Lemon Drop

This is an excerpt of one of the stories I am editing to be published. It is being presented for entertainment purposes only. It is copyrighted material that may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Lemon Drop

“You have to stop letting them do this to you, Devin. Do you think they’re thinking about you right now?” I drop my head. He puts his hand under my chin and forces me to raise my eyes to his. “That’s what I mean. Do you think they really care that you feel this way? You’ve got to let this go or you’re going to die in your own self-pity.” I sigh and nod.

“You’re right,” I say softly. “I know you’re right.”

“But…” he says expecting.

“But nothing. You’re right. I’ve spent too much time and energy mourning this situation. It’s really time to let it go.” He looks in my eyes and I know he’s looking to see if I’m serious. He can read people, that’s his special talent. He’s a human lie detector. I know that I would never be able to lie to him.

“That’s my girl,” Jordan says, as he wraps his arms around me in a warm embrace. He gently rubs my back and I take comfort in the closeness, something that I haven’t had in a long time. He pulls me back and looks down into my eyes.


Just like that, the energy between us changes. It’s pulling and warm, almost hot. He slowly presses his lips to mine, giving me a chance to protest, but I don’t. I welcome the closeness that I haven’t felt in almost a year. His lips are soft and his kiss is gentle. When prompted, I open my mouth and allow his tongue to probe it, slowly and seductively. Instinctively, my hand reaches around his neck and strokes the soft hair at the nape.

Our breath changes as we attack each other with a hunger bigger than both of us. I have no idea how long it’s been for him, but for me, it’s been eight agonizing months. Hell, I’ve been so stuck in limbo, I don’t even masturbate. My thoughts would only be of Rod and they hurt too much.

Rod. He would come to me now.

I refocus and remember that it’s Jordan that has my body alight with need right now. Will this change our relationship? I selfishly put the thought out of my head. I need this right now. I drop my head back as his lips move from my mouth to my neck, tasting me and teasing me. I give him full access and sink into his kisses, his touch. He licks my throat salaciously and when his hand moves up to cup my hungry breast…

“Devin… we have to stop…”

“No,” I pant. “No… please…” I’m aching. My body is aching. My soul is aching. If he leaves me bereft now, I swear I’ll fall apart. His eyes examine mine and in moments, his lips are on mine again. I moan, in pleasure or relief, I don’t know, but he doesn’t give me a chance to think about it. He leans me over his lap and cups my breast again. I’m like a starving woman at a buffet, absorbing every caress, every sensation. I arch my back slightly to push my breast into his hand. He squeezes, brushing his thumb against the nipple before pinching it between his fingers. The sensation shoots straight to my previously dormant clit and I groan loudly.

More, I want more, my mind is screaming. Almost in response, he lays me down on the bed and moves down my body. He bites my nipple through my tank top and I cry out from the pain… and the pleasure. I’m trying to control myself, but I’m so damn hot, I’m on fire! I’m writhing underneath him as he bites one nipple through my shirt and then the other. His body weight is holding me down and I can’t move, but in this position, I can feel his erection against my leg.

Fuck, he’s so hard!

I’m anxious to have him inside of me. I don’t think I can wait. I’m not accustomed to waiting. Rod was a fabulous lover, but he usually got right to it, fucked me into oblivion and then it was done–well done, but done.

And there’s Rod again. Shit! Jordan! Jordan! Stop thinking about Rod!

“Ugh!” I groan in frustration, both at the thought of Rod and at the fact that Jordan’s working me into a fever and taking so long to put the fire out. He reads one of those reactions. Thank God it’s the right one.

“Relax,” he says softly. “I’ll take care of you.” I sigh heavily, knowing that he’s going to do this at his pace and not mine. Taking a few deep breaths, I relax into the bed and let him lead me to wherever he wants to go.

“That’s it, baby,” he says, moving his lips down to my stomach, kissing my navel before he grabs the waistband of my sweats and pulls them down and off. After removing his shirt, he crawls back up onto the bed, his eyes never leaving mine. I’ve never seen him from this angle, looking like this. He’s very good-looking.

He stops at my pubic hairline and kisses me softly, sending shivers in every direction. I am so ready for this. I try to control my breathing as he spread my thighs, but it’s no use. I feel like I’m going to crumble at the slightest touch.

And I do.

I feel his tongue ghost over my folds and my body breaks into convulsions. It’s been so long since someone touched me like this that I don’t know what to do with myself. Nestling himself between my legs, he separates the lips with his tongue and gives my clit one slow, methodical lick.

“Ooooohhhh!” I cry out at the contact. It burns like fuck! He does it again and I squirm reflexively. One more time and my body starts to tremble. The tease is both aggravating and intense. I can’t stand it.

“Oh, God!” I exclaim, exasperated. I grab his head to spur him on and to guide him to more intensity, but he’s having none of it. To my surprise, he grabs my wrists with each hand and pins them down on the bed. I look down to see him looking up at me, silently telling me that this is his show before turning his attention back to my throbbing nub. I drop my head back on the bed as he gently but torturously tickles my clit with his tongue–up and down, very slowly, agonizing.

I groan and whimper as I try to control my hips–teeth and clit don’t mix. My thighs hurt from the involuntary clenching of my Kegel muscles. I’m in agony after what feels like several minutes of this slow, delicious torture. He still hasn’t released my wrists when his technique intensifies only slightly, still an upward stroke–gently–so that I can feel every taste bud as it runs against the underside of my clit.

“Oooohhhooohhoooohhoooo!” I groan from deep in my chest, pushing my head back into the pillow and trying to process the onslaught of pleasure he’s bringing to my neglected body. His technique changes again as his mouth closes over my clit, his tongue maintaining the torturous rhythm.

“Oh… please… Jordan… please!” I’m panting and begging, almost crying. My body can’t take much more of this. He groans at the sound of my voice, but he doesn’t change his rhythm. He’s delicious and relentless and slow and cruel and I’m burning, burning, burning…

The tightening in my thighs is very painful and the fire in my stomach threatens to consume me. His tongue moves a little faster, pressing down on me as his lips suckle, pulling and pulling. The burn is so intense and my hips rise to meet his mouth. He pushes back, accepting my challenge and tormenting my clit further. If the pleasure gets any more intense, I’m going to combust!

And I do…

I disintegrate into one of the most crippling climaxes I have ever had in my life. I can’t breathe, my body convulsing and my thighs clenching around his head. He releases my wrists and his hands grab my suspended ass, pressing me into his face and he suckles my clit until it becomes painful. I thread my fingers into his hair. I don’t want him to stop; I want to remember this feeling long after we part. I close my eyes and press him against me, memorizing every stroke, every suckle, every jolt of pleasure that shoots through my thighs and down to my toes.

He drops my limp body onto the bed and I’m fighting for breath. He’s gone for a second, but he’s back a moment later. I look down to see him naked before me, rolling on a condom. I’m still pulsing when he climbs over me, pushing my tank top up and over my head before discarding it on the floor. He climbs between my legs and covers his body with mine, separating my thighs with his hips and my lips with the shaft of his rock hard member.


He hovers over me, looking into my eyes and reading me like he does. I’m helpless. I don’t know what my eyes tell him, but he leans down and kisses me gently. He masterfully pulls his hips back without breaking our connection and I feel his stiffness drop down to my opening. With a stiff and slow thrust, he breaches my pleasure center and ends eight months of celibacy.

I whimper when he enters me, still tender and pulsing from my orgasm. He gasps as I wrap around him, closing over his dick, my muscles squeezing.

“Shit!” he hisses as he pushes into me, hard! Fuck! It’s so tender. I try to acclimate to him being inside of me, to anyone being inside of me when no one has been there for so long. He pushes, harder and further. He doesn’t pull out–one long, deep downstroke until…

“Aaaah!” I groan loudly when I feel his pelvis against mine, knowing he has sheathed himself in me completely. He’s stretching me, invading where no light or pleasure has been in months. “Jordan!” I whine as sensation bursts through my groin. He groans loudly at the mention of his name and brings his body to mine. With his weight pressing against me, he cups my head in his hands. We’re so close that nothing can pass between us, and he grinds deliciously into me. His lips brush against mine. I feel his breath on my cheek, my ear, my neck. In no time, he has worked me back up into fevered desire and I feel like my body will burst.

“Touch me,” he groans as his teeth gently graze my shoulder. Oh, God…

I embrace him as much as I can, one hand at the nape of his neck and the other across his back, examining the flex of his muscles there as he grinds into me, a perfect rhythm, over and over again. He groans again, openly devouring my neck as he pushes me fervently towards another orgasm.

His technique is so much different from Rod’s… but this time I don’t mind thinking about Rod.

Rod was straight to the point–thorough, yes, but straight to the point. Very little foreplay if any, and definitely no kissing. He was affectionate all other times, but sex was just for sex. Baby, let me make you scream and that’s it.

Jordan is a completely different world. He’s everywhere, all over me. My neck, my breast, my mouth, my ears, my hands, my pussy….

My head…

I wrap my legs around him to absorb all of him, his essence and every stroke he bestows upon me.

“Oh, shit, Devin,” he growls, burying himself deeper into me and moving faster. Oh, hell, it won’t be long now.

“Aaahhh,” I moan as my ravaged soul finally finds the comfort it needs in his touch, his kiss, his sex. Our skin is deliciously sweaty and sticking together from our mutual workout. He pulls me closer to him as if he could and my body pushes up on the bed from the force of his deliberate thrusts–not hard, but deep… oh so deep.

That familiar sensation creeps into my back and I feel my body succumbing again. He looks down at me, his eyes fixed on mine, examining me again.

“I see it,” he says, his voice deep and low. “You’re going to come.”

I nod frantically, panting and holding onto him for dear life. My mouth is hanging open and I’m silently begging him not to stop.

“Come, then, baby,” he breathes, licking the corners of my mouth before pulling my bottom lip gently between his teeth. “Come on,” he growls softly in my ear. Oh, God, he’s good at this! His voice is an aphrodisiac as he thrusts into me.

“Ooohh!” I cry as I feel it creeping up on me.

“Give it to me, Devin,” he coaches directly into my ear as he licks it and bites the lobe. “Let me feel you come, baby.”

Right there… right there…

“God, you’re so hot,” he breathes while gazing at me. Looking into his eyes and seeing the desire and lust lurking there, my body explodes fantastically into a thunderous release. He slams his lips into mine, his tongue mercilessly combing through my mouth and violently causing my head to bob with the kiss as he continues to grind into me, never changing his stroke.

Finally! Somebody who got it right! “I’m coming” doesn’t mean “harder and faster.” It means “keep doing what you’re doing!” And boy does he keep “doing!”

He draws that orgasm out so long that I’m whimpering and crying into his mouth when it’s over. Fucking hell. I’m completely useless and he’s still grinding into me, over and over… again and again and again until…

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!” He rocks his hips back and forth from side to side and I can feel him pulsing inside of me, even through the condom. His orgasm is ferocious and his entire body tenses against me. It’s a sexy feeling, and I revel in the fact that I made him feel as good as he made me feel. His body falls limp on top of me and we are both breathing heavily. I feel him kiss my temple where the tears have fallen and I don’t know how to react to this sort of tenderness.

We both wince when he pulls out of me and I lay back on his bed, my hands at my head and my body in complete surrender.

“Don’t move,” he whispers, and he rises from the bed. Where the fuck am I going to go? I don’t even open my eyes. A moment later, he’s back, crawling over me again and gently kissing my stomach.

Oh, God, he wants more? Give me a moment to rest!

But no, that’s not what this is. This is yet another concept I’m not familiar with. I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never experienced it…


He plunders my body, kissing and licking me in the most sensitive places–the crease of my thighs, just under the mounds of my breasts, behind my knees, in and around my ears. He groans sensually as he explores my body, like he enjoys this as much as sex. He talks to me, too, telling me how good I taste, how supple my skin is, how he loves the little sounds that I make. I’m floating… floating on a cloud of relief and release as I close my eyes and sigh…

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© 2015 BG Holmes

And so you’ve published a book…. Now what?

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