Are You Afraid of the Dark?


It’s 2:00 in the morning and I have to go to work… so you KNOW I must have something to say…

So, in last week’s comments, there was a lot of controversy in people’s differing opinions about the contents of the chapter, what they thought I should do, where they thought the story was going, on and on and on. I have no problem with extreme emotion, things that make you think, even differing opinions offered in a respectful manner. The biggest controversy, it appears, is that some people are speculating that the Strauss money could originate as far back as Nazi Germany.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t know much about Nazi Germany and I have no desire to do any research on Nazi Germany. However, if I had decided to take my story in that direction, it would have been my prerogative. People who come from “old money” don’t have to be alive when the wealth was initially acquired. Also keep in mind that Edda never said how old she was—Christian guessed that she’s at least 70 years old.

Having said that, I have to say that for those of you who don’t know by now, I am a black woman—a baby-boomer, in fact. That means that even though I may not be learned on the entire history of Nazi Germany, I am familiar with some of it’s most infamous facts. I don’t want anybody to think I didn’t comment because I didn’t care. I didn’t comment because I was getting pissed off and there was nothing that I could say that could have been said in a constructive way.

The first comment that I remember reading was from someone who suggested that the Strauss money may have come from Hitlerjugend (did I spell that right?) or something of the sort. She was stating an historical fact about a dark time in World History as well as an opinion about how this could have been where Edda’s family’s money came from. The next thing I know, I’m reading insensitive “yawn” comments and stuff about slavery and I’m sitting here like “How the fuck did this happen???”

I am writing a story about two people who are going up against extraordinary obstacles because they are both extraordinary people! If the extraordinary is too much for you, leave!

I have to say that I did not commit to memory who wrote what comments—I just have pieces of the comments in my head. I threw a mental dart at the countries that might fit in the storyline and the dart hit Germany. Should I have thrown the dart at another country to alleviate this issue? Because no matter where the dart landed, there was going to be a dark past of some kind. It’s the nature of the world being around so long! I didn’t feel like navigating around bad history just to prove that Elena is a sick bitch that was most likely mentored by another sick bitch—nor did I think I had to!

The age of consent in Germany is 14. I can’t remember if it was comments or emails, but the next thing that I knew, I was getting comments/contact me/emails about the age of consent and German law. I had to pull out my research and prove that I had done my homework on how old a child had to be before you could fuck ‘em! I’m like, “Do people think I just open my hat, pull out a rabbit and put it in my story?” I may not have been correct on German slang, but I do know that the age of consent in Germany is currently 14.

It is also 14 in Austria, Portugal, and Italy.

The next thing I know, I’m getting facts about if you’re 21 & 7/8 years old and you have sex with someone 14 years 3 months 9 days 6 hours and 37 minutes old that you can be sued by the state and if you do the hokey-pokey backwards while rubbing your head and singing “Zippity-Do-Dathey can put you in jail and don’t walk the wrong way down a one-way street after midnight on a full moon or you might get a ticket and… I didn’t ask all that! Neither did I say all that! Edda said… wait for it…

Age of consent in my country is 14!”

That’s all she said! That. Is. A. Fact. Whatever other prelims and statutes and police rights and restrictions are placed upon it, that particular piece of information is true.

The age of consent in Germany is 14…
and that’s what I said…
and that’s what Edda said.

For those of you who still choose to refute me, please see  I . § 176 of the German Criminal CodeThere’s a PDF of it on that page if you would like to read the whole thing…

No offense to my German readers, but many of you came out either in comments or email to tell me what I got wrong when the only thing that I really got wrong was that I said that a piece of German slang was more common than it actually is. And the callousness about Nazi Germany… I’m physically ill. That’s all I have to say about that.

It is totally fine to speculate about where you think the story may be headed—I still contend that the comment that started this was just an opinion about where the money came from and what may have influenced Edda’s upbringing. However, to eliminate this situation in the future, I ask that if you feel the need to make any comments about issues that could possibly lead to a discussion about Nazi concentration camps, Native American reservations, the African slave ships, Rwandan genocide, Japanese-American internment camps, the thousands and thousands and thousands of black men, women, and children who have been shot, stabbed, hanged, burned, beaten or dragged behind cars in lynchings and during the civil rights movement from the late-18th to the mid-20th century, Middle Eastern honor rape (among other countries), South African Apartied, the many protestant tortures and deaths under the Spanish Inquisition, African female genital mutilation, the millions of female babies killed, left at orphanages, or sold into prostitution or slavery because of China’s one-child policy, or any of the other dark moments in world history, that you kindly make them somewhere else and not on my page. That’s not what I write about and that’s not what I want to see over here.

One more little piece of enlightenment while we’re talking about dark moments. This very day, we Americans still contend with the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists who made Hitler’s model their mantra and currently walk around with swastikas on their clothing and tattooed on their bodies. So I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but while Nazi Germany was dark, it’s not so much past over here on these shores.



73 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  1. Jeannette says:

    I’m so sorry that people can’t just let u be so u can tell the story! I absolutely love everything you wright. You know those people can just screw themselves, thats all have a great day:)

  2. Redraven says:

    Wow!!! Really?!?!?!

    BG it’s amazing to me people have the time to complain about this. First of all people it’s flipping FICTION for crying out loud!!!!! I dunno instead of harassing this poor woman who is simply sharing her wonderful gift for FREE, why don’t you do something productive and complain about something REAL. Instead you could of used that time and wrote your congressperson about some REAL law that pisses you off, email a company that uses uses GMO’s or animals for testing……. Whatever! You get the point! Be productive instead of a complainer… Fuck that bothers me!
    This a story, BG’s story…..period. Either enjoy or put down the “book” and walk the fuck away…..period!


    Since I don’t want these people to make me a hypocrite, I now will write a productive email to my local school board in support of the new ELA curriculum they wish to purchase.

  3. Lorraine Olford says:

    Lynn, i wish you didn’t feel like you had to justify your writing, you really don’t you know, the people who made the ridiculous comments obviously have issues of their own, i deal with emotional health and your story can provoke a lot of feelings buried inside people, there is a lot of psychological matter within the story which people will either see themselves in or apply and use on themselves, your German readers may have had the Nazi crap thrown at them for years, so it was the first thing for them to feel that you were perhaps just another one of them arse-holes who wanted to bring up the past and batter them with it, something that happened before they were even born. You come across to me as a pretty well adjusted person who isn’t going to take out the past on someone for what their ancestors did, please don’t let these people upset you in any way, you’ve done nothing wrong, with this sort of crap your only opinion should be, WHATEVER!

    The first thing i think about when someone mentions the Germans is, fit bodies, blonde hair, fast cars and money, there’s a good stereotype of that image in the Simpsons cartoon.

    Please keep writing how you always have, those of us who are, lets just say reasonably adjusted (nobody’s perfect) will keep loving you for it.

    • That’s the thing, though, Lorraine. I never mentioned Nazi Germany… I didn’t even allude to it. One of my reviewers simply said that the money–being “old” money–may have come from Nazi Germany. Then the conversation took off all over the place and I was like, “no more!” because it started to get offensive. 😦

      • Lorraine says:

        I know, these people really are not worth you wasting your energies on, their mindset is twisted and they are going to see things in your story that simply are not there, they need to look at why they think the way they do and question it, until they do their mindset will remain what it is, as others have said no one is forcing them to read. Only those closest to you should matter, only they should be able to upset you like this, anyone else is irrelevant, don’t let them control you like this, remember you are in control of how you feel, not them.

  4. crazy4bam says:

    I am sorry that some people took what you wrote and twisted it. I never even had any of those thoughts when I read last weeks post. I just thought Elena learned all she knew from a someone sicker than her. You have written a great story so far. It makes me think, cry, laugh and scream “what the fuck?”
    Thank you for all the hard work, I really appreciate it. Looking forward to this weeks post.

  5. jjgray61 says:

    I’m enjoying the story. Just tell the haters to bite u and if they b don’t like it, then they can just not read it. U can please all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but u can’t please all the people all the time. There will b some that will complain just to complain

  6. stine1 says:

    Well, what can I say? My “insensitive yawn comment” was not directed at you or your story. Neither was mentioning slavery. At least I know now, why you did not comment back since you intended to avoid writing something negative back. And no, THIS comment is not meant to be mean either. I am sorry if you thought my comments were negative.

    Same goes for the age limit. I was involved in that, too. And again, my (and our) comments were NOT meant to belittle your story, belittle your research or make fun of you. I can understand that you seem to take all comments very seriously since they are people’s reactions to something you hace created but maybe, just maybe you took it a bit too serious here. I thought comments on a blog are also a way to communicate not only with the author, but also with the other readers. And of course, sometimes you start to discuss things related to that topic.

    My personal consequences will be to not comment anymore on your blog which is a pity. You wanted constructive criticism and don’t want it when we write it. We did not even tell you to change your story. I would never do that. It is YOUR story and YOU write what YOU want. We only shared our opinions about it.

    And yes, I am deeply sorry to be one of the commenters who gave you reason to write this particular post. Again: That was never my intention.

    • Well, Stine, thank you for letting me know that you made some of those comments so that I didn’t have to go back and look for them. Secondly, if you choose not to comment, that’s your prerogative, but there’s a couple of things that you need to understand before you go (know that this is not meant with ill intent, but it must be said):

      “You wanted constructive criticism and don’t want it when we write it.”
      Constructive criticism is not constructive when you are wrong… it’s just criticism. I did go back and check some of the comments after I uploaded my post last night and found out that you were the one who told me that my German slang was not so common only to come back later and post last night to say that you were mistaken–it just wasn’t common in your part of Germany.

      In addition, if you were one of the ones that mentioned something about the age of consent, don’t feel bad because I got slammed! My email is FULL of people telling me that I don’t know “shit about the law in Germany” (you call that


      ) and that’s why I had to post a link to the German law to let every one of them know that I do know shit about this particular law. So if you think that was all aimed at you and your

        one comment

      –sorry, but no. You had a lot of company. Some of them were very brutal–not constructive in fact at all–and still turned out to be WRONG!

      Also, in regards to the “insensitive yawn comment,” I knew that you weren’t talking about me or my story. Did you seriously think that I would write a dissertation because you may have yawned at my story??? Seriously??? Many people have decided, “Well, I don’t like where this is going” and said so! People are constantly saying, “I don’t like the way Ana is treating Christian… Ana needs to grow up… blah, blah, blah.” I don’t lash out at people for that–that’s an opinion. There’s nothing disrespectful or mean about it–it’s an opinion. I have had people unsubscribe from my mailing list… big deal! What bothers me more is that you completely missed that point and then made it look like I was a brat standing in the middle of the room stomping my feet having a temper tantrum because the teacher didn’t like my picture!

      What I thought was insensitive was the fact that you were referring to a time where six million people were cooked in ovens while many more fled and lived in exile or were killed because they wouldn’t join or support the Third Reich… AND YOU YAWNED ABOUT IT!!! Then you used slavery and the herding of the Native Americans to support your behavior! THAT’S what I found insensitive. You say that you were only sharing your opinion–that’s fine. I’m saying that I found your opinion insensitive and that’s my opinion.

      Finally, you say that I took it a bit too seriously. That lets me know that all you saw was how the post applied to you. You still didn’t get the thrust of the post. I specifically said that that I got emails, “contact me,” and posts about this particular situation, which means I got A WHOLE LOT MORE then just a few posts from Stine1. I got a whole lot of crazy rude s–t from people I didn’t know read my story! And they all came out of the woodwork to curse me out and call me names because they didn’t know their own damn law. So when you tell me that I can’t take “constructive criticism,” you either completely missed the point of the post and need to go back and read it again OR you are defending their right to speak to me in that manner!

      Once again, if you choose not to post anymore, that is completely up to you. But if you do ever decide to comment again, all I ask is that you make sure that you completely understand what I’m saying and that you have your facts straight. I can easily ignore one person if that had been the case. I made it clear that I was talking about several and you took it all onto yourself and then wrapped it up in “You wanted constructive criticism and don’t want it when we write it.” I don’t mean to be hurtful, but you’re not that powerful–one bad opinion is not that hurtful. I stopped the zinging on Fanfiction (remember the zingers?). You don’t want to comment, okay–but don’t wrap all that stuff up in the “constructive criticism” package and then try to blame it on me, because that’s not what that was, particularly because your facts were wrong. The facts that were correct were used as a weapon to support your flippant response to the true and real horrors that were Nazi Germany. I’m so sorry that was a dark time in your country’s past, but if you notice (unless you didn’t), I went through SEVERAL dark times in WORLD HISTORY when I was closing my post… I didn’t single you out.

      My mom always told me that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that barks is the one that got hit.

      • stine1 says:

        Ok, I did not know that you got so many emails (“brutal” as you put it). It was never my intention to start something like this or be a part of it. And no, of course that is not constructive. Sorry again that I thought you were referring to my and some other comments.
        I also understand your point of view about my “yawn comment” now. For some of it “lost in translation” and “language gap” can be blamed, not for all. I am sorry again. “Thou shalt not comment on sensitive topics in a second language…”

        I can only repeat that I thought you were only referring to the comments and it probably was very egoistic of me (!!) to think you were referring to my comments.

      • The NutJob says:

        As far as constructive criticism being wrong…I think you are messing with words here. Constructive criticism is the best kind of criticism and every author should be glad to receive it because ot gives them an inside in their reader’s heads.
        What may be ‘wrong’, in your mind anyhow, is people’s opinions which is a whole different story. We don’t have to agree on everything and just because someone has a different opinion from your own doesn’t make it ‘wrong’ or any less meaningful. It’s simply a different opinion and people are entitled to voice those. World would be an utterly boring place if we all agreed on everything and shared the same views/opinions. And I doubt that that is what you want because praise, while a nice ego boost, won’t get you anywhere as a writer.

      • I understand what you mean, But I was saying that the criticism that was labeled as constructive was leveled against facts that I had already explained several times and then had to prove that I had evidence to support my claim. Not only that but I have, more than once, had to deal with someone’s passive aggressive shots and/or insults or belittling only to have them come back and label that crap constructive. Maybe I should just stop and write for money. That way when someone hurls insults at me (not you, my friend) at least I will have gotten paid for it.

  7. Angela Hamilton says:

    It is 4:30 in the morning where I am & if my hubby hits the snooz button one more time I may just go Butterfly on his butt! That being said I love your work so much that I get all kinds of excited & open your emails when I still have 4 hours to sleep. I just don’t get how people feel that they have a right to dictate what you write. If they don’t like it they can write their own dang story. I say keep up the amazing work & screw em if they can’t take a joke…or chapter rather.


  8. Donna says:

    I think it is ridiculous that you had to spend time to reply to such outlandish comments. Some must have too much time on their hands, very overactive imaginations and seek to insert negative vibes into the space of your fabulous story. If they feel so strongly, they should ask to be removed from the BG distro.

    I for one am saddened because you had to devote your time responding to that foolishness instead of putting pen to paper and giving us another chapter regarding these complex characters you write about each week who we all have grown to love.

  9. I am sorry that you have had to deal with this and that you are unable to sleep you are taking it better than I would. I love your story and I support you. I don’t read other people’s comments because I only care about the story and I know that some will comment negatively.

    I hope that you have a better day.

  10. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your sincere thoughts. I was all excited for an unexpected update & here you are at 2am having to explain yourself & YOUR story yet again! If people don’t like it, go away & stop reading!! I look at your story as a book. I love that I can comment & commend your work because if I was reading an actual book, I would not be able to comment after every chapter. These negative reviewers are the reason you had to leave Fan Fiction! Please stop explaining yourself to these people, it’s a STORY!! You are keeping as close to real life as possible, for which I thank you, but I would never question anything you write. There is NO reason to berate you or YOUR STORY! Natzi’s, Germans, pedophilia & age of consent did not even enter my mind while reading, & I’ve seen the effects of real life pedo’s up close & personal! Please people, leave our Goddess alone, so she can write the story that MOST of us LOVE!

  11. deb says:

    don’t know where you are from Bronze but here in America back in the 1800’s and before men would take their child brides at age 13 and up to 18 at 18 they were to be wed if not there was something wrong with the girl we all have to learn not all things are govern by USA standards. and I love how you explain edda and Lincoln and why they think that way very genesis thinking indeed way to go.

    • I’m right here in American and thank you for your response, Deb. Yes, I am well aware that child brides were common in the 1800’s, but we are in the 21st century now, and most if not all countries now have an age of consent. Christian made it very clear to Edda that sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy may be legal in her country, but in America, she’s a pedophile.

      Honestly, Deb, I think I just would have been better off picking a fictional country.

  12. Ginger says:

    You have no idea the levels of excitement I had when I saw a post from you!!! Then I read, and well, yeah not so much.
    I maybe old school, but when I think of comments to a story, in my mind I’m thinking MY COMMENTS to YOU. I scroll down quickly to get my thoughts out, cuz at my age I might just forget them. Depending on the chapter and how I perceived it, I MIGHT read a comment or two only to make sure I got it. Otherwise, I just keep moving. It feels too personal to read others comments to you. So, I totally just don’t understand the comments to the comments?
    I’m here for entertainment, and oh my Goddess, do you deliver. You have educated me as well as helped me heal. THANK YOU!

    • leoedi0306 says:

      The comments should encourage the writer to continue and let the writer know how much we enjoy the story.

  13. Gail says:

    Your comments should be televised. I love your writing skills.

  14. leoedi0306 says:

    Please ignore the assholes and continue the story!

  15. rmoure says:

    OMG are you fucking kidding me!!!! I thought this was a fanfiction not a true story? If you want to write that write that Christian started fucking at 10 so be it. It’s your story not theirs. I’m so sorry that people can’t just let you write what you want to write without nic picking everything you write. I absolutely love everything you write and I hope you cgntinue, this has been so much fun reading, thank you so much. I sit on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter. You know those people can just screw themselves, that’s all have a great day:)

  16. Sara Bowen says:

    Please accept my apology for your lack of sleep. I did leave a comment and if it caused any distress I am so sorry. It is your story and you write what you want. I love your writing and the story and don’t want to give you any distress. Just have fun with your writing!

    • Thank you, Sara. I don’t know who wrote expect for the one comment that I responded to in yet another dissertation a moment ago because I didn’t go back and read, but I appreciate your apology either way.

  17. Teresa says:

    Sorry love calling her a nazi bitch was in NO way a comment on how your story should go, it an insult to Edda, is just that nazi is the worst thing you could call a German person- and she was being such a bitch! But you know I am not a writer, I read for fun I would NEVER tell you what or how to write! Now if you ever need help on Differential Equations (my area) or Horiculture ( my friend’s who reads you with me) we are here for you! Now I never read other people comments – can’t be arse with it- but you know the saying…as long as they talk…

  18. debbieg0379 says:

    Wow…some people need to realize that this a FICTIONAL story with FICTIONAL characters….as in, THEY DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST!! Good Lord, someone must have a lot of time on their hands to come up with the theory that Edda’s “old money” is Nazi money. And so what if it is?? That just solidifies how evil that family is IMO then. I can’t believe you had to dedicate a whole post to clarify this. Good Lord, we could have maybe had an extra chapter if you didn’t have clarify every little thing in your story all the time. Ugh some people! It’s your story and you write it as you see fit and I’ll keep on reading. I love your story and your writing so don’t change a thing unless YOU want to (but I know I don’t have to tell you that!)

  19. You tell ’em Goddess! People who make mountains out of molehills have got far too much time on their hands. Just read the damn story and enjoy it. To be honest, my initial thought was wondering if the old money was a family link to the composer of the same name. The Nazi period in history was shockingly tragic, but why should modern day Germany have to contend with the stigma whenever the country is mentioned? England doesn’t get the same treatment and my home country is responsible for many atrocities over the centuries. Well, that’s enough politics and history for me, back to mindless fantasising over Jamie Dornan as CG…

  20. Just shows to go ya, some folks cause s**t without even knowing it. If you have a problem with the story, talk to the hand. AND KEEP THE F**K off the Comments. Lynn has written two beautiful and unusual stories for our entertainment, putting her heart and soul and Self into them. She has accepted our diverse Comments when I feel she was scratching her head at our reasoning. Now, let her get back to her real job of thrilling us with her intelligent story and her understanding of that extraordinary pair – Christian and Ana.

  21. naeo1999 says:

    I’m sorry people are being so negative. Your story rocks!

  22. teresa7557 says:

    Jesus…it’s a work of fiction based on another work of fiction. If you don’t like the direction of the story, stop reading it. Some people have too much time in their hands…get a hobby that doesn’t include bitch-moaning about facts you find to be incorrect in a story that is fiction.

    With that said, love the story…don’t let the haters get you down!

  23. lovesfiftyshades says:

    Love your story; always have; always will. I consider it an honor and privilege to be able to be a part of your blog and to be able to communicate with you. You are an amazing writer with a depth of imagination like none I have ever known. I agree with what one person said earlier, this is about fictional characters. Unfortunately, what reviewers don’t understand is, these characters who “live in your mind” as I’ve heard you say, as you write about them, become very real indeed. It becomes very personal. It’s the essence of you coming through; it’s your unique Christian and Ana who adore. BG…Lynn…Friend…I hope and pray these comments that caused a 2am response will not hinder or discourage you. I hope they will be purged from your thoughts so that we can continue on our journey of “Mending Dr. Steele”.

  24. Anna says:

    I read your comment and decidied to reply because I have a somewhat mixed opinion about it. I did not partake in writing the comments, but I did sent you an email concerning the age of consent in Germany. I did that privately, because I thought you had just overlooked the restrictions that go with the age of 14 (which DO apply to the case in your story) and the fact that the age of consent concerning partners over 21 (as in you story) is 16, when the teenager might have been manipulated into having sex (and judging from the comments Germans know that). I know it is a detail and I don’t even know if there is detailed english literature on the topic so you might not be able to find it well at all (all I found was the english wikipedia and although it is not as detailed as the German websites, it clearly states the exceptions to the general rule of being 14 and also tells the history (how the law would have been taught to Elena at her time) Technically there are a lot of things where the legal age to do something in Germany is ‘split’ meaning that you are allowed to do it partially at a younger age and fully mostly two years later (e.g. driving, drinking, voting and also sex). In all cases the older age is the legal age young people learn during their education, so Edda/Elena would have had 16 in mind in that case. To be honest I expected you to take the criticism a bit more serious, since I don’t expect people who have never lived in Germany to know such things and the German law is often very confusing especially when you are not used to have a trillion of exceptions to every law in your country. I don’t know why you reacted like this to a simple comment meant to help. The source you are citing above talks about sex with a 13 year old and only states that sex with under 14 year olds is totally forbidden but goes not into details on the difference of the partner being over or under 21 (since the boy was only 17) and thus does not show the legal difference between 14 and 16 year old victims. I would have really loved for you to take that (constructive, in my eyes) criticism better, since you usually do quite well on that front.

    Having said that: I really love your story and the journey of your characters. Of course I also wondered where Eddas money came from, but since it is your writing I felt that it is your right to choose and your desicion to make. Everybody knows what happens if you refer to historically dark periods of any country so I really stand by your opinion that it should be your choice if you want to start a discussion about something like that on your page or not. As you did not write anything about it and there are so many ways a family could have gotten lots of money (a brilliant idea well sold, building your own company, risky deals, successful management, swindled, cooperating with a corrupt government, even former aristocracy would be an option!, …) that starting an unwanted discussion about Nazi Germany (and how on earth did that lead to slavery in the US????) was really not called for. I totally agree with you about this part of your comment. I really hope you’re not too upset and continue to post your story as YOU planned it.

    I really like that you portray the work Ana and Christian put into dealing with themselves and growing stronger as a couple so well. I had a point where I was so upset with them because they were always fighting or fucking and what happened: they break up because of it. I could totally feel with the whole situation and the solution/reconciliation was completely believable. You have a great gift in writing about difficult interpersonal relationships, in creating an atmosphere where the reader feels drawn into the story. So PLEASE keep that up as you always did (and I know you will). Don’t be upset about small comments on details that are not relevant to the overall story. Sometimes they are just meant to help, because you are doing such a fabulous job in writing everything! Thanks a lot! *waiting for the next chapter* 😉

    • Anna, I do thank you for your comment, but just like I told Stine a little while ago, a lot of the comments that I got in my email were not as kindly worded as yours. Constructive criticism, I can take, but the stuff that I was reading was not constructive.

      This woman (Edda) has absolutely no moral compass. Her only concern is that age of consent in her country is 14, which is what she told Christian. Again, that is a statement of fact and that’s all that she’s concerned about. That’s all that this morally barren woman was concerned about–that a 14 year old boy could fuck… can I please get people to see that.

      It looks like you read my post thoroughly, but hopefully you see that was just one of the points that I brought to light… that wasn’t what sent me “nuts…” 😥

  25. The NutJob says:

    First of, I’m not sure why, for the second time in so many weeks, you feel the need to explain or defend yourself. That being said, it would be nice if the comments could be kept to constructive if there is something people don’t agree with within the story. Alas, ’tis the nature of the beast these days. People read something and instantly reply because they can. As Herm Edwards keeps saying ‘Don’t press SEND!’ I wish there was a 2-hour rule before you could reply to anything you read online so people had a chance to think/re-read something/do some research. As it is, people post the first thing they can think of which is not always good and doesn’t make them look good either. In this case, some people have obviously made assumptions and jumped to conclusions without reason.
    Now, as a German I have to be careful how to phrase certain things, but it irks me every time I see German history reduced to the Nazi regime as this discussion about ‘old money’ did. Just for the record, my hometown is almost 900 years old and started out as a monastery.Germany was a monarchy up until the 1. WW. Don’t know if people don’t know or what but there’s still royals living in Germany today…in their pretty castles with loads of money. To me, that’s ‘old money’. Not exclusively of course. Now, I think where people jumped to conclusions where when you linked said old money to the industry because all they could think of was the whole of the German industry was turned into a war machine in the 1930s. Guess all they could think of was IG Farben and went bunkers. Nevermind that a lot of rich families left Germany when Hitler came to power to save themselves and their money. They came back after the war and invested their money rebuilding the Germany economy and got richer. Cool? No! Fact? Yes! I think you simply wanted to make the point that she’s rich and connected and Christian can’t just bulldoze her in his usual manner.
    Fact: the age of consent in Germany is 14. As someone stated above, to Edda that’s all that matters. Nevermind that molestation falls under those stipulations and limitations that accompany that law and therefore, doesn’t apply. But that wasn’t the point here. You simply used it to deepen her obvious moral depravity, her complete lack of a moral compass.
    Personally, I’m interested to see where you are going with this. And I know you are going somewhere with it because you don’t write stuff for no reason. There’s a bigger picture and I can’t wait for it to unfold. Also, I really wanna know how the ginger creep knew about the gun. It’s been driving me nuts! Where does he fit in? He’s a piece of the puzzle that I can’t place and me no likey 😦
    Keep up the good work. You doing great.

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You understood everything PERFECTLY!!!! Thank you! I guess that I am always explaining myself because I feel so committed to my readers and I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding about my intentions. Look how well that worked out… 😦

  26. Michelle B says:

    wow I am a little late to the party after reading some of the comments made here over the weekend I was wondering myself what are some of these reviewers talking about it is called fan fiction for a reason its a story and a very good made up story not a history lesson and we are not trying to get a law degree people get over yourselves with all these crap this is wrong that is wrong if you don’t like the story then go and read Little Bo Peep or something Bronze you keep writing your magic and I will keep reading it and by the way I am black too can’t wait for the next chapter you go Girl

  27. yogamom says:

    I am speechless. You can’t please everybody. There are a lot of sick people out there that make too much noise about nothing. I love your story and have been missing it these last two weeks. They don’t have to read your story as homework, or to make a report. If they don’t like it, we still live in a free country, just turn the channel or don’t read. period. I the meantime, I am missing your writing. Don’t let people like tear down your self esteem. I think you have real talent. Move on from those people and post again for the people who do think your writing is great. Have a good week.

  28. Shannon Shaffer says:

    My Goddess, ignore the idiots! This is your story, and I love it btw, Haters are everywhere and they always have some need to stir the shit pot until it stinks to high hell. I love how strong you have made Ana’s character. Keep writing your story as you see fit and I guarantee you will have many more fans than haters. ,

  29. ana says:

    My dear one

    Its Sunday morning and I’m still waiting to read the following chapter. I am so sorry that you had to deal with these craziness …its like the trolls from FF are back hunting.
    You are a wonderful writer. F*&%R them and their “quest” for real facts. Please. Its like they never learn the basics of FICTION when they were in elementary.
    For GODs sake…just ENJOY reading…….this is a great story and you are an amazing writer….please I truly hope you are continuing with the story
    all my best

    ps: and to all your German critics,,,,could you just get over it…..and don’t you dare get on me ….I am also German descendant….but I don’t give a fuck…….the past is the past….IT DOES NOT AFFECT ME….besides instead of being celebrating you guys are being an ass to a talented writer…….go and drink lots and lots of beers….YOU WON THE CUP!!!! forget the fucking past…..its just that

  30. seralynsmom says:

    Man I read this when you first posted it but it was also that time of the morning for me and I didn’t want to comment while my brain wasnt functioning appropriately ( I also was tired as all get out cause after a full day of the zoo, going to grandmas, and coming home to have to clean up some, this chick was pooped. I was actually on my way to sleeping when my phone dinged and I saw you posted this.) now all that being said I think what irks me most is that I commented twice, once on the chapter and once because of some comments that irked me and sadly none of them were about this particular subject. And because you had ppl going crazy over the nazi thing and all that age of consent lets prove myself right crap, I didn’t get a reply. Now I know this sounds selfish and I may not have gotten a reply to begin with but I made comments about speculation and asked about all the things we still needed to figure out in the story.

    Now this weeks chapter didnt come out on Saturday and its 8:04 PM Sunday my time and still no new chapter and I’m concerned cause I fear that maybe you’re burned out on the crazy. Or that maybe the chapter comments may take on a crazy life of their own again and you don’t want to deal with the rude emails, comments and “contact mes” again.

    Also what irks me is that this is the second chapter in a row that you had to explain yourself. The second I saw Edda I knew that even though there’s probably some more to that age of consent law in Germany that she’s worse than Elena and didnt care. She sees age 14 and believes it in the literal sense. Age 14 for her is it. There’s no only as long as your boy over 21 or anything else. Which also tells me exactly what I said in my first comment, that this woman is also a pedophile. She’s an older version of Elena. That should have been the first clue that we didnt need to write comments, emails, etc to prove Lynn wrong!! I know you do your research. You also have several chapters written up you just need to refine them before posting. Want to know what my biggest concern is right now as far as the story goes? I wish you had more time to post more pics on the Pinterest page because you don’t seem to be posting as many as you were for each chapter, before. Now I’ve said my piece on this. No need for a reply as I probably won’t get it any ways. And I’m now going to go read The Fault in our Stars as I wait patiently for this weeks chapter.

    Hope your and yours are ok and that nothing bad is keeping you away this weekend.

    • crazy4bam says:

      She told people on FB that she had something come up and she would try and post during the week.

      • seralynsmom says:

        Thanks for telling me!! I didn’t see it. Must have gotten lost in my feed somewhere between crazy vine videos and inspirational quotes! Lol. That’s all my friends post these days it seems.

    • No, I don’t reply to every comment anymore because I don’t have time unfortunately. I read every comment, but I don’t reply to every comment. I just kind of throw mental darts and answer some, and lately it looks like my darts haven’t quite been hitting right. Please remind me what your important question was.

      • seralynsmom says:

        It was just that I wanted to know what all still needed to be dealt with. I know we still have greenvalley, Edward David, Myrick and Elena and now possibly Edda, but I wasn’t sure if that was all. I don’t consider the wedding to be some thing to be “dealt with” because that will be the one happy thing in this storm of craziness!! Lol. So they’ll get to have that day (and the days leading up to it and right after with their honeymoon) to have some happy time. I just couldn’t be sure that those were the only main things still needing to be resolved. Thanks for asking. I know you’re busy so I don’t expect to get my comment replied to it just seemed this time it was all you could do to reply to those other comments. It’s not your fault at all and I hope everything is ok. I didn’t see your FB post about this weeks chapter so someone told me so I didn’t know if anything bad happened. So I hope all is ok with you!! And to be frankly honest I think if you need to take a break from writing this even if its just a couple weeks, we should all understand. Hope you’re having a great day!! 😀

      • Edda is a minor character who may only appear once or twice more in the story and only in being spoke of, I think, not in person. Green Valley, David, Elena, the PSA, the Myricks, Ana’s regression therapy, Elliot and Christian’s falling out and the wedding all still have storylines that have to be dealt with. I always… always.., introduce another storyline or three that have to be dealt with at a later date so that there is something to talk about in the “next book.” There will be some light shined on the Myricks particularly in relation to Elena, but they will be one of the stories that will be left for the next book. There is so much Green Valley stuff, it will be able to stretch from this book AND into the next. David and Elena, we’ll have to see. Everything else will definitely be handled in Mending Dr. Steele.

      • seralynsmom says:

        Thanks so much for this reply. I really appreciate it! I figured Edda wasn’t going to be a major story plot. I did forget one character we haven’t heard from in a while and I hope it means he’s gone, Brian Cholometes. I look forward to removing each of these items from the list and to a book 3!! That made me happy!! I don’t know what I’ll do once you’ve finished this story completely!! I’ll be so lost and bored!! I’ll just have to watch and wait till I can get my greedy little hands on your published book!! No doubt in my mind it’ll happen cause your stories are awesome as are you! Thanks again!! 😀

  31. Alana says:

    I truly hope that my not so positive review at all upset you. I really hate leaving anything other than positive reviews, but sometimes I just have to be honest. How else will you know what isn’t working for some of us. I still love you and your story and will continue to read and give my honest opinion on each chapter.

    I think that you are spot on in Edda’s concept of the age of consent law. I get how she could misconstrue the legality of her actions. know here in Texas the age of consent is 17. If the victim is under 17 there is a 3 year rule. So a 16 year old can sleep with a 13 year old, but not a 12 year old. Other states though have different statutes were the age of consent is lower but their 3 year rule applies to anyone under 18. These statutes are very confusion even for someone like me who has a bachelor degree in legal studies and am a certified paralegal!

    • Girl, please. 😛 I had to go back and find your comment like “What did she say?”

      It’s okay to me that every chapter doesn’t appeal to everyone. I don’t have a problem with that. However, every chapter is necessary, even the “underwhelming” ones. 😉 We need all of the information to feed into the story.

      I have read FSOG, FSD, and FSF several times (I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many times!) and there are chapters and portions of chapters that I skip right over. For instance, the prologues to FSD and FSF… no thanks. Having said that, I understand that every chapter doesn’t hit a “hot spot,” so please… don’t give it a second thought. ❤

      About the sex… I am SO trying NOT to put a detailed sex scene in every chapter. Do you know how hard that is for a freak, lol???? Girl, I have so many sex scenes in my head and already on paper that it could just be a book full of sex scenes!!! I'm looking at every chapter like "did I put a sex scene in the last chapter? Okay, don't do it in this one…" It never stops. I would venture to say that I think about sex more than Samantha in Sex and The City… and that's a lot! 😮

      No worries… plenty of sex scenes in the future, but still not one in every chapter (dammit….) 😉

  32. bugglady23 says:

    Well well well, it’s like FF all over again!!! 😤 But here is the beautyful truth, YOU have the control. Somewhere on this site you can DELETE or UNFRIEND the ones who are kind of annoying!! So, don’t wait. You explain yourself loud and clear and I totally get it!!! But the show must go on…. You can’t leave us, a.k.a. Your loyal fans aside because of some bad assumptions!!! You did your part, now please keep moving forward. You know the story is amazing, you can’t keep us hanging 😉

  33. nedbella says:

    Well said BG. I wish your time was not taken up with this negative tripe. All of this hoo har over ONE chapter. Maybe you should print it put and frame it, put it above your desk for future inspiration LOL. Seriously, the negative comments aren’t worth your precious time. Time that is better spent on writing this amazing story. It’s like FF all over again. SMH. Keep the great work coming,,there’s a huge fan base out here who are in awe of your skills. You’ve been a life saver for me. Your story helps me take my attention away from my back pain and for that I can’t thank you enough. ❤️

  34. Where’s my update of the next chapter???? LOL

    I will have withdrawel if I dont get regular CG and Ana chapters…. LOL

    Aly xxx

  35. Reinee says:

    Well done Bronze Goddess Holmes.. We all can beat our chest n say the dark time is over.. Please look around you the darkness exist just around you. One no need to be nazi or slavery to have dark time. The moment something dark ,vile n skin crawling darkness happen to someone that veil person is injecting the dark time in victim life and ppl surround them.. Isn’t that enough darkness do we need another nazi on making to call dark time .

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