Oopsie–Gotta clear some things up…


I’m sorry I have been MIA, but I have to get some work done on this editing now that I have solved all of my logistics issues!!! I hope…

I got a couple of messages asking about how the story might end. This led me to believe that some people may be under the impression that “Journey of Miles” may be a new story all in itself. When I found that I was right, I thought I should probably address this issue.

I have a story that I wrote as a fanfiction that ended up being so different from the original that I decided to rewrite it and publish it as its own work. The more I edit the story, the further it gets from the original. If I don’t want the critics to chew me up and spit me out, it MUST be different from the original work–characters, locations, history, etc. This is why I had to change the city twice and why I had to come up with a whole new backstory for my male protagonist. I had already written a new backstory for the female protagonist in the fanfiction, so she needed very little change for publishing.

I say this because once Miles’ backstory is done, there will be a note on the last post that indicates that you can follow the rest of the story by purchasing the book. I don’t want to start getting hate mail at that time for breaking people’s hearts because they don’t get to see what happens to Miles. You will get to see what happens, but you will have to buy the many volumes that I plan to write for “The Butterfly Saga” the see what happens to him later in life and how everyone who wronged him gets theirs in the end. There are two or three more installments to “Journey of Miles” and I don’t know yet if I will put out some other backstories of some other characters but I might. Like I said, something to help with the withdrawal symptoms until Book II is ready.

For those of you who read the fanfic, I can guarantee you that this story is pretty new. The bones of the fanfic are still there, but the story itself is quite different. I think you will like it when it is finished. Thanks for sticking by me through this.

Love and Handcuffs!
Lynn x (BG Holmes)

6 thoughts on “Oopsie–Gotta clear some things up…

  1. Kathy says:

    loving the back story for miles…. can’t wait for the butterfly saga really getting excited about really would love it for a little read over the Christmas period what do u think….. am i anyway realistic with my time line!!!!! 🙂

  2. MelDWake says:

    I love how different you have made this storyline. It keeps me intrigued and that is very hard to do:-) lol The only thing I have a question about is, when you start Book II on the fanfiction site will it still follow the Ana/Christian storyline or are you going to change that as well?!

  3. AnnaDV23 says:

    I like the storyline. :)) but i will forever love the fanfic you made as well! :)) i just hope i get to see more “Mia Catfights” i would love to read something like that again because it was seriously hilarious and the Butt incident with Elena at the breakfast bar at escala! :)) those were one of my favorite scenes. ooh and ginsu ana!!! =))

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