Hey, BG, how’s it going?

Why, it’s going fantastic, thank you! So glad that you asked. 

The edits are moving along. They were a little slow at first because I have a program that helps to catch the grammar errors that I missed and in the beginning of the story, before I started playing closer attention, there were a whoooooooooooooooooooole lot of them! On top of that, the damn thing started to malfunction and was moving slow as molasses and that actually cost me a whole day in editing. You know you can’t be sloppy if you’re talking about publishing, right?

So, now I am back on track with my first round of edits and whacking. I know I mentioned it, but then damn thing is 1600 pages!

EL James’ entire trilogy resulted from a 1600-page fanfic! So there with be some chopping and cutting and when it’s done, you lovelies will have the first two books (yes, I said TWO) of the Butterfly Saga. I feel like my attention to detail is what makes my story stand out. For that reason, I refuse to chop it up so that the first story can fit in a nice little box. I will be trimming a lot of the fat so that there is more meat, and I will be killing a lot of the repetition. Besides that, Book One will have a volume I and a volume II to be released either simultaneously or one very shortly after the other. 

I hope you are currently enjoying Miles’ back story. I am purposely posting it in small pieces as 1) it won’t be in the book in it’s entirety although it will be explained in pieces, 2) I have to do some tweaking along the way to make sure that it is realistic and believable, 3) it won’t be a full-on story with updates like PDS because I don’t intend to write a second story while I’m editing the first–hense, the break between PDS book I and book II. Booky II, by the way, will have a name of it’s own. 

Just thought I would get you lovelies caught up on what’s happening in BG-ville (remember that?). Part II of Miles’ story will probably be posted today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I am literally spending nearly every waking moment editing this book with the hopes that it will be done very soon. 

Oh, yeah, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I have NO PROBLEM with being pimped out…so please tell your friends about me and my stories. I had one of my readers tell me that PDS was the topic of conversation at The Stockroom in Los Angeles (Google it if you don’t know what it is). I was extremely flattered and excited about that. So please…tell your friends!

Love and handcuffs, 
BG Holmes


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