Discussion on Miles–Part III and IV

Well, let me start by saying that I am moving along with the edits of Book I and publishing Miles’ backstory is helping me make sure that I tie everything in correctly. I know that I have a lot of people anxiously waiting for Book II, but I have to finish this task first and then I can move along. Your feedback lets me know if I am on the right track or if I need to change something completely. Hopefully, you are seeing how Miles’ story will help relate to Book I as well as how it will ultimately change it!

So–Part III and IV, how about that?

In part III, Miles was finding comfort in his stepmother. This is one of those unfortunate situations where a parent can be so involved in their own thing that they don’t know what going on right up under their noses with their own children. Miles was being brutalized by his stepfather for years and neither his mother nor his father was aware of it. The only person who knew was his stepmother, and even then only because Miles told her and swore her to secrecy. Oliver is even now openly punishing Miles because it appears that Miles is an unruly child and needs to be disciplined. Miles is being abused and that causes him to be an unruly child… talk about circular reasoning! However, if Miles now goes to Julia and says “Oliver is abusing me,” Oliver can now say, “He just doesn’t like the discipline. Don’t listen to him.” What’s worse–Maxwell has noticed that Natalie and Miles are close and has asked her if she knows anything and she blatantly denies it…

Stank-ass, slutty, nasty, filthy, slimy, Pedo… well, you know the rest.

Now… Natalie is now becoming closer friends with Julia, but Levi has stopped coming over unless his father has something planned for “the boys.” Curious, don’t you think? And just when poor Miles thinks it can’t get any worse, that bastard Oliver rapes him… repeatedly. So much so that it causes the poor baby to break into violent regurgitation at the possibility that it might happen again. This was when Natalie had the opportunity to redeem herself, and almost did so just a bit when she went toe-to-toe with Oliver at the door, and yet…

shut yo' mouthSo, was Oliver a ballsy mother-shut-yo’-mouth or a frightened, delusional, son-of-a-bitch with a Napoleon complex when he stood in front of Maxwell and tried to prevent him from taking his son from the house? The world may never know since he kindly stepped his ass out of the way and let them leave with Miles.

We also get a look into the relationship that is Miles and Levi. They are as close as two brothers can be but there is the unintentional rift that is driven between them from Miles personal torment and Levi’s ability to just be a normal teenager without Oliver’s interference. Other than that, we can tell by “Junior Dude/Senior Dude” that they love each other very much.

Hopefully, you can already see that there is some mistrust festering with Julia and with Maxwell for Natalie. Julia wants to know why Natalie is able to touch her son’s hand without the twitching and reacting, and Maxwell’s discomfort and lack of conviction has not yet been identified…but the seed has been planted.

So why they hell didn’t Nurse Natalie just turn this case over to the authorities? There was no hope of Miles ending up in foster care since she and his father were active parts in Miles’ life. She knew that Oliver wasn’t really going to kill Miles’ family even though Miles was convinced that he would. Was Miles running away really that big of a threat to her that she thought it best to allow this child to live in torment than to end his suffering and give him the opportunity to begin to heal? Surely, Miles would be angry in the beginning but no doubt see the benefit of telling the truth to stop the abuse in the long run… right? Ah the plot thickens!

Part IV begins with Miles explaining the rape to Natalie and asking why Oliver would do something so horrible. Anybody in their right mind would have been calling the police on this sicko as quickly as they could. What does Natalie do? She takes this opportunity to have the “facts of life” talk with this injured and damaged child…


That really could have had a completely opposite effect on Miles! “Oliver raped you because it felt good to him. Do you want to feel good, too? Go rape someone!”

Excuse my language but… gee, just how fucked up is Natalie??? Well, let’s see…

1) She is an adult, a parental figure, and a medical professional who knows that a child is being abused and she won’t report it.
2) She has to leave the child’s presence to keep from acting on certain urges.
3) She decides to use a brutal repeated rape to explain the birds and the bees.

Who gave this woman a license??

Now, of course, Miles is relating Oliver’s ungodly behavior with feelings of pleasure… not necessarily his motives as even as a child, Miles can see this is wrong. However, the actions in an of themselves are bringing Oliver pleasure. In addition, Natalie is awakening the pubescent beast by accidentally touching Miles in certain places, until one day it isn’t an accident.

Can you remember the first orgasm that you had at the hands of another person? I sure as hell can! I can remember being unable to keep my mouth shut when I was supposed be quiet and I remember wanting to feel that feeling over and over and over again! I was 18.

Imagine being a 12-year-old boy having his first orgasm, induced by an older beautiful woman that he is already attracted to and may already have some unexplained feelings for… right after he was abused by his sicko stepfather. How confused is poor Miles now?? And how is he clearly interpreting what he is feeling for Natalie as well as what she is feeling for him?

Now… thank God… Oliver is caught trying to rape Miles again and the cat is out of the bag. But now, Julia knows that not only has the man that she has shared her bed with been cheating on her and abusing and raping her son for years, but that Natalie has known about it and taken pictures of it for quite some time. I think Mom is ready to kick some serious ass…

Angry fire woman




One of the biggest WTF moments will be coming up in Part V. I want to see if anyone else sees it or if it kind of just brushes past until the discussion… keep your eyes open!


Love and handcuffs,
BG Holmes

8 thoughts on “Discussion on Miles–Part III and IV

  1. Lourdes (GroovyExcel) says:

    I will keep my eyes PEELED!

  2. Rachel says:

    Very very good! I wish mamma bear figures paedo- bitch out, we’ll see!
    Thank you for the updates here, helps the PDS withdrawl symptoms… Lol

  3. Rachel says:

    Will we find out about his step mom’s other victims/children? I could see at 15 or 16 how someone may look at a kid more like an adult but never do anything; but 12???!? Holy f*k!

    • I haven’t decided yet. I thought about doing a backstory on Natalie before it makes the rewrites easier to do since I have the backstory all in detail and I don’t have to make it up as I go along. As far as her being attracted to Miles at 12–never try to figure out the inner workings of the mind of a pedophile. It will send you away screaming! In my lifetime, I have seen some pretty unbelievable stuff. In my research, I have seen some pretty HORRIFIC things. I’ve had some discussions with people that will make you wonder why you are even talking to them. Trust me, I don’t know what the attraction is to want a CHILD in that way, but they are real, they are out there, and they are serious. And like you said….Holy f*ck!

  4. maranda says:

    Something like that leaves a dark hole in your soul no matter what the age is. You could be two or eighty and it affects your life in ways that you don’t expect it to. Your background on miles is very detailed and adds great depth to your story! But Natalie should be ashamed of herself because she’s pushing another type of unused on him. But at this point I don’t think that miles will tell. She should work in a mental instatute than pediatrics. Let me rephrase that she should be locked up in a mental institute in the same room ad Ollie and see who comes out the winner. As far as his moms reaction they would have had to put me under the jail house for what I would have done to that man. Lets just say by the time I was done theyda thought I was kin to laurana Bobbitt.

    • Great minds think alike because as soon as you said she should work in a mental institute, my mind said she should be in a mental institute–and then you said what I was thinking, lol. Yeah, most mothers would have been killing the bastard and going to jail, but then that would have been another tragedy for Miles. So I thought she should at least be able to take a bite outta crime and beat his ass. 🙂

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