Discussion on Journey of Miles–Part I and II

Holy cow, Batman. I am really loving the emotions and responses that I am getting from Miles emotional back story. You have a rare glimpse into the author’s mind before the book is published… So lets talk about Part I and Part II, shall we?

So in Part I, we introduced Miles and some of the new characters in the book. Many, if not all, of you are familiar with my writing and know that my information is drawn on research as well as personal experience. In and of itself, I have never had experience with the atrocities that have happened to Miles so far. However, I have had extensive experience with stepchildren. As a matter of fact, one of the urban expressions that I have repeatedly heard and used is”you are treating me like a stepchild” when referring to treating someone badly.

This is one of the reasons that I don’t call my husband’s children my “stepchildren.” I call them my “bonus babies.” Cinderella already gave “steps” a bad name, and then there are some stepparents out there that perpetuate the persona. Case and point–Oliver Anderson.

Someone asked why would Oliver immediately dislike Miles. First of all, some people are just inanely evil. I know for certain that they exist. Their actions cannot be explained to the logical mind and are often characterized by some mental instability. We know from the information that Oliver is a Dom. We also know (and if you don’t, I’m telling you now) that BDSM covers an almost endless range of tastes from the hot and kinky…

…to the pretty damn sick.

Swallowing nails

Of course, that is a matter of opinion and perception, so “sick” is relative.

Bearing that in mind, I would venture to say that Oliver’s tastes may tend toward the “sick,” although Miles thus far has only seen bondage and sex. He hasn’t seen Oliver using any implements nor has he witnessed any badly bruised or traumatized women emerging from Oliver’s dungeon. Why Oliver is such a cruel, hateful bastard… well, we’ve seen part of it. He has the stereotypical Bad Stepfather syndrome:


The only problem with this theory is that Miles already has a father–one who is active in his life–so Oliver ain’t Daddy! Also, Miles looks like Maxwell, so he’s a constant reminder to Oliver of the man that had his wife before him. There’s another man in his house as far as he concerned. In addition, bullies prey on the weak, which would explain why he targeted Miles. He’s the youngest and the smallest. If he targets both children, they would likely unite against him. Of course, once the baby girl, Emily, is born and Oliver now has a blood heir, so to speak, one stepchild gets ignored and the abuse continues for the other.

Now in part II, the abuse is getting worse, and we introduce where Miles cannot be touched, but then his “angel” shows up.

Red Haird from the demon

Beautiful with the sun capturing the sparkles and highlights in her red hair. Young and very easy on the eyes–always kind and now befriending a frightened and hurt little boy, vowing to keep his secret. He is now able to release the burden of having to carry this secret all by himself, which we all know is murder on a child. It’s bad enough that something horrible is happening to him, but in addition the monster has threatened his family–all of the people that he loves–if he lets the cat out of the bag. So now, not only has the beautiful angel nursed his wounds but she has also offered him emotional and psychological support. She’s heaven sent… right?

Well, you should probably bear something in mind before the story continues. I have indicated that she works on the pediatric ward, so we know that she works with kids. I have also indicated that it’s not unusual to see a nurse in different parts of the hospital, so now we know that she’s a pediatric nurse. I don’t know how it is in other countries (that may be something I need to research–you know how I love my research), but in America, if a medical professional see signs of abuse, they have to report it immediately. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. This is a pediatric nurse–do you think this is the first time she has seen abuse? Yes, young Miles is terrified. Have you seen an abused child who was not terrified? Yes, he is of course frightened into silence–that’s how abusers work. They threaten the victim and those close to the victim to guarantee that their sins are never discovered. You don’t think Natalie is aware of this cycle? Yet with this particular boy, she chooses not to say anything immediately (like she would with any other child) and go around the hospital stealing meds instead–which, by the way, could cost her job. Bearing that in mind, it looks like she is more concerned with keeping Miles’ secret and staying in his good graces than she is with his safety.

Sound like someone we know?

Red Haired demon

Your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Discussion on Journey of Miles–Part I and II

  1. crazy4bam says:

    I think any person who is willing to raise another persons child is someone with a special kind of heart. The man I call dad is my step- father but never treated like a step-child. With your story it brings to mind that not all step-parents are good,caring people. Oliver, in your story needs someone to show him what it feels like to be bullied, or maybe he was. Sometimes the abuser wad also the abused. Has far has I know all medical or legal personnel in the USA if they even suspect or have knowledge of child abuse by law they have to report it. Whether they do or not is the real story. I truly enjoy your story. Sometimes it has brought memories I thought I forgot, but I didn’t. I am really enjoying this story and can not wait to hold the book.

    • You have brought up some very good points!!
      #1–Not all step parents are kind and caring, which is really sad because you have to consider that your own children could be in a step-parent/child situation and you would not want someone to be unkind to them.

      #2–ALL medical professionals are supposed to report abuse…so why is this woman running around stealing meds instead of calling the police? Hmmm…

  2. Rachel says:

    The bitch troll

  3. Danielle says:

    I was wondering about the “red haired angel” & why she was so willing to keep Miles’ secret & also steal drugs to keep that secret…hmm! You have me very intrigued. Thank you for the insight 🙂

  4. Kat says:

    Fair enough she is stealing the meds but for a 10 year old biy at the end of the day he has been able to tell somebody and once you tell one person it gets easier to tell another person. But saying that we all know there is alot of evil bastards out there so hindsight it could be the manipulative bitch troll up to her ole ways… step parents and parents can both be evil and twisted its all about the luck of the draw really.
    Can’t wait for the Butterfly saga… ohhh so excited

    • It reminds me of that movie, “Once Upon A Time In America” where the gangsters switched the cop’s baby and lost the list telling them which babies were which in the maternity ward. When his boy asked what he was going to do about it, he told him that the girls were odd numbers and the boys were even so just hand them out like that. Then he said, “We’re better than fate. Some we give the good life, others we give it up the ass.” THAT’S luck (or bad luck) of the draw. Sucks, don’t it…?

  5. Isabelle says:

    I knew it!! I knew she was the bitch troll but I didn’t want to believe it…

  6. OTB says:

    I was SOOOOO hoping she was ‘Grace’ and not ‘Bitch Troll”. This is going to be a Big “OUCH!’ for me. :-/ I sure hope he finds his Grace soon enough.

    (BTW, I do know a real life ‘Grey Family’, albeit by another name, that has hearts so huge, its almost incredible. They have 1 biological son and 1 ‘born from our heart’ daughter that gets treated like a princess. They almost took another abused little girl under their wing but the girl refused and went back to her father, from under whose care they had rescued her to begin with. My heart cries out for the said family. Wonder what the girl was thinking. Sharing with the hope of leaving some Food for Thought.)

  7. OTB says:

    P.S. 4 days is a lot of waiting time. Do post soon.

  8. OTB says:

    I know you will. Just that addictions are hard to over come. And I’m surely addicted to your stories. Mercy!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Addiction, that is definitely the right word, I concur, the fifty shades trilogy was the first book I had read in 8yrs, family, work, just never had time, now, first fifty shades then on to your take of it and I can’t stop, now I make the time, although it does help now I do some work from home, strangely enough I work with children who have emotional health problems. Your doing a great job, keep it up.

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