deserve a stress free life, don’t allow this arse to drag you down, he’s not worth it. Stay strong.

  19. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

  20. Vamomoftwins says:

    Your story is a respite for me. My adult 25 yr old son battles with mental illness. He is bipolar, has severe anxiety and hears voices. He also has epilepsy and gastroparsis. Everyday is a struggle. It’s either depression weighing him down or he is manic and all over the place. That is when you really have to be on your game with him. When he is manic he has energy and that’s when he will try to kill himself. The last time was a year ago he I found him hanging from our staircase. Luckily, I got him down in time but now I can’t leave him alone. In September he comes off my insurance and that even scares me more. He is on a lot of medication and has bimonthly visits to the emergency room for seizures or his stomach. Nobody in my family understands mental illness and thinks it’s something you can just get over. Thanks for listening, it’s good to get it off my chest

  21. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

  22. I am a mess. I often feel depressed and think of ending my life. I am in college and haven’t passed a single class since I started college. The lies that I tell my family about doing well in school, and getting back my financial aid keep snowballing. My home life is not the best. The house is a mess, my parents and older sister constantly argue. I feel like I’m stuck in the middle.

    I am a lazy person and a liar. I want to change the way I am, but I find it difficult to. I wish I could just end it all. I feel like all the happiness I get is from my phone because I have no friends. I am 20 years old and I have goals. I want to work for the government. I want to have a family of my own. But the way I am makes that not possible.

    I just wish I could escape.

    • Rosemarie, I’ve been where you are more than once in my life if for different reasons. The first thing you need to do is seek some counseling because it’s definitely not a good place to be, especially when you say that you feel like ending it all. I learned from not giving up that as long as you’re alive, it can be fixed… but once you’re gone, nothing can be fixed because it’s all over. 😦

      You also need to think hard about what you want in your life. You said that you want to work for the government. In what capacity? What exactly would you like to do? In order for you to achieve this goal, is it absolutely necessary for you to have a college degree?

      Have you thought about why you’re failing out of college? Is it because the classes are too hard? Because your home life has you distracted? Because you really don’t want to be there?

      You must pinpoint what makes you happy while you are seeking counseling. I hear you calling yourself “lazy” and “a liar.” If you can identify these things in yourself, then you can take the steps to change them… but it won’t be easy. 😦 You’ll have to commit to taking the steps to make the changes that you need to see, but you’ll need some help, and somehow, you’ll have to get away from the arguing. It’s only wearing you down.

      Ending your life is worse possible option. It’s only going to serve to hurt all the people you leave behind, and it’s going to take away all of your chances to be everything that you can be. The very best advice I can give you (besides please please please look into counseling–even free counseling or support groups) is to start by setting some goals. I know it sounds corny, but trust me, it’ll give you something to strive for. Set the BIG goals, and then break the big goals down into smaller, more attainable goals. Keep breaking them down into smaller steps until you get to a level of something that you can do, and then do it! Each time you check one of those smaller steps off your list, you’ll find yourself closer to your ultimate goal and the feeling of accomplishment will be more fulfilling than you can possibly imagine!

      It won’t be easy, Rosemarie. I speak from experience. But I’m proof that it’s not impossible. I had the same thoughts for many years, but I realized when someone close to me tried to kill themselves for some of the most selfish reasons that if I did that, it would be the single most selfish thing that I could have ever done, and I just decided that I had to find a way to make things better. So, I went to a therapist–and I leaned on my faith in God–and I just started working on “me.”

      Baby steps, my friend. It may be a long journey, but trust me, you’ll be very proud of yourself when you come out victorious.

    • falalalynx says:

      Hey now Marbella

      Hi there! It’s Falala. Your missive is making my heart hurt. I’m starting from the bottom and working my way up.

      Perhaps you can’t physically escape but here’s a trick I do all the time. My mind is my own and I can decorate it however I choose. I escape while reading sitting in my beautifully decorated mental mansion. I leave all the yuck outside the door. And then off I go getting lost in what I’m reading. When I have to step back into the real world like when I’n standing at the sink cleaning the kitchen I can access my thoughts and I dance right through the doom and gloom. I do this a lot. The family often asks me what’s so funny when they see me smiling in the middle of the oddest thing. grin I just smile. It’s my secret and they can’t have it or get to it.

      You say you are just twenty, oh boy yeah that’s a tuff age. You think you know it all and then you discover you don’t know squat. Hey I’m a grandmother and I still don’t know squat. grin

      You can survive this period. I know you can. I think the fact they you are here and you told us is huge and very brave of you. You want things to be better. You just need some help getting started.

      Start with school. Do you have access to counseling? Perhaps you need to drop one class so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. I thought that is what the counselors were for. Ask them for help. What are you studying?

      You want to change you said it yourself. So start small. The house is a mess? Make your bed. Clean your room. Straighten you shoes. Small bites so you don’t choke on the entire idea. And don’t try and do it all at once. Complete one thing and then appreciate yourself for completing the task. Then another and then another. You will be amazed when you mentally turn around and see all you’ve accomplished. And part of the chaos that your life seems to be will be gone.

      Now I am going to be blunt here. You don’t want to die. You want that job some day. You want that family. That’s on the horizon. Work on the immediate. You said you have no friends. sigh yeah this hurts. Could you join a study group? This could help with the school stuff maybe. I do know there is no one size fits all solution to this. You have to find the customized plan for you because there is no one quite like you.

      You said you are a liar. Who are you lying to, yourself or the rest of the world? You need to be honest with yourself. You said you want to change so show yourself you can. Small steps at first. Before you realize they will be strong strides towards your goals. I believe you can do it.

      I want you to know I heard you. And you are not alone. Goddess gave us this place to come to and I will check in everyday to see if you came by. I will listen with all my heart. {{{HUGS and HUGS and HUGS}}}

      Peace, Falala

      • falalalynx says:

        Uh wow Goddess are we sharing a brain now? I just read your reply. giggle Wow look at that I have Goddess brain. Woohoo go me! Same thoughts just different words. xoxoxoxo Peace, Falala

      • Great minds think alike, my friend. We have to take care of our own, right? Pull a sister up when she’s down.

    • People think I’m crazy but I get so lost in my fantasy world and it brings me peace–not to the degree that I don’t handle my responsibilities, but to the degree that I can deal with these assholes in the real world and not totally lose my damn mind!

      • falalalynx says:

        Hey now! Who thinks you’re crazy? You’re not crazy. I’M crazy. You are brilliant. I can’t count the number of times throughout my life that I’ve been called crazy. So one day I decided okay make some lemonade with this. grin So I LIKE being crazy. I sure as hell have more giggles in my life. I look for the funny. I strive to make people smile or giggle. A laugh can brighten someones day. So please my Goddess you keep being brilliant and drag me along to your fantasy world. I’ll see your fantasy and raise you a grin a giggle and a lol or even a lmao. Bonus points for a rotflmao.

        Peace, Falala

  23. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

  24. […] There has been yet another development where if you feel the need to talk to fellow readers about personal issues, you need a sounding board, you want to vent about something in your life, please feel free to visit the link on the left in the menu entitled “Do You Need To Talk.” No subject is taboo. I just ask that you approach the link with respect for those who have concerns as well as those who respond. You can also get to the link by clicking HERE.  […]

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