Mending Dr. Steele: Chapter 67—Opa!

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Chapter 67—Opa!


My petite little flower is eating enough for three linebackers once more. Apparently, the concerns about her ass are out the window and she has absolutely no problem with French cuisine except for red meat. She scarfed down a lunch of escargot, soupe à l’oignon, coquilles Saint-Jacques, and Sole Meunière. Yet, the moment my Hachis Parmentier was brought to the table, she nearly passed out on the spot. They took it away and brought me Blanquette de Veau instead and she was fine until the end of our meal when someone at the next table ordered boudin noir aux pommes—blood sausage over baked apples. She was out of that restaurant before I even had a chance to pay the bill.

“What is it with you and beef lately?” I ask when we get into the Audi and head for the Arc de Triomphe. “You never used to react this violently to it.”

“I know,” she says. “It’s flashbacks of the murder burger. I was sick for days after that thing. It’s hard to get past the mental trauma of that.” She’s rubbing her ankles inside of her boots.

“Come here.” I reach down and grab her feet, bringing them to my lap. It’s a little harder than it should be to get her boots off and she actually sighs with relief when I have them removed.

“Butterfly,” I say after removing her ankle socks. “Your feet are all red.”

“Hours walking down the Avenue,” she says, her voice tortured. I start to rub her feet and ankles and she jumps in pain.

“I told you not to wear those boots,” I scold, massaging more gently while she closes her eyes and moans in pleasure. “Didn’t you buy some flats?” She raises her head at me.

“You mean those Ralph Lauren loafers? I’m not wearing those to the Arc de Triomphe!” she announces.

“Well, you better think of something, because your feet aren’t going back in those.” I point to her boots.

“It’s just my ankles, I’m sure,” she protests. “I can wear the shoes I got from Armani.”

“No, you can’t,” I retort. “Your feet are red and I know they are sore. You will only go to the Arc de Triomphe if you wear flats. Butterfly, you had to be walking around for about six hours or so before you even sat down. You were so hungry that you almost passed out. Did you really expect to run around in stilettos all day and not pay the price?” She looks at me with sad eyes. “If you don’t like the flats, why did you buy them?”

“The marble gets cold in the winter,” she says. “I bought them as slippers.”

“Well, you’re going to wear them as shoes today,” I tell her. She pouts.

“It’s not that they’re ugly. I’m going to have a problem walking in them since I’m so accustomed to stilettos. I have high arches, not to mention I’m going to look about three feet tall walking next to you.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re my wife and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Besides, you may be short, but you’re hot. So what’s it going to be… Ralph Lauren or the GEH jet?”


A few minutes later, I am walking towards the Arc de Triomphe with my mini-wife, who has completely forgotten about her Ralph Lauren flats as she examines the sculptures bursting out of the Arc.

“Now, I get to dazzle you with my knowledge again, Mrs. Grey,” I say coming up behind her and slipping my arms around her waist while she admires the architecture.

“Proceed, Mr. Grey,” she smiles.

“This particular Arch of Triumph is the second largest in the world. The largest is in North Korea. Napoleon commissioned this one to mark his victories in battle, which is ironic since he never got to see the finished product.”

“Hmm, Shangri-la and now the Arc de Triomphe—I see a theme developing here,” she says. “I happen to know that Napoleon was exiled after he lost at Waterloo, which is why he never saw it finished.”

“He wouldn’t have seen it anyway,” I inform her. “They stopped building it after he was exiled and didn’t start building it again until 20 years later, well after he died.” She nods.

“How did I not know they stopped building it?” she asks, mostly to herself, I think.

“No worries, Mrs. Grey. That’s why you have me.” I wink at her before taking her hand and leading her closer to the magnificent edifice. “Now, I saw you admiring the statues. This one,” I point to the one on our right, “is La Marseillaise. Those are French soldiers and citizens and that is the Roman goddess of war…”

“Bellona,” she finishes my sentence.

“Very good, Mrs. Grey. Now what’s that one?” I ask, pointing to the statue on the left.

“That, Mr. Grey, is The Triumph. It depicts Napoleon being crowned by Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory, after one of his many triumphs while the defeated bow at his feet. Now, on the opposite side of this one is The Resistance.”

“Ah, you’re getting ahead of me, Mrs. Grey,” I scold. “We’re not done with this side yet.”

“Forgive me, Mr. Grey. Do continue.”

“Thank you. Now, the reliefs at the top are depictions of Napoleon’s many battles and victories, and way up there,” I bring her back a bit to see the top of the Arc, “you will see 30 shields with the names of battles he won.” I lead her underneath the Arc. “Now these are lists of the names of French generals. The underlined ones died in battle.” We walk around under the Arc for a bit, admiring the architecture and examining the many indications that Napoleon was very proud of his victories. Butterfly also stops in silent contemplation at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but she seems miles away.

“I wish Alexandria hadn’t been such a bitch,” she says softly. “I would have liked to know more about Harry—my… father.” I put my hands on her shoulders. She seems so small right now, but I dare not tell her that for fear that she’ll march back to the car in search of stilettos.

“I know it must be hard to have that door opened and not be able to walk in, but a wise woman once told me that everything happens for a reason. I have to believe this is one of those situations,” I tell her, trying to ease the sting of maybe never being able to learn about a father that she never knew.

After several minutes we get to the other side of the Arc to Resistance, where Butterfly tells of the soldier defending his family under Antevorte, the Roman goddess of future. On the opposite side, things get back to normal and the French citizens go back to their daily lives as a French soldier sheaths his sword under the watchful eye of the Roman warrior goddess Minerva, and the statue is appropriately called Peace. There’s no doubt that Napoleon had nothing to do with this particular statue.

“How are your feet?” I ask, noting that she’s moving around easily with no pain.

“They’re fine. Shall we go inside?” she says, quickly dismissing my question. We go inside and there is a large spiral staircase that takes you all the way to the museum at the top. Did I mention that the Arc de Triomphe is over 160 feet high?

Yeah, not doing that.

We locate the elevator which is normally just for the infirm and with a little insistence, we take a ride up to the museum. The museum was okay, but not much to look at, but the view! Good fuck, the view! It’s really spectacular. Living in Escala, I’m accustomed to seeing marvelous views of a fantastic city, but the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe is unbelievable. The Arc sits right in the center of a large circle where the 12 Grand Avenues converge and branch out like a starburst. Butterfly is mesmerized by the view and I silently enjoy watching her while she watches the view. After several minutes of quiet contemplation, she yawns, and I know that she has had enough excitement for one day.

“That’s Paris, Lady Anastasia… well, a small part of it anyway. What do you think?”

“I think it’s fantastic and dreamy and I can’t believe you were able to squeeze so much into 24 hours. You are amazing, Christian.” She throws her arms around my neck and kisses me sweetly. “Thank you so much. I do have one question though. Why do you keep calling me ‘Lady Anastasia?'”

“I don’t know,” I answer honestly. “It seems to fit.”

“Hmmm. Well, I like it. Don’t stop, Sir Christian.”

“That definitely fits,” I tell her, holding her close to me as she yawns again. “We should get to the jet. Athens awaits and you look like you can use a nap.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she says. “It’s nowhere near bedtime.”

“It’s only been one day, Love. I’m certain that it’s jetlag.” She nods and leans on me. We stand and wait for the elevator for so long that she finally convinces me that she can take the stairs as going down is not as taxing as going up. She was wrong. She nearly collapses when she gets to the bottom floor.

“Butterfly!” I catch her just as her knees begin to buckle. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know… as soon as the fresh air hit me, I just got light-headed.” I scoop her up in my arms and start walking towards the car. My heart is beating so fast that I can barely control it. What if she had collapsed on the stairs? I was walking behind her. I wouldn’t have been able to catch her.

“Christian, really, I can walk,” she protests softly. I don’t respond. I just want to get her to the car. Adrien jumps in response as we approach and opens the back door. I place her on the seat and close the door.

“Get us to the airport,” I say before walking around the car and sliding into the backseat. I turn to Butterfly and fasten her securely in her seatbelt before releasing a breath that I was holding. I sink back into the seat.

She’s secure. She’s safe now.

“Christian?” her soft voice startles me. I look over into her questioning face. I sigh again and shake my head.

“I’m sorry,” I say, thrusting my hands through my hair. “For a fleeting moment, I saw you tumbling down an insanely long spiral staircase—all 284 stairs.” I look back up at her. “Another piece of useless information,” I add with a strained smile. She looks at me sympathetically and strokes my hair.

“I’m fine,” she says. “It’s been a pretty big day—Love Lock Bridge, at least $1,000,000 on Avenue Montaigne, enough food to feed an army, then I foolishly decide to take the stairs down the Arc de Triomphe. I’m going to need some rest from my honeymoon and it’s only been one day.”

“I planned too much,” I lament.

“Oh, don’t you dare,” she scolds. “This day was outstanding! The shopping, the sites, the sex…” she whispers the last part. “I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe I’d wear sneakers instead of stilettos.” She laughs and my mood is immediately lightened. I kiss her hand firmly.

“I don’t know why I freaked out so badly. I’m just… I’m happier than I have ever been and I’m afraid something is going to happen to ruin it.”

“Nothing is going to ruin it,” she says caressing my cheek. “I love you and I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me, Mr. Grey, so you might as well get used to it. So stop worrying… that’s an order.”

“Yes, Dr. Grey… Dr. Steele-Grey,” I stumble and smile.

“You can call me Dr. Grey. I’ll save Steele-Grey for the office,” she purrs. I hear a little grunt from the front seat and turn to see Adrien glaring at Norbert. Was he clearing his throat? I’m not accustomed to my bodyguards reacting to my conversations unless I include them. I’ll have a word with Norbert in case that’s what just happened.


Butterfly was asleep before the plane took off. I didn’t want to wake her when we landed in Greece four hours later. Carrying her down the stairs of the Jet was a tricky maneuver, but now, here we lay in the royal suite at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. Norbert and Adrien are in a nearby suite while Jason and Charles are in a separate suite. I decided to dispense with the formalities of Davenport as if I can call two French strangers by their first names, surely I can refer to Charles as such. He’s been working for me for quite some time.

I look over at Butterfly’s sleeping body. She’s lying on her stomach in this soft blue chemise. She’s been sleeping for several hours and she’s right, her butt is bigger. It’s rounder—still fit and firm, but rounder. I like it. The light is bursting into the room from the windows on both sides of the large bed and she shows no signs of stirring. I watch her body rise and fall with her breathing, her long mahogany hair still sporting some of the curls from our wedding day. She is so beautiful. I could watch her all day.

She must have been exhausted from yesterday’s excursions. Counting the hours of sleep on the plane and that fact that she shed her clothes the moment we got to the suite and was asleep the second her head hit the pillow, I would say that she has easily been asleep for a combined 12 or 13 hours. If it was that rough on her, she’s likely to be sore when she wakes.

I outline her body like I did that day at the McElvoy when she was dancing to that Enigma song. I’m careful not to touch her so that I don’t wake her, but I’m taking from her energy. She’s my wife now… Mrs. Anastasia Grey. She is my dream come true and she’s all mine now, even though I risked fucking it up royally the night before our wedding. Damn, I’ve got to put that paranoid, possessive, out-of-control fucker on a goddamn leash.

I don’t know how long I watch her before she finally stirs. I wait to see if she is actually coming out of her slumber or just switching positions before I touch her. She tucks her head under her arm and does this ball stretch before slowly extending each limb. I hear her shoulder pop on one of the stretches and several other joints during the rest of the stretch and I know that I’m right; she did overdo it yesterday. She rolls over on her back and continues to stretch her aching joints without opening her eyes, groaning with a few of the movements. No, there will be no strenuous outings for the Butterfly today.

She stretches her arms out to the side and jumps when I catch her hand from swatting me in the face. She lazily opens one eye and I can clearly tell that she didn’t expect for me to still be in bed. She groans something indecipherable and closes her eye again. I slide my hand under her against her back and the other arm around her waist. Pulling her to me, I kiss her deeply until her body melts into mine. She can’t take much of anything right now, I know. So even though I could fuck her all day, every day, several times a day, she’s getting a reprieve on this particular day.

“Hello, my love,” I breathe against her lips.

“Hi,” she says, barely able to find her voice. “What time is it?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I respond. “You need rest.”

“I don’t want to stay in bed,” she protests. “We’re in Greece.”

“And we have three weeks to see it.” I kiss her again. “No outings today. You need to relax.” She pouts at me.

“You’re going to make me stay in the room?” she whines.

“No, I didn’t say that. First, I’m going to wash your tired body. After that, we’re going to have a lovely breakfast delivered and we’re going to eat at that massive dining table that seats way too many people.” She giggles and the sound is music to my ears. “Then, you’re going downstairs to the spa and have some relaxing massages, treatments, aroma therapy… whatever you need to rejuvenate you. If you’re feeling up to it later, we may do a little sightseeing or just have dinner on the rooftop with a view of the Acropolis. Don’t lie to me, Butterfly. If you’re tired, we can do all those things tomorrow or the next day or the next—we have three weeks.” She nods.

“Yes, Sir,” she concedes. “I’m very achy.”

“I know. I’ll order room service and I’ll call you when your bath is ready.”

The bathroom is a statement in total Grecian opulence. Two Grecian columns greet you as you enter the bathroom. There is floor-to-ceiling marble—white marble walls with blue marble trim, a blue and gold marble vanity and an insanely large blue and gold marble tub sitting in the middle of the room. On the other end of the bathroom to the right of a small foyer that is framed by four more Grecian columns is a huge shower with floor-to-ceiling frosted windows allowing in the bright morning light. There’s even a blue and white marble chaise inside the shower so that you can sit back and allow the water to run over your body.

There are two luxurious ottomans between the vanity and the tub. On the other side of the tub in front of a large floor-to-ceiling window covered with white sheers and heavy drapes is a cream chaise. The vintage light fixtures on the walls match the chandelier that hangs over the tub and gold fixtures, towel rings, wall hangings, and accessories complete the décor. This is extraordinary even by my taste.

Double doors on the other side of the small foyer lead to a workout room with a treadmill, a flat screen television, and a massage table. I turn on the water to fill the tub and come back to the bedroom to retrieve the toiletries bag.

“Oh, you are going to love this,” I say to Butterfly as I grab the case with the soaps, lotions, and conditioners.

“Tell me,” she says, sitting up in bed.

“I’ll do better than that,” I say, reaching for her hand. “Come and see for yourself.” I lead her into the bathroom and the steam from the massive tub rises to make the marble feel warmer.

“Oh my God,” she says, walking slowly into the bathroom and taking in the décor. “This is amazing.” She takes a seat on one of the ottomans. “Queen Anne legs.”

“Queen Who What?” I ask and she giggles.

“The ottoman—those are Queen Anne legs, and the chaise… those are close, but not quite.” I’ll take her word for it. “Is that a marble chaise in the shower?”

“That certainly is,” I tell her while adding bath salts to the water.

“Wow!” she says, stunned. “I’ve never seen that before.”

“Do you want one?” She looks up at me wide-eyed, then smiles.

“No, the showers at Escala are just fine. No need in cluttering them with a chaise.”

“I don’t mean Escala. I mean our home—when we find what we like or build what we like.” She’s staring at me wide-eyed again.

“You would really do that, wouldn’t you?” she asks.

“Why not? You can have whatever you like in your home, so if you want a marble chaise like the one at the luxury hotel in Greece, then you can have one.”

“Oh Christian, that thing probably costs a small fortune.”

“Yes, and I’ve amassed a large one,” I say turning off the water. “You said it yourself—we spent somewhere in the million-dollar range on clothes, shoes, and jewelry yesterday. You think I can’t afford a marble chaise? Now come on over here and get into this wildly expensive bathtub so I can wash that beautiful body.” She smiles that million-dollar smile at me and stands. I drop my boxer briefs and step into the water first. It’s high off the floor, so I have to sit on the edge and swing my legs into the tub. Butterfly’s little feet are dangling slightly over the edge when she sits on the side to swing her legs over.

“Careful. The water is really hot,” I say as I take her hand and help her into the tub. She looks like one of these Greek goddesses I keep seeing as she sinks into the steaming water. God, she is so beautiful.

There’s plenty of room for both of us in this mini swimming pool, but I just want to hold her for a while. Also, I know this hot water and bath salts will do wonders for her aching muscles.

“How this?” I ask as I caress her skin anywhere that I can reach.

“Mmmm… it’s heavenly, Christian,” she says, leaning back into my chest and onto my shoulder.

“Maybe we should get one of these, too,” I say softly. She chuckles.

“I’ll never be able to get into it alone. I’d feel like a toddler.”

“Well, yes, there is that,” I chuckle and she elbows me gently in the ribs. “Hey, you said it.” I reach around her and cup her breasts. Are they bigger, too? “Your breasts are magnificent, Butterfly,” I say massaging them gently.

“And very sensitive,” she breathes.

“Are you about to have your period?” We’ll have to adjust because I’m fucking you senseless over the next three weeks.

“No. I had one before the wedding. It was short, but I had one. I said sensitive, not sore. It’s the hot water…”

“Mmmm,” I say, caressing the right one while pinching the left.

“Ah! Christian, stop,” she whines. “I’m too weak.”

“Too weak for what, Baby?” I ask, now pinching both nipples.

“An orgasm,” she breathes. “I’ll fall asleep in this water.”

“I’ll wake you for breakfast,” I croon as my hand slips down to her clit.

“Ah! Oooooo.” She stiffens almost immediately.

“Oh, you are so ready. Don’t hold out on me, Baby. It’ll relax those tired muscles.” I stroke her clit up and down, up and down, allowing only my fingertips to enter her core while I massage her. She grabs my thighs and in a matter of a few minutes, she is trembling between my legs.

“That’s my girl,” I say, continuing to massage her until she is panting and the trembling stops.

“What… about you?” she asks wearily.

“Later,” I tell her. “Let me wash and feed you.”

After a bath that lasted forever and a thorough washing and drying of Butterfly’s hair, we enter the dining room in the soft-as-baby-bottoms terrycloth hotel robes. Butterfly is taken aback to see the hotel butler standing there waiting to serve us breakfast. I take her hand and lead her to the chair at the head of the table. She sits on her feet and wraps her robe comfortably around her, smiling at me the whole time.

The butler serves us a pretty large breakfast which should make Butterfly happy. First, there’s an omelet with graviera cheese and Greek pancakes called tignatites with honey and walnut. There’s also a pasta dish called trahanas, which looks a little like round rice or porridge, sprinkled with small chunks of fresh feta cheese. There’s some fresh fruit thrown in for good measure and a sweet milk pie called galatopita. There are also chunks of siglino, which is smoked pork, and I’m thinking she’ll send it away with her violent reaction to meat lately, but she digs right into it declaring how tasty it is.

She doesn’t eat as much as she has been, but she still eats more than normal. What happened to the petite little girl who only ate bagels and cream cheese or fruit for breakfast? Nowadays, she’s likely to gnaw your arm off if you come anywhere near her plate.

After breakfast, I dress casually and kiss Butterfly before heading off to the cigar bar to meet Jason. I don’t know if she plans to go to the spa or stay in the room and sleep, but either will be fine with me.

“Her Highness let you up for air?” Jason says when I enter the bar. I laugh.

“She is exhausted,” I inform him. He raises his eyebrow.

“I stand corrected… and you look as fresh as a shiny new penny. How do you do that?”

“It’s not what you think,” I correct him.

“Sure, it’s not,” he teases.

“Oh, shut up. I didn’t wear her out. I just got her off… and why am I telling you this?”

“Because I’m a bundle of joy and laughter and you can’t help spilling your guts to me, besides the fact that I’m your best friend and took a bullet for you.”

“You’re going to milk that for all it’s worth, aren’t you?”

“As often as I can,” he says shamelessly with a big smile. I roll my eyes.

“We did some serious shopping on the Montaigne yesterday. I mean serious shopping. She’s just really tired.”

“Tired after shopping? That doesn’t sound right.”

“Well, we covered the length of the Avenue and back, from D&C down to Valentino.”

“Sorry, Boss, you lost me there,” he says. The cigar expert brings the tray over and I allow Jason to pick a light-bodied cigar for me. I only smoke them maybe twice a year or so.

“Well, it was a short walk for what it was, but all day in stiletto boots…”

“She wears stilettos everywhere. I don’t know who she is when she’s not wearing them. She’s so small…”

“She took them off yesterday and don’t say that in front of her,” I tell him. The cigar expert clips my cigar and lights it for me. As she is lighting Jason’s, I request a cognac.

“She took ’em off, huh? Well, that ended that trip, no doubt.”

“Nope. She begrudgingly wore a pair of Ralph Lauren flats that she bought on the Avenue and we went to the Arc de Triomphe. Then she almost passed out when we came down the stairs as we were leaving.” His hand pauses as he’s bringing his cigar to his lips.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asks. I twist my lips at him.

“Nothing,” I say. “The Arc de Triomphe has 284 steps on a spiral staircase.”

“Yeah, and until a couple of months ago, she worked out in Krav Magna with a sixth dan black belt. She doesn’t strike me as the type to tire easily.”

“Well, this was more than a workout after a day of teetering around in those damn boots and spending enough money to feed a small country for a year. Now stop saying shit that’ll make me worry. I carried her from the Arc to the car yesterday because I freaked out.” My cognac finally arrives and I take a welcome sip. It’s very good with the cigar.

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to scare you. Could she be pregnant?” I shake my head.

“I wish, but she says she had her period about a week or so ago, so that’s not likely.”

“You thought so, too?”

“Well, it hadn’t crossed my mind, but the topic came up in an unrelated conversation, so I know she’s had her period.”

“Unrelated, huh?” He raises his eyebrow at me. “You ready to start a family already?”

“I was ready to start a family before we got married. She came home one day and announced that Maxine is pregnant, and I could tell that she was a little sour that it wasn’t her. I felt bad for her, but a little happy at the same time that she’s open to starting a family.”

“You guys never talked about it?” He takes another draw from his cigar.

“Yeah, we talked about it, but she was on birth control and she had to stop. Then we heard that it could happen immediately or it could take several months. We haven’t been necessarily trying per se, but it’s kind of like when it happens, it happens. I’ll be one happy fucker when it does.” I take a draw on my cigar.

“Christian Grey… husband and father. Wow. I never thought I’d live to see the day. I mean, I fully expected for one of those crazy broads to come back with a baby…”

“It could still happen,” I lament.

“Yeah, it could, but I never thought I’d see the day when you would get married, not ever.”

“Me either. I walked into that community center full of disdain and resentment and she hit me like a steamroller. I didn’t think for one second that she would affect me the way that she did, but lo and behold…” I trail off and sip my cognac.

“She brought you down, Man,” he says. “I remember that first day—I could see it in your eyes and I was sure that I was mistaken. Christian Grey? Stricken? Impossible! She played you like a violin and neither of you knew it. It took you, what, a month to get her in bed?”

“Eighteen days,” I correct him.

“Eighteen days. He who waves his magic wand and has a woman naked in hours. I thought for sure that last bimbot was signing on for the long haul.”

“Yeah, so did she. So did the Pedophile. Hell, so did I.” We both fall silent for a few moments

“It seems surreal, doesn’t it?” he asks. I look up at him. “I never thought I’d marry again, but then Gail just…” He trails off like he can’t find his words. “She’s all the good things the world has to offer all rolled into one person. When the opportunity came to marry her, I grabbed it with both hands.” His melancholy stare drops to his cigar.

“I couldn’t bring her on this trip, Jason, I’m sorry. I need you to work.” I can tell that he’s missing her even though it’s only been two days and we still have 19 more to go.

“I know,” he says, his voice solemn. “It’s the nature of the beast, right? We’re lucky to work in the same place for the same guy, but I know that she can’t tag along with me everywhere. It’s just not practical.” He puts his cigar in the ashtray.

“What do you think about Adrien and Norbert?” I ask. I never got his professional opinion.

“They’re good men,” he responds. “Alex set them up, so I trust his judgment of course. Norbert is intense—straight-laced, starched collar. He’d be the one to jump in front of the bullet.”

“There you go again.”

“I’m just saying, he’s that guy. Adrien is a bit cocky. He’s good at what he does and he knows it, so he’s a little elitist.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask.

“It depends. He’s not the one to jump in front of the bullet because he will make sure that you are not in the place where the gun will be. By the same token, he strikes me as the kind of guy who feels like you should earn his services, not purchase them.” I nod.

“So he has probably not been a bodyguard to the stars. He has more been a bodyguard to dignitaries and royals,” I observe and Jason nods.

“That’s what I would say. He’s accustomed to a very particular caliber of people. You wouldn’t see him at a Rolling Stones concert backstage beating off groupies, no matter what the price. You would most likely see him guarding a count, or a duchess, or a billionaire,” he gestures to me, “because he knows that these people will behave differently.” I twist my lips.

“Should we swap him out? I’m not one to be concerned about how I behave around my staff. What’s more, he and Norbert need to learn a bit more about discretion.” He frowns.

“Why? What’s up?”

“You know how I am. I expect staff to be seen and not heard unless utterly necessary. If I want to fuck that woman in the back seat of the car going down the I-5 at 60 miles per hour, I expect the people in the front seat to pay attention to the road and shut the fuck up. What I don’t expect is for them to turn around trying to get a glimpse of Ana’s ass or to react to my conversations when I’m talking to my wife.”

“Please tell me we’re talking about the latter…”

“We are. I put it together later. Butterfly’s first impression of Adrien was not a good one. Stepping out of the airport, he made a comment about the ‘little lady’ being mesmerized by the ‘pretty lights’ and falling victim to a pickpocket, not knowing that Butterfly speaks fluent French.”

“Oh, I bet that went over well,” he interjects.

“Like an undertaker in a convalescent home,” I point out. “Needless to say, he pissed her off and she’s been calling him ‘Meathead’ ever since.”

“Meathead!” he barks with laughter. “That’s classic.”

“Tell me about it. Anyway, on our way back to the airport, we had a brief conversation about Dr. Grey vs. Dr. Steele-Grey. I was stumbling over the name and she said that I could just call her Dr. Grey. She would save Dr. Steele-Grey for the office. Norbert grunted or laughed or cleared his throat, I don’t know which, and I didn’t put it together until later that they most likely had a conversation about Adrien’s encounter with Butterfly. Now that you’ve told me about his elitist attitude, I’m pretty certain that the conversation involved Meathead thinking Ana is a trophy wife. Norbert reacted when he discovered that Ana was a doctor and Adrien flashed a glare at him. I’m certain that’s what was going on.”

“Oooohh, that’s what that was about,” he says.

“What?” I ask.

“Last night when we all met up to discuss protocol and such, I mentioned that her call-name is Her Highness, that she likes to be called Ana, but if she doesn’t like you, she will probably make you call her Dr. Grey. Norbert openly laughed, but Adrien just frowned and nodded. I assumed she told him to call her Dr. Grey.”

“She hasn’t told him to call her anything,” I say. “She doesn’t speak to him and I can guarantee that she will only speak to you or Charles if she needs something. That’s why I was asking if we should swap him out. We don’t need a bodyguard who speaks English, French, and Greek anymore—just English and Greek.” He shakes his head.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, Boss. The guy is a cocky asshole, but he seems like he’s good at his job. I’ll keep an eye on him and give Alex a call to find a backup just in case.” I nod.

“Good enough. So, what is Gail doing while we’re gone? Have you talked to her yet?”

“Every day…”

We talk a little while about his wife while we puff on cigars and I sip on cognac. Then the conversation shifts to anything and everything. I very rarely spend a lazy afternoon just doing nothing. There’s always a fire to be put out or a crisis to be averted. This afternoon, I simply sit here enjoying a quality cognac, a smooth cigar, and the company of a good friend.

Our conversation has gone on for quite some time when I see Jason looking over my shoulder. I turn around and there’s this woman walking into the cigar bar. Her head is turned and she’s talking to someone at the door. She’s wearing a white crochet mini-dress with a flowy skirt and a zigzag hemline that stops mid-thigh with just a tease of what’s underneath. It has wide shoulder straps that hold her ample breasts up quite nicely. Her hair is full and she is wearing strappy nude stiletto sandals. I try to remind myself that I am now a married man and I am desperately talking my dick down when the woman turns around to look at me…

It’s my wife… and she looks fucking hot! What the hell did they do at that spa?

Her hair is straight, but shiny and full of body, bent slightly at the ends. It’s been cut, but it’s still quite long, cascading down her shoulders and caressing her breasts. Her makeup is understated, like she always wears it, with slightly heavier mascara than usual and soft pink lipstick. My dick gets harder and harder as she strolls over to us, the skirt gently brushing her thighs and taunting me the entire time.

“Boss! Boss!” I turn back to Jason. Was he saying something?

“Huh?” I say a bit dazed. He laughs at me.

“Yeah, you’re gone. Give me a call if you two plan on going somewhere.”

“Yeah, okay,” I say flippantly, quickly turning my gaze back to Butterfly.


Good grief, that spa was amazing! I spent hours in that place getting body wraps, oil massages, hot stone treatments and facials. They even had this treatment called a Flight Reviver to help your body reset from jet lag. It must have worked because I feel like a million bucks!

After the hours of rejuvenating my body from the exhaustion of traveling and teetering in those damn boots for hours yesterday, I spent some more time in the salon getting the most luxurious wash and conditioning treatment I think I have every had. My hair is full, fluffy, light, and shiny. I had them take about six inches off the ends after all of the curling and spritzing for the wedding and it still hangs well down my back. After making a stop back at the suite to change into something pretty, I go in search of my husband. It’s nearly dinner time and although I had delicious hors d’oeuvres and champagne in the spa, I haven’t had lunch and I’m ready for a real meal.

I don’t know exactly where to find him, but he said that he would be around. Since he’s not in the suite sneaking in some work, he must be in one of the bars or restaurants, in the workout room or at the pool. It occurs to me that I could just call him, but I left my phone in the room. So I’ll just see if I can find him and if I can’t, I’ll go back to the room and call him. I start with the Winter Garden and the Cellar and he’s not in either place. When I go to Alexander’s, the bartender tells me to check the cigar lounge. Christian doesn’t smoke. Then again, cigar smokers aren’t typical smokers. They just smoke every now and again to unwind. That sounds like Christian.

The décor is very elegant and sophisticated, but not stuffy—cozy, yet classy. I am greeted by a woman in a three-piece suit with a gray tie. When I describe my husband, she points me in the direction of two gentlemen who have been here all afternoon. I follow her gaze to a smiling Jason and a spellbound Christian. Jason says something to him and stands from the table, walking towards me.

“You look great, Your Highness. Go easy on him,” he says with a chuckle as he walks past me and out of the lounge.


I walk over to Christian who still can’t seem to find his words and pause for a moment.

“Christian?” He’s eying me from head to toe. He’s checking me out! “Christian!” I say, nearly stomping my feet. He quickly makes eye contact with me and stands from his seat.

“Baby,” he says almost dreamily while taking my hand. “You look stunning.” The Bitch inside of me is giggling. Okay… you’re forgiven for clocking out on me.

“Thank you,” I say like a bashful schoolgirl. He slides his arm around my waist and pulls me toward him. He places a long, sensual kiss on my cheek and my neck.

“Now that’s Chanel,” he says seductively.

“Yes, it is,” I respond, enjoying his breath on my neck.

“Where would you like to eat? Here at the hotel on the roof or do you want to go out?” His lips move to my temple. Shit! I want to go to bed and fuck, but I know that we need sustenance.

“I think I’d like to stay here,” I say softly. “The idea of having dinner on the roof sounds very pleasant.”

“To the roof we go, then,” he says, his voice full of promise.

He looks so good standing across from me in the elevator, examining me thoroughly but saying nothing. I take advantage of the time that we have alone in this small space and close the distance between us. I undo one button of his linen shirt and place my hand on the exposed part of his chest. I feel his breath quicken just a bit against my cheek, causing me to raise my eyes to his lips. His hands never leave the rail as I stand on my toes a bit and gently bring my lips to his. I taste the flavor of the cigar on his lips and the slight hint of cognac. It turns me on. I gently and slowly caress his lips and tongue with my own, delicately stroking the soft hairs on his chest until the elevator signals that we have reached the roof. I reluctantly pull myself away from him and walk out of the elevator, waiting for him to follow me.

I feel him move behind me and slide his hand to the small of my back. I take a deep breath to subdue the shiver that threatens to bring me to my knees. I love this silent game of seduction that we’re playing. I can only hope that it will end with some delicious kinky fuckery later on. We are led to a table with a beautiful view of the Acropolis, although if I’m honest, every table in the restaurant has a beautiful view of the Acropolis. I’m hoping that we will get to go there tomorrow as the Acropolis and the new museum are on the top of my list of things to see while I’m here.

I instruct the waiter on how to prepare my cranberry spritzer as I have already had champagne this afternoon. Christian opts for a soft drink. We examine the menu in silence, the sexual tension between us rising like a thick fog. When we order our food, the waiter takes the menu away and we are in our silence again. I place my hand flat on the table next to his and caress it with my thumb. We don’t take our eyes off of each other as he covers my other hand with his, gently caressing the back and suggestively fingering my palm. I bite my lip suggestively, but only momentarily, allowing it to slide from between my tongue wet and plump. He takes his eyes from mine to move them to my breast, his tongue playing with his lips as he examines them—and he’s making me hot again. Piercing, gray orbs rise back to mine again and we are back to the game of silent visual seduction.

I want to fuck you, I think to myself. I want to ride you until I’m drenched in sweat and completely wrung out from coming so many times that I can’t move anymore. I want to scream your name and hear you call mine in agonized passion. I’m so hot for you right now that I can barely stand it.

I’m so lost in my desire and need for him that I don’t even realize our drinks have come until he puts his to his mouth and takes a drink. Drink. Yes. I need one. I should have ordered something stronger.

Dinner is sweet torment, with an intentional brush here and a soft, gentle hiss there. At one point, I worked my way out of one of my stilettos and caressed his calf with my toes. He shamelessly reached under the table and grabbed my leg, placing it in his lap so that he could fondle my leg. I didn’t dare touch his package, though heaven knows I wanted to, not to mention that I was sitting across from him and there wasn’t much to cover us in terms of the tablecloth. The food was divine, but the real meal didn’t start until we were back in the elevator again.

He’s gazing at me again from across the car and this time, I’m plastered to the wall. While we went from ground to roof to get to the restaurant, we only have a couple of floors to get back to our suite. He’s looking at me with those hungry eyes that he’s had all night, and I feel like the walls are closing in on us. When the elevator rings to announce our floor, he grabs me and lifts me by my thighs hoisting my up to him. Instinctively, I thrust my hands into his hair and kiss him viciously, devouring his mouth and causing him to groan deep in his throat. Fuck if I know how we made it to the door or if anybody saw us, but I’m so ready to take him that I can barely breathe.

Somehow, he gets the door open and scrambles inside with me still attached to his lips. He slides my feet to the floor and grabs my hands from around his neck, pinning them against the wall as he now controls the kiss, causing my head to spin, bruising my lips and deliciously teasing my tongue. His body is rock hard against me, restraining me—he feels so good.

His hands slide down my arms and one lands at my waist while the other keeps going, down my hips and to the hem of my dress, up my thigh and inside my silky mesh panties. I groan in his mouth when he meets his mark.

Relax. Breathe. You are always so quick to come. Enjoy. Breathe.

He pulls his lips away from mine and looks into my eyes. I can’t control my breathing and control my orgasm, so my breathing is erratic and I attempt to rein my body’s slavish reaction to his ministrations. He’s a master at when he does and my body is his instrument. He knows how to make it sing every note on the scale.

“I know what you’re doing,” he says as he massages my clit. “Tell me what you feel.”

“Burning,” I breathe. “The friction… it feels… good… intense.” I close my eyes and try to breathe through the sensation. “The pleasure starts… from the outside… and moves in…”

“What about now?” He thrusts two fingers deep into me and curls them forward almost sending me over the edge while his palm presses into my clit.

“Ah!” I cry, fighting the urge to come, breathing through it to prolong the pleasure.

“You are so sexy,” he says before he kisses me. I feel his erection on my hip. “Tell me, what are you feeling now?”

“Inside… and out… b-both!” My chest is heaving.

“Touch me!” he commands. My hands fly immediately to his dick. He grunts when I grab him and grants my pussy a reprieve. He knows I was about to come, so he moves both hands to my ass and squeezes firmly as I press my hand hard against his erection. He groans as he strokes into my hand. He’s getting harder and harder and he begins to shiver with each stroke. He stops abruptly and plunges his tongue into my mouth. I don’t think he came… he’s still hard against my hand. He’s breathing heavily when he pulls his mouth away from mine.

“Stay here,” he says, nearly growling. “Don’t move.” I nod. He disappears around the corner, giving me a few moments to compose myself while he’s gone. He makes me so hot and it looks like tonight, I did the same thing to him. I don’t dare move from this wall before he gets back.

He’s not gone long and when he returns, he’s wearing only the white shirt—all buttons open—and his black boxer briefs. I get hot all over again at the sight of him. He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom, but not to the bed. He stops at the wall that separates the sleeping area from the parlor and takes me to the oversized chair there. On the table, I can see the cord tieback from one of the drapes from somewhere in the suite, olive oil, and something else that I can’t quite make out. He turns me around and slowly removes my dress. He then cups my ass under the sheer panties and pushes my underwear off and down my legs. I lift each leg so that he can remove them and he licks my clit only once on his way back up, causing me to moan.

I’m standing there in the sheer demi-bra and the nude strappy stilettos. He runs his thumbs over the outside of the bra, the material right over my nipples. He’s working them to a pebble with just his thumbs.

“They’re so full and beautiful. I thought it was a push-up… it’s all you.” He kisses me deeply. “I want to fuck them.”

“Okay,” I breathe. The idea of his dick between my tits is making my clit throb again because I love the way that he looks when he’s very aroused. I love when his dick gets pink and purple and he’s about to come. It’s a beautiful sight. He kisses me again and instructs me to clasp my hands behind my back. When I do, he binds my arms at the elbows with the cord and pulls them together a bit.

“Okay?” he asks. I nod. “Good. Sit.” He directs me to sit in the chair with the mirror on the wall above it, which I do. My breasts protrude out because of the way that I am bound and I’m still in my bra. He goes over to the table and now I recognize that contraption. It’s the vibrating nipple and clit suction cups from Anguilla. Oh shit.

“I love that you are practicing absorbing your pleasure,” he says as he manipulates my nipples again. I shiver at his touch, but focus on his eyes so as not to rise too quickly. “I want to see you do it again. I want you to absorb the pleasure for a while.” He attaches both suction cups to my breast. I hear the pump and they squeeze only a little.

“When you do come, pull it inside,” he instructs as he moves his hand to my clit. I swallow my whimper. “You will control your orgasm. You will determine its intensity.” Fuck, he’s turning me on so much, then telling me that I will control my orgasm! Okay… focus… focus… I bite my lip to keep from crying out when he attaches the cup to my clit. “Are you ready, Baby?” I nod.

“Yes,” I breathe.

“Open your legs, Baby.” I spread my legs wide. “Wider. Put your feet up on the seat of the chair.” I flatten my hands behind me and lift my legs, bending my knees so that my core is fully exposed.

“Yes,” he hisses. “Just like that.” I hear the pump again and feel the cups tighten. Fuck, they feel so good. “Here we go,” he warns. When he turns on the vibrator, I do cry out. The sensation almost drives me insane. He stands and backs away from me, observing his creation.

“Baby, you look so good. I wish you could see it, but it would only make you come too soon,” he says as he pushes and ottoman up against the chair where I’m sitting. He removes his shirt and then his boxers. His impressive erection springs forth and he takes it in his hand. Now, he uses a bit of the olive oil, pouring a bit on his dick, and even more on my breasts and right over the sheer material of my bra. He’s careful not to let it reach the suction cups. He lets it drip across and between my breasts as he takes a seat on the ottoman. He increases the suction on the cups just a bit, causing my eyes to roll back in my head.

“Is it good, Baby?” he asks while working his hand up and down his erection. Fuck, yes, it’s good, and you look fucking delicious, Mr. Grey.

“Yes,” I breathe, “very good… so good…”

“Mmmm, you look good, too,” he says, stroking himself harder. “Breathe through it, Baby. Feel it. Do you like it?”

“So much,” I say, as I absorb the pleasure, intent on riding it through and enjoying it. He’s getting harder and pinker and now, he’s shiny, too. “You look so good,” I tell him, watching his dick begin to throb.

“Do I?” he asks, his voice thick with pleasure. I nod, never taking my eyes off his dick. “Good, because I’m about to fuck your tits now.” He stands from the ottoman and kneels on the seat in front of me, placing his legs between mine so that I can’t close them. “Tell me if the restraints become too uncomfortable.”

What restraints?

He slips his dick under my bra and between my breasts and throws his head back as he groans loudly. His stroke is immediate. He steadies himself with his hands on the back of the chair and he is stroking madly, fucking my tits like he fucks my pussy.

“Damn it! Goddamnit! Fuck, it feels so good…” He thrusts repeatedly between my breasts and I know that he’ll be blowing soon. I look up at him and he is alternating between watching his dick between my breasts and watching himself in the mirror. His face is determined, focused, concentrating on the task until he throws his head back. “Fuck! It’s so good!” he groans. I look down at his dick between my tits, throbbing and purple and oily, and my pussy burns to release. I suddenly remember the cups on my tits and clit and the suction is suddenly very intense. I was so busy watching him that my mind wandered away from what was going on down there.

He is no longer looking in the mirror. His head is back and he is concentrating on what he’s feeling… and so am I. The suction and vibration are pulling me deeper and deeper, the feeling becoming so intense that I can feel myself shaking. I drop my head and wait for my opportunity and at just the right moment, he thrusts up and I open my mouth and clamp down.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck! Oh, fuuuuuck!” he cries out as he instinctively grabs my hair and presses me down onto his head as he continues to stroke between my breasts. The moment I get the taste of his skin in my mouth, I detonate! I pull the sensation in like he instructed and the orgasm is huge and causes me to growl deep in my throat. This halts Mr. Grey’s motion, causing him to groan mournfully and empty hotly into my mouth. I clamp and suck hard, sucking every bit of juice out of him that I can as I ride out this universally cosmic orgasm.

“Baby! Oooowwwww!” he cries as he pushes me down onto his dick, not allowing me to let go, and I don’t intend to either. That puppy is going to be as limp as my pussy is tender when this ride is over.

My orgasm has waned and my clit is actually pretty tender under the suction cup. I try to ignore it as Christian trembles and breathes out his orgasm, but it’s starting to hurt a bit. He catches his breath quickly and, knowing my body the way that he does, he quickly removes the suction cups much to my relief. He reaches around me and unties the cord and, looking down, he cups my breasts again.

“God, they are so beautiful,” he says. “Stand up and turn around.”

I rise gracefully from the chair and turn around, my back to his front, and come face to face with myself in the antique mirror above the chair. His hands travel under my arms and up around my breasts again, his index fingers teasing me like his thumbs did earlier.

The party’s not over yet.

He unhooks my bra and pushes it off my shoulders, exposing my hungry breasts… hungry for him to touch me again.

“On your knees on the chair.” I get on my knees and I fully expect him to take me from behind, but he doesn’t.

“Look how beautiful you look,” he says as he scans my reflection in the mirror. He takes my hands and clamps them on the back of the seat. I am now leaning into the mirror, my breasts round and reaching for my reflection, my nipples pink and protruding.

“Watch,” he commands. “Don’t let go. See how beautiful you are.” He disappears from behind me and I feel him slide underneath me, his breath now on my clit and his tongue very gently teasing me. To say that I can’t breathe is an understatement. My clit is still sore, but he is gentle and tender with his caress. As he slowly and meticulously works me back into a sexual frenzy, I have this gasping, whimpering, Chihuahua-barking thing going on as I hold firmly to the back of the chair.

“Watch,” he says into my core. I look at the wanton creature in the mirror as he caresses and teases my clit. She looks… vulnerable. As he continues to lick and suck my clit, she transforms. Her blue eyes are piercing; her lips are parted; she looks primal, sexy… and hot.

His hands slowly rise to my breasts and I watch as he gently pinches my now-oily nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger before his hands cover both breasts and massage gently. His palms sliding over my nipples are driving me wild and the vision of his hands covering my breasts and kneading as I push forward into them is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Although I can’t see his head between my legs, I can see the top of my hips grinding sensually and I know what’s going on down there. The visual assault coupled with his open-mouthed attack on my core and his tongue licking and circling my clit…

“Aaaahhhh!” I groan loudly, throwing my head back at the incredible pleasure.

“Hold on,” he coaxes, still talking into my pussy.

“Yes!” I declare, still grasping the back of the oversized chair while absorbing the sensations he’s unleashing on me. I raise my head again to examine the girl in the mirror. Her once straight hair is now wild and flowing over her shoulders and breasts, partially covering his hands. Her eyes are hungry, her pupils dilated. She’s panting, feverish in her passion. She watches his hands tighten on her breasts, holding them firmly. I drop my head and see him watching me intently. I can only see his eyes and part of his hair and he’s gazing unblinking at me as he loves me deeply and hotly with his mouth and tongue. A small tortured cry escapes my mouth as I see the pleasure evident in his eyes. He’s enjoying this immensely—not as much as I am, no doubt, but immensely nonetheless. He groans into me and I close my eyes to concentrate on the burn. My God, it’s so good… I can’t stand it…

“Open your eyes. Look at yourself,” he says, his face buried in my pussy. I open my eyes again and the poor creature in the mirror has lost control. Her breath is erratic and her chest is rising and falling madly. She’s covered in a sheen of sweat and the ends of her once-fluffy hair are sticking to her breasts. She is tortured, her face contorted into a helpless and mournful expression of ecstasy, agony, and surrender.

“Uuuuugggghhhh!” I cry as the burning intensifies. Oh, God, please….

“Don’t close your eyes! Watch yourself come.”

Seconds after he says the words, I watch her face stretch and transform as beads of sweat form instantly on her forehead and temples. Her cries are helpless and agonizing and her nails threaten to pierce the fabric of the chair as the inferno that’s bellowing through her threatens to devour her very soul. I watch in helpless amazement and wonder as my expressions and gyrations interpret the eruption that is happening in my body and core, literally tearing me limb from limb as I fight to hold myself together and get lost in the liberating release all at the same time. I now know why he likes to watch me come. It’s magnificent! Seeing it and feeling it at the same time is almost unbearable!

The release has waned a bit, but the pleasure and burning have not stopped when he stealthily slides his body up the chair, positions himself at my core, and slides me down onto his massive shaft. I moan loudly as he begins this grinding, rocking motion into me. He is slouched down into the chair so that I can still see my reflection. He wraps his arms around me so that he can control my movement and begins to thrust into me—harder and faster. At the same time, he takes one of my nipples into his mouth and sucks hard! I cry out—loud and high—wrapping my arms around his head and thrusting my fingers into his hair.

Unable to match his relentless stroke, I stay there on my knees with him pounding mercilessly into me, over and over again. He moves to the other breast and I hear him grunting and feel him growing inside of me. I love this part. This is the part where he begins to lose himself, begins to rise to his release. He will either try to fight it or make it more intense. His next words tell me that he’s going for option two.

“Tell me,” he growls. “Tell me what you feel.” Everything! Like my fucking head is going to pop off any second!

“Hard… stiff…” I choke, rising again with him. Fuck, he’s getting bigger! “Filling me… pushing me… friction… ugh… oh, God!” I can see his magnificent dick in my head—pink and purple and fat and wet and drilling into me. “Oh God!”

“What?” he grunts, still thrusting into me. “Tell me!” Fuck, he is hitting the spot, over and over and I’m having the hardest time forming any words whatsoever. I open my eyes again and watch this helpless creature being driven to her third orgasm.


“Tell me!” he commands me again, thrusting and grinding as one arm holds me possessively and motionless against him while the other hand wanders roughly over my ass. He grabs one cheek, holding it open and using it to guide my hips and his fingers are so long that one of them only slightly breaches my rosette, sending a shock of pleasure through me that goes straight to my head and is visible in my eyes.

“Uuuugggghhhh! Christian!”

“Tell me!” he demands, now slamming my hips down onto his and looking up at me, though I can’t see his eyes—only the reflection of his upturned head as I admiringly watch this beautiful vixen in the mirror coming apart all over again.

“Heat!” she breathes at me. “Fire! Fire! Friction… tingling, then… burning! Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop!” she begs.

“Take it, Baby!” he grunts. “Feel it! I feel… everything you do… Make me feel it, Baby…! Make me feel it!”

“Aaahhh! Christiaaann!” Fuck that mirror. I throw my head back and feel it, just like he said. I’m clamping on to his shoulders and pulling that orgasm all the way in. I think I’m drawing blood with my fingernails as my pelvis is concentrating on grinding into that magnificent dick and pulling every bit of pleasure out of it that I can harvest.

“Yes, Baby! Fuck!” He yells a few moments later as he pounds up into me, then stills, then pounds again, then stills again, then repeats this rhythm three or four more times before he collapses back into the chair with me in his arms, completely out of breath.

A/N: escargot, soupe à l’oignon, coquilles Saint-Jacques, and Sole Meunière. – Snails, onion soup, scallops, and sole.

Hachis Parmentier—shepherd’s pie

Blanquette de Veau—Veal ragout or stew

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AFTERNOTE–AFTERNOTE–AFTERNOTE–AFTERNOTE: I HAD TO READDRESS THIS ISSUE because there were so many people that were UTTERLY APPALLED that Christian had a NATURAL MALE REACTION to seeing an attractive woman. Let me point three things out for you:

1) He did not have this reaction to some random woman… IT WAS HIS WIFE! True, he may not have known that it was her, but it was still her!

2) He didn’t get up and go over to the woman like, “Hey Baby, what’s yo’ sign?” He just admired her from afar!

3) I don’t care how long you have been together with your significant other, how long you have been married, or how faithful he or she is. If you think for one moment that–during the course of your relationship–they have NEVER seen someone that they found attractive and took a moment to appreciate it, or never had a little fire in the nether regions over some fine specimen of woman or man that may have crossed their path, you’re living in a fantasy world. Allow me to invite you to the real world with the rest of us! The only way a man or a woman will not have an inner reaction to someone that they find attractive is if they are dead or castrated! Finding someone attractive and acting on it are two different things–give the man a fucking break!!

Love and Handcuffs!
Lynn X

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