The Usual Suspects


So… while I’m prepping all of the works for publishing and putting together the storylines for Book III (get ready, there’s gonna be some shockers!), I thought I’d plant some seeds for thought in the minds of my readers. How about a good old fashioned Whodunit? I know you all have a lot of theories about who’s behind the attack on Grey Enterprises and, more specifically, Christian and his family. Let’s take a look at the possible suspects. For the sake of clarity, the suspects are listed alphabetically by last name.

The AttorneysAbrahms and the Attorneys
So, let’s start here. Most recently released from the company and privy to insider company secrets, including proprietary information, these idiots have already tried to trip up one of his deals almost on the heels of getting fired. They are in one of the best positions to pull off something like this if they have the means not to get caught. Although Christian would have changed GEH’s protocol after they were fired, he would have to completely overhaul the way GEH operates for them not to at least still be familiar with company operations. All you need is a way in. Did these slimy, underhanded “bad faith bastards” finally grow a backbone and turn on the man who basically wiped away years of their hard—and crooked—work?

Brian Cholometes
I’ve come to find out that this is everybody’s favorite suspect, and for obvious reasons. He wants Anastasia—he’s wanted her for years. He’s been waiting patiently for her to be ready for him to make his move and along comes Pretty Boy with the money and snatches her right out from under his nose. He obviously has some hidden talents, abilities, and friends in high—and low—places. It would be quite easy for him to bring Christian and his company to its knees and then swoop in and rescue or steal the lovely Anastasia. However, if she ever found out that he was the one to bring Christian and his company to their knees, he has to know that she would never love him. Is he banking on the possibility that he could pull this off and keep the truth from her?

Angry EdwardEdward David
Yeah, he’s still in jail, but we haven’t completely seen how far his hand reaches, if it reaches at all. Let’s not forget that he’s recently been found guilty of all of these crimes against Anastasia and is bipolar as fuck as to whether he loves her or he hates her. A year ago, he kidnapped her with the full intention of holding her hostage until she fell in love with him again—and he thought this was logical. In court, he’s sneering at her, but still almost climbed over the table when she took a header after vomiting all over Lady Smug. Even as she’s leaving the courtroom after the verdict, he’s crying out for “Rosie” to make it all better. Of course, he thinks Christian’s money has corrupted her against him. If he can remove the power of the dollar that he obviously thinks has her mesmerized, will Rosie fall back into his arms and make this whole thing “go away?”

Greta Ellison
Of course, not a lot of background on this filly except that she was so hot for Christian that she almost fucked him in the Marketplace while Ana watched. You can imagine that she was completely gagging for him after their interview. The connection and attraction had to be insane—Christian was obviously attracted to her, but he had a certain doctor dancing through his dreams at the time. After missing out on a sure thing—and no doubt having to return that huge bonus that Elena gave her once she failed to seal the deal—she’s not only “Hot For Sir” but also most likely a bit bitter as well. Is she scorned enough to want to bring him to his knees and then present herself to him as an option once he’s down there? She is a switch, after all. What better revenge on the handsome billionaire that turned her down than to crumble his empire, then make him her submissive?

Cassie Hamilton
Now, she had high hopes, didn’t she? I mean, what business woman in her right mind shows up at the meeting of a potential new client—a very lucrative one at that—gift-wrapped and nearly naked for the client’s fiancé? And a wedding planner at that! She was only too certain that Christian would fall between her legs when he saw her again. Instead, he caused her business to dwindle down to nothing, stripped her of whatever she had left, gave her a measly $20,000 and ran her out of town with no prospects. She’s hot and unscrupulous, most likely capable of bringing many men to their knees. Did she just go away quietly seething, or does she have a few tricks up her sleeve, including bringing down the man who effectively destroyed her career?

Elena LincolnElena Lincoln
Although Elena is currently in jail and hasn’t been heard from since she was carted away from the hospital in cuffs after trying to kill our beloved Christian; she has the uncanny ability to never go the fuck away! If you remember in her prologue of Mending Dr. Steele, she’s sure that Christian hates her and it’s all Anastasia’s fault. Just like David is sure that Christian’s money is the only reason that Ana really wants him, Elena is sure that Ana has somehow brainwashed Christian against her and is only looking to be the rich socialite wife. She’s always felt like Christian needed to be “saved” from Ana by any means necessary. Could she be reaching from the bowels of prison to threaten the livelihood and happiness of our favorite couple? Could the promise of big money from the billionaire have enabled her to convince some poor, unsuspecting, brilliant computer mastermind to assist her in her plan?

Francesca Meyers
Did we forget about Francesca? We haven’t heard from her, so maybe we have. Allow me to refresh your memory—The Mole. Just like Cassie, she was basically brought to her knees when Christian unceremoniously fired her as well as destroyed her reputation in Washington’s BDSM community. She was ruthless enough to feed information about his movements to Elena and Harris. What’s to stop her from using the knowledge that she has gained as an employee of GEH in the Public Relations department for years to garner a plan against him and, with the help of the right talent, hack into his systems and procure a bit of traveling money and company secrets? She was just following orders, right? Has she decided to take matters into her own hands and get what was promised to her… at least part of it?

Robin MyrickRobin Myrick
The sick fuck who thinks he’s Christian’s brother. He still thinks Christian is the reason that his father is in jail. He had someone—a still unknown someone—break into Ana’s apartment, steal her gun, and give it to Elena with the hope that Christian would meet his maker. That didn’t work, so what does he do… quietly fade away into the background and then disappear into thin air like David did. Hmmm… did David disappear into thin air? No, he didn’t. He disguised himself and came back with a vengeance—literally! Someone said that Robin couldn’t pull this off on his own, but remember, Robin faked his death. Maybe he can pull this off on his own, maybe he can’t… but if it is him, is he on his own? We don’t know who Robin has in his corner, what he’s capable of, what his background is, or how much money he has. Has he found a way to get the ultimate revenge on the man who he feels has ruined his life?

Edda Strauss2Edda Strauss

Elena’s aunt with no conscious who sees no problem with molesting young boys. She tried to bribe Ana with $20 mil and Ana turned it over to Christian, who turned it over to Helping Hands. So now she’s out of a tidy sum and the “hideous little dumme ziege” still married the man her niece loves. What’s more, she’s out of her priceless book collection, her niece is still in jail, Christian’s not dead and he’s dug around in her affairs enough to alert some probably dangerous and powerful people that “the Americans” are not happy with her. In her eyes, she has a few vendettas against Christian and most likely—like Colostomy—knows people in high and low places. With her resources and connections, could she be at the root of the attack on Christian’s company?

X-factorThe X-Factor
This group of people could be anybody—people I have introduced or hinted at, or maybe people that haven’t been introduced at all and I’ve been saving them for just such an occasion. In Christian’s work—and play—he’s made a lot of enemies… ex or jilted subs, anyone from Vansteen Security, family or friends of the Green Valley Gang, a secret admirer of Ana’s, Carla Morton, Richard Kavanaugh, the list is actually endless. What if the attacker has no face? Right now, they don’t since GEH has no idea who it is, but what if it’s someone completely off the grid? How will the ever find out who it is?

So, I’ve given you something to think about and I would love to know what you think. I’m putting together Book III’s initial chapters while I’m getting ready to publish the others. It’s not too far off now. I still don’t have a definite date, but I’ll let you know soon. I’m thinking that Book III will probably kick off some time within the next month, but I’m not sure yet, so don’t hold me to it. I just try not to leave you guys completely in the dark while I’m getting ready.

Love and handcuffs!
Lynn X