Oh…My…God…this…DAY! (Goddess Rant!)


This day has been something else. My brain just completely stopped working because it appeared that I didn’t have another update to do…

So the Goddess said…

“Heifer, you got a whole damn story to edit! What the hell is wrong with you?” 

So of course I snapped out of it, but my brain still was not working properly because even though I got everything worked out how I wanted it, I still couldn’t get my damn locations right! 



Dude…seriously? You guys know how I am about research and having my facts right. The next thing I know, I have all of my places set up…and they’re too far apart…and they don’t fit the story…and…

Oh, good grief, shoot me now!

Image There’s nothing like getting angry to make you swipe everything off your desk in true Dom fashion and start all over! Sixteen tabs opened in five windows each…


Opened my email–64 people want to be added to my mailing list…


Checked my PM’s…people are talking about my story ONLINE AND OFFLINE!

ImageWOOHOO!!! And after I stood up and walked away from the computer AFTER I shut all of the windows down, my places came to me correctly.

ImageSometimes, you just have to look at things in a different perspective. 

Back to the grind…I got people waiting for this story! Rant over!

Love and Handcuffs!

4 thoughts on “Oh…My…God…this…DAY! (Goddess Rant!)

  1. crazy4bam says:

    I can not wait for this book. I know follow you on twitter. I am not on there much,but you are one of my favorite people. I follow you on facebook and hee too. I get soooo excited when I see an update. Good luck, keep up the good work. If you need someone to edit or read something email me I will do it.

  2. Danielle says:

    You got this! No worries…just breathe 🙂

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