Mending Dr. Steele: Chapter 71—I’ll Be Watching You

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Chapter 71—I’ll Be Watching You


It’s Sunday, and Butterfly and I have decided to lounge around the villa this morning and have dinner out this evening. I have gotten my emails down to a manageable number, and called Welch to get security out to Pops’ property. Uncle Herman agreed to have security there while he comes back to talk to Pops about long-term plans for the house. He’ll talk to his brothers and explain what’s happening before he returns to Seattle on Tuesday. Personally, I think he should just let the house go and let his brothers do what they want. He doesn’t plan on moving back and, sick or well, Pops is staying in Seattle. I don’t see the use in keeping it, especially with the bad things I hear about Detroit these days—but I don’t live there anymore. In fact, I don’t remember much about the city from when I did live there.

I also understand working hard for something and not just wanting to let it go. So I certainly won’t disparage my grandfather for wanting to keep his family home and I’ll do whatever needs to be done to help him hold on to it if that’s what he wants.

Butterfly is sunbathing by the pool in yet another hot bathing suit—this one is a strapless bikini. I’m at the bar in the courtyard with Jason discussing the information that I got from Uncle Herman today as well as our tentative itinerary for the next few days.

“Boss, I’m going to step over the line here, so I figure I’d warn you in advance.” I shift in my seat to face him.

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“As your staff, we’re going to remain professional at all times. As men… man, you’re truly testing us.” What in the hell…?

“What do you mean?”

“My wife is not here. I’m not going to see her for another two weeks. Can you go easy on us with the courtyard fuckfests?” I snicker and do my best to hide the laughter that threatens to bellow from my chest. I keep my voice subdued so that Butterfly doesn’t hear me.

“In all fairness, Jason, I did warn you not to look over that wall,” I remind him.

“Who needs to look?” he says, widening his eyes. “Man to man, I don’t know what was happening down there last night, but Adrien was on his way down those stairs if I hadn’t told him that you were fucking.”

“How did you know if you didn’t look?”

“Again, how long have I worked for you?” I shrug. “I know that if there is screaming going on, someone is being beaten or fucked and I know the difference between the two. You were outside and she was screeching like a wolf howling at the moon.” I snicker again.

“Don’t tell her that,” I warn him.

“Do I have to ask again?” he glares at me. “He was thoroughly impressed before I sent him to his room.”

“You sent him to his room?” He nods.

“Do keep in mind, though, your security staff will go inside and close the doors, but you do have neighbors. You might want to consider that the next time you copulate in the outdoor Jacuzzi.” I chuckle.

“Don’t worry, Sergeant. While Butterfly and I do love Jacuzzis, you can only do that so many times. I’m very certain that we got our fill last night.”

“TMI, Boss,” he says, shaking his head and we laugh.

Jason has a long call with Gail after lunch and he, Butterfly, and I decide to walk around the area surrounding the villa. You have to walk down this hill to get to the street as no cars are allowed on the road near the villa. Many of the streets are just narrow pathways for walking. They are stone roads or dirt roads or paved roads just wide enough for a stroll. A lot of them have stairs as Santorini is a caldera that is basically all up- or downhill. The houses are all built on top of each other—you can’t tell where one ends and another begins. In her curiosity, Butterfly strikes up a conversation with one of the English-speaking locals. She asks if they mind that the houses are so close. The lady told her that the community all help each other. They work as a team, so they don’t mind the houses being built together that way. It’s a beautiful island, but I would lose my mind with my neighbors constantly being that close to me.

We find a quiet spot near the edge of a cliff and watch what has to be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life. It brought Butterfly to tears. I’m told the sunset is best from Oia and I plan to see it before we leave, but I have a hard time believing that it looks better than this. During our walk to dinner, we continue our conversation about our future and what we plan to do from here. I ask her about moving to a house.

“I don’t really see the need to move right now unless you want to,” she replies. “It’s just us and Escala has plenty of room.”

“I know, but we’re man and wife now. It’s a new life and I like the idea of starting it in a new place that’s just ours. We’ll be starting a family soon and… I was thinking about the description of our home that you gave me when we were in wine country.” She looks up at me and smiles that smile that makes me want to go out and slay that buffalo again.

“You were?” she says with sweet surprise in her voice. I nod.

“I want to get started living that life as soon as possible. I want to live all of the beauty that you described to me and I don’t want to wait for it. Besides, with all the sex we’ve been having, we’re well on our way to making our baby and starting our family. Why not have our home ready for when he arrives?”

He, huh?” she says, still smiling.

“You’re the one who predicted that our first baby would be a boy,” I say, wrapping my arms around her.

“I did say that, didn’t I?” she says, gazing into my eyes and stroking my arms. I pull her to me and kiss her gently.

“Do you have any idea how in love with you I am?” I say, touching my forehead to hers. Her beautiful blue eyes examine mine for a moment before she takes my face in her hands and kisses me, soft and probing, igniting that fire in me that only she can.

“Yes, Christian,” she whispers, against my lips with her eyes still closed, “I do.” Even in a whisper, her voice is longing and calling to my soul. I embrace her, lifting her into my arms and kissing her passionately just after sundown on the street in Santorini.


Butterfly loved the walk yesterday evening, so we decide to take a hike around the caldera from Fira to Oia. Hiking in Santorini is something better done in good sneakers rather than hiking boots. We see more of the narrow streets and roads from yesterday, but the real adventure is walking the roads along the cliffs. I remember a similar hike like this in Anguilla and not wanting Butterfly to walk those trails because they were so narrow and it was a long way down. It’s still a long way down, but these trails are a bit different. They’re wider and more traveled. The dirt trails are flat and the stone trails are firm and not rocky like the ruins. The roads can get steep and there are lots of little spots to rest along the way, with good reason.

Butterfly takes several pictures of the caves along the cliff wall. Both cities—Fira and Oia—are built basically hanging on the sides and walls of a cliff. However, many of the houses built on the cliffs were once caves dug out of the cliff walls by the original inhabitants of the islands. They have mostly been converted to residences and some into hotels and villas, but there are still a few of the original caves to be seen along the way along with the Prophet Elijah’s Church,

There are fantastic views of the rock formations on the opposite side of the caldera as well as the islands that were formed from the volcanic eruptions that created what is Santorini today. Butterfly gets several pictures of those as well. I haven’t yet told her that we will be taking a cruise tomorrow where we will get to see these things up close. The water surrounding the islands inside the caldera is peaceful, not tumultuous like the rest of the sea. Even with the various fishing boats, dinghies, ferries, yachts, catamarans, and cruise ships that frequent the various ports and travel the waters below, they seem calm and serene. Butterfly and I enjoy a light picnic lunch that we packed of sandwiches, water, fruit, and trail mix along the hike as we admire the island and the sea. It was a long, tiring day and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Oia and the surrounding areas give you an idea of just how popular Santorini really is. The nightlife is just beginning when we finish our hike and the place is full of nightclubs and restaurants ready to cater to the many tourists that descend on the island for spring break and honeymooners like Butterfly and me. Even though the area is teaming with tourists, it’s still very romantic and pleasant. After seeing the sunset yesterday, we make it a point not to miss it again the entire time we are in Santorini. This time, we have dinner at a restaurant in Oia. It turns out that watching the sunset in Oia is a big thing in Santorini. The locals and tourists crowd roads, balconies, and restaurants here to see the sunset, and I can see why. It was truly beautiful from our little spot by the road near the villa, but here—it’s spectacular!

After sleeping peacefully with my Butterfly curled around me and I around my Butterfly, I awake well-rested on Tuesday morning and sink into my wife’s heavenly core. After waking her with orgasms, we kiss and clean each other thoroughly in the shower before getting dressed and starting our day. Since I am well aware that all work and no play makes one grumpy and edgy, I decide that all of the security is off-duty and invite them to join us on the catamaran that I have rented for the day. Everyone agrees to join us except for Charles, who decides that he would rather stay in and check out the surrounding area a little later. I’m no idiot—he’s going in search of some ass.

After breakfast around 10:00, we head to the port and our day-long cruise on the catamaran. Unfortunately, unless I wanted to buy a boat and plant it in the Aegean Sea, no amount of money could get me a large, private boat for the entire day on Santorini without more advance notice than a day or so. So we had to share this cruise with six other people. I’m not good around other people in a social setting, I’ve learned. If I don’t already know you, we may not hit it off too well because I generally don’t trust people that I don’t know. I sit on the seats in front of the catamaran with my wife in my arms, watching her charm people like she always does.

I’m making my claim known to the other men on the boat, but that doesn’t stop them from smiling those 32-teeth grins at my seemingly unsuspecting Butterfly. They’re not falling all over her, but two of them appear to be hanging on her every word. They’re smiling a little too hard at her statements and asking about her profession. Their dates don’t seem particularly pleased at the attention that they are giving my wife. Rather than be rude, she cuddles closer into me and answers their mundane questions. This doesn’t dissuade them, however. As long as she is giving them attention, they are eating it up.

She’s somewhat evasive about who she is, giving roundabout answers as two of the couples are American. I don’t say much or even let on that their over-friendliness is bothering me. I mean, let’s face it—she’s literally in my arms with the sea-breeze blowing through our hair and we’re enjoying a fantastic boat ride. Go ahead and drool, fellas.

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres are served just before we get to our first stop. Butterfly declines the wine saying that she’s suffering from a bit of motion sickness and she’s sure that it will pass, but she devours a handful of the hors d’oeuvres. Our first stop is the Red Beach. It’s pretty amazing to see. The red cliffs stretch high up above the beach and the pebbles below are a mixture of red and black rocks with a small amount of brown and tan as well. The red rocks and soil are magma, and the high iron deposits make them red. Butterfly’s camera goes mad again as her two admirers try to coax her out of her cover-up and into the water.

“No, thanks, guys. I’m going to stay on board and catch some sun with my husband, but I’m sure the ladies would love a swim,” she says, sweetly, gesturing to the companions these two buffoons all but forgot they had brought on the cruise with them. Their attentions immediately turn to the ladies standing on the deck and fuming, no doubt plotting how to make their companions pay for ignoring them for the last hour or so. Butterfly walks to the back of the catamaran leading me by my hand to the lounging trampolines.

She finally removes her cover to reveal a black hip-hugger bikini with a wraparound top that provocatively hugs her body around and under her luscious breasts. She spreads out on the trampoline with those big sunglasses that she always wears and relaxes with her arms above her head. I take the suntan lotion out of her backpack and begin to spread it over her body.

“You’re like honey, you know that?” I whisper to her as I spread the lotion over her arms and shoulders. “They’re drawn to you like bees.” She smirks a bit.

“They had better be drawn to those women they brought with them. I mean, really. They had steam coming out of their ears.” I move down to her legs and thighs and cover them amply with the suntan lotion. “You missed some parts,” she says.

“No, I didn’t,” I reply before kissing her stomach and licking her navel. Her stomach quivers and her breath catches.

“You’re being naughty,” she warns. I kiss up her sternum and over the bikini to the valley of her breasts, and place open-mouthed kisses and nips on her mounds. “Christian, please,” she croons, desire hidden in her voice. “People can see us.”

“I know. That’s why I’m trying to control myself.” I spread lotion on her stomach and breasts and lay down beside her. “I can’t blame them. You’re so beautiful.”

“Well, thank you Mr. Grey,” she says with a smile. “I’m glad they didn’t cross the line and very proud that you kept your cool.”

“Only because they didn’t cross the line, but I think their dates would beg to differ.” I put my hand on her cheek and turn her face to me. “May I kiss you, Mrs. Grey?”

“Of course you can, Mr. Grey.” I close my mouth over her lips and hope those hungry fuckers are looking at us now. I can’t spend too much time thinking about them though, as I concentrate on the delicious flavor of my Butterfly.

A late lunch is served on the catamaran and we have fresh grilled calamari, onion and garlic prawns sautéed in olive oil with a wine and tomato sauce, and roasted vegetables served with one of the prized wines of the island. Butterfly opted for water instead as she was insanely parched and didn’t want to make it worse with wine.

Conversation flows freely as we eat on the boat now moored at the White Beach. Like the Red Beach, white cliffs rise high out of the sea formed by volcano pressure pushing layers and layers of limestone up and over the rocks. Ana’s admirers have apparently been chastised and are now paying attention to their dates. The third couple, however, keep sharing little secrets between them, then looking at Butterfly. I wonder if they recognize her.

We cruise a little more and catch more sun as the captain tells us about the eruption that caused Santorini, which was once one big island, to become a caldera with several islands in the center. We’re told that the blast was equal to 80 nuclear bombs exploding at once and supposedly, the soil of Santorini made it as far as Greenland. It’s a very relaxing and educational journey. We discover that the Greeks still call Santorini Thera named after King Thera of the Spartan Empire. Under Venetian rule, the island was renamed Santorini after Saint Irene.

We also learn that a large portion of Oia was destroyed by tremors and eruptions in the 1950’s. On a small island known as Palia Kameni, or Old Burnt One, there is one of many hot sulfur springs. The island was formed completely from volcanic eruptions, the latest of which was in the lava flow in 1956 that formed the little peninsula that holds the little chapel of St. Nicolas. The hot springs are behind the chapel and Butterfly has been waiting for this leg of the journey to swim in the hot sulfur springs. The boat can’t dock too close to the springs, so we have to swim several feet to get there. This is quite the shock for Butterfly as the water near the boat is very cold. When she peels out of that cover-up, those damn idiots start drooling again. I leap right into the water, too, and emerge waiting for Butterfly. At first, she was going to walk down the stairs into the water, but thought better of it when her feet touched the coolness. She went back to the top and opted to dive right in.

“Fuck! It’s cold!” she exclaims when she emerges and pushes her hair off her face.

“Race you to the hot springs,” I challenge her.

“Readysetgo!” she says all in one word and swims feverishly towards the springs. That little minx! I swim behind her and almost catch her, but she got too big of a head start.

“You cheated,” I scold her when I catch up to her.

“You’re just sore ’cause you lost,” she says floating seductively in the orange water. The closer you get to the shore, the water is a different color than the rest of the sea because of the sulfur and iron deposits. The minerals are supposed to be good for your skin and it’s definitely warmer than the water by the boat. I quickly slither to her and press her hard against my body.

“I should punish you,” I threaten.

“Because I won?”

“Because you didn’t play fair,” I hiss holding her close to me and reaching into her bikini bottoms.

“Christian!” she gasps, trying to push away from me. I pull her body tight and go straight for the gold. “Ah!” she whispers.

“Ssshhh,” I soothe in her ear, “someone might hear you.”

“Christian… someone might… see us…” she pants.

“You’re under the water. Relax and take your punishment,” I say, kissing her neck and her ear. She grunts and tries to stay quiet as I fuck her with my fingers and massage her clit with my thumb.

“Christian…” she whispers.

“Don’t fight it, Baby. Let it go.”


“Come on, Baby. You’re so beautiful when you come.” I see more of the passengers making their way into the springs including Butterfly’s two admirers. I don’t want them to see her come. “Do you want me to stop, Baby?” I ask. I know the concept of leaving her hanging is probably more agonizing than coming in a hot spring.

“No…” she breathes.

“Then give it to me,” I coax. Moments later her breathing is erratic and I feel her pulsing on my fingers. “Kiss me, Baby.” She thrusts her hands into my hair and kisses me with fervor as she trembles out her orgasm. I caress her tongue with mine and draw her out as long as possible until her lips leave mine and she’s fighting for air. I hold her up with both arms now as she leans on me with her full weight.

“So beautiful,” I whisper in her ear as I kiss her cheek, neck, and ear. Over her shoulder, I can see that her admirers are wading not far away with their companions, waiting for an opportunity to approach.

“That was… amazing,” she breathes.

“You’re amazing,” I respond. “I love making you come.”

“Mr. Grey, what you do to me.” Her voice is a seductive whisper and she’s still trying to catch her breath.

“No more than you do to me, Mrs. Grey,” I tell her. “I live to make you feel good.”

“Oh, you do,” she croons, “God knows you do.” She leans on my shoulder and I am holding her up as we enjoy the hot springs for several minutes. The admirers don’t dare approach. It’s time for us to make our way back to the boat and Butterfly is still leaning on my shoulder.

“How do you feel, Baby?” I ask her.

“My skin is all tingly,” she coos. I chuckle.

“Can you make it to the boat or do you want me to carry you?” She raises her head and looks at me.

“How would you carry me in the water?” she asks.

“I would swim to the boat with you on my back,” I respond. She looks at me, then kisses me gently.

“You’re remarkable, Mr. Grey,” she says softly. “I can swim.” I release her and her body moves fluidly and beautifully to the water towards the boat. I catch up quickly to avert any would-be assisters from trying to lend a helping hand.

It’s late in the evening now and the boat is docked outside Oia for the sunset. We have had dinner on the boat as well of seared cod and grilled lamb, boiled greens and roasted potatoes. After having the best seat in the house for the sunset, we go ashore to one of the many nightclubs we saw when we hiked this way yesterday. We have had bad experiences with nightclubs on vacation. We decide to give it another chance and see if it goes any better. I and my bodyguards along with the rest of the people from the boat go into a nightclub full of people with loud music blasting and dancing everywhere. Jason is nervous as fuck, Butterfly just pulls me into the crowd and begins to dance. She’s wearing this little blue and white plunging mini-dress over her bikini and the bottom of this thing is swinging wildly. I’m determined to have a good time and not let every nightclub experience we have be a nightmare, so I just push up to her and dance.

And we dance the night away.


We make our way back to the villa with the New York phone number of the last couple that was on the boat. They’ve asked us to join them for dinner sometimes when we find ourselves on the east coast. They seemed friendly enough and the husband—older guy, salt-and-pepper hair, mostly salt—wasn’t putting the moves on my wife, so you never know. She is exhausted when we get back to the villa and I know that it is certainly time for beddy-bye. We walk into the villa on the first floor with Jason, Norbert, and Adrien and walk right into what I knew was happening… but didn’t know was happening.

Charles is skinny-dipping with a caramel beauty in the leisure pool.

“Oh, fuck!” Butterfly says, turning her back to the pool. “Damn it, Chuck. That’s a scene I’m never going to get out of my head now!”

“Shit!” Charles says, instinctively rising out of the pool and reaching for a towel. “I’m sorry! We lost track of time.”

“I’ll just bet you did,” I say, perturbed. How could he be so careless and why would he bring someone back here? I expected him to get some ass, but not in this villa. Norbert and Adrien stand silently looking from Charles to the familiar woman in the pool. Jason is just glaring at him. I think there will be some words there—once I’m done with him, that is. “Gentlemen, will you give the lady some privacy so that she can get out of the pool?” Adrien and Norbert nod and go off to their villa. Jason is still glaring at Charles.

“Oh, I’ll turn around, but I’m not going anywhere. We need to talk.” He turns around military-style and folds his arms. He is livid. I think he’s angrier than I am.

“I’m turning around, too. I’m not going anywhere.” I turn my back and hear the movement of water and then silence. After a kiss, Charles says, “Wait for me inside, Keri.”

“Keri?” Butterfly turns around quickly and sees what I recognized before. Charles has flown his Anguilla fling into Greece and is no doubt putting her up here at the villa. “Keri, hi!”

“Ana. It is good to see you,” she replies in that island accent that I remember.

“I would hug you, but you’re naked,” she says with a laugh. “Come.” She takes Keri’s hand. “I think the men need to talk.” She drags a reluctant Keri into Charles’ villa. Keri looks longingly back over her shoulder and I realize that this is more than just a fling, for her anyway. I turn my attention to Charles, who has donned some cargo shorts while our attention was deterred. I look from Charles to Jason and they appear to be having a conversation with their eyes. Without words, Jason walks past Charles and into his villa, closing the door behind him. I don’t know what’s going on there, but Jason is angrier than I have seen him in a long time. I turn my attention to Charles.

“I knew when you declined to join us on the boat that you were going in search of pussy. How long has she been here?”

“Since yesterday, sir,” he replies.

“Yesterday!” I exclaim. “A whole day.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did Jason know?”

“Nobody knew,” he responds. He’s in stance and I can tell that he’s preparing for me to fire him, which I really should.

“Are you testing me, Charles? Are you trying to see how far you can go before I release you?”

“Before I respond, I have an honest question for you, sir. I’m not being sarcastic or defensive. It’s a valid question.” Oh, this should be good.


“Is It your rule that when we are on assignments that last several days or several weeks that I’m not allowed to have sex?” What the fuck? I frown at him.

“Are you trying to justify bringing that girl here when you are on duty?”

“Sir, I’m asking you a valid question that requires an answer. Is it your rule…” I put my hand up.

“I heard you the first time, and no, I don’t care what you do with your dick!” I nearly hiss.

“Okay, that being said, can you tell me what does it matter if I sleep with someone I know versus if I sleep with a stranger?” Oh, he’s good. His logic is almost flawless… almost. I fold my arms.

“That’s a good question. I’ll answer that with two things. First, like I said, I don’t care what you do with your dick. Second, why didn’t you tell me she was here when she first arrived?” He fidgets a bit.

“I didn’t want to get into trouble,” he admits. I point a finger at him.

“Bingo!” I say. “You thought that for some reason, there may be a problem with your opposite-sex company staying in a villa that I paid for without my permission, correct?” He rubs his neck then his chin.

“Um, maybe not in those words, but kind of, yeah,” he says nervously.

“Okay, if not in those words, what words then?”

“I just… really didn’t want you exposed to that part of my life. I didn’t think about the space per se until just now. It wasn’t a problem when she stayed with us in Anguilla, but then I do realize that she did have permission to stay with us in Anguilla. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, sir. I just thought that since it was Keri, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“It is a big deal, Charles. I didn’t let Jason bring his wife! I’m a high-profile individual in a foreign country. I need you sharp—ready to do your job, not splitting your time between trying to entertain your girlfriend and protecting my wife. What’s more, this is my honeymoon, not yours. So while I’m really not concerned what you do with your dick, I really don’t care if you get laid or not. Justify this any way you want, but flying her in here and putting her up in the villa that I paid for without permission is insubordination.” He turns pale at the words.

“I really wasn’t trying to be insubordinate, sir. I’m really very sorry. I’ll get her on the next plane back to Anguilla. Please forgive my thoughtlessness.” I roll my eyes.

“You need to talk to Jason,” I tell him. “You’ve got ready pussy laying in the bed next to you and I didn’t let him bring his wife, not to mention that there are two other men here and we know nothing about their personal lives, so to speak. They could be eying your woman or anything. Let Jason decide what you need to do. Tell him to let me know.” I know he doesn’t want to let Jason decide because he’s seriously pissed off, probably that Gail is not here and Keri is.

“Can I do that tomorrow, sir? It’s not like I’m going to be able to find her a flight tonight.”

“You tell me. Do you want to leave him in there pissed off or do you want to go talk to him?” Charles looks at the door of Jason’s villa.

“I should go talk to him,” he says, sighing heavily.

“Charles?” I stop him before he gets to Jason’s door. “I meant what I said. This is insubordination and there will be consequences for this.” His mouth forms a thin line.

“I understand, sir,” he says.

“Send my wife down when she’s done with her visit.” I walk down the stairs to our villa.


Well, last night was interesting. Keri and I talked for quite some time while the men hashed out her being here. Chuck came back to the villa looking like hell warmed over and just sent me downstairs to Christian. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

I awake the next morning and Christian is looking at some emails after a message that he got from Grey House, so after my shower, I put on a gray scoop neck full tank top and a pair of white leggings and go upstairs to see if anyone is awake yet. Chuck is sitting in one of the loungers drinking coffee. He doesn’t look like he slept much.

“Good morning,” I say. He looks up at me and shakes his head.

“If you say so,” he mumbles.

“That bad, huh?” He sighs.

“J is hot, and I do mean hot. He’s so mad that he couldn’t even talk to me last night.” I frown.

“What were you doing all that time that Keri and I were talking?”

“Talking to your husband and trying to explain to J what was going on.”

“He didn’t respond to you?” I ask.

“Barely. I talked forever trying to explain. You know that she works with kids. Well, her vacation came early. If I didn’t see her now, I wouldn’t get to see her until Christmas.” I cock my head at him.

“You two are serious,” I say. He looks at me.

“Oh, no, Doctor,” he says. “You’re not getting me down the aisle. We spend time together. I like her, but we’re not in love.”

“You risked your job to fly her to Greece and you’re telling me that it was just for a piece of ass?”

“That’s not what I said,” he corrects me. “She’s not just a piece of ass. I care about her… quite a bit. We spend time together, but we’re not in love… and I may have lost my job to fly her to Greece.”

“Christian fired you?” I ask, glaring at him.

“No, but he said that I was insubordinate and that there will be consequences. He questioned whether I was testing him to see how far I could push him before he fired me. I think he’s waiting to see what J is going to say before he makes a decision about what’s going to happen to me, and J won’t even talk to me.”

“Jason is probably miffed that you have Keri here and he doesn’t have Gail. Did you think of that?”

“Yeah, but I think he’s more pissed that he didn’t know what was going on before you all caught us in the pool,” he says. “J would normally have my back on things like this, but if he doesn’t know…”

“Normally?” I ask. “This has happened before?”

“Well, there’s been a time here and there in my employ where I wasn’t where I should’ve been—let’s just put it that way. As long as J knew where I was and I didn’t leave us short-handed, everything was okay. This time, he was ambushed. I didn’t want to tell him that Keri was here because he couldn’t bring his wife and I didn’t want to rub it in, and Keri’s only going to be here until Saturday. I thought I could get away with it.”

“So what was the plan—to keep that poor girl hiding out in that room for five days? Smuggle in food whenever you got a chance? She’s on this beautiful island and she doesn’t even get a chance to see it?”

“God, it sounds so bad when you say it like that,” he whines.

“That’s because it doesn’t sound bad—it is bad, Chuck. You could have saved yourself so much trouble if you had just gotten her a room here in Santorini and let Christian and Jason know that you wanted to see her when you were off duty.” I scold.

“You’re not listening, Ana. Think about what you said. Jason couldn’t bring Gail. Christian wants us sharp 24-7, only with permission to stand down when he gives it to us.”

“So your solution was to bring her here and hide her in your room?”

“It was the only way that I would be able to see her,” he defends. “I figured this way, I was still on the premises and no one would be the wiser.”

“And look how that worked out,” I say sarcastically. He sighs. “Jason won’t talk to you?”

“Last night, his words to me were ‘go get fucked and get out of my room,'” he says.

“Oh shit, he’s mad,” I confirm. Chuck nods.

“I tried to tell him everything that I told you. I even told him that Christian said it was up to him if Keri had to leave today. She’s all packed and ready to go just in case.”

“Do you think he’ll make her leave?” I ask.

“I don’t know, but I still may not have a job when this is all said and done.” I shake my head at him.

“Well, it was a dumb move on your part, but if Christian were going to fire you, he would have fired you last night. You and I both know that.” He twists his lips.

“He’s down there thinking up some great punishment for my insubordination,” he says. For some reason, when he mentions punishment, I have a picture in my head of Chuck shackled to a St. Andrews cross being worked over with a crop and a flogger by an identified Dominatrix. That’s what happens when you see your bodyguard naked in the pool, making out by moonlight. I shake the thought from my head.

“You may be right about that. Just take your medicine like a man. You know you have it coming.” I tell him. He nods, resigned to his fate. “Not that I want to dump on you or anything, Chuck, but there’s something that you and I need to discuss, too.”

“What did I do now?” he asks. Interesting choice of words.

“I do understand that you work for Christian, but if you are going to report my every single move, we’re going to have a problem.” Chuck frowns at me.

“What are you talking about?” he asks.

“I’m saying that I don’t mind you reporting my whereabouts to him and I am fully aware that questionable events or things that may threaten my safety would have to be relayed to him. But really, Chuck, my bachelorette party?” I lament. He looks at me like I’m speaking Greek.

“Okay, now you’ve lost me,” he says. “You really need to get to the point on this one.” I twist my lips at him and try to control the anger that is boiling up inside me.

“Chuck, the man ruined my party! You had to know that he was going to show up after you told him what was going on. This is Christian Grey we’re talking about!” His pupils constrict and his eyes grow large.

“He was there? He showed up? When?” Oh, you’ve got to be kidding.

“After you told him about the dancing!” I nearly yell.

“Is that what he said?” he yells back. “He showed up and he said I told him?” His hands are flailing a bit. Wait a minute. He’s really clueless.

“Didn’t you tell…” I trail off.

“Ana, I didn’t tell anybody anything about your bachelorette party. I was required to tell Jason when you left and that was it. I didn’t even know Christian was there. When was he there?” I fall into a nearby seat. What does this mean? How did he know? I know Chuck was there. I know other staff was there. How did he know?

“Did Jason say that… someone else told him about the bachelorette party?” Chuck shakes his head.

“He didn’t mention anything to me. That I knew of, everybody was supposed to report suspicious activity to me. I was handling the first guy that was all touchy-feely when I saw the second guy get it in the nuts. You were on your way to the bathroom by the time I knew anything and I wasn’t following you in there. When did Christian get there?”

“I don’t know exactly when.” My mind is racing. I’m trying to put this all together. “He was there after that incident and he must not have wanted anyone to know because no one even saw him.” When did he get there? How much did he see? How did he know?

“Ana…” I look up at Chuck. “You’re bruising your forehead.” I quickly put my hand down, still trying to figure out the logistics of this. I don’t understand. Chuck is always in charge and he only answers to Jason. If Chuck didn’t know…

Was Christian spying on me?

“Ana?” I look up at Chuck again. “What’s up?”

“He was spying on me,” I say, disappointed. “He was spying on me at my hen party. He didn’t trust me.” That’s why he went all Neanderthal on me. He didn’t trust me. He hinted at it when he said “goodbye.” He didn’t trust me.

“I never said…” Chuck begins.

“You didn’t have to,” I interrupt him. “Someone at that party told him where I was and what was going on. It wasn’t my friends, I can tell you that. You say that it wasn’t you. That means that he had one of his extra goons there that either you didn’t know about or he wasn’t answering to you. He had someone spying on me that either reported directly back to him or directly back to Jason. Son of a bitch!” I jump up and start down the stairs to the private villa.

“Ana, wait!” Chuck is trying to stop me, but I’m a woman on a mission. How dare he think it’s okay to spy on me! Who the hell does he think he is? I am down those stairs and through that courtyard in no time. I open the door to the dining room with enough of a flourish to get his attention. He looks up from his laptop and knows in a moment that something is amiss.

Damn right, something’s amiss.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asks, closing his laptop. I walk into the dining room and fold my arms.

“I’m having a hard time putting something together and I was hoping that you could help me,” I say, attempting to control my temper.

“Okay,” he says cautiously, “what is it?”

“You see, I can’t figure out for the life of me how you knew exactly where I was on my bachelorette night.” His expression hardens just a bit when he realizes that I am calling him to task for his behavior.

“Your safety is very important to me,” he says flatly. “I thought you knew that.”

“Oh, I’m very aware of that, which is why I agreed to have Chuck follow me everywhere I go. Shit, he watches me do every damn thing but take a piss. Yet, when I asked him why he outed me at my hen party—the one time that I thought I could stretch my legs a bit—he had no fucking idea what I was talking about. Now why do you suppose that is?”

“There were more guards on staff that night, Anastasia. There had to be enough of them in case things got out of hand.”

“Yes, I am aware of that, too. I’m also aware that they were all supposed to report to Chuck. So again I ask how it came about that Chuck not only had no idea that you were at the McElvoy, but he also has no clue how you find out where we were?” Tread lightly, Grey. This wick is short and getting shorter by the second. I can see the wheels turning in his head. He doesn’t know how to handle me right now.

Very carefully, Grey, very fucking carefully.

“You see, I was so concerned with what actually happened when you got there that I never even thought about how you knew where to find me. It never even crossed my mind. It was just one of those things that blended in with the godlike aura that you have. ‘Of course he would know where I was. Of course he would know what I was doing. Why wouldn’t he know? Christian Grey knows everything.’ I was certain that Chuck had ratted me out, so I called him on it. Imagine my surprise when he had no fucking idea what I was talking about.”

“What exactly did he say?” he says, his voice controlled.

“Uh-uh, Grey,” I say, my voice firmer than I expected. He blanches a bit at the expression. “Don’t try in any way to put this on Chuck. This is all on you. You know, I’m fully aware of your controlling tendencies. I accept them. I make allowances for them because it’s part of why I love you, but I foolishly believed that our bachelor parties were off-limits! I mean, hell, if you’re in my presence, of course I’m not going to dance with every guy in the damn bar! It may not have been the smartest thing to do, but it was all in fun! Nothing horrible happened and the worst of it was one guy got too comfortable and the other one touched me inappropriately and he ended up curled up on the floor choking on his balls!” He winces at the description, but recovers quickly.

“I thought we had sort of buried this hatchet already,” he says, a bit subdued.

“Oh no, we sort of buried what happened after you got to the party—you know, running in there like a crazed lunatic, beating your chest and fucking me in the bathroom like a goddamn caveman! We sort of buried that! We never discussed how you knew exactly where I was and what I was doing at my bachelor party when I had no fucking clue what you were doing at yours. No, we never talked about that, Christian!”

I can see the CEO exterior rising as he has no idea what to say right now. You’re going to come clean, and you’re going to talk to me like a wife and not a possession and if you don’t, then we’re going to fight. So let’s have it, Grey. Which one is it going to be?

“I don’t know what you expect me to say here, Anastasia. My security reports to me…”

“Bullshit! You were spying on me. Admit it… or don’t! I know that’s what you were doing!” I’m yelling now. “You knew that Chuck wouldn’t do it, so you got one of those unknown lemmings to report in to you or Jason. Were you afraid I was going to fuck someone!?”

“Ana!” he snaps, more than appalled by my question.

“What?” I snap back, equally appalled by this entire situation. “Do you really think this was okay? Is something in your mind really telling you that this was okay?”

“I was concerned about you,” he says. He was clearly not expecting me to come at him with this. He had nothing prepared and the whole idea that something in him thinks that this is okay is infuriating me.

“Oh, really?” I say with heavy cynicism that I know cuts to the quick. “Is that how you’re going to sell this? Is that how you’re going to wrap this up and give it to me? Tie it up in the pretty bow of you were concerned? You sent a fucking army with me that night. You know damn well that there was no reason for you to be concerned. Try again!”

“Anastasia, be careful,” he says, his voice dropping to that tone. I have to steel myself a bit, but I’m angry enough to pull it off.

“Oh, no, Mr. Grey. This is not your sub you’re talking to. This is your wife—your very fucking pissed off wife! And I’m going to make one thing very clear to you so that there is no misunderstanding. If these people are here to protect me, to watch my back and keep me safe, I can deal with that. If these people are here to spy on me, you can shove ’em up your ass!” I’m breathing hard and my fists are clenched. I feel the adrenaline, but there are no tears. This is pure rage, and I’m ready for whatever he wants to throw at me. He sighs so hard that he growls a bit and runs his fingers through his hair. He’s never had to explain himself, so he wasn’t prepared to have to present this to me.

“You can’t go around without security, Ana,” he says, his voice saying that he’s out of patience.

“I can if you think that the purpose for them being with me is to keep tabs on me and to tell you what I’m doing!” I hiss. He’s about to say something when his blackberry buzzes. He pulls it out of his pocket and examines it, then rolls his eyes and puts it back in his pocket. “They’re a little slow on the notification, huh? No need to really check in since I’m never out of your sight here, right?” I spit. That fact that he didn’t address it lets me know that someone upstairs did indeed text him just now, and part of me is chomping to know what it says. The other part of me is too pissed off to care.

“I will not allow you to put a tether on me because you’re afraid of what’s going to happen if I’m out of your sight. I’ve proven to you that I would be faithful to you, that you had nothing to worry about. I’ve proven it to you over and over and over again, even when you’ve acted like a fucking idiot!” I am boiling! I don’t know how to turn this fire down. By now, he has risen from his seat at the table and he is eyeing me cautiously. His earlier ire has morphed into something that I can’t identify and my feelers are numb, so I can’t connect to him right now. Whatever he chooses to throw at me, I’m ready to shoot back at him! With a bazooka!

“I had to know what was happening!” he admits. “I needed to know that everything was okay, and what do I hear? That you’re dancing with every guy in the bar! What if someone had seen you? What if someone had recognized you? That would make quite the tabloid sensation, don’t you think? I expected to hear that you were drinking a little too much, maybe that one or two assholes were getting a little close. I didn’t know that I was going to get a report that you were making your rounds!” I gasp at his last statement—loud, long, and hard—and my eyes are so wide that my pupils hurt from the stretching.

“Making my rounds!?” I screech. “Making my rounds!?” Is he serious? “Making my rounds!?” Is that what he really thinks? I’m looking around the room like I’m going to find the answer to this question and I’m so livid that I am no longer paying him any attention. Don’t break anything. Don’t hit anything.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that,” he tries to apologize. He’s too late. The volcano has erupted and the lava is about to burn his ass.

“Isn’t it amazing how with one move, you can so quickly make me feel like nothing,” I say between my teeth. “I don’t mean taking me to a public bathroom and treating me like one of your miscellaneous subsidiaries. I mean keeping tabs on me all night through my bachelorette party to make sure that your precious little Butterfly behaves within acceptable parameters. I guess you taught me my lesson for making my rounds… Sir!” I hiss the words with so much venom that he winces.

“Okay. Okay, I get it,” he mumbles. Christian never mumbles. Speak up, CEO! You had all this power a minute ago when you declared that I was making my rounds; a week ago when you had one of your goons spying on me. Where is all that omnipotence now, oh untouchable one?

“I don’t think you do! I think you just want me to shut up!” I snap.

“I understand what you mean,” He says, and I hear the slightest bit of impatience in his voice and it sets me off again.

“Do you?” I almost scream. “I can understand your alpha-male tendencies—your need to dominate, to maintain control—and as long as you don’t get carried away with it, most often I can deal with it. But this? This shit? Whistles! Whistles, Christian! Fucking whistles!” I turn around and storm out of the dining room screaming my safeword all the way up the stairs and until I dive head first into the pool.


She turns around and storms away from me, yelling her safeword repeatedly until I hear a splash upstairs. Goddammit! That’s something that I hoped I would never hear come from her mouth except when I asked what her safeword was. Now, she screams it about 10 times while making a hasty escape from my presence. I thrust my hands in my hair and ponder my current situation. She is way too mad to talk to me right now and with good reason. I wait for a minute or three before I call upstairs to Jason.

Sir.” He doesn’t sound happy.

“Please keep an eye on her. She’s pissed and she’ll swim until she can’t move, then sink down into the water.”

I’ll tell Chuck. She’s not speaking to me.” I frown.

“What? Why not?”

Because she’s not sure that I didn’t have anything to do with this… and I need to talk to you.”

“Not now, Jason…”

“Right now, Christian!” The call is ended and I know he’s on his way downstairs. What the fuck? Where does he get off speaking to me like that? I find out just a few moments later.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jason says, bursting into the villa like he owns the place.

“Jason Taylor! You may be my friend, but you still work for me!” I yell.

“Feel free to fire me when this conversation is over!” He yells. “I realize that you’re a big, hotshot, invulnerable billionaire, but do you realize how many rules you’ve broken?”

“Quite frankly, it’s none of your fucking business what I do with my wife!”

“Quite frankly, it’s always my business! You make it my business! It’s supposed to be my business, you fucking moron, but right now, I’m not talking about her! I’m talking about me!”

Okay, that shut me up. What is he talking about? What rules did I break with Jason? My bewildered look is enough to throw ice water on his flaming anger and he calms immediately, but his ire is still evident. He sits down on the bench on the other side of the dining table and rubs his neck, obviously waiting for me to take a seat across from him, which I do.

“Can you please tell me how someone on my watch had separate job duties and I didn’t know it?” he asks.

“Is that was this is about?” I ask, bemused.

“‘Is that was this is about?'” he says, mimicking my tone, and I’m ready to leap across the table at his smug ass. “Make your move! I don’t give a fuck about how you feel right now! The fact that I had to find this shit out from one of my subordinates? Who found it out from the fucking person that he was guarding? About somebody that was his subordinate? What the hell were you aiming for—the world’s biggest clusterfuck!?” Whoa! Shit. It sounds so bad when he puts it that way. I drop my head and run my hands through my hair.

“I… didn’t think about it that way.”

“Of course you didn’t. I don’t know how you got to be so rich and powerful in the business world when you make so many dumb moves in your personal life. I mean I thought you had completely lost all of your marbles when you called off the wedding, but this?” He waves his hand like he doesn’t know what else to say. “You never told her the whole story?” he asks me. I shake my head. “Man, when you dig a hole, you dig a big one!”

“What was I supposed to tell her? ‘Yeah, Butterfly, I had a spy planted at your hen party, but don’t take it personally?’ Don’t you guys do any kind of debriefing when this shit is over? Shouldn’t Charles have known better than to let the cat out of the bag?”

“Oh, no. You are not going to blame me or Chuck for this one, Buddy. It’s kind of hard to have a ‘debriefing’ when you don’t even know what the fuck was going on. First off, you gave me some Reader’s Digest version of some dude with his hand up her ass and you going batshit, and second, what you said to me, you told me in confidence in the limo and that night in your room. I wasn’t aware that was supposed to be common knowledge.” I run my hand through my hair again.

“No,” I lament, “it wasn’t.”

“Finally, this is what you get for straying from the plan. Hen night was her night. You had no business there at all—not a surprise appearance, and certainly not anybody giving you a play-by-play of what’s going on. ‘Stags and Hens’ is supposed to be ‘Vegas’ and you know it, and you sent somebody to spy on her and you acted all crazy-possessive-beating-your-chest when you showed up somewhere you weren’t even supposed to be. To top it all off, you’re all tipsy, blind, and angry and you didn’t see that she had already handled the situation, so you proceed to humiliate her in some way that I don’t even want to know, so much so that she ditched her own bachelorette party. The party was completely salvageable after she kneed Homer McHands in the balls, but you put the cork on that one, and now you want to find a way to blame me and Chuck? Not gonna happen.

“I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you had to look at her and tell her that you spied on her during her bachelorette party. I don’t even know how to tell you how to get out of this one, and when I find the fucker that was reporting her actions back to you, he won’t be on another detail with me.” I glare at him.

“You can’t fire someone for taking direct orders from me, Jason. That’s insubordination.”

“No more insubordinate than the first three minutes of this conversation. Besides, I never said I was firing anybody. I said that he wouldn’t be on another detail with me. Chuck is with that woman damn near every waking moment. Anything that goes wrong, he is right on top of it. The only time he has ever taken his eye off the ball was when she ran to Montana, and that’s only because she took special pains to make sure that none of us knew that she was leaving. Even then, he was the first one to find her. She doesn’t need extra security.

“That man is like a dog with a bone when it comes down to her, but I told him that her bachelor night was her business, and not to report activities to me that weren’t detrimental because she knows how to act and how to have fun. She has proven it many times, but you already knew that. You knew that she would behave because you know her well, and you knew that we weren’t going to report her every move, so you sent in a stool pigeon behind my back, behind Chuck’s back, and behind her back. No matter what, you just had to be in the room. So congratulations, you got what you wanted, but at what cost? I’ll bet my pension that you have now shattered her trust and I’m wavering a bit on you right now, too.

“If you think it’s okay to have people under my command—under my supervision—and I don’t know what they’re doing, you’re sorely mistaken. If you want to have a cluster of guys to be a special “Spy on Ana” force, you be my guest, but they won’t work under me. If I haven’t learned anything from the Harris fiasco, I’ve learned that I have to trust who I’m working with, and for someone to do a covert operation for most of the night under my command and I don’t even know about it… I don’t trust him. What’s more, I’m pissed because I don’t agree with the tactic. So when I find out who he is—and I will find out, he won’t be doing another detail with me.”

“You know, you take a lot of liberties with me to be my employee, Jason,” I say matter-of-factly.

“I’m your employee because I’m the best at what I do and you I am. I take liberties with you because I’m your best friend and while I did take a bullet for you, I won’t take any of your shit. Anytime you want me to lay my job down, I’ll turn in my badge, but I’ll still be your best friend and I still won’t take any of your shit!” he barks.

Fuck! My decision to keep an eye on Butterfly was very far-reaching that night. I usually try to think things through, but it looks like all common sense went out the window on every decision that I made the night before our wedding. I drop my face in my hands and shake my head.

“Jason,” I say from behind my hands, “Please don’t berate me right now. I don’t know what to do.” There’s silence in the room for a few moments and then he sighs heavily.

“I don’t know what to tell you to do,” he replies. “Every time I think you fucked up big, you fuck up bigger. Half the time, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or give you a good swift kick. And for Christ’s sake, what was the ‘whistling’ all about?” I raise my head. Whistling?

“What whistling?” I ask.

“Whistles! Whistles! Whistles!” he says, waving his hands like a lunatic.

“Don’t ask!” I say firmly, dropping my face back in my hands. I had almost forgotten that Butterfly ran upstairs screaming her safeword… almost. I feel sick, physically sick. I can’t believe how badly I fucked up this time. I think this is probably the worst thing I’ve done in our whole relationship, and that says a lot. I guess I must look like someone ran over the family dog, because Jason puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m still pissed at you, but don’t lose hope. She’ll come around. It’s like I said the last time we had this conversation—she loves you. She kind of expects for you to do stupid shit, but don’t keep testing her. One day, you might fail.” I feel his hand move from my shoulder and hear him rise from his seat. “Now, I’m going upstairs to find out who the fuck thought it was okay to run a covert operation on my watch.”

“It was Grant,” I say from behind my hands. More silence for a few moments.

“Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. I would have found out. You didn’t have to tell me.”

“Yes, I did. I fucked up enough. No need in making it worse.”

“Should I take your confession to mean that there won’t be a ‘Spy on Ana’ squad?” he asks. I shake my head.

“There won’t be a ‘Spy on Ana’ squad,” I confirm.

“Good. I’m going to leave you with your thoughts, now, because I seriously think you need a time-out!” He leaves the villa and I am left alone with deafening silence.

It’s not that I think what I did was wrong. I’m not really sure if it was right or wrong because I have no gauge. If I want somebody watched, they’re watched. It’s that simple. I didn’t think it was that big a deal… until it was. I know that Ana is well aware of my control freak tendencies. It’s not like I make it a secret, but that night, I had the worst feeling of impending doom and I had to know what was going on. I don’t know what I expected. I don’t know what I would have done if I had found at that she had acted inappropriately or run off with some guy. Now, I’m thinking that those feelings may have set in motion the exact thing I may have feared.

Maybe the feelings of doom where warning me to police my own actions and I completely misread them. I generally treat people with mistrust, but not Ana… never Ana. The only other time I treated her with any mistrust was Flynngate and that turned out to be a nightmare. I thought I would lose my mind when she wasn’t speaking to me. I certainly can’t deal with that again. Oh, and there was also the time I silently accused her of possibly sleeping with Elliot, but we were brand new at the time and didn’t know each other yet. So there was never another time that I called her integrity into question after Flynngate.

Does calling off the wedding count as a test of her trust? I mean, it’s a stretch, but I have to look at it from all angles to see what she may be thinking. I didn’t trust her enough to talk to her and come to the decision together of what should be our next step. I just went off by myself and made the decision on my own. Will she see that as mistrust, too? On their own, these things are solved and done—things of the past that we don’t need to address anymore, but when you’re angry and/or irrational, all related events happened yesterday!

I can’t hash this out right now. She doesn’t even want to talk to me. I need to do something to take my mind off of this. I open my laptop and do some work. It will be morning in Seattle soon…

A/N: It had to happen. Y’all know it had to happen. Sooner or later, she was going to confront Chuck about it, and it had to come out. I wrote sex scene after sex scene after sex scene trying to tucker her ass out, and she kept tapping me on the shoulder asking me when I was going to approach the elephant in the room. I told you these people are alive and well and living in my head…

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81 thoughts on “Mending Dr. Steele: Chapter 71—I’ll Be Watching You

  1. Cynsue72 says:

    dumbass!!! lol

  2. Chanty says:

    Well, well ,well, that was hot! LOL! everything. I mean, the sex scenes, the cruise, Chuck being caught up with Keri and now the “fight” with Ana and then Jason. Will Christian ever learn that his Butterfly is not an item he can toy with but his girlfriend and now his wife. I just hope Ana won’t stay mad at him for too long. And I can’t wait to know what will happen to Chuck, either.

  3. mfriend1228 says:

    More and more, Taylor seems to be taking liberties that aren’t his to be taking. His butting in their personal business needs to stop. It’s always labeled under security issues or he throws in the bff label. Ana can defend herself. She knows who and what Christian is. But his constant need to interfere and be disrespectful to his “boss” is getting out of hand. A man as powerful and ruthless as Christian should not be constantly bowing down to his employees because they are overstepping their boundaries. Maybe Christian had it right in the beginning of this saga, keep the lines clear and don’t blur them. Personal is personal and business is business.

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