Working On The Edits!

Blue Eye

Okay, so, I’m editing and doing my back story for my new characters when I finally get a chance to see the story in it’s entirety…

Over 1600 pages.

Yeah…one of my readers said that they wouldn’t read a book that long unless it was the Bible, lol. I have to concur.

Some of the repetition in the story will be deleted and, as with everything, edits and rewrites will result in a little chopping as well. However, unless I want to chop this puppy up like a bad movie, Book I will have to be published in Volume I and Volume II either released simultaneously or one right after the other. Although many of my faithful readers would most likely have no problem with it, most readers would not likely carry a 1600-page TEXTBOOK around in their purses or briefcases.

I’ll keep you informed.

Next post–Journey of Miles, Part I

Love and handcuffs!
BG Holmes

8 thoughts on “Working On The Edits!

  1. yankees2446 says:

    Shit! I read 1,600 pages?!?!? If only my student papers were this entertaining.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. gmbizette says:

    Well Lynn I new you had writing but WOW!!! Thank for the update!

  3. Chantell says:

    I think splitting book one into 2 volumes is a great idea!! Especially if they’re released at the same time =)

  4. Holy Jesus!! You tricked me into reading that much??? I can’t believe it. And here I was saying I would re-read it while I wait. Hmmm? I am going to do just that. It is 1600 pages of awesome. xox

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