Paging Dr. Steele: Chapter 16: He Has Met His Match

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Chapter 16—He Has Met His Match


Mary Sweet Mother of Jesus! I just had sex with Christian Grey… and it was fantastic!

In my post-orgasmic state, I’m panting profusely. My lower regions are throbbing immensely. I don’t think sex has ever been that good in my life… ever. EVER!

Did I mention EVER?

Christian induces a delicious pleasure/pain feeling when he withdraws from me and lay next to me on the bed. I’m lying on his shoulder, slowly catching my breath. His arm is underneath me, his hand dangerously close to the forbidden zone, but my garter belt has the area completely covered so I’m safe for now.

“That was amazing,” he says, his voice raspy.

“I concur,” I coo. “That was a $90 pair of underwear you destroyed.”

“I’ll buy you more,” he laughs. “Did I hear you speak French?” he inquires. Oh, shit. Did I?

Peut-être…” I answer nervously.

“Perhaps?” he repeats.

Coulda been,” I squeak. “It’s kind of a reflex thing.” I’m shrinking a little bit here.

Mmmm, nice reflex.” He squeezes my bottom. He lifts my head up by my chin and kisses me deeply. The fire down below is starting again. Hell, it never really went out. He rolls me onto my back, him on his side and he is deepening the kiss. Just as I put my hand in his hair, I hear my blackberry ring.


“Let it ring,” he says against my lips.

“I can’t,” I respond.

“Why not?”

“Because everybody close to me in the city knows that I went out with the lowdown, dirty, lying cheater tonight and if I don’t answer the phone, somebody is going to assume that something is wrong and Al has a key!” I spit out all in one breath. He sighs and lets me go.

“Get your phone,” he surrenders.

I roll out of bed and run to the dining room where I left my purse. I pull out my blackberry just before I’m sure it will go to voicemail. It’s Val.


Hey, Babe. How did it go?” she asks.

“Wonderful!” I answer, thinking about Christian.

Do I even want to know what that means?” she responds. Oops, we’re talking about Edward here, aren’t we? I must’ve taken too long to respond because she snaps back, “Ana, what the hell? Did he get to you?”

“Um, no….” I’m still being too vague for Val.

What the hell is going on, Anastasia?” Just as I’m about to give her some kind of information, two strong arms slide around my body and caress my stomach while hot lips bite and suck my earlobes.

Aaahh, nothin‘,” I say in a high-pitched, breathy voice. Val conspicuously stops talking. Christian’s hands move up to my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples as his mouth moves to my neck. “Ah…” It escapes before I can catch it.

Are you fucking him, Ana!?” Val growls. I close my eyes and arch my back, pushing my breasts into Christian’s hands. I’m panting again.

“No… no, I’m not,” I say, trying to speak as normally as possible.

Don’t bullshit me, Ana. I’m not letting you off this fucking phone and I can have Al over there in ten minutes.” Control your breathing, Ana, and put out the fire that is Valarie Marshall.

“No, Val… I’m not fucking him.” Christian’s hand moves down to my sex and parts my lips, rubbing deep inside my folds. “Ooooh…”

Is he there!?” she yells.

“No… no… not him.” Christian is palming my sex as he inserts one, then two fingers inside my warm core. I have to bite down on my lip to keep from crying out.

But somebody’s there…” she states suspiciously.

“Yes… yes…” I pant.

Was that for me or for him?” I can hear her smirking.

“Both!” I snap.

Did you pick up some random guy at a bar, Ana?” she yells at me. Christian is still working my left breast, his right hand now circling in and out, round and round, in and out… oh fuck!

“No! I did not!” I yell as I’m coming dangerously close to an orgasm while I’m talking to my dear friend. Christian pushes me back against him so that I can feel his throbbing erection. He’s stroking it between my ass cheeks, stimulating the hole with every pass. His arm crosses over my body to my right breast. He’s holding me steady while he causes delicious friction between my butt cheeks against my sensitive bud as he continues to penetrate me with his fingers and now he’s massaging my clit with his thumb. He moans loudly in my neck and I whimper audibly, forgetting that I’m still on the phone.

Oh, God. Steele, really?” Val sounds disgusted. Well, we would all be doing just fine if you let me get off the fucking phone, friend!

“I gotta go, Val,” I wheeze. Oh shit, I feel the quiver.

Okay, Ana, but tomorrow you’re going to fucking tell me everything.”

“K. Bye!”


I wonder if that fucker David is the one who’s calling her—trying to see what she’s doing? Can’t let him spoil a good night now, can I? I jump out of Ana’s bed and find her in the dining room. She looks positively scrumptious standing there with her ass to me in nothing but an Agent Provocateur garter belt and stockings. My dick starts twitching immediately. I walk over to her spread my hands over her delicious skin. Ooo, she feels so good. I smell her hair and take in her scent. She makes me want to lose myself in her. I suck her earlobe and kiss her flawless skin. Hang up the phone, baby, I will her. I’m not finished with you yet.

I’m exploring various areas of the wonderland that is Ana, loving her reaction and her attempt not to let on what’s happening to her. I find out that she’s talking to someone named Val. I start to tease her deliciously wet pussy deeply, but make the mistake of pushing that delectable ass against my dick. Oh, fuck. I bend my knees and pull her harder, closer against me and stroke my dick between her cheeks. Shit, one day I want this ass but right now, this feels good as fuck. I moan in her neck to let “Val” know that she’s not alone. Hang up the fucking phone. By the time she says, “K. Bye,” and clumsily hits the end button, she’s coming loudly and wetly on my hand. I hold her up because I know if I don’t, she’ll be on the floor. Before she stops quivering, I put one of her legs on the dining chair and slam my dick into her pulsating flesh. She cries out, reaching behind her to grab a handful of my hair. Oh hell! It sends desire through me that feels like it’s going to tear me apart.

“Oh, Ana!” I moan as I pull my dick all the way out to the head and slam into her again.

“Oh, God, Christian!” she wails. I pound into her over and over and she’s screaming my name repeatedly. Every time I hear her, it’s like a balm to my ravaged mind—like I was meant to be right here all along. What is this woman doing to me? I pull out of her and take her over to the wall.

“Wrap your legs around me.” She complies and quickly puts her arms around my neck. I drive into her again, dropping her hard down onto my erection.

“Fuck!” she screams, as her mouth flies open and she’s panting furiously now.

“Again?” I choke out. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t come in the next two seconds.

“Please! Yes! Please!” Her eyes are screwed shut. I lift her hips and slam into her again, digging my hands into the tender skin of her ass. It’s so deep, so warm. I pound her relentlessly, burying my dick inside of her each time. I notice that she’s matching my rhythm, without my help. With her arms wrapped around my neck, she’s using the strength in her legs, stomach, and hips to ride me. She clenches around my dick and I don’t think I can hold on. I back away from the wall to try to lessen her assault, but that only makes it worse. She tips her head and captures my mouth, her tongue deliciously attacking mine while she bounces relentlessly on my swelling throbbing manhood. Fuck! She is incredible! I run my hands over the taut skin of her back. Her muscle tone is impressive and she’s using it to torture my poor little helpless member.

Did I say helpless?

Fuck, did I say little?

“Christian… you feel so good,” she purrs, seductively. Oh, hell, I feel it coming. We’re racing to the finish line. My balls are truly ready to empty having no control over this current situation, and her walls are vibrating ferociously like her pussy is going to suck the very soul out of me. “Aaaahh…” she moans deeply, throwing her head back. Two embellished hair combs are sent sailing to the floor and her beautiful brunette curls are now cascading down her back and brushing against my hand. It’s more than I can take. I back up all the way against the dining table now. I grab the hair at the nape of her neck and bury my tongue in her mouth. I’m about to come and she shows no sign of relenting.

Aaaahhh,” I moan in her mouth.

“Come on, baby,” she says in a deep, sexy growl.

I think my balls jump up and pop like firecrackers because the explosion that follows is lethal.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, Aaannnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh!” I’m trying to hold her still to ride out my release, but she’s bouncing through her own.

“Christian! Oh, fuck! Christiaaaaaan!” I stumble sideways, desperately feeling for a chair or any moment now, we’re going to both be on the floor. She’s milking every bit of juice out of me and I’m fucking seeing stars and flashing lights. I’m feeling light-headed and she’s still grinding out her orgasm.

“Oh… shit, Ana… please… stop…” I beg. I feel like I’ve shot the head of my dick off inside of her. She mercifully stops moving, but the constriction and pulsing of her vaginal walls continue and I’m at her mercy.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan, as I sit back in the chair, trying not to move a muscle below the waist as she peppers my face with kisses. She kisses my lips tenderly, sweetly, sensuously.

“I’m sorry, Christian,” she breathes. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.” Oh, shit, is she trying to make me come again?

“Hurt me? Are you serious?”

“I told you I was out of practice,” she says quietly, her beautiful eyes searching mine.

“Baby,” I take her face in my hands, “that experience was indescribable! I’m afraid to move! And you’re worried about your performance?” She looks at me and chuckles a bit.

“Well, when you put it that way…” She laughs and I laugh with her. She puts her forehead on mine. “Will you be okay if I get up?” she asks softly.

“Yes, I think I’ll be okay. Just move slowly.” She gently rises of off my dick which falls limply in my lap. She looks at it almost adoringly.

“It’s impressive even when it’s limp,” she says, never taking her eyes off of it.

“Yes, I’m a big boy,” I smirk.

“He’s all tuckered out,” she says in a little cartoon voice as she looks up at my eyes.

“For now,” I reply. I pull her over to me and cup her ass in my hands, kissing her stomach. “Beautiful,” I say softly. She gently runs her fingers through my hair.

“Thank you,” she whispers. She pulls my hand to take me back to the bedroom. She takes something out of the drawer and heads to the bathroom. “I’ll be right out,” she says with a smile before closing the door. I put my boxers back on and dash back to the dining room, pull my blackberry out of my jacket pocket to text Taylor.

**I hope you didn’t wait up. I’ll see you in the morning**


While in the bathroom cleaning up after two wild sessions with Christian Grey and three mind blowing orgasms, I change into my Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels black satin slip with pink lace trim. I remove my garter and stocking since I can’t very well justify sleeping in them. I’ll just have to make sure I keep my back covered.

When I come out of the bathroom, Christian is in his T-shirt—which he never removed, by the way—and his boxer briefs. I head towards the door.

“I notice you didn’t eat much,” I begin. “Are you still hungry? I have to put the antipasto away.” It’s about 11:30pm and antipasto is perfect for late night. After a myriad of thoughts run over his face, he says,

“Absolutely. I should definitely eat.” He follows me to the kitchen and I refresh our cranberry spritzers. We take our same seats and begin to eat. It’s quiet for a moment before I say, “the awkward after-sex silence.” I look up at him and he chuckles.

“Forgive me. I’m having a bit of a new experience, here,” he says.

“What do you mean?” I ask, curious.

“Let’s just say I don’t have many ‘getting to know you’ moments with women,” he answers. Oh, yes, no girlfriends. Instead of asking that question again, I decide to go in a different direction.

“Why did you do a background check on me, Christian?” I ask. The question makes him visibly uncomfortable.

“I’m not totally sure,” he responds. What the hell does that mean? “I normally perform background checks on nearly anybody who comes in contact with me. Even though it probably came out wrong, I meant what I said in session on Monday. Somebody is always out to get me, and I have to be careful who I let near me.” He pauses to chew a bit, then continues. “I didn’t know if you presented a threat to me or not. I didn’t think you did, but I still wanted to be a step ahead of the game. Then when we had our… disagreement, for lack of a better word, I’ll admit that I was trying to find something that I could use in case I needed it to keep from going to jail.” He entwines his fingers on the counter. “Your background check was missing two years. Anybody else would have figured that it just had something to do with school records, but… I was a little more diligent.” He looks up at me to examine my facial expression. I don’t know what it told him, but he continues. “Welch found your… alias, and kept digging, and…”

“You know what happened…” I squeak. He comes around the breakfast bar and put his hand on my cheek.

“I know that a beautiful young girl was indescribably harmed by unknown assailants. That’s all I know.” He uses his free hand to tuck stray hair behind my ear. What a delicate and kind way to describe such a brutal and vicious occurrence. It’s almost comforting coming out of his mouth. I drop my head. He sits on the stool and pulls me over to stand between his legs. “Welch threatened to quit if I used the information in any adverse way, but I couldn’t do that anyway. When you came to my office on Friday, I was asking Welch why no one had been brought to justice and if there was anything that could be done about it.” I snap my head at him and stiffen. He grabs me like a caged animal about to make a break for it. “I haven’t done anything. I didn’t get a chance. You came into my office and called me a tree.” I drop my head and laugh.

“You are a tree. You’re sitting and you’re still taller than me.” He strokes my arms.

“Now, it’s your turn.” I look into his slate gray eyes, looking a little sleepy now, and I know what he’s talking about.

“I don’t know the law everywhere else, but whenever there is a violent crime in the state of Nevada, the victim is always notified if there’s any change in the case. If a minor is involved, the case is sealed. So, when I was notified that Anastasia Lambert’s file had been flagged for a check, I was terrified. There’s no reason for anybody anywhere to want to know anything about Anastasia Lambert. She’s nobody. She had no friends, she didn’t hold a job; all she did was graduate from high school.” I must be getting that scared doe look again or fidgeting too much because he pulls me closer to him trying to comfort me. I take a deep breath and continue.” My father is ex-military. He has a friend who could find out who was digging into my past. Of course, you can see why I would want to know. His information led me to Welch which of course led me to you. My guy took the liberty of doing a background check on you, which is how I knew you were adopted.” He stiffens a bit.

“What else did the background check say?” he asks nervously.

“That your birth mother died when you were four, and that you were adopted.” I didn’t know how to approach the scars that I saw and I took notice that he still hasn’t shown his chest—much like I won’t show my lower back. “I know that there was some abuse before you were adopted.” He looks at me questioning. He didn’t give me details; I won’t give him details either. “I’m sure he could have found more, but he only had the basics so that I could have something to go by,” I say, and he relaxes a bit. “Except for the fact that you were adopted when you were four which was an open adoption since no family came forth and the fact that you had been abused as a young child, everything else that I was given could be found on Google.” He sighs a visible sigh of relief before taking more of the antipasto. “So am I going to discover that you’re a serial killer with bodies hiding in a basement somewhere, because there’s obviously something that you’re afraid for me to find out.” He looks at me, impassively. “Like why you’ve never had a girlfriend. And by the way, where does that leave me?” Okay, now he’s really on the hot seat.

“Ana…” he begins.

“I’m not saying that I’m trying to be your girlfriend,” I interrupt before starts back-peddling. “We’re two consenting adults who had a very volatile acquaintance; we both have needs to be met and we don’t mind each other’s company for that purpose because you’re obviously attracted to me and I’m obviously attracted to you. I had some absolutely, earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex and I’d like to know if that’s going to happen again. And if this situation has absolutely no chance of going anywhere, I’d like to know that, too.”

“Fair point well made. Ms. Steele,” he says.

“You’re determined to call me ‘Ms. Steele,’ aren’t you?” I say, almost sneering.

“Force of habit,” he says without pausing, “but know that when I do it this time, it’s a term of endearment.” He smiles. I shake my head in defeat. He turns me around to face him, his hands on my hips.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend in the sense that I haven’t had a long-term, committed relationship where we take long walks in the park and watch movies on Saturday night. One day, I’ll tell you why, but not tonight. I don’t know if this is going anywhere. All I know is that from the first day I saw you, you affected me. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind—and that has never happened to me before. When I close my eyes, I see you. And when I open my eyes, I want to see you. I know why David is pursuing you. He threw away a treasure and he’s trying to get it back. And for the record,” he takes my face in his hands and kisses me deliciously, and deliciously again, “I would love to have more absolutely,” kiss, “earth-shattering,” kiss, kiss, “mind-blowing sex with you.” Kiss, kiss, kiss. “So, what do you say we continue to do that for a while and see where it takes us?” Again, he could ask anything of me. Thank God, I’m no longer his group facilitator.

“Okay,” I squeak. I get rewarded with another delicate, delicious kiss.

“Now, let’s clean this up, because I think we both need some sleep.” He smiles.

We clear away the glasses, put away the antipasto and clean the counters before Mr. Grey leads me back to my bedroom. I take the duvet off my bed and he lays down first. When I come to bed and turn off the bedside lamp, he pulls me into him, my back to his front.

Oh wow. It’s been years since I’ve been spooned.

I only vaguely remember him kissing my back because I’m asleep in moments.


The sun is peeking through my windows and I attempt to roll over only to find that I’m in the clutches of an unknown force. I lift my head to see the gorgeous angelic face of one sleeping Christian Grey, and he’s strategically wrapped around me like a boa constrictor. I try to stretch but he has me locked down, so I settle for stretching my neck a bit as I plop my head back down on the pillow. I look over at the clock on my nightstand. Seven thirty… too early. I opt to snuggle back down into the comfort of my bed and the arms of Adonis and go back to sleep.

I feel feather soft kisses on my stomach as I struggle to gain consciousness. It’s a wonderful feeling coupled with that of a strong hand gently stroking my hip. I look down to see a beautifully disheveled mass of copper locks grazing my abdomen. An involuntary moan escapes my lips and I’m rewarded with sensual, hooded gray eyes.

“Good morning,” he says, his voice heavy with desire. His hand travels down to my mound and he rubs the outside skin, still a little sensitive from the Brazilian.

“Good morning,” I breathe, my voice husky as I push my pelvis into his hand. He quickly rolls on top of me, parting my thighs with his. He brushes his lips against mine. When I dart my tongue to lick his lips, he captures my mouth in a sensuous kiss. His erection starts to throb in his boxer briefs as he invades the crevices of my mouth and his hips begin to gyrate between my legs, his hard member providing delicious friction on my clitoris. “Mmmmm,” the sound is involuntary again. I will not come this way… I will not come this way…

As if he can read my mind, he thrusts his hips into mine and gyrates deeper, harder.

Aah,” I gasp into his mouth, “Christian…” He moves his hands to my breast and he’s stroking my nipples through the satiny material. Oh, fuck.

“Christian… please…” I gasp, my eyes closed and my fingers entangled in his hair.

“What do you want, baby?” he moans, his voice raspy.

“You… inside me… please,” I pant, trying to fend off an orgasm from his relentless dry-humping. I feel bereft when his hands move from taunting my breast, but I’m delighted to find that he’s removing his boxer briefs. He pulls them down his hips and I push them the rest of the way with my feet. He’s kissing, licking, and sucking my neck as he strokes the head of his penis up and down my dripping wetness and I swear I’m about to become unraveled. Please stop teasing me, I can’t take it, I think to myself.

“Oh… s’il te plaît bébé,” I beg and he groans on to my neck.

“Tu me veux?” his baritone voice whispers in my ear. That’s it, I’m coming. Too late, don’t stop now. He continues to stroke me with his shaft as my clit throbs in ecstasy and I’m coming completely undone. Before I finish pulsating from my orgasm, he slowly inserts himself into my walls, deeply, completely filling me.

Aaahhhhh….” I arch my back to meet him and undulate my body beneath him, earning me another deep throaty moan from him as he grasps my hips.

“Oh… Ana…” he breathes and he starts a delicious, burning rhythm.

“Oh, Christian, tu sens si bon!” My back is arched and my eyes are closed. I feel the inferno coming again, and it’s magnificent. He’s reaching spots and touching things and bringing out sensations that I never knew existed. He’s killing me! But fuck, what a way to go!

Tu aimes ça, bébé?” He’s still licking and kissing and sucking upper extremities while his hips work feverishly and expertly on my core.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes!” I exclaim holding onto the sheets, trying to maintain some grounding on planet Earth. He put his arms under my shoulders and brings his hands up until his fingers run through my long brown locks and cup my head. He’s holding me firmly against him, cuddling my shoulders to his, grinding his pelvis into mine and sending jolts of unmitigated pleasure through me that I haven’t felt in years… if ever.

Did I mention EVER?

“Oh, God… Christian!” I feel my muscles tighten on his cock.

“Oh, Ana!” he moans as he rocks his hips, pushing himself deeper inside of me. My wetness coats his massive penis as he fills every crevice of my sex. My legs wrapped around his waist, I’m grinding feverishly into his cock, basically riding him from the bottom. He tries to slow, but I can’t. He stills in an attempt to stop the rhythm but I’m relentless—chasing this orgasm that’s building in my hips and my thighs, even in my chest. I grab the sheets to anchor myself and continue to move—up and down on his cock, and then circles, getting the full feeling as his dick hits my sweet spot and the stimulation of my clitoris from the grind.

“Ana… Ana… stop…” he pleads, trying to avoid his impending orgasm.

“Ah… ah… ah… ah…” I know it’s coming, any second. I raise my hips higher, pounding into him hard, pull up and back as far as the bed will let me and pound again.

“Fuck! Ana… no!” he growls. Too late. I tighten my legs around his hips as I shatter into a blinding, mind-numbing orgasm around his cock.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh… oh Goooooooooodddddd!” I scream as my legs jerk and I’m unable to move. The wave rides through me with immense intensity. Christian is panting in my ear as his arms go around me and he cries out with his own release.

“Ana, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” He jerks into me several times, grunting out his orgasm. He collapses with his full weight on me, his arms still wrapped around me. “Shit!” he breathes, “I didn’t think I was going to hold out!” I’m still panting heavily in his ear and his weight isn’t making it much easier to get air.

“Christian… I… I can’t… breathe…” He rolls off of me and we both lie there, heaving and panting and staring at the ceiling.

“Good… GOD!” he exclaims between breaths. “If you keep… making me… come like that… you’ll be… the death of me!”

Me!?” I cry out. “In case you didn’t notice, I have the incredible throbbing coochie here.” He bursts into laughter.

“Fair point well made, Ms. Steele,” he laughs. “Does that mean we have to take it easy on each other?”

“Fuck no,” I say flatly.

“Good. I was a little worried for a moment there…”

I still don’t do big breakfasts, so Christian is going to have to deal with some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast since it’s fast. He comes out of the bedroom after a shower in dark blue jeans and a T-shirt. Okay, where did these clothes come from because they are clearly not Al’s?

“I had Taylor drop me some clothes,” he says, reading my facial expression.

“When did this happen?” I ask, plating the food.

“This morning, while you were asleep.” He sits at the breakfast bar.

“Oh… okay.” I shrug. I pour two glasses of orange juice and take a stool next to him at the breakfast bar. For a while, we eat in silence. I want to bring up that I noticed he conspicuously never removed his T-shirt—during sex, while we slept, never. Then I remembered the pictures of him as a child and the scars on his chest. Just as I’m about to try to formulate some kind of questions, he asks, “So what are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“Well, I don’t know yet. I usually try to spend Saturday with my friends. We’re all so busy that we don’t get an opportunity to get together throughout the week that often.”

“Is there any chance that I could see you tonight?” I shrug again.

“Would you like to come out with me and my friends? I don’t know what we’re doing yet or who’s even going to show up, but you’re welcome to come.” He gets a very uncomfortable look on his face.

“I don’t do well with crowds,” he says. I look at him skeptically.

“You’re kidding, right?” Megalomaniac Christian Grey doesn’t do well with crowds? Then I remember our experience in group sessions and suddenly, it’s not so hard to believe.

“No, I’m not,” he says, flatly. Don’t tell me he’s a recluse!

“But I’ve seen you at red carpet affairs…” I protest.

“Where?” he says, surprised. Oh, like I can’t go to a red-carpet affair? Smug asshole.

“You told 20 people to Google you, so I did!” I snap, affronted. I stand to take the dishes to the kitchen and he grabs my wrist and snatches me back into his arms making me gasp. He wraps his legs around mine and both of my hands are clasped in one of his behind my back. His other hand roams up the front of my body over my slip and under my robe. I close my eyes as his touch elicits a small moan from me. Good grief! This man is a machine!

“Christian… my pussy is going to break…” I protest. I can’t take another round.

“I’m not trying to fuck you, Anastasia. I’m just trying to touch you,” he says as his mouth closes over the delicate skin on my collarbone, my chest, my sternum, my breast…

“This kind of touching usually leads to other things.” I breathe as I hold my head back, giving him access to my neck.

“It doesn’t have to,” he says seductively. “I may want to just remember your feel… your smell… and your taste… in case I don’t see you tonight.” Oh, he’s good. His hand goes under my robe and up my thigh until he firmly cups one of my butt cheeks.

“Christian!” I gasp, playfully. His hand releases my wrists and grabs my other cheek pulling me against him.

“You’re intoxicating. Do you know that?” he says. I bite my lip. “Don’t bite your lip, Anastasia. That’s what started all this in the first place.” I release my lip. “I have a few things to do today. If you’re free this evening—even after you’ve seen your friends—I would love to see you again.” His voice is like caramel. If I weren’t so loyal, I would ditch my fucking friends.

“I’ll call you… okay?” I say, relishing the feeling of his hands stroking my backside.

“You do that,” he responds and he stands and takes a handful of my hair. He pulls my head back and plants a smoldering kiss on my lips that leaves me breathless. While I’m standing there panting, he goes back to the bedroom to collect his things.

Shit! I won’t be able to walk straight for days!

I’m just putting the last of the dishes in the dishwasher when Christian comes out of my bedroom with his duffel bag and wearing his Kicks. Christian Grey in sneakers… it’s kind of cute. Good God, he’s hot. He puts one arm around me at the kitchen sink and pulls me against him. He kisses me gently on the lips… then again… then again. “Hopefully, I’ll see you later,” he whispers.

“We’ll see,” I breathe. One more gentle kiss and he’s out the door. Oh, man! I’m in for the ride of my life. I may have fired Luc a little too soon—I need to build my stamina up again! I need a bath!

I start my bath and add my Desert Bambu Lemongrass Citrus bath soap to the water. I got some from the Wynn Resort in Vegas years ago and ever since, I can’t live without their products. I watch the soap begin to bubble and smell the delicious fragrance fill the bathroom when I hear a knock at the door. Okay, could be Al. Or… Christian’s coming back! I turn off the bathtub and run to the door, snatching it open with a content smile on my face.

Oh hell! Not again!

Standing before me is a very angry Edward David, and when I say very angry, I mean fucking livid! I cannot for the life of me understand why he hasn’t caught on that the only time he’s able to actually get in touch with me is when I think he’s someone else! You would think this dense, dumb asshole would go out and buy a fucking clue!

“Edward, what are you doing here?”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asks flatly.

“Hadn’t planned on it,” I snap. He brushes past me anyway. What the hell?

“Edward, you need to leave,” I say, still standing near the open door. He turns to face me.

“Mmmmm, I smell lemongrass. About to take a bath?” he says, ignoring me.

“I said you need to leave.” I’m really getting angry… and he wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

“Are you sleeping with him?” he says calmly and I’m truly taken aback.

“What!?” I ask aghast.

“Oh, don’t act all shocked and appalled by it, Ana!” he snaps. “All I want to know is why you agreed to have dinner with me when you were sleeping with someone else!?” He’s angry but not as angry as I am. I cross my arms and look him dead in the eye.

“If I’m shocked and appalled by anything, it’s your audacity standing here in my living room asking me who the fuck I’m sleeping with when there ain’t shit between me and you!” I growl.

“I saw him leave your apartment this morning,” he sneers accusingly.

“I don’t care if you saw him and 50 other motherfuckers that look just like him leave my apartment this morning. This is none of your damn business! And what are you doing, stalking me? Do I need to get a restraining order?” I shoot.

“That’s not necessary and you know it, Ana. You know I’d never hurt you…” he begins softly.

“No, I don’t know that. All I know is that the man who cheated on me and treated me like shit for years and is no longer dating me and no longer living with me has been watching my apartment for I don’t know how long waiting for my male company to leave so that he can stand in my living room and confront me about who I might be fucking now!” I reply, nearly screaming.

“Ana, I…” he sounds defeated.

“I’ve tried to walk away quietly but you wouldn’t let me. When that didn’t work, I tried to ignore you and move on… let you live the life that you so desperately wanted to live, and you still wouldn’t let me. And when all else failed, I tried to let you down easy, and you still refuse to let me get on with my life!” I yell.

“Ana, I love you.” He drops his head. “I can’t live without you.”

“Well, you probably should have thought about that when you had me… when I loved you… when I couldn’t live without you. Because now, I can! I can live without you. I cried for months and months and even after I saw that woman in your arms, I prayed for you to come back. I wasn’t going to call you, and I wasn’t going to beg you anymore, but I still wanted you to come back, but you didn’t. I was broken, I was beaten, I was emotionally battered; but I’m all whole and healed now, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to let you in again so that you can run rampant through my heart and soul and tear up what I’ve rebuilt like a bull in a China shop! I will not be giving you any details of my life because it’s none. Of yourBusiness! And since I can’t move on peaceably, I will tell you that I want you to go away, and I want you to stay away, or I will get a restraining order against you, David!” He looks at me in horror.

“Ana, please…” he begs.

“No!” I cut him off. “I don’t want you! You hurt me! You misused me! You made me think I was completely crazy! You shattered me! You turned me into nothing!” I’m wailing now and I had no idea the tears had started. I’m so pissed because I did not want to give him this. I didn’t want to give this bastard one more tear! But here’s the cursing out this asshole so richly deserves. Unfortunately, it comes with the fucking adrenaline tears. “It took an eternity to get over you. It took forever to get past what you had done to me. It took watching everyone falling in love around me for me to see how broken and destroyed and cut off I really was. And now I’m over you, and I never want you back.”

“Then why are you crying?” he asks.

“Because I’m pissed off and I want you the fuck out of my apartment!” I scream through my tears. I’m heaving and slobbering and a few moments later, I hear a welcome voice coming from the direction of the open door.

“You heard the lady,” he says almost growling. I look quickly towards the door to see Christian walking into the apartment. I can take care of myself just fine, but right now, I need to feel his warmth, his touch. I need him! I launch myself into his arms, bury my face in his neck, and try to control this idiotic blubbering.


I’m whistling when I get into the SUV.

“Nice evening, I take it, sir?” Taylor jabs. This is one of those moments where I remember that Taylor has been with me so long that sometimes, we consider ourselves friends.

Escala, you asshole,” I jab back. Everything seems right with the world… which scares me, because I know that’s definitely not so. Anastasia and I have a lot of ground to cover, and I have no idea where to start. I’m one fucked-up individual and I don’t know how she’s going to take that. I’ve had no other relationship besides what I have had with my subs, so this is completely new territory for me. But I decide that right now, at this moment, I’m going to be content with these thoughts that I have of Anastasia. I reach for my blackberry to check emails and start my short schedule for the day. Fuck! It’s not in my pocket. It’s in my jacket… hanging on Anastasia’s dining chair. I never forget my blackberry. What the hell is this woman doing to me? I laugh aloud.

“Turn around, Taylor.”

“Sir?” Taylor asks bemused.

“I left my blackberry. Turn around.” I chuckle. Taylor’s head jerks as he glares at me in the rearview mirror. He knows this is out of character for me.

Yes, sir,” he says with a little mirth in his voice. Watch it, Taylor!

When I step off the elevator, I can hear loud voices in the hall. Initially, I’m not concerned until I approach Ana’s apartment and realize that the voices are coming from just inside her door. I step slowly to the door so as not to be noticed and listen for a moment.

“I’ve tried to walk away quietly but you wouldn’t let me…” Ana’s voice is dripping with pain, anger, and contempt. I feel a strange twang in my chest, listening to her vehemently making her point to whomever is in the apartment with her. “I will not be giving you any details of my life because it’s none. Of yourBusiness! And since I can’t move on peaceably, I will tell you that I want you to go away, and I want you to stay away, or I will get a restraining order against you, David!” Her voice is getting more and more strained as she speaks. David. The ex-boyfriend. I’m glad I’m not the only one that she calls by their last name when she’s pissed. When I hear her mention a restraining order, the hair rises on the back of my next and I’m trying not to charge in and grab this fucker by the throat. When I hear her scream that she wants him out of her apartment, I take my cue.

Showtime, Boys!

I make my presence known at the door. David sees me, but Ana has her back to me. A fleeting look of horror comes across his face and that’s enough for me. “You heard the lady,” I say entering the apartment, trying very hard to control myself.

“This is a private conversation…” he sneers at me, but before he can get his words out, Ana is running across the room and leaps into my arms with so much force that I have to steady myself so that we don’t fall. She’s grasping onto my neck like a drowning animal and her feet are dangling from the floor. Good grief, I forgot how strong this woman is! I wrap her tightly in my arms. It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you.

It looks to me like the conversation is over now, sport!” I say, emphasizing the “t” in the last word and holding Ana protectively close to me.

“Ana, I’m sorry. I really didn’t intend to upset you…” David starts to grovel to a weeping Ana.

“Get out!” she wails, clinging to me, her voice muffled. I don’t need to say anything else. I move away from the door so that this vermin can find his way out. He scowls at me as he passes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, scowl all you want, but I’ve got your girl in my arms and you’re leaving. I smirk at him as he angrily leaves the apartment. I kick the door closed behind him and lock it, then scoop Ana’s legs over my arm. I take her over to the sofa and sit with her on my lap. She’s usually so strong-willed and defiant. I’ve never seen her like this.

Sssshh,” I comfort, “It’s okay.” I rub her back trying to calm her down.

“He just… p-pisses… m-me off… so… much! Who… the… f-fuckdoes he… th-think he is!?” She is pissed!

There she is. You had me worried for a second there!” I say with a chuckle. She lifts her head off my shoulder and glares at me, still sniffing and shaking with sobs—blotchy, tear-stained cheeks, piercing blue eyes and all. “Hey, you’ve always given me what for, so when I saw you in this condition, I knew it had to be bad,” I say in all seriousness. She drops her gaze and continues sniffling. I wipe her cheeks with my thumbs and cup her small face with my hands. I kiss her gently, again and again. Yes, I’m trying to calm her down, but her lips are so soft—it seems like it’s more for me than for her, and I really don’t like to see her cry.

What the hell is coming over me? I feel like I could kill this guy if he approaches her again! We both stiffen when we hear a knock at the door. We must’ve gotten the same idea when we heard the knock… David has returned.

“Motherfuck…” I start to move Ana from my lap and she stops me.

“No… no,” she says softly, between sniffles. “If we ignore him, he’ll go away.” She lays her head back down on my shoulder and slowly starts to control her breathing. The knocking is becoming more insistent and I’m ready to rip this fucker’s throat from his body. Ana sits up and pauses for a moment like she’s expecting something.

“That’s not Edward,” she says calmly. Then who is it, knocking on her door like the damn police?

“Who…” I begin, but she puts her finger up to tell me to wait. We sit silently and a few seconds later I hear a key in the door. What the hell? She visibly relaxes.

“It’s Al,” she says calmly. Al? Oh, Forsythe.

“Jewel?” I hear a loud but effeminate voice yell through the apartment. “JEWEL!”

“In here,” she beckons. This should be interesting.

“Was that the double-dicker I just… OH!” Forsythe stops short as soon as he clears the door and sees a robe-clad Ana still sitting on my lap. “I’m so sorry! I—” He points to the door. “I knocked.”

“It’s okay, Al,” Ana says sweetly to her stammering friend as she rises from my lap and gives him a hug. “Al, this is Christian Grey. Christian, this is Allen Forsythe. He’s my best friend. Get used to it.” A little birdie must have told her about my possessive tendencies. I rise from the couch to take Forsythe’s extended hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Grey.” Forsythe’s voice takes on a few lower octaves. I laugh internally.

“Christian. The pleasure is mine, Mr. Forsythe.”

“Al, please. Mr. Forsythe is my father,” Allen answers. Ana eyes us suspiciously, her arms folded.

“What?” we say in unison. She shifts her weight on her feet and points at me accusingly.

“You already know who he is,” she says to me matter-of-factly. I twist my face a bit like I’m trying to think.

“Um… yes,” I confess. Al looks at me cautiously, and then at Ana.

“How does he…?” Al begins.

“I’ll tell you later,” she cut him off.

“‘Jewel?'” I ask curiously.

“I’ll tell you later.” She shifts again. “Incidentally, why did you come back? Did you see Edward come into the building and decide that I needed a white knight?” She smiles coyly. Oh, that smile is so cute.

“I wish I could say that, but no.” I walk over to her dining chair and pick up my suit coat. “I forgot my blackberry.” I take the blackberry out of the pocket to show her. She laughs softly.

“Yes, you egomaniacal billionaires can’t go anywhere without your blackberries.” She drops her head and rubs her forehead. I walk over to her with my suit coat and shirt over my arm.

“Are you okay?” I ask cautiously.

“Yes, I just wonder how I manage to get myself into these situations,” she says almost facetiously. I stand close to her.

“Are we okay?” She looks up at me, beautiful, searching blue eyes.

“Yeah, we’re fine,” she says softly. I put my arm around her waist and snatch her to me. I give her a deep, yearning kiss that I know will leave her wanting more. I break my lips away from hers and brush them gently against her cheek to her neck.

“Hopefully, I’ll see you later,” I say softly, my voice full of promise.

“Hopefully,” she breathes. She takes my dress shirt from my arm. “I’ll be keeping this.”

“Why?” I ask puzzled.

“Because I said so!” She raises an eyebrow at me then leans in gently and licks my bottom lip. “And because it smells like you.” Oh, fuck! I have to get out of here before I take her in front of her best friend. I groan loudly, squeeze her ass, and let her go.

“I’m going to leave you two to it,” I say as I walk past Forsythe.

“Goodbye, Christian,” she says in a taunting sexy voice. I just shake my head and leave.

“Mr. Grey.” Welch answers the phone as I get into the back seat of the Audi.

“Welch. Edward David—yes, that really is his full name. I want to know everything. When I say everything, I mean I want to know every. Single. Thing. About him. I want to know where he’s from, what he does, and how many dust bunnies he has in his pocket right now! I want to know what brand of toothpaste he uses, I want to know his thoughts, his hopes, his dreams—I want to know if the asshole has nail fungus. I particularly want to know what he’s been doing over the last ten years. Start with Anastasia’s background check.”

“In other words, you’re on a level five.” Welch indicates the highest level in our in-house security code.

“I‘m on a level eight. I’d go higher, but I really want you to take this seriously.”

“Absolutely, sir.” I end the call. The car is not moving and Taylor is watching me carefully in the rearview mirror.

“Something you want to say, Taylor?” I snap.

“Not particularly, sir. I’m waiting for instructions on this matter. I know you have some for me.” And this is why I hired him.

“Correspond with Welch on this fucker. I want to know where he is every second of every day. I want to know his schedule before even he knows it. I want someone posted on him 25/8. I want to know where he goes, what he’s doing, and who he talks to. I want to know when he’s taking a shit, jerking off, or daydreaming. If he goes anywhere near Anastasia Steele, take his ass down. I want to know if his car is even parked pointing in the direction of the general vicinity of somewhere she may be visiting next week!”

“Are you sure that Ms. Steele will be okay with this?” Normally, I would cut into him for questioning me, but I know his intentions are good.

“She knows that she’s been under surveillance and she has made it very clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with this asshole, but I saw it in his eyes—he’s not giving up. I’m pretty certain that she’ll be filing a restraining order against him on Monday. So, if he comes anywhere near her, get his ass away from her by any means necessary! Is there anything unclear about what I just said?” I ask.

“Nothing unclear at all, sir.” He starts the car and drives off in the direction of Escala.

A/N: Now Edward has made an enemy in Christian Grey and vice-versa. What will the future hold?

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5 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Steele: Chapter 16: He Has Met His Match

  1. Judith Ross says:

    Oh wow… what a wake up call from CG. That would be nice to be woken up like that everyday. Here comes stalked David again. I can just picture it perfectly James Franco playing this character. So sweet one second then psycho the next. Time to go to sleep almost 2 in the morning. Hope you had a great New Year Day!

  2. Lizzy says:

    Possessive CG is so sexy, and the downward spiral to Edwards sanity begins!! I Love Al, other than AS and CG he’s my favorite character!!

  3. Paula Albarracin says:

    Me encanta que Christian haya llegado en el momento que David estaba äcosando a Ana.
    El tiene todo el instinto de proteccion hacia ella, es obvio que esta enamorado aunque seguramente sera dificil para el reconocerlo

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