Mending Dr. Steele: Why The Hell Did They Pick That Ring???

So, I already know that once my story goes to print, my characters will have formed and shaped themselves in everyone’s minds and they will have their own personalities. However, even though I have stretched that envelope to its very furthest reaching, people are still seeing E. L. James’ characters or even some of the very original characters in my stories. No matter how independent I make Ana, people are still seeing Belle or Bella or whatever her name is (please forgive me, when I tell you that I have not read Twilight, I’m serious—I have not read Twilight). Now from what I’ve heard, I don’t know how anyone could read my stories and still see Edward Whatever-His-Last-Name-Is, but I still get people who do that. My characters are still being compared to the very originals, so I know that my characters are being compared to E. L. James’ originals.

Having said that, now that I have posted the long-awaited engagement chapter, I know that I have people asking why the hell I didn’t put a bigger ring on Ana’s finger. The answer is very simple:

That’s not my Ana, and
That’s not my Christian.

Beyonce Ring NoSome of you are reading “Paging Dr. Steele” right now on the blog and waiting for the rest of the chapters. Other of you have already read it, so you’ve already seen the promise ring (sorry for the spoiler). It was beautiful, yet modest, remember? That was Ana’s taste and Christian’s interpretation of Ana’s taste. As much as people wanted him to do this, he wasn’t going to go from buying her a beautiful yet modest butterfly promise ring to giving her a 20-carat Beyonce engagement ring that needed to be carried by two people!

This is why he told her that designing an engagement ring for her was very difficult. He had to temper his need for “expensive and flashy” with her desire for “beautiful, but not so flashy.” She’s already dealing with the “gold digger” syndrome and constantly reminding idiots that she had money before she met Christian. If she shows up with a ring that has it’s own area code, what do you think that would say!? I mean seriously—for her to show up in a Beyonce/Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian engagement ring and then pretend like nobody saw it… come on, People. What world do you live in where that shit would get by the press? (For those who didn’t know, Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring for her pretend engagement had to be delivered by armored truck.)

Kim Kardashian’s ring when she pretended to marry Kris Humphries.

Oh, yeah—one more issue that needed to be addressed. I got lots of suggestions for what Ana’s ring should look like and I thank you all for that, but please know this. My Ana lives in my head. If I don’t like it for Ana, then Ana doesn’t like it for Ana… sorry. Not only that, but yes, Ana is obsessed with Butterflies. However, everything she wears, does, likes is not going to be attached to a butterfly. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of what she wears, does, and likes is going to be related to butterflies, but not everything. Having said that, her engagement ring was never going to be a butterfly. Her promise ring was a butterfly. Her engagement ring needed to be very different.

I hope I have answered the questions as to why Christian and I chose the ring that we did, and trust me, we fought about this one too. We almost had another “Henry the Eighth” night over it, but I shut him down. Nonetheless, he did keep saying “bigger… bigger…” and I had a terrible time finding the ring. I was arguing with him about carats and points and size and clarity and the whole time, I’m telling him, “They’re not going to really see the ring, you asshole! They’re going to see a representation of it!” Then he told me, “You keep believing that. You find a ring that is representative of what we are trying to portray, and I’ll shut the hell up.”

It took me all damn night! I had to sleep on it, wake up, and choose the ring the next day.

I had like ten sites open including Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Blue Nile, James Allen… there was something like 15 tabs open in three or four windows in two browsers trying to find this damn ring. You would think with an unlimited budget, sky is the limit, get whatever you want, you should quickly be able to pick the perfect ring, right? Right? Yeah… right. It wasn’t even Ana—it was Christian’s ass! And he’s not even wearing the damn ring!

I ended up writing the chapter and leaving a hole that just said “DESCRIBE THE RING HERE” and then just kept writing the chapter because if I hadn’t, the chapter would have just stopped and gone nowhere! Fucking egocentric, know-it-all, arrogant, sexy, domineering, stubborn ass billionaires!

So, yeah… that’s why we chose that ring.

Love and handcuffs!
Lynn x AKA BG Holmes AKA Bronze Goddess


25 thoughts on “Mending Dr. Steele: Why The Hell Did They Pick That Ring???

  1. crazy4bam says:

    I loved the engagement ring. To me it fit perfectly,just the way I had imagined it. I figured that the way you wrote “Ana” she would have wanted something beautiful but not outrageous. Your interpetation of Ana is just great. I see her has a strong,vibrant,indepentant young woman but she also is soft,gentle and needy. I love your stories and cannot wait to read the orignal you are doing. Keep up the great work!

  2. The ring is perfect. I wonder if the critics have ever stopped to look at the rings that real life billionaires give their wives: beautiful but understated and elegant, just like this one. They go for clarity, colour and cut over size, any day. A diamond that size at the highest end of the spectrum will be more pricey than a big diamond at the lower end. To the untrained eye, the bigger stone would have more value but it isn’t so. Yes, he could have afforded to spend millions but he chose instead to put more thought into it. Thought is of more value in my book than a price tag. Well done, Mr Grey. And you too, Bronzy! 😉 xox

  3. rachel says:

    The ring firs your Ana

  4. kittymax121 says:

    Omg i had a visual of u and christian arguing when i read this post made me lol perfect ring for ana. Love all ur post lyn xx

    • Girl, we argue all the time. He likes to stand over me with his arms folded or his hands in his pocket telling me how it’s going to be. He doesn’t seem to understand that I’m the one with the proverbial “quill” and I’m going to have the last word. He’s coming around bit by bit, though. He was a tad bit upset with me about that domination scene in Anguilla. He’s arguing with me about another one that I have written as well. I don’t know where I’m going to put it, but with him barking words at me like “out of line,” “highly unlikely,” and “fucking ridiculous,” I might just kill it.

  5. Ivonne Ice says:

    Hi Lynn, I’ve read your new post / comment… but you know, I’m also getting a little bit sick and tired of the people who are comparing your storry to what ever story there is. Can you please try to neglect them, please LOL. With all due respect, please don’t react on every thing (also for your health sake) and let them “talk”what ever they want. I love, realy love your story and your way of writing and with me a lots of other people. I’m looking forward to all the new chapters that are comming my way. Lynn you are a great talent remember that !!!! LY, Ice Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 05:38:54 +0000 To:

  6. angalarte says:

    Luv luv d ring, it’s perfect
    Can’t understand why people keep giving u so much crap!! At d end of d day its: YOUR DAMN STORY and we shouldbe honoured and humbled that you’ve allowed us inside your head to witness a beautiful story unfold, I for one am eternally grateful especially for d visual of u & Christian arguing & his Henry d 8th card lol love that x x

  7. Rubys says:

    Of all FSOG stories, this one and the its previous are the only that I don’t see Ana as the apathetic Bella. You are a wonderful writer that’s what’s matter.

  8. Jeannette says:

    The ring for Ana is just perfect… I for one being a woman working in a normally dominated man field, had requested, no strick that, gave strick recomendations to my engagement ring. And one of them was I don’t want it to weigh my hand down or be to big that it is going to get caught on something for have a high crown mount. and he followed those instructions perfectly. And given that I am going on 25 years, I still had to have the crown mount replace/repaired 3 times already….JN

  9. tasiazotalis says:


  10. Annette says:

    Well I thought you and Christian done an outstanding job designing Ana’s ring. Exquisite! And by the way I never read those Twilight books either, however I subjected myself to the movies and I thought they were awful. Looked like low class B rated movies. And the actor that played Edward makes my skin crawl. Just plain ugly. Sorry if that upsets anyone, but that is how I feel. Anyway, back to the ring, we have to remember Ana is petite you can’t put something huge on her, she would not be able to lift her hand. What counts in the end is she LOVED it! Simple yet beautiful, just like Ana. 🙂

  11. veronica says:

    I too have never read twilight so i dont see that connection. Nor do i see your Ana as weak. I see both Ana and Christian as damaged people healing each other. I really like the ring and think its just perfect. I do find myself thinking of you and this story anytime i see butterfly things on pinterest and tumblr…lol.

  12. lovesfiftyshades says:

    I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM OR ANY KIND IN THIS LIFETIME OR THE NEXT EVER….HEAR ME WHEN I SAY E-V-E-R THINK OF BELLA OR EDWARD…WTF? Oops,,,was I shouting at you? Well, no, dang it, yes I was. Sorry, I just lost it when you disgraced your precious characters by comparing them to those two. Really? Are you kidding me? Okay, may I explain why I went off the deep end? I’m sure I’m probably old enough to be the mother of most of the readers, because I am certainly old enough to be Christian and Ana’s mother; Grace and I are dear friends as a matter of fact. I must say however, that I was introduced to this phenomenon by reading Twilight and yes, I fell in love with the love story and I’m team Edward…read the books, saw all the movies…yada yada yada…And THEN, a friend convinced me to read FSOG…Thank you ELJ…and then they told me about fan fiction…and the rest is history. Bella and Edward are children…Ana and Christian are adults. You are trying to compare Dr. Seuss and War and Peace…there is no comparison my dear friend. Please don’t EVER think your characters, oh lord, I can’t even say it again…in any way compare to those two adolescents. You have taken the two ELJ created and molded them in to phenomenal people who thousands have grown to love in YOUR story. Oh yeah, I love the ring. Love the picture of it with the wide band. Girl, you are a hot mess and I love your story…love your inner dialogue with CG and just love your updates and these extra snippets of what you are thinking!!!

  13. Donna Murray-Hill says:

    i think the ring is very very beautiful and you are an amazing writer, i have never read the twilight books tried watching the movies but can’t get into them, please don’t listen to negative comments you are an amazing person and amazing writer and i don’t want to stop reading your stories xxxx

  14. pookiebear3 says:

    Oh my goodness I think the ring is absolutely perfect for Ana. And it wouldn’t be from Christian if it wasn’t just right. When it comes to doing things and getting things forAna. Christian will never settle for anything other than perfection. One if the ways he shows her how much he loves and cherishes her. 🙂
    So nice to know there is someone else out there that hasn’t read Twilight! 😉

  15. cindav says:

    love the ring think its perfect. i would not mind getting one. and yeah i dont see ana in your story or even FSOG version having a Beyonce/KIm K type ring. i myself would like the best 1 ct diamond he could find.
    bigger isnt always better guys!!! :-0

  16. Teadora Morgan Hill says:

    Lynn!!! You can’t help it! On top of being Mega-Talented, you are Mega-Cute! The chapter was flawless, just like your diamond, just like you… ❤

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