Mending Dr. Steele: Chapter 21—Feeling Froggy


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Chapter 21—Feeling Froggy


Butterfly has been in a fantastic mood these last few days. She has been carefree, loving, happy… I mean she’s always been loving and a lot happier since we came back from Vegas, but carefree is something I haven’t seen in a while. I thought she would have been a bit more somber since the whole conversation about Marlow on Saturday, but it’s been exactly the opposite. She is high on life these days. I was hoping to keep her that way for at least the next couple of weeks, but I think my news from today will probably put the kibosh on those hopes.

Allen’s news about David’s trial is not getting any better. I think if I wait to tell Butterfly, she may actually find out for herself and that will be worse. On top of that, Welch has been keeping an eye on the inside track of Lincoln’s investigation, things that even my father can’t discover. This time, I’m glad Dad didn’t find this out before I did. I’m riding home in the back of the Audi SUV with information that I was hoping that I would never hear. The good news is that this woman will most likely burn in hell and possible rot in jail for the rest of her miserable life. The bad news could be exponentially devastating.

I didn’t get past the threshold well enough on this gloomy Wednesday afternoon before Butterfly bends the corner, examines my face, and immediately knows that something is amiss.

“Christian, what’s wrong?” She knows me so well. I walk over to the sofa and sit down.

“Which one do you want first?” she shakes her head.

“You choose.” I sigh and pinch my nose.

“David is using the 911 tapes and what you said to him to reinforce that he was forced into his actions. His insanity plea might stick if a jury believes him.” I wait for her reaction. She nods.

“I figured he might. That doesn’t surprise me,” she says calmly. To say that I’m stunned is an understatement. “What? You expected me to lose it? I can only hope that the justice system works out for me this time, Christian, because it has failed me miserably. I fully expect for that sick fuck to pull out all the stops to keep from spending decades in jail for kidnapping. The next thing you’ll hear is that I was in on it and it was some sort of extortion plot to get your money. Thank God they didn’t ask for ransom or that defense would have been sealed.” She speaks with conviction but no malice. That worries me a bit. “Make no mistake, I meant what I said. If that asshole gets off and he comes anywhere near me, I’m going to shoot first and not bother asking questions later. I’m going to take his company and leave him broke and then he can do whatever the fuck he wants, but the fact that he’s pulling all of this cock-and-bullshit out of the woodwork to try and save his ass? No, I’m not surprised, and I’m done worrying about it until the time comes for me to get on the stand. So if that’s your bad news, it’s not news. Don’t worry about me, Baby. I’ll be fine. What’s the other thing?”

Damn! I don’t know what happened, but I am loving this! My strong, powerful, beautiful Butterfly is back… with a vengeance! Well, let’s see if she sticks around for the next revelation.

“I know why Elena didn’t want anyone near the library,” I tell her.

“Did they find her secret room?”

“No,” I say. “They found the pictures.” Her face falls.


“They were in the books. Hundreds of them, Ana. Hundreds of pictures of children in her bedroom, her dungeons… hundreds of them!” I run my hands through my hair.

“Christian… how far back?” I look at her. I know what she is asking.

“She’s got Polaroids,” I say. She gasps.

“You?” she asks.

“Most likely.”

“Oh, Christian.” She sighs. “What are you going to do?” I drop my head.

“I don’t know.” I run my hand through my hair again. “I need to know if I am in any of those pictures, but I don’t know how to go about finding out.” Ana moves next to me and takes my hand.

“What about Carrick? Can he find out somehow?” she asks. I shrug.

“I’m not sure. I didn’t ask him. I guess I should, but should I really put him through that? Ana, if it gets out that I was one of the children abused by that woman—for years—it will destroy my reputation. I work in a cutthroat industry and this will make me a laughingstock.” I shake my head.

“You have to find out if you are in those pictures, Christian. Is there any way for the public to get them? Or the press? They are all of children, after all. Even though they are adults now, they weren’t in those pictures,” she assures me.

“That’s true, but if I come forward with questions, I’m identified.” I retort. She nods.

“I see what you mean. So how about we call Carrick and see what he suggests?” she says soothingly while rubbing my back. I nod.

“How can you be so calm?” I ask, looking up into her eyes. “I’m jumping out of my skin here.” She puts her hand on my cheek.

“I’ve decided that I’m not living in ‘what-ifs’ anymore. I have a wonderful life now and an even more wonderful man. I’m going to enjoy today—the right now—and when problems come, I will handle them. I only have two choices—to live or to die. If I’m alive, then whatever it is, it can still be fixed. If I’m dead, then it really doesn’t matter, now does it?” She smiles at me.

“Can you please give me some of that, because I’m nearly falling apart here,” I admit. The fear of losing my reputation and standing in the business world is nearly crippling me right now. She kisses me on the lips.

“You have been a pillar of strength these last months. If you need to fall apart now, let go. I’m here. I’ll hold you together.” She is amazing. I slide my arms around her waist and lay my head on her breast. How did I get blessed with such a remarkable woman? If she can be strong for me, I can be strong, too—but right now, at this moment, I need her comfort… and I’m taking it all in.

This beautiful, fantastic woman did everything for the next few days to keep me happy and in good spirits. I decided that I would call a meeting of my family this coming Sunday to announce what had been found and what should be done about it. Butterfly returned from her session a bit mentally worn and informed me that she is reviewing all of the people in her life—positive and negative—and today was David’s day. That must have been a real party. She assures me that she still is not letting the situation get her down, but, like with anyone, rehashing the effect of a monster’s action in your life is not a happy time. However, after some Cabernet, Tiramisu, and a lot of cuddling, she was slowing coming back to herself again. She made an appointment with Klevnar tomorrow after she checks on one last detail for Maxine’s bachelorette party, so I decide to meet her there and blow off some steam with Claude.



Maxie’s bachelorette party will be next Friday after the rehearsal dinner, and we have decided to do a party bus. We plan on making some impromptu stops throughout the night, but everything had to be hush-hush as we couldn’t very well make a general public service announcement about where Christian Grey’s girlfriend would be gallivanting on her friend’s hen night, now could we? Christian will most likely know anyway, since I have four members of security—not including Chuck—following us around that night, and I have rented out the 9th and 10th floors at the Four Seasons. Early Saturday morning, I had to get the address and room numbers to the “grooming” staff to make sure we are awake the next day and prepared for Maxie’s trip down the aisle.

I want to ask Luc about taking Marlow on as a student and making sure that he is well-versed in self-defense. I want him to be able to bring Damon to his knees if he ever happens to slip past Christian’s security. I know that they are the best, but you can never be too sure. I could use some loosening up after yesterday’s session with Ace, so I made an appointment to see Luc after my morning errands. It’s a good idea since I haven’t been to him in a while with all of the weddings and showers and nervous breakdowns in the past couple of months. Christian decides to meet me there and do a few rounds with Claude as well and we will pick up some lunch afterwards.

“Well, you just wander in whatever day and time you like these days, huh?” Luc saunters over to me apparently picking a fight. I stop dead in my tracks.

“I don’t want any of your shit today, Klevnar. So, should I just turn around and walk out now?” I say planting my feet and folding my arms. He smirks at me.

“No, Fireball. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you a hard time.” He puts his hand on my shoulder. “Where have you been anyway?” I sigh.

“Very busy losing my mind,” I respond shaking my head.

“Well, I’ve got a new student in the time you’ve been away. She wants to compete. Will you spar with her? She’s pretty good, but you know that you are my yardstick.” I nod.

“How long has she been training?” I ask. I want to know what I am in for.

“Only a couple of months now. She’s still pretty new, but I do see raw talent and potential. What do you say?” I can’t see any reason why we can’t spar. I know Luc has wanted to take a female pro ever since he saw me in college, but he hasn’t found a candidate yet and I just wasn’t interested.

“Okay, Luc. I’ll spar with her if you like,” I say and he smiles.

“Thanks, Ana. Come on into room four wherever you are ready.”

After my warm-up, I step into room four and find Luc talking to his latest student—5′ 7″, compact, tight body, blonde. I walk in and she snarls a bit.

“Luc, seriously?” she says to him. I stop in the middle of the room. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

“Cool it, Heather. She’s one of the best,” Luc says, thinking only Heather can hear him.

“Yeah, we’ll see.” Oh, she’s a cocky bitch, isn’t she? Okay, Heather, let’s see what you got.

“Luc,” I greet him, walking towards him with a smile.

“Ana, this is Heather. Heather, Ana. I’ve been anxious for you two to meet.” I extend my hand to Heather and she grasps it tightly—not shaking, just grasping. What the fuck? Your hand feels like a wet noodle, Bitch. You don’t want to start with me.

“You can let go now, Heather,” I say, flatly.

“Why, does it hurt?” she sneers.

“You tell me,” I say, giving her hand the tight squeeze that she was attempting to give me. Her face changes as she tries to get a grip, but it’s too late. I will squeeze the blood out of your hand. Her grip loosens and that’s my cue to let her go, right after I give her another quick two-second squeeze.

“Can we get on with it now, Ladies?” Luc asks.

“I don’t know, ask your student,” I say, pointing at Heather. “I’m here for a workout and endurance training. If she doesn’t want to spar with me, I can leave.” Luc looks at Heather.

“Heather, yes or no?” he says.

“Yes!” she hisses, glaring at me.

I knew this was a bad idea and I shouldn’t have done it, but this is what you get for trying to help someone out. This bitch has taken almost every lowdown cheap shot at me that she could possibly take—nothing really damaging, just cheap. I’m trying not to go dirty with her since Luc is still training her, but he’s also not calling her on these low blows. I keep trying to bring the spar back around, but she continues with her high school antics and it’s getting on my nerves. Time is called when Christian enters the room, beckoning my attention. I can’t wait to get off of that damn mat.

“What’s this?” Christian asks as I walk over to him.

This is Luc’s new student. He wants to take her professional but she has absolutely no discipline and it appears that he hasn’t taught her anything about sportsmanship!” I huff.

“Well, maybe he’s expecting you to teach her,” he says.

Me!? Why would he expect me to teach her?”

“Because he knows firsthand what you are capable of. He wouldn’t put you in the ring with an amateur unless he had a reason for it.” Christian raises an eyebrow at me.

“God, Christian, I don’t have time to play around with some wanna-be, kung-fu hussie! I have other things to do with my Saturday morning!”

“Well, maybe this will motivate you. Turn around.” I turn around and look at this blonde bitch and she is staring at Christian—salivating! You disrespectful…

“Save it for the mat, Baby,” he says in my ear. I look up at him and he winks at me. Okay, Bitch. You want a lesson, I’ll teach you a lesson. I crack my neck and walk back to the ring.

“Luc, you should probably inform your student that some of her tactics are not in line with the martial arts form that she is learning,” I say loud enough for her to hear.

Learning?” she scoffs. “You haven’t gotten one hit on me all day! I think you’re the one who is learning here.” I don’t turn to face her, but I’m sure that my whole body flushes with my anger. Luc goes to say something, but I put my hand up. I tighten my helmet straps and turn around to a smirking Heather.

“Start the match, Luc,” I say calmly—too calmly for Luc, I think.

“Ana…” he protests. I look over my shoulder at him.

“Start the goddamn match, Luc!” I snap. Luc looks at me and I take the stance. He signals the start of the match and the first thing this batty bitch tries to do is a foot sweep! Are you fucking serious? I manage to jump and miss the sweep. Unfortunately for Heather, though, the jump set me up for the perfect dropkick—right to that bitch’s jaw. She wobbles violently back and slams hard into the wall. She hit so hard that Christian flinches. I thought she would just slide down the wall. It takes her a moment to regain her senses before she glares at me. I am back in stance, waiting for her.

“Lucky shot,” she spits.

“Come on. Teach me,” I taunt. She comes at me again, grasping me tight around my waist. I elbow her a few times in her back and she’s taking shots at my side. Enough of this bullshit! I bring my elbow down hard on her ear and she yells in agony, releasing me to cover her ear. That’s when I bring my knee up hard into her ribs. I can hear the wind being pushed from her body. I want to come at her some more, but she is a mound on the floor, wheezing and huffing.

What? Are you kidding me? She’s talking all that shit and she can’t even take a real hit? It can’t be that easy. I take a few steps back from her and take stance. She is still wheezing and groaning in pain. I wait for I don’t know how long and… nothing.

She wants to go pro?” I ask Luc, pointing at Heather. “She’s nothing but hot air and cheap shots. I haven’t even seen any skill from her. She couldn’t even conquer me in the handshake! How do you expect her to compete?” Luc just looks at me not at all surprised. I wave him off and proceed out of the room toward Christian. As I walk toward him, the look on his face tells me all that I need to know even though he can’t get the words out of his mouth.

She was playing possum.

I turn around and here she comes at full speed behind me. I spin with just enough time for her to nearly whiz by me and I catch her sports bra in the back just as Christian leaps out of the way anticipating that she is heading for his “wall.” She didn’t get that far. I snatch her back so fast that her arms and legs literally go flying out in front of her like a cartoon! My anger and the reverse velocity assist in my pulling her back and slamming her on the ground hard! It was loud, too. She is groaning again and I can see the pain etched in her face. Oh no, Bitch. I’m not giving you time or another chance to play possum with me! I snatch her ass off the floor by her helmet, forcing her to stand.

“Ana!” Luc yells, and I know it’s something about me grabbing her helmet.

“Oh, no, Klevnar! You didn’t say shit when she was fucking with me, so shut the hell up now! It’s my turn!” I spit. I turn to a dazed Heather, who is trying to stand up and give her a good solid punch to her side, one to her stomach, and a flat-footed kick to her thigh. She’s down again and I swear she sounds like she’s crying.

“You still teaching me there, Heather? How am I learning?” I spit, viciously hitting her in her helmet.

“Ana! Enough!” Luc chastises.

“Oh, you’ll let her do all that stuff to me, but I can’t do it to her!” I say to him—a statement, not a question—circling Heather like a predator, thinking about where I’m going to strike next.

“You’ve made your point, Steele,” he says.

“Have I? You think I have?” I bend down and look at Heather. She’s on her knees rubbing her thigh. I get behind her and bend her arm around behind her back. She cries out in pain. “What about you, Heather? Do you think I’ve made my point?” I hiss in her ear. Her breath quickens and I can tell she’s trying to absorb the pain. “Oh, you have learned something in your training. Let’s see how much you’ve learned!” I bend her arm back harder and tighten my grip and she cries out more.

“How about now, Heather? Have I made my point yet? In case I haven’t, my point is that you play with little girls, not grown ass women. That shit you pulled—you don’t dish that shit out if you can’t take it!” I hiss. She’s really crying now, but I can’t feel it. She crossed the line. “I don’t know what Luc told you about me, but rule number one is never. Attack me. From behind.” I twist her arm again.

“Pleeeeeeease!” she cries. Now you’re speaking my language, but I have one more point that I have to make before I’m through with you.

“You were eyeballing my boyfriend earlier. Well, look, there he is, see? Why don’t you let him get a good look at you?” I bend her arm deeper into her back and she lets out another wailing cry, pushing her breasts out further in front of her. “That’s a nice rack you’ve got there, Heather. Don’t you think so, Christian?” His face falls, then he frowns, and then his expression becomes impassive.

“That’s enough, Anastasia,” he says, his voice cold. It cuts through me and I almost lose my grip on the blonde bitch. Instead, it just pisses me off more. I slam her face down into the mat, hoping to break some skin and draw blood. I get my wish when I pull her face up and see blood coming from her lip. I bring my mouth down close to her ear.

“Know that I could break your fucking arm right now if I wanted to,” I hiss in her ear, “but I’m tired of this fucking game and I’m tired of you!” I release her arm and slam her down face first on the mat again. I stand up and flex my fingers, looking from Christian to Luc. Luc’s expression is unreadable, but Christian’s is clear—shame.

He egged this on! He’s the one who pointed out that she was staring at him and then told me to save it for the mat! Now he’s ashamed of me? I turn to Luc.

“Good luck with your training, Luc. I won’t be back,” I say with no malice.

“Ana, why…” Luc begins.

“You’ve done all for me that you can, Luc, and I appreciate it, but I won’t be back.” I head to the door and as I pass Christian, he grabs my arm. I snatch it away from him and walk out the door. I can hear him calling me, but I go to the women’s locker room before he has a chance to catch me. I throw all of my clothes in my gym bag and quickly locate a back door, hoping that it’s not alarmed.

It’s not, thank God.

I get into my car and text Chuck.

**Meet me at my car in the back of the gym. Don’t tell Jason or Christian. If I see anybody coming except you, I’m going to drive off without you and heaven help anybody who attempts to kidnap me this time! **

He’s got 60 seconds. I actually set my stopwatch on my phone for 60 seconds. At second 39, I see him in my rearview mirror… and he’s alone. I hit the locks and he gets into the car. I start the car and drive off almost before he gets a chance to close the door. We ride for a moment in silence before he says, “Do you like my being your bodyguard?”

“I like it enough,” I answer impassively.

“Then you better let me text my boss or I will be unemployed before the day is over.” I shrug.

“Text him,” I respond. He types into his phone. A few moments later, his phone buzzes back.

“Where are we going?” he asks.

“Tell him none of his damn business.” I don’t even blink when I say it. A few moments later, I hear “Love All The Hurt Away” playing from my phone. I ignore it. It stops, then it starts again… then again… then again. Not now, Christian. I can’t shake the look in his eyes when I left that room. I don’t want to see him right now, or talk to him. I need just a few moments to myself… we’ve talked about this.

“Find that damn thing and turn it off or I swear I’ll throw it out of the window,” I say through clenched teeth as I pull up to a red light.

“Ana…” he says, his voice warning.

“Davenport…” I say, glaring at him. He pauses only for a beat, then locates my phone in my gym bag and turns off the ringer just as the song starts to play again. The light turns green and I continue down the road.

A few minutes later I pull into the parking spot of a familiar place. I lock the Audi knowing that Christian can easily find me here, even if he doesn’t track his—my—precious car. I step into the elevator and moments later, I am dropping my gym bag and keys on the floor inside my condo. It’s been a while since I’ve been here… mid-November, I think. Al and Marilyn come a couple of times a week for me to check things out and pick up my mail that still comes here. I go into my bedroom and immediately decide that I need to take a bath. Chuck doesn’t follow me. No doubt, he’s telling Jason where we are. So maybe I only have a few moments of peace before the calvary comes banging at my door. I begin to fill the Jacuzzi tub with hot water and lemongrass citrus and set my sound system to my favorite custom jazz station. I drop my gym clothes in the middle of the bedroom and retreat to my bathroom, locking the door behind me. I’ll buy myself a little more private time with the locked door. I sink into the hot water, jets, and lemongrass, and let the smooth jazz take me away.



Why would she do that?

I mean, I understand her need to make a point, but to make that reference to me? What if I had agreed that the little trick had nice boobs—where would that leave me? Then she jerks away from me when I try to talk to her and now she’s hiding out in the ladies room. Really mature, Anastasia, really mature.

“Sir, there’s something you should know.” Oh fuck, now what?

“What is it, Jason?”

“Her Highness has left the building.” I do a double-take.

“Excuse me?” Am I hearing things? She went into the ladies locker room not five minutes ago.

“I just got a text from Chuck saying that they are on the move.” I feel my mercury rising with every passing second.

“And where are they going?” I say, trying to calm my ire. He taps into his phone and a few moments later, shows me the text.

** I don’t know yet and she says “none of your business.” **

Oh, she has gone into full-on childish mode. This is fucking ridiculous. I go to the locker room with Jason following me. I grab my blackberry and dial her number. It rings, then goes to voice mail. I try several more times and it continues to go to voice mail. Jason shows me another text from Davenport.

** The ringer is off. It was either that or buy a new phone because this one would be on the side of the road somewhere. **

“Goddammit!” I almost throw my blackberry against the wall. “When this woman gets a bug up her butt, she is fucking unmovable!”

“We might as well just let her cool down for a while, Sir. Chuck is with her, so we know she’s not alone.” He pauses and looks at his phone again. “They are at her condo, Sir.”

Her condo!? Shit! She’s pissed. Is she planning on spending the night there? I roll my eyes and shake my head. “I’m taking a shower, I’m getting dressed, and we’re going over there,” I say, calmly.

“Whatever you say, Sir,” Jason says.

“Something you want to say, Jason?” I ask, noting his tone.

“Well, since you asked, you should just let her calm down. If you go charging over there right now, it’s only going to be a fight. I don’t know what happened in here today, but whatever it was, it caused her to sneak out the back door without saying anything to anybody but Chuck. I asked him why he didn’t notify me immediately. He said that she told him if she saw anybody besides him walking to her car that she was leaving us all here. When is the last time you knew that woman to go off alone since that psycho kidnapped her?”

When he puts it in that perspective, I think it probably is best to let her cool down a bit… but just a bit. I’ll give her a couple of hours and then I’m going over there and we are going to talk about this, if I don’t spank her first.


I waited for a few hours and still no word from Butterfly. So I find myself in the elevator of her building on my way up to her condo. I still have the key that she gave me last year, so I let myself in. Davenport is in the living room watching ESPN when I enter. He stands and meets me and Jason at the door.

“Sir, Jason. She’s in her bedroom. She’s been in there all afternoon. I haven’t heard a sound.” Well, that worries me.

“Have you checked on her?” I ask. He shakes his head.

“In her bedroom, Sir?” he asks. Good point. I nod.

“Has she eaten?”

“There’s no food here,” he responds. I look at Jason.

“I’ll take care of it,” he says, and he leaves. I walk to Butterfly’s bedroom door and knock. No answer. I knock again. When there is still no answer, I open the door and stick my head in. She is lying on her bed in a tan cotton mini dress looking oh so content and edible—fast asleep. Did she cry? This situation upset her so badly that she is sleeping in the middle of the afternoon?

I sit gently on her bed at her feet. She stirs slightly and falls back into slumber. I want to touch her so badly, but I don’t want to wake her. This woman is infuriating sometimes, but I love her so much. I think she lets things upset her too easily and she shouldn’t get so riled up about certain things, but then again, the same thing can be said about me, can’t it? We’re a couple of real firecrackers—each at our own time. I think back to the day that we celebrated our birthdays together. My birthday is in April and hers is in October. Since we weren’t together for my birthday, she insisted that we celebrate both of our birthdays on her birthday. We had a huge party at The Century Ballroom and even though everyone was screened, I didn’t know half of the people there.

Even though everyone knew it would be a joint party, someone thought that it was a good idea to get Butterfly a strip-o-gram. She sat at her table, wide-eyed, mouth gaping and silent through the entire performance. The guy didn’t touch her—luckily for him—but she never said anything about him gyrating half-naked in front of her face. I was furious. I mean seriously, this was wrong and disrespectful for so many reasons, but most of all because this guy is shaking his near-naked body in my woman’s face and I’m standing right there watching it! Once she snapped out of her stunned silence, she made a beeline to me, swearing that she had nothing to do with it nor did she request it.

“But you didn’t stop it, did you?” I had said to her. This caught her by surprise.

“You’re blaming me for this? You’re angry at me for this?” she protested. “I had no idea what was happening until he was halfway out of his clothes. By then, I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do.”

“Come on, Anastasia, don’t give me that! There was a naked man in your face!” Before I had gotten my words out, someone yelled “Your turn, Christian!” and I am sitting there with pasty-covered tits and a barely-there thong waving in my face. I did nothing. I didn’t even react, and I didn’t look at Ana while I was getting this little show. Again, she never touched me, but I didn’t tell her to leave. How do you like it, Butterfly?

When the dance was done, I finally looked over at her and she is as white as a ghost. Even then, I had the sinking feeling that I had done something ghastly wrong, but I was too angry to see it. The guys at the party were pumping me up while the women were either mostly in silence, drawing from Butterfly’s reaction, or still talking about the male stripper that had graced our party moments before Pasty Lady.

Ana didn’t maintain eye-contact with me. She dropped her head and, even though we were there for several more hours and I mingled most of the time, I don’t remember seeing her head rise or her butt rise from that seat for the rest of the party. Nobody ever owned up to sending the strip-o-grams and I half believe that it was Lincoln, but I had no proof. Nonetheless, they—and I—effectively ruined Butterfly’s birthday.

For several days after that, I refused to see where I had done anything wrong. Although she wasn’t giving me the silent treatment, Butterfly was very quiet. I even tried to make love to her once and she wasn’t responsive at all. She didn’t push me away or deny me. It was like she just didn’t want me. That has never happened. When I asked her if she didn’t want me, she said she was just really tired. I remember thinking that she very well should be since she hasn’t been sleeping. She spent a few nights in the great room, staring at the fire until she fell asleep. I would come and get her and carry her to bed, and she would wake very shortly thereafter, lie there awake for a while and then go back to the great room. She didn’t shut me out, but she clearly didn’t want to be in the same room with memuch less in the same bed.

I finally went right to the problem because it was no doubt the whole stripper thing. All she said was that she was dealing with it.

“You’re not dealing with it,” I barked. “It’s tearing us apart. You won’t sleep with me, you won’t fuck me, you barely talk to me… it’s like Flynngate all over again!” She looked up at me and I saw complete defeat in her eyes. “Talk to me, please.”

“What do you want me to say?” she squeaked. “I can’t be angry that a woman was dancing naked in your face, can I? I can’t feel hurt or slighted that her bare tits were inches from your face and her nasty naked ass was swinging in front of you and that she was so close to you that I could smell her pussy from where was sitting, because I did the same thing… Right?” She stood up and ran out of the room, and this was the most emotion that I had seen from her since this whole thing happened. This is how she really felt. This is what has really been eating her. She couldn’t stand watching—and apparently smelling—this woman on display so close to me, but she wasn’t allowed to say anything or feel that way, because she did the same thing… Right?




She didn’t do the same thing. She was surprised. I, on the other hand, sat there and let that sleazy, smelly slut gyrate all over me out of spite. I should have turned the lady down—told her “thank you, but no thank you” because that’s what I was saying that Ana should have done. Instead, I let her dance for me even though I didn’t enjoy it, just so that Ana could know how it felt to watch. What I didn’t realize at the time was how totally different the situation was. I had some kind of advance warning of what was happening while Ana was completely ambushed. Instead of taking the high road, I made a bad matter worse by letting this naked woman wiggle in front of me while my girlfriend watched—and I knew what was coming. She was devastated, but she was conflicted about it because I had convinced her that she had done the same thing.

I can be a real asshole sometimes.

I remember following her to the bedroom where she had fallen asleep out of pure exhaustion. I don’t know if she cried or what had happened, but she was fully dressed and sleeping peacefully, more peaceful than she had for several days because she was finally able to release what she had been feeling, even though she allowed me to figure out for myself exactly what was wrong.

Much like right now…

She’s purring as her small frame rests on her old bed and she is so damn hugable right now. I don’t know how long I have sat here watching her before Jason texts me that he had brought food. I leave her bedroom and go to the kitchen to see what he has.

Damn, did he buy the whole deli?

“I knew that Chuck would be hungry, too, Sir, and you… and me. None of us have eaten.” I nod. Without a word, I set a tray with mini turkey wraps and ham wraps, hummus, veggies, pita chips, cheeses and fruit salad with a couple of fruit smoothies. I take it back to her room and she is still asleep. I sit there watching her sleep for a while.

After I don’t know how long, she finally stirs, stretches, and looks over at me. She doesn’t say anything, she just looks at me.

“Tell me what I did wrong,” I say to her. She sits up on the bed and looks over at the food, then back at me.

“You egged me on, Christian,” she says softly. “You pointed out to me that she was looking at you with hungry eyes and told me take my anger out in the fight. When I did that, you acted all appalled and horrified by the way that I reacted. What did you expect for me to do, square dance with her?” She drops her head. “If I ever looked at you the way that you looked at me today, I wouldn’t expect you to stay in the same room with me either,” she adds, her voice small. Geez, I must have given her one hell of a look. It chased her all the way back to her condo.

“You threw her boobs in my face and asked me if she had a nice rack,” I say in an unassuming voice. “Needless to say, that threw me a bit.” She doesn’t respond. “You scared me.” She looks up at me.


“You came back here. For a fleeting moment, I thought that you were leaving me.” It’s her turn to roll her eyes.

“So, I’m going to run away from home and come back to my condo where you have a key,” she points out. Yeah, sounds a little ridiculous to me, too. “Why do you always think the worst? I thought we established that there would be moments in time when we might need a little distance from each other.”

“I didn’t think that far ahead,” I say, my head down. When I look up at her, her head is down, too. I can’t help it. I have to touch her. This dress is made of soft, thin cotton—just enough to hug her body in the right places and fall off of others, and she’s not wearing a bra. I snatch her off of the bed and onto my lap. She gasps in surprise as I envelop her in my arms. Oh, this material feels as good as I thought it would against her body.

“God, I love you, Butterfly,” I say, my face buried in her neck.

“I love you, too, Christian,” she says softly. I hold her close to me until I feel her heartbeat against my body. Her arms snake around my neck and she just lets me hold her there. I press my lips against hers and invade her mouth, sucking her essence into me and infusing her with mine. She moans deep in her chest as I lean her backwards over my lap, our lips never separating. I stroke the smooth skin of her thigh and my hand continues to travel up her leg to discover that she’s not wearing any panties either… again!

I go straight for the clit.

“Mmmm!” she moans into my mouth. Ah yes, there it is. Press the little love button and make the kitten purr until the kitten screams… and that’s exactly what I did. I pushed my fingers into that warm cocoon and massaged that soft, wet clit until she squirmed in my lap and creamed in my hands. That’s it, Baby. I can still play that body if I want and make you feel better whenever you need it.

Once she catches her breath, I stack her pillows up at the head of her bed and lean her against them. After I wash my hands in her en suite, I feed her from the tray. I take a mini turkey row and put it in my mouth. I bring my face close to hers and beckon her to take it from me. She leans forward and gently wraps her lips around the protruding half of the wrap. I bite down and break it in half so that we each get half, but end up kissing like Lady and Tramp in the spaghetti scene. Next, I continue the process with pieces of the melon, kiwi, and strawberry and more of the ham and turkey wraps and slices of assorted cheeses. I simply feed her the humus on the vegetables and pita chips as that could get quite messy, but we do share the smoothies. Each time my mouth comes at her, I get another kiss and that shy, longing look from those beautiful blue eyes. Crisis averted… but not quite yet.

“You are the only woman that I will ever want in that way in my life. Don’t ever do that again.” My voice is soft and firm, and I surprised myself with the conviction that I have relayed in those words.

“I won’t,” she whispers. “I’m sorry.” I gaze at her for a moment, then put a slice of kiwi in my mouth and offer it to her. She gazes at me again before wrapping her lips around the slice of kiwi and sucking it gently. I feel my dick twitch in my pants. She grabs both sides of my face and sucks the kiwi until it breaks off in her mouth. Then she crawls to her knees and hungrily devours my lips. I push my hands up her back so that I can caress her tiny frame as she savagely devours my mouth. I feel her unbuttoning my shirt before her hand grabs the back of my neck and secures my head, allowing her to further ravage my lips.

Fuck, this is hot!

She has climbed on top of me by now and I—or she—has somehow maneuvered us so that I am now leaning against the pillows and the headboard. She is moaning into my mouth and devouring my kisses as if it they were her last meal. It’s making me hornier and hornier. She is thrusting her hips against me and I know that if she keeps this up, I’m going to come in my pants! She moves her lips down to my neck and sinks her teeth into the meat right above my clavicle.

“Ah!” I gasp in pain, surprise, and pleasure, reflexively grabbing her hips while simultaneously thrusting mine into hers. Her breath catches, but she doesn’t stop her assault. Her lips, tongue, and teeth continue down my body—my shoulders, my pecks, my chest, my stomach—licking, sucking, and mostly biting. I throw my head back, lost in the aggression of her passion and just as I think my dick is going to burst out of my pants, I feel her loosening my belt.

Oh, thank God!

When she undoes my fly, she pulls my hips down just a little so that I am lying a little flatter on the bed but still a little upright against the headboard. My erection springs free as she pulls my pants down just enough to let him out, and she’s stroking him with her hand while she’s kissing me deeply once again. I groan as she pulls her lips away from me, then watch her take a slice of kiwi from the bowl. She begins to stroke it over my cock, coating my skin with the juices right before she smashes it hard in her hand against my dick. I lick my lips as I watch her stroke the disintegrating fruit up and down my throbbing cock. It’s messy as hell—and sexy as fuck.

Just like I thought she would, she lowers her mouth onto my waiting erection and expertly starts to clean away the messy fruit and juices. Her mouth is burning hot and hungry and the feeling is extremely intense.

“Oh! Aw, fuck!” I hiss as her lips and tongue wrap around my dick. She moans as she obviously enjoys the taste of my dick drenched in kiwi, and her salacious ocean blue eyes never leave mine for a second. Who is this vixen? She is driving me completely wild! I’m biting my lip to keep from screaming like a woman because Butterfly gives the best head of any woman I have ever been with… and I’ve been with plenty! Even this head is some of the very best for by Butterfly’s standards, so I’m about to climb out of my skin here!

“Oh, God, Baby…” I breathe, trying to take in the pleasure and not scream, holding her shoulders as I fear that holding her head would interfere with her rhythm. “Baby… shit…” I don’t want her to stop because, shit, this is the best—but if she doesn’t…

As if she was reading my mind, her efforts intensify and she wraps her hands at the base of my dick, stroking and twisting while she feverishly bops away at the top half of my member.

“Ana… fuck… wait…” she is not stopping. She is relentless and I feel the base and the balls about to let loose on her any second. I try to hold back, to enjoy it a little longer. I’m clenching her sheets vigorously in my fists and flexing every muscle in my body trying not to come. Sensing my resistance, she gets even more enthusiastic in her technique and I am quickly losing the battle.

“Ana… sto…” Before I get the words out, one of her hands fly up to my mouth and she inserts her fingers between my lips. I suck the taste of kiwi from her skin and she drops hard down on my dick, deep-throating me as I come hotly in her mouth. Her other hand scratches my chest, prolonging my orgasm as she bends her head backward and forward only slightly and just enough to stroke a bit and drain the juice from my pulsing rod.

“Atha, God!” I try to say her name around her fingers still in my mouth and basically holding my tongue down. I want to thrust into her mouth, but her weight is on my thighs and it wouldn’t matter anyway, since I am balls deep and, no doubt, hitting the back of her throat with my tingling head. “Ah!” I moan as she sucks the last drop from me and releases my dick from her mouth while taking her fingers from mine. I am breathing hard as she kisses the exposed skin of my thigh. She then takes more kiwi from the bowl and coats my pubic area with the juices. I almost jump from my skin when she teases the sensitive skin of the “V” in the crease of my thigh.

“Baby, you’re going to start that fire again,” I warn.

“Good,” she purrs, continuing to lick the skin on my pelvis and look at me with those sexy eyes again. Her word and that look are what made my dick twitch and jump to attention again, although the oral assault didn’t hurt her cause. She climbs back up my body, not missing one spot on her way up. By the time her lips meet mine, I am ready for action again. She kisses me deeply once more, then asks, “I want you, Christian, so badly. Do you want me?” Oh, good fuck!

“Yes, Baby. I want you so much.” As I say the last words, she pulls her dress up to her waist and slides down onto my dick. “Sssssss… oh yes!” I hiss.

“Yes, Baby… that’s it… that’s good… right there…” she moans as she grinds back and forth on me. Her eyes close and her head falls back. She is so beautiful in the throes of passion. “I feel you, Baby. I feel you twitching and growing inside of me. Feel me, Baby. Feel me wrapping around your hard cock. You feel so good.” I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but I like it, I like it!

“Oh my God, you are so hot and sexy,” I breathe as she rides and grinds my dick, over and over and over, causing my rise towards a second orgasm.

“Ooooo! Ooooo! Oh yes!” She has somehow adjusted and I swear she is taking me so deep that I can feel her heartbeat on my dick.

“Too… much… so tight… so good… Baby, I’m not… shit… I’m not gonna last, Baby… fuck!” Just how deep am I?

“Okay, Baby. Okay…” she breathes as her hips continue to torture me. Okay? Okay, what? I’m about to come any minute. “Ah! Fuck! God!” she cries. Oh, she’s close. It won’t be long now.

“Oh, Ana, I am all yours, Baby,” I groan as I feel the explosion building in my pelvis and my balls tighten.

“Yes, Baby, yes,” she groans as she takes my mouth again. I wrap my arms around her, pressing her into me as we kiss deeply, but not tight enough to stop her rhythm. She is grinding harder, but not faster—continuous rhythm—and I am about to blow. I feel her tightening around me as she pulls her lips away from mine.

“I coming, Christian. Come with me, Baby,” she whispers, breaths away from my mouth. Her words send a jolt of electricity to my dick and it responds immediately, coming hot and hard inside of her.

“Oh, Baby!” I whimper, clutching her tight and pushing her down onto me while she softly moans and shivers through her orgasm and I twitch through mine. Hell, that was hot and deep! She is now lying on my chest and shoulder out of breath, as am I. After a while, I finally find my words.

“Oh my God,” I breathe before burying my hand in her hair and pulling her head back kissing her deeply. “You are incredible.”

“So are you,” she breathes without opening her eyes. “I love you.” She looks like she’s about to fall asleep again.

“I love you, too, Butterfly,” I say, kissing her on her forehead.



“So… no more Luc, huh?” he asks as I plate the food that we ordered for dinner. He sent Chuck home and Jason is on standby back at Escala as we decided to stay at my condo for the night. I shrug. Christian and I have shared a shower where he took me one more time, gently and slowly, under the rainwater shower head—it was exquisite. Now, we are at my breakfast bar like we were the first night we had sex—him in a T-shirt and boxer briefs and me in a nightie, blue this time.

“He can’t do anything else for me,” I say. “He trained me well—I could actually train someone else. I’m comfortable in my skill and nearly every time I show up he wants to put me through some sort of test. He had to know that little bimbo wasn’t going to play fair. This couldn’t have just come out of nowhere. Not only that, but he told me that I was his ‘yardstick,’ so I know that he had been comparing the girl to me before I had even gotten there. The only thing is that she didn’t compare with me… in any way whatsoever!”

“I’ll say,” Christian comments. I glare at him for a moment. “Well, she didn’t compare to you in that way either—no one does—but I know what you’re saying. When I got to the room, I never saw her get a clean hit on you. A few dirty ones, maybe, and that’s only when she had you by the waist, hitting you in the side and even that was short-lived. I bet she is still hearing ringing in her ears from that elbow hit.” I twist my lips.

“Could she sue me for that ass-whipping she took?” I ask. He shakes his head.

“She could try if she wanted to come after you. However, it would probably be thrown out of court, because she signed a release when she joined the gym. In martial arts training, it’s very likely that you are going to get hurt. That’s why they make us sign releases. The only way that I could see her attempting to sue you is if there is permanent damage to her arm. Do you think there is?”

“No. She’ll be hurting for a while, but there’s not permanent damage—unless there was something wrong with it before I got to it. Even then, what I did is a textbook submission hold. So, she still doesn’t have a leg to stand on… or an arm to lean on would be more appropriate.” I sit in front of him. “I wanted Luc to teach Marlow some self-defense techniques, but now I’m feeling like I may do better to teach him myself.”

“That won’t work,” he says, almost immediately. I frown.

“Why not?”

“Marlow won’t raise a finger to you. You could beat him within an inch of his life and he would not touch you. He won’t learn that way. Klevnar could still teach him—there’s no reason why he couldn’t. If that doesn’t work, there’s Claude, Jason, Davenport, or any number of people on this fleet of security staff that I have around me… but not you. It won’t work,” he says with finality.

“Yeah, actually you’re right. I didn’t think about it that way,” I say, taking a healthy forkful of my food. “I still don’t think I want Luc to do it, though. Maybe I’ll talk to Chuck.” Christian nods. We eat in silence for a few moments. “So, what time will your family be at the apartment tomorrow?”

“Two o’clock,” he says, almost forlorn. “I really don’t want to talk about this to them, but I really don’t see any other way. If this thing blows up, we have to stand united or our whole family will be sitting ducks for media fodder.” I shake my head.

“You know, this whole story is so damn tragic, I can’t understand why the media has to be so cutthroat and heartless about something like this.”

“It’s news, Butterfly. No matter how much we want to say that it’s personal and private, it’s news. If this were some famous celebrity that was going through this that you knew of but didn’t know personally, it would just be a story to you—but it’s me, and that makes it personal. It’s doesn’t make it any less tragic and it doesn’t make their actions any less cutthroat or heartless, but it’s still news.” That was profound and sad at the same time, and unfortunately, quite true. It seems like the worse your suffering, the more newsworthy the story.

“Should I make something for a late lunch?” I ask. Christian shakes his head.

“It’s not going to be that kind of meeting, Butterfly. I fully expect for most, if not all of us to lose our appetites with the context of this conversation.” I shake my head.

“Well, let’s hope we can keep this as quiet as possible,” I say softly. We fall into another silence again.

“So… you had to pick apart the David saga on Friday,” Christian asks cautiously after several moments. I stop eating and look up at him.

“Yes,” I say. I don’t normally go into too much detail about my session, but his demeanor seems a little off with this topic. “What is it, Christian?” He looks at me and then back at his food.

“This is ridiculous,” he says, putting his fork down. “I talk to boardrooms full of people and I can’t seem to…” I can feel the frustration emanating off of him. We are nearly finished eating, so I put my fork down, too. I reach over and squeeze his hand.

“Baby… please… Tell me what’s wrong.” I try to comfort him. He covers my hand with his and sighs heavily.

“I know that he’s a psychopath. I know that you have terrible memories of him both of when you were together and of when he kidnapped you. I would never consider him a threat in any way, but…” He pauses again. Where is he going with this? I squeeze his hand again. Tell me, Christian, I will him. “He’s the only other man that I have ever heard you say that you loved.”


My expression must have relayed that exact thought, prompting Christian to elaborate.

“I know he has done some horrible things and that it is very easy to cross that thin line between love and hate. Hell, we crossed it…” We crossed it… what is he getting at? He sighs again.

“What kind of thoughts and feelings have come to the surface while you have been talking about David?” He spit the statement out all in one breath like it was the hardest thing that he has ever had to say. Where is he going with this? Does he think that talking about Edward will make me want him again? What is his line of thinking here?

“That at one time I loved him like no other, and now I hate the very air that he breathes,” I say definitely. Christian’s eyes cloud as I realize that I have hit the nail square on the head. Does he think my feeling for him will turn that sour that quickly? I kiss his fingers. “Christian, it took a lot of bad and a huge dose of horrible for my feelings for Edward to turn the way that they did…”

“But it didn’t take long at all for your feelings for me to turn from hate to love,” he retorted.

“That’s because you’re a remarkable man. Edward has never been remarkable. He had wonderful moments, but they were all part of one big lie—a facade. The real man is horrible, selfish, evil, and unstable. I fell in love with a lie, Christian, and when the truth came out, it all fell apart. I’ve seen all of you—the good, the bad, and the sexy.” I smile, trying to bring some humor to the situation. He smiles, too, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “Don’t you see? You gave me the entire ugly story from the very beginning and you allowed me to make my decision about what I wanted to do. Granted, you sexed me senseless first…” I shiver a bit thinking of our first night together in my bed… and my dining chair… and against the wall…

What was I saying again? Oh, yeah, right…

“… But you promised me that you were going to tell me everything and so far, you have. You didn’t send your representative for me to fall in love with and then pull out big, bad, ugly Christian after I fell. What Edward did to me was dishonest, and it was all based on a lie. I was never in love with him—I was in love with a lie. I never loved Edward… I loved who I wanted him to be. He was never that man; thus, I could never love him.

“He doesn’t even love me, Christian. He’s obsessed with me—with the thought of having me to himself and no one else having me. If I dropped everything right now and ran to his side, we would only last a short while before he went in search of someone else. He wants me because he can’t have me and because no one else wants him. Out of all of these skanky whores he was dealing with, I’ll bet that I was the only woman that was ever really loyal to him… or the idea of him anyway.” I drop my head, and sigh. “I could never love anyone like I love you. Yes, I loved the idea of Edward David, and I loved him hard, but not nearly as much as I love you. Not even close.” I look up at him and my eyes soften. “Besides, every time I look at you, all I can think of is how badly I want to fuck you.”

His eyes go from soft to piercing and sensual in less than a second. He has cleared the counter and scooped me up onto it before I even have a chance to register what is going on. Before I can protest, he is kissing me feverishly and pushing my nightie up my thigh.

Here we go again…


A/N: So, the next few chapters are going to be pretty intense. As you can see, the Pedo-Bitch storyline is taking more form, the wedding is coming up, and no, I haven’t forgotten about a certain videotape in analysis. To be honest, I don’t know how long those types of things really take, but in my little story, it’s about time for some heads to roll. 

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