Journey of Miles—Finale

Journey of Miles—Finale

Dom 02

Natalie is none too happy that Miles terminated their D/s relationship. However, she is delighted that she’s still allowed to be a part of his life and his lifestyle. For his 18th birthday, Natalie takes Miles to a BDSM club where he is able to try his hand as a Dom. He has long since discovered that this is his role, but he can’t shake the feeling that Natalie wants to treat him like a sub. She has become obsessed with him and continues to use his trust in her to try to dictate his life in various ways including who may or may not be right for him—all in an attempt to weasel her way back into his bed. She would precariously place the ideal girl in the right place at the right time and gently coax Miles to approach her. This way, she could control who subbed for him.

After his high school graduation, Miles was accepted at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte at the Belk’s College of Business. He stayed on campus in a dorm the first year, while Natalie pretty much vetoed nearly every plaything he tried to acquire. He didn’t see what the problem was but found himself wound up and anxious more often than not. He realized that someone who practices a BDSM lifestyle doesn’t do well in dorms, so he convinced his parents to let him rent an apartment just off campus based on the explanation that dorm-life was interfering with his studies. It was interfering all right, but not with his studies.

Miles was bored in school, in fact. He caught on to most of the coursework so quickly that he would have his assignments complete in the first few weeks of the term. The instructors thought he was just being smug, which to a degree, he was, but most of the things that he was learning from his classes seemed like common sense for the most part and the rest of it was just a matter of reading, studying, doing casework, and retaining the information.

He aced all of his tests and felt that the classes were a waste of his time. He spent very little time doing his coursework, even less time in lectures unless attendance was part of his grade.

He tried to explore the BDSM lifestyle deeper, but Natalie always found a way to put a block on that, offering herself on several occasions when they couldn’t seem to find a suitable playmate for him. He took her up on the offer a few times against his better judgement, but he discovered that she was not compliant enough to sub for him, and he would certainly never allow her to dominate him. He had conquered his feelings for her, being away from her constant grasp and able to consider his own tastes and wishes. She would often offer just sex as a release of frustration. If he didn’t know better, he would swear that she was trying to lock him into a relationship with her, but that couldn’t be true. After all, she was the one who insisted that it was a bad idea.

This was quite confusing because, as a young boy, that’s what he had wanted from her and he thought that’s what she wanted from him. She is the reason why he doesn’t want a girlfriend. Not only did she break his heart, but she was constantly convincing him that a girlfriend would be a distraction that he doesn’t need. Yet, she seems to be setting herself up to slide into that position. Why the hell didn’t she love him when he wanted it? What the hell is she trying to prove now?

He pushed that thought to the back of his mind and after his second year of college and not nearly as much BDSM experience as he would have hoped, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He had no intention of staying in college for a full eight years. So when he wasn’t searching for a playmate or at the BDSM clubs, he was auditing masters’ degree business classes. For what he wanted to do, he didn’t need the degree. He just needed the knowledge. Initially, his plan was to finish with his business degree and take over the operations of the ranch. Now, his dreams were bigger. There was more out there than horse ranching even though it had left his mother set for life and with an ever-increasing source of income. That’s great for the family business, and he would do everything in his power to make sure that the business stayed in the family… but that’s not what he wanted to do.

During his second year, he took in a roommate. Beau Collins found himself in a terrible position. After spending two years in college on a scholarship, his family had lost their standing and fortune due to a scandal brought on by his father’s infidelity. If anyone can understand bad luck, it was Miles. In fact, he was well acquainted with it. Since his apartment was actually large enough to comfortably accommodate three people, Miles saw no harm in offering Beau a place to stay–especially since they both shared the same taste for an alternate lifestyle and Beau was a psychiatry major. So Miles had someone to tell his sick stories and be able to get them off his chest. Beau was, of course, more horrified by the tale of Miles and Natalie than he was by anything, with Oliver’s abuse coming in as a strong second. At least Oliver was in jail–Natalie was still free. Nonetheless, after his third year of bachelor’s studies and auditing a year’s worth of master’s classes, Miles made up his mind what he wanted professionally and approached his mother and father with news.

I want to start my own company,” he said, his voice strong like he had practiced. Maxwell and Julia looked at each other with skepticism.

Doing what?” Maxwell asked.

Venture capital, mergers and acquisitions… I have a whole list of companies that are in trouble right now, right here in North Carolina that could be worth so much more it they were sold in pieces than they are as a whole…” He sat down and showed them his business plan, how he not only had companies just waiting to be approached from something like this, but that he also had a line on ventures in Silicone Valley that he could get in on the ground floor right now with just a little seed money. Start off small and this could get to be huge…seriously huge!

Son, what about the ranch?” Julia asks. This is the part that Miles really didn’t like.

The ranch was Oliver’s dream, Mom, not mine. I don’t want to be a horse rancher. Levi went off to medical school and I know that you thought that meant that I would automatically take over the family business… but that’s not what I want. If this works out the way that I hope it will, there will be enough funds not only from the ranch but also from my endeavors to make sure that we have the best staff to keep the family business in the family. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll come back home and be a rancher,” Miles bargains.

What about school, Miles? You still have a year left,” Maxwell scolds. Miles tilts his head and examines his father.

Have you seen my grades, Dad?” he asks. “I have a 4.0 GPA. I can handle it. I will finish school.” They had no idea that Miles was sitting in Masters classes as well as taking his bachelor’s classes and still delivering the highest possible grade point average. He was a natural at business and his naturally domineering character ensured that he would be a beast in the business world… of this, he was certain. Julia and Maxwell asked for time to consider their decision, but it didn’t take long for them to decide to give him the start-up funding that he requested with the understanding that he would finish school and that he would take over the family business if this didn’t work out.

Miles didn’t have a doubt.

He started Everhart International with a loan from his parents and quickly seeded into three new technologies in Silicon Valley. He knew that giving a local company the name “International” was ambitious, but he was certain that his little seedling company would surely grow into its name. He finished his coursework early as he had done every year for the past three years and sat in a few more master’s degree classes—all while running Everhart International often from a laptop and a cell phone sitting in the courtyard at UNC. Once in a blue moon, he felt a pang of loneliness watching a young couple hug and kiss on a nearby bench or under a tree. Every sub he had tried to engage in the last couple of years, Natalie had convinced him that she was not the right one. He of course was quite wrapped up in running his business and finishing his studies, but he is definitely missing what he had in the earlier years of his college tenure.

This was amplified by the fact that he visited Natalie one weekend to find her otherwise engaged with a new “puppy.”

St Andrews CrossShe assured Miles that the youngster was 18, but Miles could not get over how young he looked. Nonetheless, he and Natalie were certainly not exclusive. Hell, they were barely anything at this point, but it was her disapproval that left him without a playmate. This has, once again, reopened the questions that initially plagued Miles’ thoughts.

Why did you and my father break up?” he asked, pulling her away from her “puppy.” A look of shock registered on her face.

Well, this is new,” she says, obviously trying to evade the question.

No, it’s not,” he responds. “I’ve often wanted to know why my father divorced you. I just never asked.”

Well, it’s hardly relevant now, Miles, don’t you think?” Miles didn’t agree.

Did it have anything to do with us?” he asked and Natalie gasped.

Of course not!” she snapped, nearly appalled. “Why would you think that?”

Because rumor has it that my father found you with another man, and since he hasn’t confronted me about it, I assume this must have been some other man that he found you in bed with, correct?” Miles interrogates, impassively. Natalie blanches a bit, but does not answer immediately. “I could always go ask Dad, but then he would probably want to know why I was asking,” he continues.

Yes,” she says with a sign, “he discovered that I had a lover.” Miles straightened his back.

So you could go be with another man, but you couldn’t be with me.” It was more of a statement than a question. He was broken and torn when she first touched him, and she broke down the rest of his defenses, made him want her. He didn’t stand a chance against her—then, she simply didn’t want him anymore.

I’m trying to help you, Miles,” she had said all those years ago, “trying to help you cope with those horrible things that Oliver is doing to you.” To a degree, it did help him cope… until he became dependent upon her. Then she left him high and dry—a little boy to fend for himself, or at least that’s how he felt.

He didn’t need her to answer his question. He looked to the door where her latest puppy is waiting and he already has his answer. After seeing that Natalie was no doubt meeting her needs, Miles decided that he would engage a playmate as soon as possible—with or without his former stepmother’s approval.

I’m going to the club on Friday night, and I will be leaving with someone,” Miles says to her as he turns to leave her with her plaything.

We shall see,” Natalie says, softly.

You can see whatever you want to see,” Miles retorts, “but I’m leaving with someone.” He reaches for the doorknob. “Have fun,” he says to her and he closes the door behind him.

Sure enough, he and Natalie went to the club on Friday and Natalie was pushing him towards a woman who was just his type—beautiful, petite, and willing. Needless to say, it was a good night… and the next night… and the next night… and Wednesday evening… and the following weekend…

Wet cuffs on a wet stomach

By the time, Miles graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business from Belk’s at UNC, he had already closed on his first acquisition and was negotiating his first merger. The technologies that he had funded in Silicon Valley were yielding a hefty return, and he was well known in the Metrolina for being a new shrewd businessman. Many companies were eager to “get in bed” with Everhart International. By the time he walks across the stage, he has made his first million. He buys a manor in Myers Park and by the time he is 24, he is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in Charlotte.

What has happened to Natalie?

Natalie is still in the picture. She is no longer a pediatric nurse as the children—for some unknown reason—no longer like her. She has taken the money from her divorce settlement along with some more money that she had saved up and has gone into business with Emily—Miles’ half sister on his mother’s side. Emily has a degree in interior design from the Art Institute in Raliegh. Natalie has the money and the vision, Emily has the education. Like Miles, her mother lent her the money to pay her share of the partnership—it was a 60/40 split in Natalie’s favor. They both had contacts and even though Natalie didn’t have a degree, she did have good taste and style which assisted in the running of the business and acquiring the richest clients from the affluent areas of North Carolina. Needless to say, the business flourished under both ladies.

Natalie still has her tastes and urges and is still trying desperately to win back Miles’ favor. She is also still shoving women in his face. He has made it clear that when he wants a playmate, he will have a playmate. So she has made it her business to be the one that finds his playmates for him. She has become well-known in the lifestyle as one of the providers of high-end, well-trained submissives of any variety. As of late, he knows that she has been guiding him towards certain girls. He doesn’t know why, but he doesn’t care—as long as they follow the rules:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABe available when called upon.
Be clean and have proof of contraceptives (condoms okay).
Expect to fuck and play—nothing else.
Don’t touch him without permission.
Accept gifts graciously and follow instructions.
Respect hard and soft limits.
No signature/no sex—sign a confidentially agreement.

He liked them small, beautiful, and kinky; able to take moderate to slightly severe pain or discomfort for long durations if necessary; and able to fuck until the sun came up as his libido was longer and stronger than most—physically and sexually. Nothing else mattered. He always honored safe words, but if a playmate used them too often, she most likely was not the playmate for him. Miles was not brutal or vicious when he wielded his toys. So a playmate that safe worded too often was simply not able to take his level of play.

And now begins our story–Butterfly’s Heart. As our story, begins, Miles is 30 years old and his birthday has just passed. Levi is 33, Emily is 27, and Victoria (Natalie’s daughter) is 26. Natalie is 50; Maxwell is 57; Julia is 55.

You will be happy to know that I have finished the first round of edits on the first Volume of Book I of Butterfly’s Heart. Book I will be two volumes, so instead of making readers wait for both volumes, I am looking to release Volume I first and hopefully release Volume II not long thereafter. You will also be happy to know that I have also begun composing the chapters for Book II and I hope to begin uploading that story on November 2 (Yeah!). I missed adding to the adventures of our favorite couple and realized that, in the wake of all of the real life stuff going on, I needed to be creative a bit so here it comes. I will keep you posted on what’s next, but at this moment, it looks like November 2 for Book II… 🙂

Tell me what you think of the finale to Miles’ backstory!

Love and handcuffs,
Lynn x (BG Holmes)

48 thoughts on “Journey of Miles—Finale

  1. says:

    I’m in love with the story….cant wait to read Butterflys heart……and of course Nov. 2 cant be close enough for Book II to start
    This is an excellent story

  2. Natalie says:

    Oh my god I can’t wait for the books to be release I love this story and I also can’t wait for book two to start well done this is already an amazing story xxx

  3. Pam Mathews says:

    I agree with Natalie! I just love this story and can not wait for book two. I am also anxious to read The Butterfly’s Heart.

  4. deborah says:

    Nine days til 11/2……I am so excited.

    So looking forward to PDS bk ll and Butterfly’s Heart.

    You rock woman. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

    Debby D aka Lovecg

  5. Jeannette says:

    I just absolutely loved it, so when is vol. 1 of book one being released? U just can’t wAte

    • I’m still working on it. 😉 I have to do a second round of edits then have a second set of eyes look at it then one more round of edits. While that’s happening, I’m taking bids on the artwork for the cover and then it’s just a matter of getting it out there!!! 😉

  6. Tasha says:

    I loved it. I can’t wait to read more, but I’ll be waiting patiently.

  7. Dana says:

    Can’t wait for Nov 2nd!

  8. AnnaDV23 says:

    Haha Loved it! 🙂 now officially excited for book 2 :)) :”>

  9. Danielle says:

    Loved the ending chapter! I like that Miles knows how wrong Natalie is…at least for the most part. I can’t wait to read Book 2 because I have missed your characters & I’m excited to read the new/edited Book1.

  10. Rachel says:

    The finale was great! I can’t wait for book 2! Will book 2 be Miles or Christian? I’m soo excited!! I cant wait!

  11. ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I have been MIA recently. Too much on my plate and the fork is too small. LOL!!!! Loving the new backstory and I am counting down to Nov.2. Lots of love for my Bronzy. xox ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. says:

    Ok…first thing…absolutely wow. Read the whole thing in one go! XP and cant wait for our butterfly! This is so awesome ^_^ it is so original and not some same ol drama. Its worth reading till your eyes water 😉 and 1600 pages! U have to be kidding me :p and btw i have started my second round reading paging dr steele cuz i cant settle for predictable fanfiction. Mostly cause i get to checkout the pinterest page agIn and again hehehe.

  13. Kathy says:

    loved the finale of miles story…. can’t wait for pds i was getting withdrawal symptoms for a while bit the back story has kept me going… will butterflies heart be on amazon???? can’t wait hope u do a we count down for us.

  14. Kellie says:

    Loved the back story, looking forward to reading more of your amazing story. Well done Lynn 🙂
    Can’t wait for PDS, like Kathy I to had withdrawal symptoms!!

  15. Lizzy Lyon says:

    It was great to read Miles’ story. I waited until you completed to read it. Otherwise my recollection would be detrimental to enjoying the story. I look forward to more of PDS and purchasing Butterfly Saga

  16. says:

    YEAH….Nov 2…..and the epilogue for PDS is posted….Thank you….Thank you…Thank you

  17. Nancy says:

    I dont know how I missed this. I guess my RL got in the way. All I can say is how fantastic Miles back story is. Even tho it was difficult to read sometimes. It was great, I cant wait for the new books to come out! I love the name you’ve given it. How perfect. I have also started reading MDS. I think it’s gonna be wonderful. But I do have a ? with the changes you have had to do with the Miles saga how is that going to effect the FF book of MDS? And no matter what becomes of it I cant wait for the publishing of Butterflies Heart and the continuing updates with MDS. Thank you for a wonderful ride so far!!!

    • The book actually takes on a life of its own. When you read the book, you will see the original story, but I’m telling you–it’s like a whole new story. In order for it not to be the shadow of the original book, it needs to be a whole new story. I was surprised when it took flight all its own but so far, I am happy with the outcome.

  18. seralynsmom says:

    I enjoyed reading this. You can definitely see the similarities in characters between this and PDS but the different backstory for your CG aka Miles is better. Traumatic but his Phoenix moment is more poignant to me. The fact he finished college is awesome cause no matter how good you are at something education is important. And the fact that he kinda pushed Natalie out of his life sooner is good. I’m curious to see what happens with his sisters business relationship when the whole pedophilia thing comes to light ( I’m assuming you’ll keep that part of the story)! Can’t wait to see you tell us volume one is published and ready for purchase!!

  19. Nancy says:

    When is the new book coming out? I cant wait for it to be published!

  20. Nancy says:

    Love the new white backdrop, I was having to highlight everything to read it before! Thanks again

  21. Lynn,
    I am so excited for you! And, I am excited as a fan to read this backstory and patiently await the books. Will you be selling this on so I can buy it for my Kindle? I want to be the first to purchase and support my Bronze Goddess!
    Hugs to my dear friend.

  22. John S. says:

    I just finished reading Paging Dr. Steele and eager to move to the next book. What I loved about it was I quickly forgot that was a Fanfic based on Fifty Shades. This story quickly took on a life of its own especially after reading about Ana’s background. It is so far removed from the book it’s a book on a life of its own, and that is what I expected from reading Miles Story, and unfortunately, I didn’t get that.
    Somehow what this story did was remind me of the very thing Ana’s story had served to help me forget, that it was a Fanfiction based on Fifty Shades. What I expected was this story to further stamp in the notion of this being a book far from removed from the source material, but it didn’t.
    There are far too many elements from the Fifty Shades book here to adequately transport me the reader from the source material. All I saw was Christian’s story. The abuse factor is there in just a different form, the BDSM, the pedophile. This story takes too much from Christian’s in Fifty Shades for it to truly stand on its own. Everything that made Christian Grey who he is, is the very same thing making Miles who he is. Yes, there are considerable differences, but not where it truly counts.

    • I haven’t decided that I’m publishing that particular story. That backstory wouldn’t be published anyway. It was just for my readers to get an idea of the characters. If I publish THIS story, it would bee what I wrote with name changes and location changes. I’m still publishing something, though. Working on three original pieces.

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