So….erm, I went to see the Doctor… (Spoiler Alert)

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I went! (it iBook a bit of bullying from my friend Dr K but I went)
Now I’m off for a week and on yet more painkillers, oh and I walk like an old granny! BOLLOCKS!

So, nothing really new happening now… Trying to write but that shits gone really dark…(btw I liked the idea of a possible trigger being a candle, I’m keeping a hold of that to trigger another memory because its poetic to use a flame of rebirth to enlighten the audience a bit more about Ana! I will obviously give you a credit in the chapter that it appears) the chapter itself is a work in progress, I need it betaed and obviously finished too…


“Bottle of Moët.” Champagne? I must raise my eyebrows at him because he replies. “We are celebrating your promotion Anastasia, aren’t we?” Even though it sounded to…

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One thought on “So….erm, I went to see the Doctor… (Spoiler Alert)

  1. carriej56 says:

    *blushing profusely* just giving credit where it’s due honey x

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