One Shot–I’ve Been Waiting…

Remember when Al outed Gary, indicating that he knew exactly when Gary lost his virginity because he was walking differently? Here’s a little tale about our boy losing his cherry.

I’ve Been Waiting…


“I can’t believe you haven’t seen Avatar yet,” Marilyn says as she pushes the DVD into the player. “It’s so old, it’s almost a classic.”

“It’s not that old, Mare,” I say as I take a seat on the sofa. “It’s only a few years. I just never got around to it.”

“I was sure Avatar would be your thing,” she says with a smirk as she plops down next to me. Her tiny skirt rises a bit and her thighs taunt me as she crosses her legs. She’s so sexy that I almost want to drool. I’ve been wanting to approach her about taking our relationship to the next level, but hell. I don’t know anything about going all the way. I mean, I’m a grown man and I have the basics down of what needs to be done, but I have no clue on how to approach the topic. I don’t publicize that I’m a virgin, but after being with me this long, only an idiot wouldn’t know.

Mare is no idiot.

We’ve briefly talked about it once or twice, but it’s been an uncomfortable topic to say the least. I at least know that she has secured birth control and is ready whenever I am. We’ve done some heavy petting… very heavy petting, like third base heavy petting, but no penetration of any kind. She so hot that I’m afraid if I don’t make a move soon, she’ll find someone who will. If I do and I screw it up, she’ll dump me like yesterday’s trash.

Marilyn's Schoolgirl outfitNow here she is sitting on my sofa wearing this schoolgirl mini skirt and a perfectly-fitted button-up white shirt—just decent enough to be worn in public, but only just. I swear I think she wore this outfit on purpose. I’m not sure if I should make the first move or if I should wait for her to do it. She agreed to wait until I was ready to explore, but hell, we’ve done everything except oral and penetration. Maybe I should stop hesitating…

She’s right, though. Avatar is a really good movie. I don’t know why I didn’t take the time to watch it before. It’s so long, though. If I’d seen it at the movies, I probably would have fallen asleep. No chance of that happening here, though. Every time Jake finds himself in some kind of close proximity to Neytiri and that electricity flows between them, I find myself looking at those thighs again. I turn away each time she turns to look at me and pretend like I’m really engrossed in the movie. I feel like a damn teenager who can’t make up his mind. What am I, twelve?

When Jake and Neytiri bond under the tree of voices, I finally decide that it’s now or never. I reach over and run my hand up her smooth thigh. I hear her breath catch as I push my hand further up her skirt and to her inner thigh. She raises her eyes to me, questioning but wanting. Taking the back of her neck in my hand, I lean over her and kiss her, my hand still traveling up her skirt. She moans in my mouth when my hand reaches her panties and I start to tease her outside of her underwear. This is as far as we usually get… or have gotten so far, so anything beyond this with be the point of no return.

Okay, Pope. Here goes nothing.

I push my hand into her panties and part her lips. Gently, I begin to fondle her clit. She groans quietly into my mouth. Remembering something I saw in a movie, I thrust my middle finger inside of her and she nearly rises off the sofa.

“Aaaaahhh!” she cries out as she pulls my hair and bites my lip. Hell! That’s hot. I don’t really know what to do, so I thrust my finger in and out like I’ve seen—and heard—it done.

“Let me… help you…” Mare breathes as she throws her leg over me and guides my hand deeper inside of her… way deep. Shit! It’s hot in there! And wet! She tells me to curl my finger and allow it to slide and straighten as I pull it out, bending it again as I thrust it in like I’m using it to say, “C’mere.”

That’s right, little kitty… c’mere.

I know when I get it right because she starts to moan and thrust into my hand. Shit, she is dripping and hot and sliding into my hand with fever! I want to try something with her and I know that she’ll shoot me if I stop unexpectedly, so I warn her.

“Baby,” I whisper.

“Huh?” she is completely sex-dazed… or finger-dazed.

“I want to try something.” She looks at me as if to say, “Now?” but she doesn’t protest. She just nods as she tries to catch her breath. I slide down off the sofa and land on the floor in front of her. I unbutton three buttons of her shirt to reveal her pretty red lace bra that opens in the front. Yeah, if she didn’t plan this, she was hoping for it. I hope I don’t disappoint her. I unhook her bra and take her nipple in my mouth, sucking hard until it pebbles in my mouth.

“Gary! God!” she nearly squeals as she wraps her legs around my body. Shit, that’s encouraging! Her breast feels so good in my mouth. I want her. I really want her.

Am I ready for this? Fuck, yes, I’m ready for this!

I unwrap her legs, much to her dismay, but quickly slide her panties off her hips and down her legs, much to her delight. I nestle myself between her open legs, her forbidden fruit staring back at me, expecting. I raise my eyes to hers.

“Tell me,” I say, as I kiss her lower lips and inhale her aroused scent. God, I’m anxious to do this, but I don’t want to get it wrong. “Tell me what to do.” She nods.

“Separate the lips and lick the clit… softly… slowly,” she breathes. Okay, I can do that. I use two fingers to push her lips apart and her clit jumps right out at me—wet and pink… tiny… pretty. In an uncontrolled moment, I blow on it just to see how she reacts.

“Aaaahh!” she pants. “Gary!” Hmm, that’s a nice reaction. I’ll have to remember that. With my tongue, I gently travel from bottom to top and back to bottom again.

“Ooooooohhhhh!” she groans. Wow, I really must have done that right. Think I’ll do it again. I travel from bottom to top again, and again, like an ice cream cone. Now, she’s squirming on the sofa and I have to hold her down a bit. I put my arms around her legs like I’ve seen in the movies and that opens her up to me.

Ooooo… that’s nice.

I dive in to her again and she croons from her chest, thrusting her hands into my hair and her pelvis into my face. I like this. I really like this! Her flavor is so arousing that I have to control myself to keep from just gobbling her up. And her smell… good God, her smell! She loves the way that I kiss her and I always try to taste every bit of her on my lips when I do. I want so much more of her… let’s see if that technique works down here.

Using my tongue and lips, I explore every bit of her intimate area, tasting her vagina like I do her mouth; caressing her clit and opening like I do her tongue and mouth; nibbling every so often on her lips and gently sucking her clit into my mouth and slowly letting it slide out as I release it.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes! Just like that! Yes!” she pants as her head digs into the back of my sofa. I’m so glad that she likes this, because I absolutely love it. She tastes delicious and her smell is divine! I’ve heard other guys talk about it, but nobody said it was going to be like this! They always talk about how it affects the girl, but never how it affects them. I’m hard as a rock and I feel like I’m going to explode out of my damn jeans.

I continue with the kiss, reveling in the taste of her and her shivering reactions to my every move. I don’t want my teeth to hurt her, but she is animal as the feeling becomes more and more pleasurable. I hold her firmly as I lick and suck her sweet juices and suddenly, she screams with such force that I nearly pull away.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop…” so I don’t stop. Her clit gets hard as a stone against my tongue and instinctively, I suckle it and massage it deeply with my tongue. She almost sounds like she’s going to cry as her hips rise to my lips and she freezes, rigid, still begging me not to stop. Her flavor changes and I lap it up as I continue to lick and suckle her clit. This is amazing and hot and I love this shit!

Finally, after about a minute or something like that, her hips go limp in my arms and she is making a different plea.

“Gary! Gary! Stop! Please, stop! It’s tender!” I immediately stop my ministrations, but I know she couldn’t have fallen so quickly from that crazy ride. So I blow on her clit once more as I release her. “Oooooohhh, Gary!” she moans. “Baby…” she almost sounds like she’s coming again. I climb up onto the sofa, hoping I did a good job and she’s not just stroking my ego. I want to get this right.

After catching her breath, she sits up and leans over me, kissing me passionately and stroking my aching penis.

“Mmmmm!” I groan, in pleasure, pain, and awe as she is devouring my mouth still drenched in her juices. Good grief, that it so hot! I thought they only did that in pornos! My dick is so hard that it’s painful inside of these jeans and I don’t know what to do with it.

Masturbating is very unsatisfying to me. Sure, there’s a nut and I release, but there’s nobody there against me, no warm body to caress or to feel rub against my skin. Unlike most guys who have never gotten laid, I don’t enjoy it that much. I only choke the chicken when the balls get unbearably heavy and have to be emptied. Otherwise, I’ve been pretty much celibate… even with myself.

But right now, I feel like every cell in my body is going to explode as she rubs my throbbing cock through my pants. Oh God, this is killing me.

She quickly undoes my belt and fly and snatches my pants and boxers down. When she slides them off my feet and crawls between my legs, I realize that she’s about to return the favor. She kisses up the inside of my thighs and her dirty blonde hair brushes against my legs. Shit! I’m not going to last. When she looks up at me with those hungry blue eyes, I verbalize what I’m thinking.

“This is going to be quick,” I say, somewhat of a warning to her.

“That’s okay, baby,” she says, scooting closer to me. “I’m so ready for you.”

Oh, shit.

Her pretty pink lips kiss the head of my penis then wrap around it almost immediately and I nearly rip the upholstery off the sofa. My first blowjob and this woman really wants me. I can tell! She’s looking me straight in the eyes as she lubricates my entire penis—shaft and head—with her lips and tongue, those sexy blues and an occasional moan telling me that she’s enjoying every minute of it. Her hand strokes my head and she licks salaciously all over my balls. God, I’ve never felt anything like this! I was right—it doesn’t take long. After only a few minutes of torturing my dick and balls with her tongue, mouth, and hands, and can feel my orgasm building and about to blow as she’s bobbing on my shaft.

“Ba… by,” I try to choke. “I’m… I…”

“I know, baby,” she says, stroking me with her hand, my tip right at her lips. “Give it to me.” She strokes a few more times, the head inside of her open mouth so that I can see the initial squirt coat her tongue.

“Shit!” It’s too much for me and I empty in her mouth. As soon as my head drops back and about midway through my orgasm, she drops down on my shaft and locks on, sucking hard. I almost can’t breathe! “Aw, shit!” I groan as this fresh new torment causes me to thrust into her mouth. Hell, I hope I didn’t hurt her… but she doesn’t release and I can’t stop. When I feel like it’s burning and tender, she stops. She knows exactly when to stop.

Damn! My first blowjob! It was amazing!

I’m panting like a marathon runner and she’s licking the tender skin in the crease of my leg. Please… it’s unbearable. Occasionally, she looks up at me and I don’t know what to say. Do I want her to stop? To keep going? This feels so good… her touching me, licking me. Hell no, I don’t want her to stop. She can keep going until she consumes me completely!

Resigned to my fate, I lay back and let her feast on my body. She is insatiable. I’m trembling every time she touches me and a few minutes later, the tremble becomes want again. I want her. Will it be fast again? Will I be able to hold out a little longer? Will we have sex this time or more advanced third base sex play?

She climbs up my body and straddles me. I can feel her thighs and the heat from her core though I can’t feel the meat yet. She takes my face in her hands and looks into my eyes. What is she looking for? I want you, baby. I want you so much. Please. Please, let me have you.

She crushes her lips against mine and thrusts her tongue into my mouth. Goddamn! The taste of our juices mixing together in our mouths is driving me fucking insane. This has to be the hottest fucking thing in the world. I can feel my dick getting hard again as she thrusts her tongue into my mouth, licking and massaging every crevice. I’m gobbling her hungrily, trying to control myself, but holding her against me securely. I want her so badly.

She plays with my mouth with hers, pulling her face back just enough to see my begging eyes as she taunts me—licking my lips and teasing me with our intermingling flavors.

Baby, please!

She wiggles her hips and rubs her naked pussy against my dick. Shit! I shiver with delight at the sensation. She has to stop this. I can’t take it. I’ve exploded in her mouth already and now, I’m ready for warmth again. Shit, this is unbearable! Soon, she puts me out of my misery.


He gasps loudly and groans as I adjust myself and drop my hips down onto his throbbing member. His arms snake under mine and his hands secure my shoulders from behind me. Fuck, this is so hot! He’s taking me without taking me—forceful, holding me, but relinquishing control to me at the same time. He’s so strong. His arms around me have always sent me into heat, but it’s this moment that I’ve wanted for months… to feel him inside of me, to wrap myself around him and make him feel good and have him make me feel good. The connection is almost too much.

“Uuugh!” I moan as I rise and fall on him, over and over—trying to keep it slow and deep, trying to make it last. He feels so good inside of me. I sucked him off first because I knew it would be quick. I know he’s a virgin, but I didn’t know if he had ever come before. His reaction told me that he had, but that he still never had a blowjob before. Thinking about the feel and taste of his skin in my mouth spawns me on a bit and I have to remember to keep my rhythm or this will be over way too soon for both of us.

“Oh, baby,” he groans, his voice tortured. “God, you feel so good.” His voice goes right to the core of me and I can’t help but deepen the stroke. “Baby, please… shit!” He pulls me down onto him forcefully and begins to pump into me… hard. Oh, God! Is he really a virgin?? That dick is saying that he knows what he’s doing! I drop my head back in ecstasy, just letting him fuck me.

“Oh, Gary,” I keen as he causes my body to rise, licking and sucking my breasts as he holds me in place and pounds into me. He’s always known what to do with his mouth. I was very pleasantly surprised when it took little direction for him to lick my clit and make me come so hard. He zeroed right in on the magic spot and went right for the money. His masterful skills on my nipples right now ensure that I won’t be able to hold out much longer. Could it be this good because I’ve waited for it for so long? No. No. Bad sex is bad sex no matter how long you’ve waited for it, and this is definitely good sex.

I stop being so analytical and concentrate on the good sex, on him thrusting into me and mauling my breasts, nipples, and neck as he groans in satisfaction. God, this is so much better than I ever imagined. He feels so good that I can barely move, but I do my best to match his stroke the best that I can. His hands travel all over my back and waist and he strokes into me, sucks me, kisses me. He’s a natural at all of this and I can’t take much more.

“Gary… Gary… I’m gonna… come…” I breathe.

“Yeah?” he says sensually in my ear, but never stops moving.

“Yes!” I breathe, screwing my eyes shut as the wave begins to creep up on me.

“Shit! Shit! I feel it! I feel you!” he grunts as his hands travel to my ass, squeezing my hips and guiding me up and down on his member. I know this is more instinct on his part than skill, but fuck! Those instincts!

“Aaaahhhh… aaahhh! Gary! Gaaarryyyy!” I tremble out my orgasm on top of him as my nails dig into his shirt and shoulders. My eyes are tight and my body is tighter, my muscles screaming for what they have craved for so long—the torment of a massive, uncontrollable orgasm. “Gary…” I pant, “Oh God, Gary.”

“I feel it!” he breathes. “So tight! So… tight…” He pumps into me feverishly as my aftershocks threaten to steal my consciousness. He’s magnificent! How could he possibly be a virgin? I don’t know, but he’s mine now and I’m loving every minute of it!

“Gary… yes… yes…” I feel the pulsing of my muscles around him as my sated body surrenders to his thrusts, caressing him and gripping him as he chases his orgasm.

“I feel it…” he grunts as he grips my behind tight, holding me in place as his stroke becomes uncontrolled, almost violent. He’s there… he’s right there.

“I feel it! I fee… I… shit…! Shit! Shit!” He presses me down hard onto him, groaning loudly as I feel him coming fiercely inside of me.

“Yes, baby… oh, yes, baby,” I encourage, as I kiss his face, his lips, his neck while he rides his orgasm.

“Ah! Shit! Oh God!” he exclaims between breaths while his fingers dig into my butt cheeks. It’s so hot! I try to grind against him, but he’s strong and holding me solidly into place while his member pumps out its contents deep inside my core. I love it. I love how he feels and how he holds me, so tight that I can’t move. It’s fantastic.

“Oh, God, Mare, baby,” he breathes as he nuzzles his sweaty head between my breasts, trying to catch his breath. I cup his head in my arms and hold him, concentrating on the feeling of him inside me—pulsing while his orgasm wanes and his breathing begins to slow. He releases my butt and his hands move up to my back, holding me just tight enough and pressing me against him in an intimate embrace.

Oh, Gary… I love you.

“Mmmmm,” he moans, almost in response to my unspoken words. He raises his head to mine and kisses me. His skills in that area are unmatched. I often try to kiss him like he kisses me, but he is a master with his lips and tongue and I often find myself melting in his arms while his lips ravish mine. Now, combined with the sexual satisfaction that I feel, the fact that he is holding me so close to him that I can feel his heartbeat, still feeling him inside of me—pulsing, and now slightly rubbing against my walls… oh, God…

“Are you trying to get started again?” I’m trying to breathe normally as he makes my spirit quiver.

“I just love how the inside of you feels,” he groans. “Just let me feel you.” Oh, good God. He’s doing this to me without even trying.

“Gary,” I caution, closing my eyes. “You’re going to start this fire again.” After just one time, I crave him; crave his body and his touch.

“Just let me feel you,” he beseeches again, his hands and mouth exploring where they can as he gently strokes his member into me. He’s not aroused, not hard—just feeling the warmth and the closeness I guess. He unbuttons the rest of the buttons on my shirt and pushes it off my shoulders along with my bra. His hands on my bare skin ignite me again. The effect is dizzying.

“Aaahh,” I whisper, helpless.

“Oh, God, does it always feel like this?” he breathes. “This is so much more than I ever thought it would be.” It’s been so long that I don’t know how to answer that question.

“Gary,” I breathe, succumbing to his touch. His hand strokes gently and sensually up my back. He loves me. He hasn’t said it, but I feel it in his touch. I feel his love.

“Say it again,” he groans deeply as he plants a kiss between my breasts. I shiver.

“Gary,” I whisper, hearing the yearning in my voice.

“Again.” His lips move from the sides of my mounds up my chest to my neck. I try to hold my head back, but he holds me firm, nipping at my earlobe. “Again, baby,” he coaxes.

“Gary…” I surrender to him—his touch, his warmth, his kiss, his sex hardening inside of me each time I breathe his name.

“Kiss me,” he instructs and my lips find his immediately. His hands cup my face possessively as our mouths mold to one another, and he starts to grind into me again. His breath quickens and he moans, his mouth never releasing mine.

I call his name many more times that night…

26 thoughts on “One Shot–I’ve Been Waiting…

  1. frein12 says:

    Thanks!!!! A little mid morning pick me up!

  2. sclark14320 says:

    Wow….great 1 shot….way to to go Gary 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    Wow…thanks for getting me all hot & bothered while at work! Go Gary! This one-shot is a HOT SHOT!!!

  4. JLK says:

    Way to go Gary you sly dog hahaha :).

  5. Ginger says:

    I agree with Barbara, wow!!!

  6. christina kohler says:

    Awesome one shot! So hot reading about his first time

  7. Christian618 says:

    Apparently Gary always had the right instruments and knew how to use it. He was afraid to use it or waiting for the right one to use it with! Go Gary it’s your birthday…..

  8. Alana says:

    Well, well, well…go Gary. That was HOT!

  9. seralynsmom says:

    Yummy!! Go Gary!! 🙂 Thanks for this lovely one shot! Also I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to use it as inspiration sometimes. Writing sex scenes aren’t easy and this was a great one as usual!! 😉

  10. Donna says:

    oh wow oh wow that was hot loved it go Gary

  11. mitzijem says:

    Yep… you are still the Goddess of writing lemons!
    What an unexpected surprise!

  12. Shannon says:

    Oh Gary is so adorable. Happy day for him and Mare 🙂

  13. I think Gary is my new Crush! I love a man that goes with his instincts lol.

  14. Sara says:

    Fantastic lemon. Very unexpected on a Tuesday.

  15. anga larte says:

    Wow, now that’s d kind of virgin I wanna meet lol lol that was hot!

  16. nedbella says:

    Yep, I’ve got a wet patch. LOL.

  17. Annette Tomplait says:

    Soooo HOT!

  18. Have to say, love the one shot and I agree with earlier comment that I might just have to use it for inspiration. You are a very talented writer and I can’t wait to read more of it.

    Much Love,
    Xxx Aby

  19. That was one of the hottest fuckin things I’ve ever read.

  20. Em :) says:

    Just greeeeeat!
    I totally love Gary now!
    Can you Please write when they say the L word? Please pleeeeease?!

    As always, it’s really a pleasure read anything yours. 🙂

  21. nevahate says:

    Yaassss Gary. Slangin good dick on his first time! This was a great one shot.

  22. leoedi0306 says:

    Fantastic! Hot! You’re the greatest!

  23. jjgoldmann says:

    That was hot and one hell of a one shot!!!

  24. Sharrier says:


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