Disclaimer, Backstory, and Character Introduction

See what happens when Dominants clash

This is not the same story I’ve been writing or that you’ve been reading. This is not the same couple or family that you’ve seen in the movies. There aren’t any “tortured souls,” so to speak. However, resentment, disappointment, and misunderstandings have laid the foundation for a lot of the storyline. There may or may not be an HEA—I don’t know yet, so save yourself the frustration and don’t try to sway the direction of the story. Be warned that there will be sex with other people, although it will not be considered cheating. I HATE cheat fics even though in the past, I’ve read some well-written ones.

Be prepared to see some extreme—though hopefully, not gross—sexual scenes and know that this story will have an ending. I don’t know if it will be 15 chapters or 50 chapters, so please don’t rush it. As long as the Muse is wrapped around the concept, I’ll write it. When she says, “no more,” it’s done. So, if my Muse gets killed, I drop the story and take it down.

Some of these concepts came to life while I was pulling together Christian and Elena’s story before Ana (yes, that will be a future fic as well, but I don’t know how far in the future yet), so some of the sexual acts from one story may be repeated in another—nothing new under the sun, right?

I hope I don’t completely gross anyone out, but know that these characters are quite deviant from what you’re used to seeing. So, please, I ask in advance that I not be bombarded with “Christian would never do that” or “Ana would never say that” because one—you’re right, they wouldn’t, and two—I’m just going to tell you to stop reading.

For those of you who haven’t been scared away, here is an introduction of some of the characters. Others will be introduced as needed throughout the story. Feel free to ask questions, but depending on the content, I reserve the right not to answer.

Some of you may not agree with my character choices, but that’s okay, too. You can’t please everybody, but hopefully, some of you will be pleased.

Fifty Shades Golden—Character Development
Subtitle: Clash of the Dominants

Briana Evigan 2Anastasia Olivet—32, Attorney by day and Dominatrix by night known as Golden or Golden Girl. She was Anastasia Steele. Carla and Ray were an interracial couple initially in a marriage of convenience. Ana was still Ray’s step-daughter. However, Ray adopted her and gave her his name. They were killed in a car accident when Ana was very young and Ray’s brother, Richard, then took her in. Ana got into trouble at fifteen and Richard abandoned her. Ana lived in a vacant house for a year and finished high school, but to survive, she sometimes did some unsavory things, developing a fetish for something that would lead her willingly to the BDSM lifestyle. As a side note, Ana was never abused. She married English student Paxton Olivet in college to help him get American citizenship. They divorced after three years once his citizenship was finalized and she kept her married name. She has now run back into ghosts of her past while dealing with a persistent stranger in her present. Which will be her future?

Eric Dane-greys-anatomyChristian Trevelyan Grey—34, Billionaire businessman and Dominant only known as Trey. Grace and Carrick Grey’s biological son. Introduced to the BDSM lifestyle about 12 years ago and took to being a dominant immediately. Has his sights set on Golden, but as they are both Dominants, he realizes that he won’t be able to acquire this tasty morsel by normal means… if he can acquire her at all.

Natasha Henstridge 3Elena Lincoln—40, Salon owner and Dominatrix. Friends with Christian, frenemies with Golden, who has a very condescending nickname for Elena. She was once the biggest thing in BDSM until Golden came along. She and Christian met in the lifestyle seven years ago when he asked permission to play with one of her submissives. They have played together on occasion, some D/s with Christian as the Dom but mostly kinky fuckery. They haven’t been intimate for a few years, but now, Elena wants to push Christian onto Golden so that she will leave the scene and Elena can reign supreme once again. Not a friend of the family, only an acquaintance of Christian’s.

Javier Bardem 1Blake Haviland—45, Ana’s house submissive and slave. Background to be revealed later.

heather-locklearGrace Trevelyan Grey—54, Pediatrician and Christian’s biological mother.

Dermot Mulroney-3Carrick Grey—57, Judge and Christian’s biological father. Carrick has a not-so-small secret in his past that nearly ended his marriage. Loosely associated with Ana through professional relationship only.

michael-beachRichard Steele—54, Attorney in the prosecutor’s office. Anastasia’s uncle and Ray’s brother. Took Ana in with his family after Ray and Carla were killed in a car accident when Ana was 10. Abandoned her when she got in trouble for a small thing at 15. Didn’t see her again until she was 32.

40e9dc0f58008ac25fbe3cbdb41ec423Kevin Sheardon—33, Ana’s yoga instructor and possible love interest.

7249404ce47984055f683fecffc5be62Jake—32, just Jake. Blast from Ana’s past, background to be revealed later.

There will be other characters introduced as needed (maybe), but for now… meet the cast of Fifty Shades Golden.

A/N: I won’t be updating this story every week. It will be updated as it is written as I’m still working on Raising Grey. The Pinterest board for this story can be found at https://www.pinterest.com/ladeeceo/fifty-shades-golden/.



29 thoughts on “Disclaimer, Backstory, and Character Introduction

  1. asunder73 says:

    Doable. I can work with that. Like the backstory… A lot less squicky than canon actually… LOL

  2. crazyblondearmybrat042202 says:

    cant wait

  3. Barbara says:

    I can’t wait to start reading!! Bring on the kinkiness!

  4. Ann Shearer says:

    This looks amazing, cant wait to here more about it, i know you will make this an amazing story sweetheart, because you are the best xx

  5. Sassybutterfly says:

    OK, here we go. I’m on board and ready for the roller coaster ride. Can’t wait. Sounds amazing, enticing, exciting, sexy, etc., etc. I just have to get the “other Christian and Anna” out of my head for this one. Since you are writing it, I am reading it…even with all the “unexpected” stuff…

  6. falalalynx says:

    Hey Goddess,

    This sounds wonderfully deliciously different and not a rehash of the original with a twist. I’m looking forward to it. sigh The no guarantee HEA does concern me tho. I ‘want’ an HEA for everyone. grin They can go thru all kinds of awfulness but I always want an HEA in some way for them. But it is your story and I respect you. I think it’s more than me wanting the HEA . I ‘need’ the HEA to help me balance out the crap that RL so often throws my way. Your stories are one way I escape.

    Peace, Falala

  7. Bindy2017$ says:

    Wow oh Wow interesting can’t wait for more.

  8. Hannah says:

    Well the warming up has already started in so many ways. But this warming up is DANG DANG DANG..
    I’m on pins and needles. I have soooo many questions… BUT I’ll wait.. 🙂 Uhm, NOOO can’t hold these questions back though… Is Christian the eldest child, with regards to Grace her age? Did Carrick introduced Christian into BDSM “ by accident” ? Anna was never abused” to me this is NOT a side note. YOU Bronzy! YOU don’t do side notes. You wrote it with a purpose. When we are going to give our reviews about Ana doings, you’ll only going to direct us to the intro and tell us to READ it again (THE FACTS). OMG I’m in stitches already RTFLMAO. I have to and must find a way to stop analyzing. My head is spinning ! LOVE IT LOVE IT. GOSH , Goddes, DANG !
    Also , You started with the biggest WARNING EVERRRRR under “see what happens when Dominants clash”. THE WARNING TO BEHAVE OURSELFS IS OUT. Don’t try to “kill” MY muse. Oh, this is so good and it’s ONLY a warming up ! Again, pins and needles, can’t wait ! 🙂

  9. Leomy says:

    Wow, this is definitely something different. So looking forward to reading it. Your Ana really is the strongest woman. She is surrounded by delicious men. I am hooked to your stories. You can write about painting a house and I’ll enjoy it

  10. Billie-Jean says:

    Just got my Ticket, and i am ready for this Roller Coaster off a ride. I simple can not wait!!!! I have told you once but i am gonna tell you again. Bronzzzie you can write what ever you want, you take the Cake anyday….you are still rocking my reading world and o boy, i feel another One of those repeat, repeat, repeat readings coming along.
    Joyride here we come!!

  11. Ponderosa06600 says:

    Ooohhh, now I can’t wait to read your new story! I kow, I know you don’the like being hurried, sorry, I can’t help myself, you’re such a good writer! I ‘ll try to behave and wait patiently! LOL!

  12. Cat says:

    Fan girl squeeee

    Sounds delish

  13. Sara Bowen says:

    I can tell you love Mc Steamy! These beautiful people will be absolutely amazing!

  14. jjgoldmann says:

    I’m am so in for the ride. Their back stories sound interesting and you have to love that Elena is still as manipulative as ever. 😉

  15. Jackie says:

    Looks good. Looking forward to reading.

  16. Deborah Dibenedetto says:

    Hot damn……loving the set up for this story and can hardly wait for the first chapter..please don’t make us wait too long…..

  17. Lucinda says:


  18. Dee says:

    I’m in. Just love your cast. I recognized them all except for your Ana. Who is she?

  19. Lita V says:

    I just want to say that I love your books. I started reading them about a year ago and I just can’t stop. Sometimes I would reread books waiting on the next update. Thanks for sharing your talent as a writer with us. Keep doing what you’re doing. Let the haters hate. You know what they say, “if you have haters you must be doing something right!”.

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