I had someone ask me today if I would consider going back to Fanfiction because apparently my site is, oh so hard to maneuver. Granted, it’s only a handful. Out of over 1000 followers, I may have gotten 10 complaints about my site. Most of them are respectful and just ask for easier ways to find their way around or alternatives when they are having issues, but a couple of them are downright rude and one of them even suggested that I go back to Fanfiction.

First of all, I realize that Fanfiction made things very easy to maneuver—click a link, get a story. Boring white background made everything perfect and easy to see. Scroll down to a chapter and, magically, it appears. Unfortunately, they can’t keep a leash on their little monsters so, no, I will not be going back to Fanfiction since they are letting the trolls run the damn asylum! Don’t ask me that again!

Second, I’m having such a hard time figuring out what the problem is. Every time someone tells me that they are having a problem, I go in to see what the problem could be. I go in on my PC which has a very large screen, my laptop which has a smaller screen, and my phone which has an itty-bitty screen. I have both the website on my phone and the WordPress app on my phone and I’m just not seeing what the problems are.

I take to heart what people are saying and go in and try to make the site more user friendly, but then I get people that flat out say “your site sucks.” You can keep that. I don’t need that. The vast majority of people have no problem getting on my site. Those that have a problem tell me what the problem is and I always try to offer solutions. “Your site sucks?” Yeah… NO!

If you’re having that many problems with my site, no offense, but you may want to consider the device that you are using, the operating system that you have or the browser that you are on and whether it is up to date, the speed and ability of your wi-fi or cell service carrier, etc, because I have used three different devices to get on this site—multiple times in different locations—and whenever there was a problem with me getting on the site or reading something on the site, it had to do with the device that I was using!

After all of that, if you’re still having problems and none of the suggestions that I gave in messages or email are working for you and the changes that I have made to make the site more user friendly still doesn’t make navigation easier for you, then maybe my site just isn’t for you. Right now, my story gets posted on WordPress and linked through Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and I send links directly through email. If you are following me on WordPress, you get the whole damn chapter delivered right to your email when I upload the chapter!

And you still can’t read it?

I do everything but come to your house, fix you a cup of tea, massage your feet, and read the damn chapter to you myself—and I get “your site sucks” and “move back to Fanfiction?” It’s not my fault that you have become so Fanfiction-spoiled that you can’t taking having to click a few extra links to get around the site, but please don’t insult me or my site because you are having problems navigating it! And no, I am not posting my story on 16 different sites on the Internet to make it easier for you to read it. I’ve already got it linked through five!

For those of you who have come to me and respectfully asked for solutions, I will be happy to try to help you if the solutions that I gave are still not working. For those of you who think my site sucks and I should move back to Fanfiction, you can leave. More than 1000 followers don’t seem to agree with you, so you can keep those to yourself.

If you get offended by anything I said, think about what you said to me before you start sending me emails, comments, or messages about what I said wrong.

BG Holmes AKA Lynn AKA Bronze Goddess


  1. Nessi72 says:

    I would love for you to come to my house and read your chapter for me…Dont worry, I’d make you a cup of tea….I mean, that’s the least I could do 😉

  2. asunder73 says:

    No complaints here…. Just a new chappie request. I’m missing AnaChris, darn it!

  3. irishliz says:

    You tell ’em cabbage, you got the head!

    My momma used to say that when she was alive and I just thought it applied!

    Keep up the great work and your site is fantastic!

  4. ananymm says:

    “I do everything but come to your house, fix you a cup of tea, massage your feet, and read the damn chapter to you myself” Soooooo… that means you won’t be coming over? LOL! I just love your wit. The blog is easy to read; some people just seem to have problems working their device.

  5. debbieg0379 says:

    Oh this made me laugh! Your site couldn’t be more user friendly. If someone is having trouble navigating the site, then it’s not the site, it’s them. I access your site from my phone, tablet and pc with absolutely no problem. How can they have trouble reading the chapters when you email the link directly to them? My husband is a director of IT at his company and people always seem to blame the “site” when they can’t figure something out when 9 out of 10 times, the problem lies with them. So trolls be gone! Don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!

    • OMG, someone who understands my issue! I understand that someone may have an issue with the site–site-driven or device-driven. That’s why I offer suggestions. But a couple of the emails that I got today just made me say “Get the fuck outta here!”

  6. crazy4bam says:

    I enjoy your site. You cannot have made it anymore easier. Thanks for the wonderful stories. Keep up the great work!

  7. kdetone says:

    It’s not you it’s WordPress.

  8. Danielle says:

    You are the best! Love the new site & thank you for continuing with your story. Now…I must go read the new chapter since no one will be coming over to read it to me & make me tea 😦 I will try to make due 😉

  9. Kellie says:

    No complaints from me and I’m useless with technology , if I can do it anyone can . Off to read your latest chapter with the cup of tea I made myself !

  10. angalarte says:

    U tell em girl, I don’t have any problems accessing ur site on my phone or tablet!! I wouldn’t say no to the foot massage & cuppa tho lol x

  11. bugglady23 says:

    I don’t get them. I do get it, they are jealous but I don’t get “them”…all the brilliant new phones and softwares around the world and they rather sit outside the digital system 😕.
    As soon as you post your story I read it completely from the same e-mail notification and when I am done I go to the app and read it again. So by the time I read it twice, they are still trying to figure out how to open the e-mail in the first place. When I am done posting my comment, they turned into trolls cause of their own 👾…I won’t say it!!
    Girl, don’t pay attention to them, they simply hate it that they have lost at their own game!!!!!
    Keep on rocking our world 😉

  12. Teresa says:

    In the words of Christian Grey ” I’ll take you any way I can get you. “

  13. nesh says:

    lol,tell them

  14. Donna Murray-Hill says:

    this site is wonderful and i find it easy to get to, you are a wonder and brilliant writer and thank you for your stories ❤ xxxxxxx

  15. Michelle b says:

    Gotta love Christian he don’t do anything half ass

  16. KylieKyotie says:

    I posted some stories on fanfiction and pulled them all down – due to trolls. There are some seriously disturbed people reading fanfiction – and the fanfiction administrators definitely have no control over their loonies. The “L’s” seem to believe these fictional stories are real and take very personally whatever happens or doesn’t happen to their favorite characters/stories as real. It’s kinda sad but the vitriol they spew can be upsetting. I opted out for that reason. I mean – writing is a labor of love, time-consuming endeavor. We do it because we love it and want to share our new take on a story we care enough about to reinvent. As for as navigating this site? I think those users who complain must have trouble with simple technology because this is an easy site to navigate. Keep writing BronzeGoddess – you have lots of readers/fans who enjoy your stories. May your mojo never diminish : )

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