Disagree but don’t attack…

This is just a really short note to say that I have had my first comment/review that I didn’t allow to post. Please note that you can disagree with my characters, but don’t attack them.

We all have differing opinions on who we think is right or wrong and for what reason, and that’s okay.

Some of you I agree with, others I think are completely off the mark, and that’s okay, too.

We are not supposed to read and translate everything exactly the same and some of us don’t even come close… even that’s okay.

However, when you attack my characters, I take that personally–especially since they live in my head and keep me awake most nights.

Strong emotions, strong opinions… good. It means I’m making you think. Attacks and statements where you ceremoniously and definitively cut my characters down… um, no.

That is all.

BG Holmes

13 thoughts on “Disagree but don’t attack…

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m always amazed at the number of people posting horrible and unnecessary comments on pages like yours and on Fan Fiction. If someone doesn’t like a story, why continue reading? Small people with small minds. I know it’s hard, but best to ignore them. Loving your story and waiting desperately for the next chapter!

    • I don’t think that this person didn’t like the story. I just think they may have gotten a little emotional about the events in the storyline and just didn’t think before they started typing. If they DID think before they started typing, well… that’s even worse. I choose to give them the benefit of that doubt, but I still won’t post the comment because I didn’t like what they said about my portrayal of one of my characters.

  2. Kellie says:

    Agree with everything Jackie says , love YOUR story and also desperately waiting for the next chapter 🙂

  3. wilma says:

    I agree with Jacky i also love your story but i don’t like are the cliffhangers hihihih.

    But girl your story is great i love it soo keep writing and for the people how don’t like the story don’t read hem,because there are people how love the story .

  4. angalarte says:

    Well said Lynn, it’s great that people get emotionally involved, but draw the line ladies please x x

  5. Ivonne Ice says:

    Hi BG, I just received your message: “Disagree but don’t attack”. I quiete don’t understand why I received this message because it wasn’t my intention to attack your characters or you in person because that’s not who I am. I do respect everyone and especially people who let us share within their talent. Since the beginning I’m reading all your stories and yes sometimes I disagree on an opinion but even then your stories gave me other perspectives on what an inpact some things can have in our daily live (eventhough it’s FF). In my comment in the last chapter, I only asked your Anna the same question she asked your Christian (it was a mutual question and with no offence). I can imagine that the sentence, “Oh, and of course the above is from my own point of view LOL”, was a little on the edge but read it with a big wink. It wasn’t supposed to offend you. NEVER !! And on my request if you could update another bonus chapter because Saturday seems soooo far away, YOU hit the nail with your comment : “lol… that was added like “oh, just thought I’d throw that in…”. You know I’m still laughing very hard because that was exactly what I my intetion :). Ice, just throw it in very nonchalant and maybe, just maybe BG will suprise us again…… (I’m still asking/whining OMG LOL). Don’t spoil us with to many bonus chapters but next Saterday IS toooo far away :). BG, you’re gifted and talented and you know that, so no matter what I will keep on reading your stories. LY, Ice The Netherlands

  6. Danielle says:

    I love that you are so emotionally attached to all aspects of your story. I think that is what makes yours so amazing! Thank you for putting up with all of us that so eagerly await more from you 🙂

  7. Donna Murray-Hill says:

    I agree with what Jacky has said, i really enjoy reading your story and don’t want to stop reading them, if people don’t like it why keep reading, you are a brilliant writer and ignore the negative reviews, you are brilliant xxxx

  8. joy2bluvd says:

    GIRL, FTF! (Forget Them Fools) My motto for you is-They are NOT your parents, they are NOT paying you bills and they are not f@$!ing. So, let them keep drinking haterade, and you keep it movin. You’re ‘flutter’ of fans have got ybur back! Okay my rant is done. ;} BRONZED FO’ LIFE

  9. […] insulting my characters. Those of you who bothered to read other posts on my blog will remember Disagree but don’t attack. Good and constructive criticism that may have helped me improve the story or the characters gets […]

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