Paging Dr. Steele: Chapter 30: It’s A Wrap

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Chapter 30—It’s A Wrap


“There was a baby?” Oh, good Lord. She was pregnant? With the child of her rapist?

“Yes, there was,” she says softly.

“What happened to the child? Did you give it up for adoption?” I ask.

“No, I…” Did she abort it? I wouldn’t have blamed her. “… I lost it… in the beating.” Oh, God.

“Ana, I’m so sorry,” I say, pulling her into my arms.

“It’s okay. Really. I didn’t know that I was pregnant… until after I had lost the baby. Even then, I couldn’t feel sad. I mean, I feel bad for a poor, innocent child that was caught up in this, but I was only 15. I sure wasn’t ready for a baby much less the child of the guy who raped me.”

“That must have been so terrible for you… the whole ordeal. It must have been just awful.” I embrace her.

“It was,” she says. “Thank goodness for Ray or I probably would have been a basket case. At least the guardians did one thing right by letting me stay the summer with him. Anyway, shortly after that, I got on birth control… just in case…”

“… It ever happened again.” I finish her sentence. She nods.

“I just wanted you to know. I wasn’t on birth control waiting for the next lucky guy to… well, you know.”

“I never thought that about you, Butterfly. Not once,” I say. She leans in and kisses me softly, her hand gently stroking my cheek. I love the feel of her delicate skin on mine. She’s breathtaking, and I’m a lucky bastard. I hear someone clear their throat and I look up to see Carrick standing over us.

“Hi, Dad,” I say.

“Son,” he greets, puffing on his pipe. “Everything’s okay, I assume?”

“Yeah. Everything’s fine.” I smile at Butterfly.

“Good. Well, your mother has said that the two of you are not leaving until you get a full meal in you and since we have all missed lunch for a crazy woman’s theatrics—her words, not mine—you are to march yourselves to the dining room right now for dinner,” he says.

“Yes, Father,” I reply in the mock obedient son’s voice. I stand and extend my hand to Butterfly, helping her get to her feet.

“Good, I’ll meet you back at the house.” Carrick turns and walks ahead of us.

“Do you know why I call you Butterfly?” I ask, as I tuck her body under my arm.

“You already told me,” she answers.

“Well, that’s only part of it. That’s not all of it.” I clear my throat. “When Welch tied Anastasia Lambert to Anastasia Steele, there were pictures that came with the information.”

“Pictures of what?”

“Not what… who. Pictures of you, after the attack.” She freezes.

“I’ve… never seen them,” she says, looking at me.

“I don’t think you want to.” She drops her head. “You were unrecognizable. I only knew it was you because of your hair.” Her expression changes. I have to finish quickly, “You were black and blue… badly beaten. I didn’t think anybody would be able to recover from that.” I take her face in my hands. “But here you are. I remember holding up the picture for Welch to see, asking him if he knew that kid became a psychiatrist. I remember thinking that you took a huge negative and turned it into a positive. You took a terrible situation and used it as a reason to help others. Few people come out of something like that with at least enough insight to move on with their lives. You came out of it with so much more.” I kiss her gently on her lips. She looks up at me through her lashes. “You were terribly brutalized and except for the cruel scar on your back, you came out of it physically perfect. And the person inside is spectacular. The caterpillar became a butterfly.” She stares at me.

“Christian,” she breathes, “That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I want you to know that I understand your pain, and that I love you—not in spite of it, but because of it. Because you persevered through it, I was given my Butterfly.”

I can tell that she wants to cry, but instead, she kisses me—very deeply—such that I feel all the love inside of her. I gather her into my arms and devour her searing kisses. I pull myself away from her before I reach the point of no return. “Carrick is going to come back out here any minute and I’m going to have the world’s largest boner if we don’t stop.” She laughs at me and slaps my arm, running in front of me back to the house. I chase her playfully and catch her when we get to the French doors. We enter the house giggling and both stop in our tracks when we’re greeted by a sneering Katherine Kavanaugh standing alone in the foyer near the great room. Butterfly stands face-to-face with her.

“If you have anything to say to me, you say it now—woman to woman, while we’re looking one another in the eye—because if you can’t say it now, don’t you dare say anything to me later. You keep all your little snide, underhanded, under-your-breath, catty, childish remarks to yourself! For God only knows what reason, you don’t like me and make no mistake—I sure as hell don’t like you. So, since we understand one another, why don’t we just agree to ignore and stay the fuck away from each other?” She barks at Kavanaugh, still matching her glare.

There’s enough animosity between these two to keep them standing here all night. I take Butterfly’s hand and lead her into the great room towards the kitchen and away from the dragon lady. “Come, my love. We’ll send Elliot back for that.” She’s still glaring at Kavanaugh, who matches her stare as I lead Butterfly away.

“I swear, I’m going to slap her again if she says anything to me, Christian.” Hold up… what was that?

“You slapped her?” I ask, pausing at the kitchen door.

“Slapped the damn taste out of her mouth,” she says flatly.

“When? Where was I?” I ask, nearly dumbfounded.

“I think you were in the tree-house—or maybe headed in that direction.”

“Damn, I hate that I missed that.” I open the door for Butterfly and we proceed through the kitchen to the dining room where the rest of the family is waiting.

“Christian, dear. Are you okay?” My mom comes rushing to my side. I don’t know how she can even stand to look at me right now. She takes my hand and presses it hard against her cheek. This is the only affection I could stand from my mother—my savior—for many years, but now Butterfly has opened the floodgates… and I really need my mom. I open my arms and gently gather her close to me, smelling her hair and feeling a real mommy hug.

“I’m so sorry, Mom.” I say, trying to hide my shame-filled face in her hair.

“No, son, it’s not your fault.” I can hear the tears in her voice. “We’re going to get through this just fine, okay?” I pull her back to see her eyes smiling at me.

“Okay, Mom,” I say, my voice betraying me just a bit.


“What did you do to him?” Elliot says softly while we watch Christian and Grace’s exchange. I shrug,

“What do you mean?” I ask, bewildered.

“Well, you saw what happened when Morcreeptia touched him last night. He freaked out. He’s been that way his whole life. And now…” He gestures towards his mother and his brother.

“Um… well… I don’t know really. We understand each other, I guess, and that’s making it a little easier for him to open up… on his own terms, of course. I’m sure even though the rest of us may not understand it, you have some kind of similar connection with Kate.” His shoulders fall when I say that. Uh oh, wrong move, Steele.

“We used to,” he says. “When I first met Kate, she was a wonderful girl. Vibrant, friendly, and tenacious as hell.” He laughs in nostalgia. “I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what changed. Just out of nowhere, she started to become… bitchy! I keep hoping that this will pass and I’ll get my Kate back, but it’s just getting worse and worse.”

“Is that why she’s standing out in the foyer by herself?” I ask.

“Pretty much,” Elliot responds, putting his hand on the back of his neck. “I told her that I was coming in here to have dinner with my family and that if she could not apologize to my mother and to you for the way she’s been behaving that she couldn’t come in here.” I can see the conflict in his face. “My family nearly self-destructed today, and all she could do was throw snarky remarks about kinky sex. My sister attacked Madam LaCreep, my mother slapped her… hell, even you knocked on her ass last night! What did Kate do? What has she done the entire time that she’s been here?” He rubs his neck again. “Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? Because if it is, I don’t think I can do it.” He drops his head. I look up to see Christian spying us curiously. I subtly gesture for him to come over to us as it appears that his brother may have an emotional breakdown in any second. He raises his eyebrows and comes over to join us.

“Elliot? You okay, man?” Christian says to his brother. Elliot straightens up.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. I just need some air,” Elliot says, brushing off his sleeves. “You got a good one here, man. Don’t let her go,” he says, smiling at Christian, then he turns to me. “Ana Montana… don’t ever change.” I can see the pain in his eyes before he excuses himself and escapes to the patio. I feel horrible for him. I look up at Christian’s questioning eyes.

“He’s in love with her,” I say, sadly.

“I know,” Christian responds. “But there’s something else going on there, too, I think.”

“I think so, too, but he’s hurting. He can’t take her behavior much longer. I think you’re seeing the end of this engagement if Ms. Kavanaugh doesn’t get her act together…” I fold my arms and lean up against the wall. “… And no doubt that will be my fault, too!” I snap.

“What do you mean your fault, too?” he asks.

“Well, that crazy pedophile is convinced that all of this is because of me! She’s totally delusional! She can’t see her wrongs if her life depended on it… and she never will. Now I’ve got this vicious, fire-breathing dragon standing out in the foyer, and no doubt when her life falls apart, it’ll have nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she’s a vapid narcissist. It will all be because I showed up at your parents’ house last night and turned everybody against her!” I throw my hands up in the air.

“And if that’s what she thinks, then that’s her problem!” Grace says coming over to me and putting her arm around me to lead me to a chair at the table. “At some point, people have to take responsibility for their own actions. And if Katherine is unable to do that, then it’ll cost her dearly and she’ll have no one to blame but herself.” I sit in the seat nearest to Grace where Mia normally sits.

“Mia…?” I say as she surrenders her seat to me.

“It’s okay, Anakins. We’re all at the same table, right?” she says with an exuberance that shows no indication whatsoever that she was just in a huge catfight a few hours earlier with the stank-ass, slutty, nasty, filthy, slimy, Pedo-Bitch She-Thing demon from hell.

“I’ll go get Elliot,” Carrick says as he heads towards the patio.

A few minutes later, dinner is served and Elliot manages to pull himself together and join us. I feel terrible for him and what he’s going through with Kate. It’s not my place to say that she doesn’t deserve him… but hell, she doesn’t deserve him! He’s funny, attractive, and he has a kind heart. She’s vicious, malicious, and snobby. Two people couldn’t be more opposite.

“So, what do we plan to do about Mrs. Lincoln?” Carrick says, as bitter-pill-swallowing Liona serves after-dinner coffee. “You know as well as I do that woman won’t go down quietly. Remember the divorce?” He whistles. “She didn’t have a leg to stand on and she was still kicking and screaming.”

“I don’t know, Cary,” Grace says. “How many other children have been victimized by this woman? There’s absolutely no way to tell unless they are willing to come forth.”

“That’s not likely to happen,” Christian says. “Don’t hate me, Mom, but you never would have known if I didn’t think someone else would have told you first.” Kate immediately comes to mind, standing in the foyer like an idiot, waiting for Elliot to change his mind and go rescue her. “If I had my way, this would have been my own dirty little secret to take to my grave and you never would have been exposed to it,” he adds.

“… And mine,” I add meekly. He squeezes my hand.

“And yours,” he says, kissing my hand. “In fact, you can thank Ana for convincing me to tell you,” he says with a smile that Grace mirrors.

“And Kate,” Elliot spits under his breath. Grace turns to him.

“Katherine knew about this!?” Grace asks in horror.

“No, but Kate knew something was up, she just didn’t know what,” Elliot clarifies. Grace still looks a bit confused.

“She heard Christian and me talking on the patio earlier this morning after breakfast about telling you the whole story. Since she obviously loves me so much,” I add sarcastically, “she warned me about the dangers of a Grey family scandal being released into the media.”

“So, in other words, she threatened you,” Grace says, distastefully.

“Yes, precisely, but not really. She had threatened me earlier in the conversation. When that attempt failed miserably, she took to threatening Christian. That’s what the media comment was—a threat against Christian.” Grace face becomes stony as she turns to Elliot.

“Elliot…” she says in a warning tone.

“I know, Mom,” he says, defeated. I can tell by his tone that the deed is already done even though he has not yet spoken to Ms. Kavanaugh. I take Christian’s hand. I can’t imagine us having been together for so long and then having to break up for an obvious personality flaw. He squeezes my hand in return.

“Is there anything we can do, Elliot?” I say, knowing the answer but feeling completely helpless. Elliot looks up at me.

“She’s smart, too, huh, Bro?” he says with a pained smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “No offense, Chris, but I wish I had met someone like her instead of…” and he trails off. How can you possibly say that you wish you had never met the woman with whom you have fallen in love? Elliot rises from the table without a word this time and disappears through the kitchen—no doubt in search of the absent Katherine Kavanaugh. I shake my head once he’s out of the room.

“It’s amazing to me that she would rather stay out there in exile than to come in here and apologize,” I say before taking a sip of my coffee.

“He’s right, though,” Mia says. “Kate used to be really nice. We used to go shopping together—clubbing occasionally. We were friends before she and Elliot even started dating, because of Ethan. I wanted her to meet my brothers so badly. I actually thought she’d be better for Cwis…”

“Oh, no you didn’t!” Christian states sternly. We all laugh.

“Well, Elliot was taken right away when she came to dinner that night. Remember, Mom? Dad kept singing ‘Another One Bites the Dust.'” Grace and Mia laugh this time.

“Well, we all know that our boy Elliot did get around… before Kate, that is,” Carrick defends.

“And after…” Christian says under his breath. Nobody hears him, but I do. I turn to Christian and he just shakes his head. I turn back to Grace.

“So, this is going to be his first real heartbreak,” I point out. Grace exhales.

“I’m afraid so, dear,” she says. I sigh.

“I wouldn’t want to be him right now,” I say.

“I don’t know,” Christian says. “I know it’s going to be hard on him, but I don’t think it’s going to be as hard as everybody thinks it is. Last Thursday, Elliot was already eying up the daughters. I knew there was ‘trouble in paradise’ so to speak a long time ago.”

“What do you mean?” Grace asks.

“I bought into this club downtown, the McElvoy. I went to check it out a few weeks ago, to see what the crowd was like—see if it was a worthy investment. Elliot went with me. Let’s just say that he didn’t lack company and I didn’t see him for most of the night. He even found another way home, if you know what I mean,” Christian says.

“Well, then why is he still with Katherine?” Carrick says. “The relationship is obviously in the crapper, and they haven’t even set a date yet!”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Dad,” Christian says before finishing his coffee.

“Well, I say good riddance to old rubbish!” Mia says.

“Mia!” Grace scolds.

“I’m sorry, Mom, but I don’t like her. She’s obviously putting Elliot through the ringer and she’s rude to everybody she meets,” Mia defends.

“She’s clearly unhappy, dear, and her bad example is no reason for you to follow suit,” Grace states. Mia shrugs.

“Well, she’s not justified in taking her unhappiness out on everyone else, but you’re right. I won’t act like her. Heaven forbid!” She stands and walks over and kisses her mother. “I’m going to call Ethan. We’re going apartment hunting tomorrow. Love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too, darling,” Grace says.

“We should probably be going, Christian. I do have patients in the morning,” I say, rising from my seat. Christian reaches for Mia’s hand to signal her to wait a moment.

“Yes, and I have a company to run,” he says. I walk over to Grace, while he has a chat with Mia.

“I was interrupted earlier, Grace, but I was serious about wanting to do something with Helping Hands. I could work with some of the families or I could volunteer in whatever capacity you may need me. This is exactly the reason why I got my education. Will you please let me know?” I say to her. She embraces me warmly.

“I’m certain that we can use someone with your attitude, expertise, and enthusiasm. I’ll give you a call this week?” she says.

“By all means, and thank you, Grace.”

“No, dear,” she says with tears in her eyes. “Thank you.” She looks lovingly at Christian. I completely get the thrust of her statement. I squeeze her hand before letting go and walk over to Carrick.

“Thank you for having me, Carrick.” I smile. He embraces me.

“It was wonderful meeting you, Ana. Maybe our next encounter won’t be so tumultuous,” he says facetiously.

“Here’s hoping.” I laugh. I turn and smile at Mia, who returns the gesture.

“I’ll go get our things, baby.” I call to Christian and he nods, still talking to his sister.

I go to his bedroom to gather our things. As I’m coming out of the room, Elliot meets me at the top of the stairs.

“I guess she’s walking around the grounds somewhere. I can’t find her,” he says, sort of maudlin. I take his hand.

“Elliot, what do you want?” I ask.

“What do you mean?” He frowns.

“Do you want Kate?” I ask. His answer is too slow.

“I want to be happy,” he replies.

“We all want to be happy, but when you see your happiness, do you see Kate?”

“I used to,” he sighs, leaning against the banister, “but now… I don’t know.”

“Is this something that might be able to be saved?” He looks at me strangely.

“Are you her cheerleader now?” he says with a chuckle. “Team Katherine all of a sudden?”

“No,” I say with a smile, “but I am Team Elliot,” I reply. “You have to do what makes you happy, Elliot. No matter what your mom thinks, or your family, or your friends… or Katherine. You have to live with your decisions for as long as they affect you, and marriage affects you for the rest of your life… even if you get divorced.”

“My brother has really found a great girl.” He laughs. “Please don’t hurt him, Ana Montana. He’s had a rough time of it, and I’ve never seen him take to someone like he has taken to you. He’s a different guy, and I can’t stand to see him go back to who he was,” Elliot says, his eyes pleading.

“There’s no hope of that, Elliot,” I say resting my hand on his shoulder. “I’m just as much of a goner as he is. I think we’ve both reached the point of no return.” He smiles and pulls me into an embrace.

“Just be good to him, okay? I know he’ll be good to you,” he says in my ear before he releases me.

“He already is,” I say with a shy smile. I reach into my purse and pull out my business card. I hand it to Elliot. “Will you call me if you need to talk? My office and cell numbers are there.” He takes my card.

“Thanks, Ana. I will.”

“Now I better go find my beloved before he comes looking for me.” I giggle.

“Too late.” I hear Christian’s voice from somewhere at the bottom of the stairs. Christian rises to meet us. He immediately notices the look on Elliot’s face.

“I’m going to go put these things in the car. Is it open?” I ask, trying to give him a moment with his brother.

“Yes, Butterfly. It’s open.” I smile at the use of my nickname in front of his brother and descend the stairs.

“Butterfly?” I hear Elliot ask.

“It’s a long story… are you okay?” Christian asks as I walk through the foyer and out the front door.

I put our things in the trunk except for my purse and I hear a woman’s voice off to the right of me near the other cars.

“I know, Roger, but there’s nothing that I can do about it.” The voice is full of longing and regret. “Yes, I do, too… I’ll try to talk to you as soon as I can… I love you, too.” I look up to see Katherine Kavanaugh ending a call with some mystery gentleman and walking towards the front of the house, still looking at her phone. I slam the trunk to make my presence known. She jumps from the sound and a look of utter terror comes over her.

“That’s not what it sounded like,” she says, terrified.

“Oh? What did it sound like?” I ask, impassively. She frantically searches for an explanation, confirming for me that it was exactly what it sounded like. “You know, Kate, I don’t really care what it was,” I say, throwing my hands up. She stops me with a desperation in her voice that I haven’t heard from her before.

“You’re not going to tell Elliot, are you?”

“It’s not for me to tell Elliot. It’s not my secret to tell. But I’m going to tell you something that I recently told someone very dear to me. Everything that you do in the dark will one day be brought to the light. Are you in love with someone else? Is that why you’re so bitter with everybody?” I ask. She glares at me, then her gaze softens.

“You don’t understand,” she says, softly.

“You’re right, I don’t. You’re miserable and you’re making everyone else around you miserable. Is this why?” I ask fervently. I see her choking back tears.

Oh, shit. She’s human and she’s got feelings. Fuck!

I roll my eyes and snatch Katherine by the arm, dragging her away from the front door and surprise listeners.

“Kate, are you in love with someone else?” I whisper harshly. She nods and the tears start to fall. “Then why are you engaged to Elliot!?”

“I don’t know how it happened. I love Elliot, too. I really do!” she protests.

“I believe you, but you can’t have them both! Elliot deserves better than this, and quite frankly, so do you!” She glares at me disbelieving. “Yeah, I know. I hate to admit it, too!” I spit. She chuckles a bit through her tears.

Oh, hell, a sense of humor, too. Good grief. I sigh heavily.

“You’re looking for perfection here with Elliot—the perfect guy, the perfect family, the perfect name—you’re not going to find it, because it’s not going to be the perfect life. You’ve got everybody thinking you’re a bitch when really, you’re just miserable, and you’re making everyone around you miserable.” She’s weeping now. I ask her the same question that I asked Elliot. “What do you want, Kate?”

“I…I…” She stutters, but continues to cry. “What do I doooooo?” she keens.

“I don’t know,” I say truthfully. “You need to take some time for yourself and decide what you want. Because if it’s Elliot, you’re about to lose him.” She looks up at me, horrified.

“What?” she says, surprised.

“Did you pay any attention whatsoever to what happened today?” I ask incredulously. “I mean I completely understand that you were distracted by all of the hoopla and whatnot, but this family went into thermonuclear meltdown today! Christian’s been molested, Elliot was propositioned, Mia went ninja and attacked a crazy pedophile who had groomed them both, Grace went postal on you and the pedophile, and I’m sure Carrick has no fucking idea what to think right now. Here’s where I fit in. I attacked the same pedophile last night for touching my man, obliterated her again today, brought Grace back from the cliff when she found out that her youngest son had been molested, was the catalyst for the first hug she had gotten from her son in 25 years, and slapped ‘the bitch,'” I do the quotes with my fingers, “who had been antagonizing everybody for the last two days. Where do you fit in? You’re ‘the bitch!’ How well do you think this fares for you?”

“I really fucked up, didn’t I?” she says, still weeping.

“Uh… yeah!” I say, illustrating the obvious truth.

“Ana?” she says, her voice squeaking and heavy with pain. “I want Roger.” She breaks down in completely uncontrolled sobs. I dig in my purse and locate tissue, which I hand to Kate.

“Are you absolutely sure about that?” I say, cautiously. She nods vigorously.

“I love Elliot, Ana. I really do. But I’m not in love with him. I’m in love with Roger,” she confesses, trying to control her crying.

“Then why did you get engaged to Elliot?” I ask.

“For all the reasons you said, perfect family, perfect guy… he’s wonderful! He’s the total package, but everything had to be perfect. They had to like me, I had to be the favorite. I knew about the daughters. Elliot warned me almost right after we met.”

“I wish Christian had warned me,” I say almost as an afterthought. She chuckles as she wipes her tears.

Why couldn’t I have met this Katherine? She’s almost… pleasant.

“You were competition. That’s how I saw you, too,” she confesses. I look confused.

“I didn’t want Elliot,” I protest. “This is the first time I’ve ever met Elliot.”

“It wasn’t Elliot that I was concerned about. It was Grace, and Carrick, and even Mia… and yes, Elliot to a degree, but not like that.” She shakes her head. “‘The bitch,'” she mimics the quotes like I did, “managed to scare away all of the daughters. As far as I was concerned, you were another one of the daughters trying to weasel in where I was trying to get on Grace’s good side.” I hate to tell her that I from where I stand, she never had a chance of getting on Grace’s good side even before today’s episode.

“Why don’t you like Christian?” I ask.

“He’s too aloof. I couldn’t break through his defenses no matter how hard I tried. The more I tried, the more he resented me. I just took it as he had a heart of stone and left him alone. We shared a mutual dislike and that was fine with me.” She leaned against one of the parked cars. “And then you showed up on his arm, and that only meant one of two things—either he was trying to bring in some competition for Mommy’s attention, or someone was able to melt the cold heart of Christian Grey. Either way, that was bad news for me.” I’m surprised that she’s being this candid with me. A few hours earlier, she wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire!

“You speak French, you’re a doctor, everybody liked you immediately… at first, I just chalked it up to them being happy that Christian had brought a girl home. I quickly realized that it was much more than that and I quickly put operation ‘scare the daughter away’ into full effect… but you weren’t one of the daughters.” She has finally managed to pull herself together. “In another time, we may have been friends,” she adds, sadly.

“Anastasia?” I hear Christian’s voice calling me from the front of the house.

“He’s going to turn into a bear if I don’t show up soon,” I say, and we start walking around to Christian’s car.

“Listen,” she stops me, “Girl to girl—and you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to—it’s easy to see that he’s a dominant personality…” That’s an understatement. “They say dominant personalities are fierce in bed. I don’t want him, I’ve just been so curious—especially since he’s so cold.” Yesterday, I might have said, “Bitch, fuck you.” But in light of her story and explanation, she’s right… we could have been friends.

“There are no words,” is all I say. Her mouth falls open.

“You’re kidding!” she says incredulously. I immediately become flushed and hot thinking of my various trysts with Christian… the playroom, orgasm denial, Mistress

“No, I’m not,” I say, trying to control my breathing. I need to get this man home. I feel the need to be fucked!

“Well, well, well, who would’ve thought?” she says.

“I sure didn’t. When I first met him, I thought he was deplorable. Gorgeous, but deplorable. He was cocky and haughty and condescending… it was awful!” I say, “But after a few weeks, he got under my skin… literally…” We laugh. “… And here we are.”

“Do you think you’ll marry him?” she asks. I never thought that far in advance. We’re just starting out and still trying to work out our demons and our relationship.

“Well, we haven’t gotten that far, yet,” I say looking at my feet, “but I can’t see myself without him,” I add. She starts to play with her fingers.

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about Roger,” she says quietly, a little ashamed.

“But not Elliot?” I ask. She shakes her head without looking at me. “You have to tell him, Kate. You both deserve to have what you want in life, and he deserves to go and find the woman for him, even if it’s not you.”

“I know,” she sighs. “I just really hate to hurt him.”

“The lie will hurt him more. It’ll hurt you both more,” I say.

“Anastasia!?” He’s getting more flustered.

“Here I come, baby!” I yell. “You need to talk to him, Kate.” She nods. The tears starting anew in her eyes. I hand her another tissue just as Christian comes around the cars to our location.

“I’ve been calling you and calling you. Wher…” He stops cold at the sight of me standing there comforting a crying Katherine Kavanaugh. “Ana…?” I’m sure he doesn’t know what to make of this. I look back over to Kate.

“You’ll be okay?” I ask. She nods.

“I’ll be fine,” she says through her sniffles. “I need to go find Elliot.” She gives me a tight smile, which I return. She turns to Christian and they face off for a moment.

“Kavanaugh,” he says impassively.

“Christian,” she says with a little warmth that seems to shock Christian a bit. She walks past him towards the front of the house.

“What was that all about?” he asks incredulously once Kate is out of sight.

“I have a feeling that you may find out in a couple of days.” I say walking towards Christian.

“There’s an old saying: Everything happens for a reason. My whole family came apart at the seams this weekend—including a harpy that I wouldn’t consider my family just yet—and you were there holding everybody together… putting out fires, beating up pedophiles, taming harpies… How do you do it?” He asks. I shrug.

“I don’t know, Christian. Half of the fires wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been here…” I say. Kind of self-deprecating, I know, but it is the truth. He tucks me under his arm and after we say additional goodbyes to his family, we head for home.


“You turned into a wildcat today,” I say, hugging Mia close to me. It was one thing to see Ana fighting for me. It’s quite another to see my normally-overly-bubbly little sister with a handful of flaxen blond hair in her fist.

“What she did to you was inexcusable, Cwis, and if I ever see her again, I’m going to fuck her up!” she spits. I kiss her on her forehead.

“Thank you, Meelo. I love you.” I hear a sharp intake of air and her eyes fill with tears.

“I love you, too, Cwissy,” she says as she hugs me around my waist and buries her head in my chest. This has never been new for me and Mia. She’s the only one who has ever been able to touch me this way.

“Why are you crying?” I ask.

“You’ve never told me you loved me before. I always knew, but you never told me.” She sniffs. I kiss her hair.

“Well, I do, and I’m sorry I’ve never said it before.” She squeezes me tighter and we both watch as Butterfly leaves the room.

“She’s good for you, Cwis,” Mia says.

“Yes, she is.”

“How did you meet her?”

“I have group therapy as part of my sentence… you remember, when that drunk driver hit my car?” She nods. “Ana was the facilitator.”

“Isn’t that unethical or something?” Mia asks.

“It would be if she was still the facilitator, or if she had any impact on the outcome. It turns out that I’m such an asshole that she quit.” Mia gasps.

“You made her quit?” she says horrified.

“No,” I defend. “I didn’t make her quit… directly. She was tired of it anyway. If you think I’m a lost cause, you should see some of the people that go to community group therapy. Ugh!” I roll my eyes as we walk out to the great room. “Anyway, she wasn’t happy with it, and Asshole Grey was just the last straw.”

“So, you harassed her and then she left,” Mia deduces.

“Yeah, kind of…” I say, ashamed. “But before she left, she publicly gave me a real piece of her mind. That’s one woman you don’t want to mess with. Let’s just say you’re not the first person to beat Elena’s ass.” Her mouth is agape.

“Little Ana?” she says in shock. I look around for signs of Butterfly.

“I’ve got video!” I whisper, and we both laugh aloud.

“I’ve got to see that!” she laughs.

“I’ll show it to you one day, but it has to be a secret. She doesn’t want anybody to see it.”

“Okay,” she nods. We embrace again and I go off to find my Butterfly.

As I approach the bottom of the stairs, I hear her having a conversation with Elliot. A small pang of jealousy runs through me as I think of how much of a man-whore Elliot is, but I know that he wouldn’t stand a chance with my Butterfly. Plus, in his current state of mind, I doubt that he’s even thinking that way.

“Do you want Kate?” I hear her ask him. The million-dollar question. Why all the gallivanting if you’re supposed to be in love with la salope? After a long pause, he answers,

“I want to be happy.”

“We all want to be happy, but when you see your happiness, do you see Kate?” Good question, Butterfly.

“I used to, but now… I don’t know.”

“Is this something that might be able to be saved?” What the hell? Let him get rid of La Méchante Sorcière de l’Ouest. I’d much rather he be a player than deal with her ass!

“Are you her cheerleader now? Team Katherine all of a sudden?”

“No, but I am Team Elliot. You have to do what makes you happy, Elliot. No matter what your mom thinks, or your family, or your friends… or Katherine. You have to live with your decisions for as long as they affect you, and marriage affects you for the rest of your life… even if you get divorced.” Wow, she’s good. Elliot is laughing. Why is Elliot laughing?

“My brother has really found a great girl.” Damn straight. “Please don’t hurt him, Ana Montana. He’s had a rough time of it, and I’ve never seen him take to someone like he has taken to you. He’s a different guy, and I can’t stand to see him go back to who he was.” Oh, good God, Elliot!

“There’s no hope of that, Elliot. I’m just as much of a goner as he is. I think we’ve both reached the point of no return.” As if I could love her any more than I already do…

“Just be good to him, okay? I know he’ll be good to you.” My brother says.

“He already is. Will you call me if you need to talk? My office and cell numbers are there.” I’m assuming she gave him a business card. My Butterfly, always the professional—except when she’s kicking somebody’s ass.

“Thanks, Ana. I will.”

“Now I better go find my beloved before he comes looking for me.” I love her little giggle. Time to make my appearance.

“Too late,” I say as I continue climbing the stairs. Elliot looks like he’s been run over by a freight train.

“I’m going to go put these things in the car. Is it open?” Butterfly asks.

“Yes, Butterfly. It’s open.” She smiles and leaves me to talk to Elliot.

“Butterfly?” Elliot asks.

“It’s a long story… are you okay?” I say. He sits down on the top stair.

“No, I’m not,” he says, flatly. “I’m trying to figure out how to break my engagement with Kate.” Oh, shit, this is serious.

“You know, Ana’s right. No matter what any of us think, you have to do what makes you happy.”

“That’s just it! She doesn’t make me happy anymore. We were fine until we got engaged. It was like the minute I put that ring on her finger a year ago, she changed! She was delighted, jumping out of her skin the night that I asked her to marry me. And then the next day, she turned into this bitter bitch! I don’t know what happened. My Kate was gone and I haven’t seen her since, and no matter how long I wait, I don’t think she’s coming back.” His voice cracks on the last word. I sit down next to him.

“I’m sorry, Lelliot.” I say. “I wish there was something I could say. You know I’ve never been particularly fond of her, but she made you happy and that’s why I tolerated her,” I say.

“Well, those days are gone, Chris,” he says and I watch him quickly wipe a tear from his eye. “Maybe this is payback for all of those broken hearts I’ve left behind in my day.”

“Oh, please don’t say that. If that’s true, I’m doomed!” I say shaking my head. Elliot looks at me questioning. “You know that lifestyle I just told you guys about?”

“A lot of women? They’re into that kind of thing?” he asks incredulously.

“More than you know!” I respond. “But I couldn’t very well bring them home to meet the folks now, could I?”

“Nope, I don’t think that would’ve gone over very well with Grace and Carrick Grey,” Elliot admits.

“I should say not,” I rise from the stairs. “Listen, Ana has a whole slew of friends and they get together every weekend. Friday night, we had this thing called ‘Food and Libations.’ It’s a dinner party that Ana throws for her friends where she cooks and they bring the drinks. Except for one particularly flirty slut I had to throw out of my apartment, they’re a pretty laid-back group of people. I’m sure Ana wouldn’t mind you joining us for our next get-together.” Now he really looks at me like I’m an extra-terrestrial being.

“This from a guy who dragged me to a nightclub that he was planning to buy so that he wouldn’t have to go by himself?” he asks, disbelieving.

“Elliot, I’ve lived in a cave for too long—mostly because of that sick ass pedophile. Ana’s bringing me out, and I like it. I like it a lot. Plus… I love her, man.”

“You love her!?” His mouth falls open.

“Yes, I do. So that’s why I refuse to believe that your shit is coming back to bite you in the ass, because if it is, I’m done for.” Elliot laughs at me.

“Man, I never thought the love bug would ever bite you!” he teases.

“That makes two of us,” I concur.

“Is she high maintenance? She likes style, I see.”

“If she is, I haven’t seen it. She takes care of herself.”

“Well, I like her. I know Mom and Dad likes her. Mia would steal her from you if she had a tendency towards women. I think Liona would like to see her on a slab, though.” He laughs.

“Oh, you picked up on that, too, huh?” I say.

“Everybody did… loud and clear.” He stands with me. “Don’t worry about me, Bro. I’ll be fine. I just have to do what I gotta do and take it like a man.”

“Well, just keep this weekend open. I’ll let you know what the plan is and you can decide if you want in, okay?” I reach out to shake his hand.

“Deal.” He gives me a half-shake, half-embrace. “Now I better go find Kate before I discover that Ana Montana has her somewhere in a headlock.” I laugh.

“Well, I know where ‘Ana Montana’ is. Good luck on finding Kate.” I pat him on the back and go, once again, in search of my Butterfly.

What I find was enough to make the world shift on its axis. Ana is out by the parked cars comforting Kavanaugh, who is weeping quietly.

Am I in an alternate universe!?

“Kavanaugh,” I say as she and Butterfly approach me. Tears or not, I’ll rip you apart if you say the wrong thing.

“Christian,” she replies softly as she walks away. Christian? What the fuck…?

“What was that all about?” I ask Butterfly. Has Kavanaugh had some sort of out-of-body experience?

“I have a feeling that you may find out in a couple of days,” she says. Oh, you have no idea. I tell her how in awe of her I am for basically handling my entire family during this crisis, including Kavanaugh. She feels like most of it could have been averted if she hadn’t been here. I beg to differ. Postponed, maybe, but not averted. Everything happens for a reason.

Butterfly is asleep before we get back to Escala. I didn’t ask if we were coming back here or going to her place. I guess we had better get some kind of schedule going so that we know in advance what we plan to do. “Butterfly, we’re here.” I gently rouse her from her sleep. She stretches as much as the car will allow.

“What time is it?” she says, sleepily.

“It’s only about 8 o’clock.” She opens the door and steps out of the car.

“I need to call and check on Gary,” she says, going towards the truck. I open the release and she begins to remove our clothing from last night.

“Here, I’ve got it, babe,” I say taking the items from her. We walk to the elevator and she sleepily punches in the code to my penthouse. It gives me a strange feeling of warmth to watch her do that. The only other person outside of my staff to have my code before now was The Pedophile. I’m very happy to be done with her now. Seriously done with her ass!

“I’m going to go check some emails, make sure my business hasn’t burned down in 24 hours,” I tell Butterfly.

“Of course, you are,” she says, with a smile. “I’m going to call Gary, then Al.”

She goes off into my bedroom and I head into the study. As I suspected, there are several emails that mean nothing, including a few from The Pedophile before the blowup and nothing after. I delete those immediately and block her email address. I want absolutely nothing else to do with her. I regret signing the new contract with her now. Although I’m not a cruel, heartless bastard, what she did to my family today was completely inexcusable. Now, I want to pull my backing from her like I should have done in the first place. I’ll talk to legal tomorrow to see if there’s still something that I can do.

The email from Andrea makes me happy.

To: Christian Grey
Subject: Whitmore Phone Call
Date: Sunday, July 8, 2012, 09:32
From: Andrea Fairchild

I’m sorry to bother you on the weekend, Mr. Grey. Amber Whitmore’s assistant has scheduled you for a phone interview tomorrow at 11:00am EST (8:00am PST). She has apparently done her homework and knows who you are. She tried to ascertain the reason for the phone call. I think curiosity is killing them, so you have carte blanche for subject matter.

Andrea Fairchild, Personal Assistant to Christian Grey, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc

Outstanding! We can finally get this ball rolling a bit and maybe eliminate some of this damn speculation. I don’t need an appointment to speak to Landon, so I’ll call him after I get some information from his sister. That’ll be two birds down tomorrow. I’ll make a visit to Noticon on Tuesday to intimidate… I mean interrogate Mr. Billings.

Another email from Welch catches my eye. The subject simply says, “Got her.” I open the attachment to see that Welch—or somebody—stopped only just short of climbing the tree outside of the Pedophile’s bedroom window to get the goods on her. There are pictures of her in her Ashton Martin in the same clothes that she was wearing today with a teenage boy. They’re shopping and subsequently end up at her Kirkland estate. The boy looks familiar, but I can’t really place him. It’s Sunday night, and although I’m anxious, this is not an emergency. So, I respond to Welch to have a full report ready for me on the matter tomorrow morning. Fuck pulling my support. If she’s still fucking young boys, I’m taking her down.

I fire off a few emails to legal to see if the new agreement has been filed with the proper agencies. I also forward a few to Ros concerning some business ventures we’ve been pursuing. I’ve also decided that I’m going to make a trip to Green Valley next week. I’ll need to talk to Cynthia Crestwood, this cop George Sullivan, Stephen Morton if I can get to him—or maybe Carla, whichever one is more easily accessible. I fire off another email to Welch. I need one of our people down there tomorrow checking things out before I go down there myself. I need to know the Mortons’ habits as well as Cynthia Crestwood’s. I need information on Whitmore’s business and the one junior Whitmore still in Green Valley—Cody. I inform Welch to get me any information on this Carly Madison that was supposed to marry young Mr. Whitmore. I also want a copy of the yearbook from 2001 for Green Valley High School. I’ll harass those snobby stuck up bastards one by one if it means I’ll get to the bottom of what happened to Butterfly. Once I have this information in tow, I’ll be able to determine how many days it takes to question the suspects. Some things, your security staff can handle. Other things are more delicate and you have to handle them on your own.

I can think of one of those things right now.

Two hours after disappearing into my study, I emerge in search of the one thing that can quench this hunger inside me. I find her lying on my bed talking to Allen wearing a black satin sleep shirt. I stand there in the doorway watching her as she lays across my bed, her legs bent like a teenager talking on the phone to one of her girlfriends. I can hear that she’s about to end the call with Allen and I creep silently into the bedroom and grab her feet. She yelps and drops her iPhone just after hanging up from Allen.

“Christian! What are you doing?” she squeals in surprise. No time for talking, baby. I’m on a mission. I suck her toes into my mouth one by one as she protests momentarily, then gives in to my whim when I graze them with my teeth. I flip her over so that she is now face up on my bed. Her hair is messy and lying on the bed, a few locks across her face in a sexy, fuck-me-within-an-inch-of-my-life kind of way, but that’s not what I want now. I hunger, and I need to taste her… everywhere.

I start at her feet again and move up to her calves, savoring the flavor of her skin as I go. I move to that tender spot behind the knees, licking lavishly. “Christian!” she exclaims again as she squirms from my mouth. I say nothing, but look at her in a way that demands she keep still. Reading my look, she settles as I return to the sensitive flesh behind her knees and she mewls while gripping the duvet. I move up to her thighs, the tops and then the soft meat in the creases. I know how this drives her crazy and I’m enjoying the taste of her, smelling her arousal, so close to the promised land yet so far away. I look up at the valley between her gorgeous legs.

No panties—oh, joy!

I torment her creases a few moments more, then blow gently on her delicious fruit, beckoning me to feast on its delicacy… not yet. Soon, but not yet. Though she tries not to, she writhes under the titillating burst of air that teases her core.

“Christian…” she whimpers, weakening due to the slowness of the feast I’m enjoying. I move up to her pelvic bone, licking and kissing the skin where she has a light dusting of pubic hair. I like it. It’s soft and rough against my tongue at the same time. I push her nightshirt up to expose her hips… her stomach… just below her beautiful breasts. I kiss each destination reverently, nipping the roundness of her hips, licking her navel, and tasting mouthfuls of her abdomen. The sheen of sweat has formed on her body and I know that my oral bath is enough to almost send her over the edge.

Almost… but not yet.

I grab her breasts with both hands on top of the nightshirt, massaging her perfect mounds through the satin. She pushes her bosom into my hands as my mouth tastes the delicious meat just at the base of her breasts. Her nipples harden in my palms as her chest rises and falls faster in anticipation. I allow her to grasp my hair for a few moments before I grab her wrists and pin them to the sides of her. Using my teeth, I move the satin nightshirt further up exposing her tantalizing breasts—her nipples standing straight up and begging for attention. We both moan contentedly as I take one in my mouth, sucking, biting, and licking hungrily. She struggles to get free; I know that the manipulation of her nipples is almost as sensual as the manipulation of her core.

“Oh, Christian…” she whines, when she realizes that escape is impossible. I shift to her neglected breast, showing her left nipple the same attention as the right. When she is writhing uncontrollably, I stop my torment long enough to gently kiss the palms of her hands and then remove her nightshirt completely. She looks glorious lying beneath me, completely naked and panting for me. I take her mouth with mine, again relishing the irresistible flavor of her lips and tongue. She moans in my mouth, her now uninhibited hands fisting in my hair.

I’m not done tasting you yet, my delicious Butterfly.

I lift her slightly off the bed so that her head and hair fall back, giving me unhindered access to her earlobes, neck, and shoulders. She fights for air as I continue to devour her decadent skin. I lay her back on the bed as I remove my T-shirt and begin my journey back down her body to the wonderful prize waiting for me in the southern regions.

Not too fast, Grey.

I lick and nip the valley between her breasts and the meat on the side of each mound. I want to taste as much of her as I possibly can. I can’t get enough of her. I travel down again past her abdomen, her pubic bone, torturing the skin in the crease of her thighs once more until at last I’m staring at her beautiful clitoris, visually pulsating between her folds. I lick gently and her whole body jumps. I lick again, watching the pulsating center throb with excitement. When I finally take her in my mouth, she cries out in ecstasy and I moan in utter satisfaction—finally able to taste her tender mound and erotic juices on my tongue.

“Oh my God, Christian!” she cries and I relentlessly devour her delicious center. Oh, she tastes so good, her smell is intoxicating—the perfect drug. I can’t get enough. I insert my fingers into her core and her hips rise off the bed. “Aaahhh!” Her cries echo off the walls and fuel my hunger. I push my fingers in deep and bend them forward, massaging that magic place inside her vaginal walls and causing her juices to release and drip down my hands. I move my tongue just enough to lap up the escaping juices so that the flavor lingers on my tongue and in the back of my mouth. Mmmmm… essence of Anastasia.

“Christian! Fuck!” she screams.

She shamelessly grabs my hair and pushes my mouth down into her. She’s primal now. I look up at her and her head is jolted back on the bed, her beautiful breast sitting high as a result of her arched back. She looks like a priceless work of art, molded by me. I throw her legs over my shoulders and I lick her folds one more time to savor her juices and elicit a long delightful moan from my delicious Butterfly. Finally, I slurp her tasty, throbbing clit into mouth, moaning my pleasure as I feel the most sensitive part of her pulsating in my mouth as I suck gently but deeply, pulling every bit of pleasure out of her that I can.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she gasps between breaths, grinding salaciously against my tongue, lips, and fingers. Oh, yes, baby, fuck my mouth! That’s right, baby. Give it to me.

My cock is throbbing painfully in my pants as this goddess rides my face with passion and vigor. I want her to come so hard that she sees stars. I want her pussy throbbing mercilessly when I slam my dick into her and fuck her until she comes all over again. I want her delicious juices dripping all over my fucking arm when I’m done with her.

“Oh God! Christian—stop!” she cries. She knows this is going to be huge and she’s begging for mercy. No, baby. You have to give it to me. Come on, give me what I want.

“Christian, please!” she wails, her hips still hanging in the air. I put my free hand under her back to help support her weight, and to let her know that I have no intention of stopping.

Her cry is visceral. Her orgasm is cosmic. I almost lose my hold on her as she bucks violently against my mouth. I thought I was hurting her with the sounds that she’s making, her head thrashing wildly and her hair flying in every direction until finally she collapses on the bed, her body convulsing almost violently and her legs shaking impulsively.

I can’t get out of my clothes fast enough. I snatch this beautiful work of art, this exquisite, priceless sculpture off the bed and into my arms. I turn her around to face the head of the bed, both of us on our knees, her back to my front. I spread her legs wide and position myself at her still pulsating opening. I put my arms around her to hold her up and slam into her.

“Aaaaaaaaarghh!” she screams as I bury myself inside her. Fuck! She feels so good that she almost burns! The heat is so intense and my balls feel like they’re going to explode. I hold her in place and bury my face in her hair, stroking her deeply over and over again. Her knees finally find strength and she matches my rhythm. Fucking hell—it’s extreme! I reach up her body and take her breasts in my hands, her perfect breasts.

“Oh, baby,” I moan. It’s the first thing I’ve said since I came into the room. Her body needed silent worshiping, concentration, and reverence. Now, all of the words I have to tell her how much I want her are burning in my throat—too much to say but too heavy to contain.

“My God, you’re so beautiful!” I proclaim. Her head has fallen back on my shoulder and she has given herself to me. “You’re exquisite. Your body is perfect. Delicious, incredible, divine…”

She moves with sensuality, like my words are spurring her on. She feels so good. I don’t want to come yet, but I can’t stop.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good. You’re irresistible… I can’t get enough of you…” She moans passionately at my words and I can feel my release hiding just beyond my reach.

Not before her. Not before my Butterfly.

I run my hands up her beautiful, flawless body. I’m trying to touch her everywhere… her breasts, her stomach, her clit, her beautiful neck… I don’t have enough hands to touch all the places on her body that I need to reach to bring her the unmatched pleasure that she brings to me. I close my eyes and pull her close to me, laying my head on her back as I try to climb into her—become one with her. “Oh, God, baby, you’re too much for me. I don’t think I can take it!”

Suddenly she grabs the headboard and pushes her hips back into me—hard! She is coming fantastically, squeezing my erection with her pussy and her thighs. Her walls feel like a vacuum pulling me mercilessly. Oh, Father in Heaven, I think I’m dying! I’m holding on to her viciously, afraid that I’ll fall off into helpless oblivion if I let go.

My cry is loud and sorrowful—expressing the glorious explosive feeling she’s eliciting from me as well as the anguish that it’ll soon come to an end. My seed squirts heavily into her and I can feel each vein throbbing and emptying into her core, helplessly milked by her glorious quivering insides until my balls hang uselessly in my scrotum… empty.

Thank God she’s on birth control, or something in this room would be pregnant tonight!

A/N: FYI – refresher: Ana told Maxie in chapter 9 that she lost the baby as a result of the beating.

La salope – the bitch

La Méchante Sorcière de l’Ouest—The Wicked Witch of the West

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust

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