Nope, You Are Not Crazy; Miles Is On The Move…

I know you might be asking yourself, “What the hell happened? I thought we were in Dallas!” Well, you’re right. The rewrite of the story started in the lovely city of Dallas, Texas.



Alas, as I continued with the rewrites, I literally hit a brick wall with one of the most crucial and pivotal points of the story. Many times, Dallas and I were having disagreements as the story progressed. Yet, we managed to settle our differences–or, I should say, I conceded to the wishes of Dallas, and continued on.

The problem with that thinking is that when the artist makes too many concessions for the subject, the masterpiece becomes flawed at best. Dallas was unwilling to bend for me. He fought and fought and fought on location needs, specific shopping requirements, specific residence requirements, specific…. you get the idea. I am very unhappy that I have to switch locations because I really did fall in love with one or two aspects of the city, but one or two aspects was not enough to prevent the inevitable break-up of our relationship, especially when one of the issues that is causing me to have to divorce this locale is a state issue.

On my Facebook page, I indicated that an author should always follow their first mind. I am kicking myself for not taking this advice sooner. Dallas was my second choice. I am ashamed to even say why I strayed away from my first choice. Instead of further punishing myself for making a completely avoidable mistake, I am just going to correct the error and get on with the rewrites. I have done my research and I am positive that the new location (which should have been the location in the first place) will work out fabulously. So, having said that, I bid a tearful and fond farewell to the lovely city of Dallas, Texas and a gleeful and happy “Hello” to the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina.



I will be going back and changing the previous posts of “Journey of Miles” as soon as I get the opportunity, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you are not insane when you see that the next update takes place in North Cackalaky! (Oh, that’s North Carolina for my people outside of the U.S.)

See you in Charlotte!!!

Love and handcuffs,
BG Holmes aka Lynn

8 thoughts on “Nope, You Are Not Crazy; Miles Is On The Move…

  1. yolanda says:

    It’s beautiful in the Carolinas’, matter fact your only three hours away. BG I told you I would follow you just about anywhere. Your witty to me and I enjoy a good read.

  2. Well well I am gonna love the change of cities!!! I live in Fredericksburg VA and I have gone to Charlotte on numerous occasions!! The setting of stories has a draw for me that is one reason I initially started reading Nicholas Sparks because in his stories I have been to most of those places. You know I absolutely love your writing and I just cannot wait till you are published and I can get your book I know it will be amazing just like you!! 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Is the whole story with butterfly going to take place in NC? I loved FSOG so much bc it was in Seattle, my favorite city! I’m from Oregon ( Orygun famous for our homeless population) and Seattle and San Fran are my faves. Good luck with the re- writes!

    • Yes it is. I wanted to separate my story from the original as much as possible. I don’t want the critics to eat me up! 😉 I’ll be posting another installment of JOM probably tomorrow. Had some personal things go on this week that hindered my posting.

  4. maranda says:

    Awesome I’m from Winston! Representing!

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